About Me

Hello! Shiara/Jessica here. The point of this website has morphed a few times now, but one thing I’ve always lacked but needed was an About Me section, so here’s an attempt at putting one together. See sub-pages for specific topics.

I enjoy casually scribbling text onto a page, and my memory is really bad, so I suppose this is a bit of a shrine to myself as well, one that I can look back at in several years. Hi, 2025-me! 2025 seems really far away right now.. but one day it will be in the past, and this text will look silly. Also, I hope my future reincarnations find this page. I fancy myself a digital historian/archivist of sorts, although chronicler is probably a closer term to what I am trying to do.

If you’re looking to get in touch with me, try jesskitten at gmail.com. I don’t actively use social media. This site is largely a personal passion project.