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I have kept a dream diary since the middle of 2016 or so, at the behest of one of my best friends. Why do I want to keep a dream diary and why, even so, would I want to make it public? This is for several reasons:

01. The entire “theme” of this blog is a diary. It would be remiss of me to not include some glimpses of private and potentially embarrassing stuff too.

02. Archive, archive, archive. For future historians and such to read. Also, I do believe in reincarnations and past lives, and in a way it’s intriguing to see the dreams and wonder where some of the ideas and events came from. Are there glimpses of a past life trying to reach out through the void?

03. I am fascinated in general by dreams and would like to try to achieve lucid dreaming or even a tulpa (local) someday. I can’t say I’m putting my full effort into this, as I’m not, but this dream diary helps with improving dream memory and seems to be a vague step in that direction.

04. This doesn’t necessarily tie in to the public part, but a dream diary is fascinating because I can see how my dreams shift in accordance with my interests in games or shows and certain life events too. And, somewhat arrogantly, I think it might someday be good research material for future scholars.

So anyway, a lot of people and names are mentioned in the diary entries. I have installed (and populated) an addon that has allowed me to give context and information in the form of hover text for many proper nouns, but I’ve almost certainly missed some. The hover-able words have also automatically been coloured teal though. Like this: Mom. Some entries have also been edited a bit, but they’ve mostly been left fairly raw, so (very) occasionally taboo things like sex and murder get involved, or I or friends do things that they’d never do in real life.

I write down the dreams when I wake up in the morning, and date my entry with that morning’s date. So the date of a listed dream corresponds to the dream/s that I had in the time period between, say, 9pm of the previous day until 9pm of the listed day. Some of the entries will likely not make total sense without first looking through my entire blog to figure out who is who, but that’s kind of the way dream journals work.

Also, some entries contain editor’s notes, which generally look like this. Sometimes I have no idea what the heck I was writing about at the time, especially earlier on (before mid-2020) when my diary entries weren’t as verbose. Some entries have Snippets, which are basically dream bits or scenes that I remember that didn’t fit in with an overall story, but sometimes I don’t differentiate them, especially when there isn’t much of an overall story to begin with from that night. I also give a Highlight award to nights which I think had particularly good dreams, anything I rate an 8/10 or above. There’s a section devoted to them below too.

Finally, please note that I will be adding new entries to this but they will be at the very bottom of this page each time. And yes, the entire diary is on this one HUGE (once I am done) page — this is because I value the ability to press Ctrl-F and search for all occurrences of something in my entire diary. Like typoes.

If necessary, contact me at jesskitten at gmail. Also there’s been several proofreading runs made at it but the document is just so long. Pointing out typos that I missed are always appreciated. That being said, the writing evolves and becomes more verbose as the diary goes on, some of the early diary entries have huge logic jumps and make little to no sense to me anymore.

Common Themes

I wanted to devote a section of this to common themes that I know appear in my dreams from time to time. Or don’t appear.


A fair number of dreams involve trips to a bathroom for me. Mostly as a girl these days, though it was as a guy early on too. Sometimes it still varies. Sometimes I go into the wrong one. The bathrooms vary in size and purpose — sometimes it is a cramped thing with a couple cubicles, and I feel some trepidation and mild danger but also a thrill at entering the dimly lit one on the far end. Sometimes it’s a large bathroom with many cubicles, many of which are occupied or leaking/broken. Sometimes it’s a changing room + bathroom, and for these, even if not mentioned, it tends to come with a hope that I can find discarded female clothing there that I can take and wear. Sometimes it’s just a musky locker room. Sometimes the male and female bathrooms are linked. It’s interesting, and I’m certain it reflects my real life transition to a certain extent too, since being able to switch which one I use was a major symbol and milestone for me.

Buses and Trains

These feature a fair amount, especially trains. The general feeling I get when I encounter trains in a dream is that they’re similar to the Singapore train system, and they’re quick and convenient but due to transfers, it can still take 45 minutes to an hour and a half to get to my desired location. The train stations in my dream are often Singapore ones as well, but there are overseas stations too, in Japan, London, Russia, and more, as well as fictional stations.

