A Potpourri of Papers

What is this?

Think of a musty sheaf of old papers lying on the floor in a forgotten corner of some dusty old library. That’s the kind of pointless pile of documents I want to make here. These are miscellaneous scans that I have made of papers that I have, generally things that are or were important to me in some way, or that I collected for some reason, though sometimes they’re just stuff that happened to come along on my life’s journey slotted somewhere between the pages of a book.

Scans on this page can include things like school worksheets, maps (either printed or hand-drawn), song sheets, journal pages, odd collectible cards or profile cards, brocades and small posters, and many other things. There’s also a good chance that if something threatens to overwhelm this table with entries, or obviously is in a special category of its own along with many other scans, I might eventually split it off from this table into its own section as well, either on the main Table of Contents page or as a sub-page within my collections page.

Single-page document scans in the table below will just have a direct link to the picture, whereas document scans involving two separate pictures or more will contain a link to a subpage with the scans posted there. As a note, while these documents will largely be .jpg or .png scans, if the name of a picture file ends in -scaled.jpg or -scaled.png, that’s WordPress doing its magic to generate a smaller version of the picture file, and if you want to see the actual full-sized picture for some reason, just open the same URL in a new browser tab/window without the -scaled part of the filename and it should generate the full version of the file. For example, filename-scaled.jpg > filename.jpg. None of these documents are OCR-scanned or anything. Maybe someday.

A Potpourri of Papers

Scans of miscellaneous stuff, things like school worksheets, maps, journal pages, cards, and things like that that I have collected over the years.

#AddedTitlePagesOriginSource Date
0012021-05-02Dunman High School Song1Singapore1998
0022021-12-091st Po Leung Kok Asian Cities Math Competition - Contest Results1Hong Kong1996-06
0032022-04-11Dunmanian 21 Outcomes19Singapore1998
0042022-05-15Westgate Las Vegas - Make Green Choices1Las Vegas2021-10-30
0052022-05-18Singapore's Banana Leaf Menu1Los Angeles2021-11-02
0062022-08-12A Quick Guide to MRT Travel2Singapore1998-06
0072022-08-12The Integrated MRT and LRT System Map5Singapore2003
0082022-08-12Love Live! Superstar!! Brochure from AnimeNYC4New York2021-11-19
0092022-08-12Macross Plus Movie Edition Pamphlet from AnimeNYC2New York2021-11-19
0102022-08-12Tsukumo Sana hololive English card from AnimeNYC2New York2021-11-19
0112022-08-12Bandai Love Live! Superstar!! Card - Arashi Chisato2Singapore2022-05-26
0122022-08-12Bandai Love Live! Superstar!! Card – Liella!2Singapore2022-05-26
0132022-09-25Nanyang Polytechnic Quiz/Astronomy Event (1998)2Singapore1998-08-21
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