I have many fond memories around train stations from when I was younger in real life, and you’ll see a lot of varied events that happen around train stations in my diary. I also just like trains quite a lot in general. Buses tend to be more generic, but I’ve spent a lot of time on buses and trains in my life so it sort of makes sense that both heavily feature in my dreams too, I suppose!

I also want to note here that I occasionally get a dream where I specifically drive a car or motorcycle, and I always feel nervous in that but it usually goes quite well. It’s weird though, because I have never driven a vehicle in real life, and so shouldn’t have these experiences and feelings to draw from.


I don’t know why this one is such a big symbol for me, but it is, or used to be, especially in the context of either HDB flats or hotels. There’s often a sense of danger emanating from them in my dreams too, even though I usually come to no harm in the end. See my very first Aug 2016 dream for an example of said danger. Sometimes these travel in impossible angles too, like elevators that travel vertical, then horizontal along a tube, then vertical again. I crushed my little toes in a closing elevator door when I was really young, and the nails are still broken to this day, but I don’t think that’s where the sense of danger comes from. Just a general sense of unease and worry that the elevator will break down.


I’m a huge PC gamer, and even during the time periods in my life where I haven’t been playing much, games of various stripes, both real as well as imagined, constantly and endlessly infuse my dreams.


I think a lot of people have these anxiety-fueled dreams about overdue homework and tests, and I occasionally do too, which I guess reflects how wretched school systems can be. But actually, bad school scenes thankfully do not appear super often for me, I tend to get many good (or odd) school scenes instead. For me, one of my life’s biggest regrets is that I went through school as a male instead of a female, and did not have the opportunity to do so as the latter while growing up. One of the main reasons that I am going back to school now is to try to do what I can to fight back against this regret, actually. And for that reason, I think, schools play a fairly prominent role in my dreams too.

I also meet a lot of people from my Grade 7-8 class in my dreams, eternally enshrined as how they looked 20 years ago, because I had to leave my good friends there and get torn away to move to a new school in a new country, which I didn’t care for and still partially resent my parents for. My dreams definitely still reflect my yearning for a return to those days sometimes. Astute readers will also note that I dream about my secondary school a fair amount, and primary school now and then, but I nearly never dream about my high school or University life and the people from it. I also like the people at my University workplace, and dream about them a whole lot, especially my boss, Ronnie.


When I was younger, I used to look for the Fabled Lands series of gamebooks in bookshops, and the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game in hobby shops that I visited. They were somewhat rare, especially the former, but I would still find them now and then. I also would spend extra pocket change on booster packs for L5R in a mall shop after school sometimes. This is reflected in some dreams, where I will sometimes try to seek out bookshops or card/hobby shops or libraries and look for these two items, even though I have long since stopped doing this in real life.

It became a sort of holy grail that I would always look for because I had thought for the longest time that books 5-6 did not actually exist too, especially in a pre-/early Internet age, and my dreams sometimes reflect this.

Another notable shop that features a lot in my dreams is Hoho’s, a Chinese food stall at HUB Mall that I passed by often and sometimes ate at for something like 15-20 years. I no longer patronize it.


Apparently people tend to have dreams where they are running away from things but are moving really slowly and getting nowhere and the thing they’re running away from eventually catches up to them and eats them or something. I actually nearly never get these sorts of dreams, nor dreams where I die, except occasionally within the context of a game. I suppose that’s a good thing! I sometimes do get hurt, but not often either.

There are some dreams involving sex or slavery or lurid stuff like that that I will probably include, but there are also several that involve murders, sometimes committed by me or sometimes by others. Those depend on my mood, there have been a very small number of dreams where I either murdered a number of people or watched a number of them die, and thus refused to write them down in detail when I woke up. Sometimes I leave those in though. It often depends on how awful I feel that morning.

Other themes

There are definitely several other smaller motifs that play into my dreams, sometimes minor ones that appear for a couple weeks and then no more, or maybe once or twice a year, sometimes they’re linked to real life events (or games, shows, etc) happening at that time on the other side of the dream veil, and sometimes they’re just randomly reoccurring connections. These are left as an exercise for the reader to find!


This is a section to highlight dream entries that are particularly noteworthy to me, either because I felt they were memorable, vivid, long, or otherwise interesting. This section acts as a catalogue of the entries that I wish to highlight.


None so far! At least, not in the section of my dream diary that I’ve added to this page thus far.


None so far! At least, not in the section of my dream diary that I’ve added to this page thus far.


None so far! At least, not in the section of my dream diary that I’ve added to this page thus far.


May 18 1999
  • Dream. Fire. Magical god fire. Fire is burning all around house but cannot enter. Fire symbolizes something else. Pain. Anger. Injustice. Goddess ‘helping’ Baron of house and caused the fire to start in the first place. But goddess (adult) treats this as a game or test of some sort. Someone is pleading with me, telling me about burning the house away slowly instead of straight down, and how it is like torturing instead of killing straight off. But I disagree, I think it’s like giving people a chance to rescue you.
  • So I go in. I DDoor in. Also, the fire is dull red, the goddess isn’t evil, she’s neutral & helping us too. But the baron & woman outside don’t know that, I find out (“realise”) later. Also, fire is only at one side of the house, other side is cool and has 2 large doors leading onto a field of some sort. Also, sky is dark — night. Also, Baron came to window. We could see through from where we were & drew the curtains, but he didn’t know we were there. I DDoored there and Baron was gone already.
  • I’m not sure what exactly happened here then, but I remember running a lot, sluggishly, left side of body not working very well while running, but guards — well dressed soldiers/captains — couldn’t catch me. Library I ran into had many guards inside, sleeping or whatever, but I just ran out through another nearby door. I was running down a corridor, when I saw *her* going in the opposite direction. We went into a stairway & she either gave me or told me something, and we left in opposite directions.
  • I ran and ran and guards were getting closer and I ran into (well, not into) a glass door leading out. The Baron was shocked when I escaped through it because he expected it to be locked, but I had used a Lockpick spell on it from a few feet away. And once I stepped out, I LB’d back to my citadel.
  • Somewhere in there I had fulfilled my objective, I did something so *she* & her friends? could escape and they did somewhere else.
  • Editor: This was a more or less verbatim copy of what I wrote down on a sheet of paper on or shortly after May 17 1999. DDoor is Dimension Door, a spell that allows you to teleport to a location that you can see, and LB is Lloyd’s Beacon, a spell that allows you to teleport to a “saved” location that you had previously bound to. Both are spells from the Might and Magic franchise of games, and I use both as verbs here.
Undated dream snippets and recurring worlds

There are some recurring dream worlds/cities that I vividly remember returning to more than once, though there isn’t one that I constantly visit or anything like that. It’s really interesting that even within a dream I can sometimes recognize that I’ve been to this place before though, even if details are different now and then.

  • I was flying a plane between an airport located on the northwest side of the city, to another airport to the north of it. One of the two airports was Vancouver Airport, but I’m not sure which one. It was a 6 hour flight or so and I was in the cockpit of the military-style jet the entire time, a bit afraid but also exhiliarated. I saw the sun rise while in the cockpit.
  • I remember being in Vancouver Airport with some girl friends and there being extremely long escalators that crisscrossed each other (some going top left to bottom right, top right to bottom left, etc, and some going to different levels even if moving in the same direction). Different escalators led to different lobbies in the airport which in turn led to planes departing for different cities.
  • I took a flight as a passenger into Russia, possibly with my Dad, and then a series of train trips from a southerly “safe” train station with friendly Russians into northern tunnels and train stations which were more dangerous as they were somehow controlled by evil Russian forces. But I had to reach and do something at one of the stations in there, something to do with finding a lost toddler, perhaps.
  • One of my earlier recurring dream worlds involved a large, smouldering volcano in the middle of the city, and a washroom on the edge of some void space on the very eastern end of the city. Using the very end toilet cubicles in that washroom was a little bit “dangerous” but I liked that particular sense of danger. I also remember taking a bus around the city and seeing the volcano from the southern side.
  • Another recurring dream location is an outdoor large hall that usually has some sort of movie awards ceremony going on within it, with lots of glitzy, well-dressed people. This location is surrounded by high walls, and a winding road to the south, and in this scene, I am usually trying to either break in or break out over the walls like some sort of cat thief. (See: Sep 17 2016)
  • Another city had lots of square grid streets and a mall and airport on the northwest side. I’ve taken a bus to the mall a couple times, and most of the dreams that involve a “Vancouver Airport” (including the snippets above) take place in this city with that airport. There’s often a bus terminal in the southern middle part of the city that curves south and west from a nearby traffic junction.
  • Another city has an entrance on the south and two parallel streets across bridges that lead north to a downtown area, with Chinese food shops among other things.
  • Yet another city has a large, forested hill in the middle of it that I sometimes have to travel across, around, or through (using tunnels). There are often either waypoints on the hill that I can teleport or navigate to, and a school or University on the southern or western side.

Aug 2016

Aug 25 2016
  • I took a tilted elevator (because one elevator cable was broken) with Mom and someone else, up a HDB flat. When we reached the top, we tried calling down to Dad and Jon not to follow and to use the stairs instead. There were loud noises, so the cellphone didn’t work and Mom had to yell louder.
  • They heard though, and they came up the stairs instead. Then Dad jumped back down a ladder next to the elevator to the floor below ours anyway to go do some gardening.
  • I went back toward my apartment just before waking up. There were racist neighbours, and the apartments were very similar to HDB flats that I remembered. Mine was in the corner of the middle open walkway.
Aug 26 2016
  • There was some sort of a draft (like a sports team draft) going on, that was being used to divide people (mostly students) between two long dinner banquet tables. Jon and me were on one side, and Mom was drafted to sit between us. She helped Jon by cutting the meatballs on his plate.
  • I updated my resume from a two-paragraph thing. into a full-length document.
  • I was job shadowing some auditors prior to this, we were auditing bathroom quotas, and a road or area or something that the city said would take 10 or 100 million to build, but had only spent 5 million on it, and that was excellent. Bathroom quotas here refers to a requirement as to how many bathrooms there needed to be in a certain area/building.
  • Snippet: Other random scattered fragments: A one on one Marvel Puzzle Quest-style battle, bookstores that restock weekly, tables with books spread out on it, and a scene where I knocked someone out and stole 4 items in a very Deus Ex-y way — one was a space poster partially folded or rolled up like a Chinese calligraphy scroll, and three books/board games.
Aug 27 2016
  • I was playing a low-level DnD game. I was a wizard-type character. Steffy or Seaturtl was there too. Matt Mercer was our DM! We had recently wrapped up a previous game, something involving a long, concrete path extending across the air high up in the sky, as well as a house of some kind.
  • As Matt Mercer was preparing for the next dungeon, which was tied to the “next semester” of school somehow, several people levelled via learning languages.
  • There was a rat character that was scurrying around the kitchen of the house. One of our moms was better equipped to deal with handling the rat because she had learnt a couple words to speak with it, and similarly, there was a golem that had a better relationship with someone else in the same house because they had learnt a few words and so were able to communicate with each other.
  • Matt Mercer showed us a poster with three bosses on it, and the current (2nd) boss that we were on briefly flashed 2xp (double xp) before the flash faded. He also encouraged us to keep our own journals/recording books as he wouldn’t be using one of ours to help us take notes this time.
  • On the second quest, we had the golem come along, and we were trying to decide whether it was neutral or good. The rat had also turned into a kobold character and had come along with us, and there were also two others in our party. The golem was left over from the previous party and probably belonged to someone else, but the two of them couldn’t make it. (I’m not sure who “the two of them” in my notes are, but I think it had to do with the owner of the golem and/or the person who could communicate with it.)
  • We disembarked from a boat into shallow water inside a room. The kobold outright failed his disembark roll, and tripped over the edge of the boat, falling flat and managing to miss the entire first battle.
  • This first battle consisted of balls of rats lurking nearby. They moved in. I threw lots of Finger of Fire spells at them, and even trapped two rat-balls in a corner and toyed with them a bit. We were soon all out of spells and cooldowns but the rats were dead… but what about the rest of the dungeon?
  • Later on, in a separate segment of the dream, I was in a half-city, half-school/company with several other people, that may have been part of the same world that the earlier DnD games were featured in. Bunny was near me, but she got struck by Medievia lightning and died. Upon respawning, she teleported to me and went looking for her corpse in order to retrieve her gear. I summoned a Medievia dragon and flew around the area to help her find her corpse/gear, but she was a bit aloof and wasn’t really answering questions I was trying to ask her to help with the search.
  • We eventually found her corpse and she retrieved her gear. We saw several adventurers nearby but they themselves didn’t have much gear either. We suspected they were doing a nearby dungeon and had just come out of it though, since the first two tiers of that dungeon didn’t need much in the way of gear to do anyway.
  • We were also “working” for the school/company at that time, where Bunny was a trainee and her desk was near the middle of a room; I was some sort of IT support and my desk was nearer the back. But my desk wasn’t actually there at the moment, it was appropriated by a basketball team needing the table for a demonstration of something or other to the rest of the room. I had a clipboard to write on instead of the table.
  • There were two basketball teams present, one of them was from Pittsburgh and was staying at a hotel belonging to Michael Handzus.
  • There was a hotel behind us to the left and one up front to the left somewhere near the waterfront in the weird city that we were located in.
  • To the right of the tables in the room, behind a glass wall, were huge jars with red caps containing Chinese snacks and other things — there was a jar of tissue, a jar of large prawn crackers, one of some sort of dumplings, and others still.
  • There were also some sort of races being held every 8 hours. I wanted to join, which could be done through a TV console of some sort, but missed the signup for the current race, as I didn’t know the text command to join it. The command to join it was something similar to “prep ” or “pref “, followed by another word or number, but that was all I could remember.
  • There were 6 TV channels with different contests/sporting events, but only Channel 2 featured whatever race I was trying to join. That race had 8-9 spots in total. Channel 3 had a team sled race, with two teams of two signed up. Channels 4-6 were for different languages (German, etc) and had 2-3 people registered in each one. They were sparring or fighting each other in those contests. Channel 1 was an English version of that, but was empty.
Aug 28 2016
  • I was playing a (possibly Steam) game with a friend, or possibly by myself, using a deck of 52 cards. One of the games was Unverse (Universe?). “Ingame”, we were sort of inside someone else’s unfurnished keep and/or house and were attacking up the stairs as well as defending down the stairs, Valve was sponsoring an event using those cards “at work/school” soon and I was going to put together or watch out for an extra copy of the prize package for someone (Eileen?) I suspected wouldn’t be able to afford them.
  • At the same time as the attacking up/down the stairs, which seemed to be totally different but related games (or parts of the game), we were also sitting at a table out of game and playing cards, the TV was on and something similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway was playing on it. Turned it off at 8pm but something/possibly Dad turned it back on without me realising it at first (even without watching it), so I had to turn it off again at 9pm after Drew, the host, did some weird catchphrase to end the show.
Aug 29 2016
  • Potted plants, growing seeds, and I battled a demon that was inspired from Ifrit but looked like the Joker from Batman, in a room with some others. Led by a teacher or authority figure, possibly Ronnie. Had a work ticket where a VIP wanted their account restored because they ordered some amazon.ca things to the email address before realising it did not exist anymore. It felt like the first day of school, with deciding between pros and cons of Chinese classes on Tuesdays (2h block per week) or Tues/Thurs (1h blocks twice per week).
Aug 30 2016
  • There were two “game settings” screens or sets of knobs with a lot of crazy settings like the amount of sand or different directions of blown sand used in the game. I was hanging out with Melody a lot but would often let her enter the elevator with Fae and the rest of the guild, then let it close so only Melody got to go along with them, because it was tight on room and they never really made room for me, but I wanted to make sure Melody got in. The guild got reprimanded by Melody for not watching out/making room for me. Thus she got to run instances/raids with them while I dithered about back on the ground level of the desert place.
  • The second time this happened, I got resentful because it was slowly turning from nightfall back to day (4/5am), and Melody didn’t drop group to reinvite me to run something, even though we had some sort of plans laid out beforehand. I tersely inquired in guild, then got an invite from Melody who was grouped with just Fae. They both seemed super cheery but there was no indication if they’d been talking over voice or text chat or just idling. I then became really perky and started chatting Fae up in group text chat.
Aug 31 2016
  • A guy was mourning the loss of someone named Am‎y, but had to leave because a girl who had the same name was hitting on him. Neither were people that I know in real life. She ends up either holding people hostage or creating a military conflict situation and there’s a rescue team sent to rescue/defeat them. But in the end when they meet again by a bench or picnic table near a convenience store, the guy relents, saying “we are the best two people in the world”, leaves her there for a moment, climbs up to the roof of the store and tosses three bags of flour at her as a prank to get her slightly annoyed, then goes back down and hugs her from behind as they laugh.
  • This was a multi-day stalking, I or someone was off from the rescue/military team or something a day ago. Also there was a pilot in the second to last mission before the love story blossomed, where we had to “attack” a point where she was at, and he was berating the leaders of the squad with a “I’d like to remind everyone that it’s easy to forget sometimes that this is a real situation and not a training session. We already lost one pilot today (in an earlier mission), let’s not lose more.” A character that I was watching but apparently was actually me was almost shot there as she had just learnt a 4 digit password (something similar to but not 7789) and I had to hide behind a jutting out wall next to a door I had already crossed because she was going to shoot me with the password somehow.
  • Before this there was a scene where I controlled a chaotic army blob on an overland sort of map, with really low visibility, and ran the army blob into low-resolution enemy armies/battalions on the map to knock their pieces over and crush them. There were two “generals” I had to find, and I guess that attack point was the second one. The first one and all the misc armies were just crushed by my military blob.
  • At the start of the day in the military unit, which also had shades of school or work, I or someone was looking at things left behind by another character (Jonathan from Dunman?) on a different day, including a slim coloured glass drink bottle that I think we saved, and a pen that was drained of all liquid that I threw into a really narrow bin. The day before also had Kimberly a little annoyed at an authority figure for having had/been tricked to do some sort of (Google-related?) work in the past when it could have been left for that day.

Sep 2016

Sep 01 2016
  • I was being semi-bullied by two friendly people, one a fat guy and the other a thin one, people I know from work or gaming, but forget who. I think Rainbaw was one of them, or involved with them. They took my pink bolster and tossed it right out the window to the ground below, while we were all in a room watching or doing something. That only happened once, the rest of the time I closely guarded my bolster and papers. We were still friends though and were doing things for points of some sort together with many other people in the room. Part of the dream involved climbing onto the roof of that building to find orbs that had been dropped from above. The fat guy got dinged points or downvoted or something for a pun involving the singer Pink and my ArcheAge guild PiNK while on the roof. While we were out at some point a cleaning company came by and replaced all the pillows and bolsters too. Their name was something close to IBM.
  • There was an overarching plot where we were drawing up a set of rules or paperwork together with another group regarding some issue or other, in response to an event that had happened. At some point someone suspicious on the other side asked us if we had only just created part of the documentation, but we managed to prove (with Athera‘s help, showing a quote from a few weeks ago where she was trying to get Rainbaw to find time to play/do something but he could not because he was helping with the document) that we were working on it from a long time ago. There was also a scene that happened a couple times where we had to take a package of papers with a number and queue up with many others to get into a restricted area (possibly the class area).
Sep 02 2016
  • I became 2nd in charge of the work team and traded spaces with Ronnie to get a quiet office where the wall behind the chair and desk was entirely made of glass with some sort of nice view. The office was very quiet, and people filtered by now and then to congratulate me and ask if I was the 2nd in command now, but all in all I was really glad of the privacy. Simon featured in my dream, he had just returned to work but was too caught up in something and missed his team meeting (twice) and was panicking because he thought he was in deep trouble. I encouraged him to just pretend to be sick and go home since it was still the start of the day. His supervisors then contacted me/us and left a friendly message/picture/video inviting him to the meeting.
  • The dream also involved a strange subway system that has featured in other dreams before. The first time I took it with someone we ended up on the wrong train and had to disembark after a stop, but I had to leave my bag of belongings on the train to do so. I was a bit annoyed by that but not too much so as I knew that those were bags of returning (or something) and would find their way or be mailed back to my house in a day or two. I think there was then a 2nd subway trip that worked out better.
  • After arriving just outside the subway, but before reaching the office, there were lots of police either hunting for me or someone else. I would manage to sneak by them successfully, but not before doing some science, which basically amounted to saving the game, and then aggroing the blob of police that moved slower than I did, kiting them around and watching them slowly drop like flies to some sort of ranged attacks that I had.
  • I also visited a bookstore in this one dream maze area, and found some gamebooks there on the shelf after some searching – some sort of anime gamebook, books 3, 4, and 9 of Lone Wolf, a Tunnels and Trolls one with the cover gone and the last few pages missing, etc. I had to conceal the books, run back to my house/office, look up my pink notebook to see if I owned them, then run back to the store to get them. This was done via a narrow tunnel outside the store, and then up a flight of stairs, and someone else that was nearby was complaining what a long run it was. The alternative route was down below though, and was twice as long and led through a really long and tiny tunnel you may have had to crouch to go through.
Sep 03 2016
  • Someone from Discord named Bunny or Doll sent me messages asking me not to believe what someone else (with a 6-letter name, Varcus or something) was going to say to me, and began explaining what happened. She had just finished a roleplay session with someone else (who muttered a thank you to her) by flying them around in the form of a giant bird of some sort, making them bumpily ride around while straddled/sitting on a studded diamond, before going over to general chat. There the conversation shifted over to me and whether I liked certain things or not, and it turned a big argument when they were trying to decide if I like Big Daddies/Small Chains as it wasn’t specifically stated in my info and blog. Some people thought it was okay to talk about someone else like that, whereas others disagreed, and someone named <something>Soze in particular argued that it was disrespectful to me. Things finally calmed down when someone named Drifter came into the room and said that things like that would result in a future ban.
  • Before this, details are vague but I remember being involved in some sort of a fantasy war scene. It was partly ideological, the other side were a bunch of terrorists of some sort with a slightly oppressive ideology and who wanted to take over. I remember travelling between two play locations, from the mines (located in a little mountain pass) to another place nearby, with a little FFXIV-style minion who featured no further in my dreams, and there was a huge explosion in the mines. The aftershock/fallout carried all the way out to me and scalded my shoes. A horde invaded from the south past the mines soon after, heading north toward the leader, and were met around where I was with a fight as I was communicating remotely with some friends elsewhere telling them incredulously about the explosion and what happened.
  • The leader was at a table in an inn owned by Barliman Butterbur, between the two locations. Wasn’t specifically mentioned to be the Prancing Pony though. He was at a table with an aide on the 2nd floor, and when we eventually reached there, the aide was grinning and we knew somehow he was the betrayer of the rather oblivious leader. They could see the mines out of the window next to their table. We pulled him away to the floor and murderized him (and the leader still wasn’t very perturbed). One of my friends then complained bitterly to Barliman about how the inn was so traditional and how he refused to upgrade to magical versions of games or sports so people could safely play them. Even before the explosion, there was a bunch of other fighting, and a lot of intrigue, trying to find out who was a spy/traitor and who wasn’t, but I don’t remember much detail about that.
Sep 05 2016
  • From some carnival scene, the story turned into a slavery ring that I was investigating. I met one of the victims-to-be in the washroom, then ended up as one myself as a volunteer, and was in a cell where I had to bang on the metal door with a latch to get attention from someone named Mistress. She had a harem of sorts. I was allowed to leave on a bicycle to attend a wedding, but contacted someone with tools of some sort to try to get them to remove some collar device. The streets were gridded, and I started on a north-south street, trying to find him. First I went north before he said that he was at the center of the neighbourhood (south) of me, and I went back that way. I could not stop cycling because somehow I knew that would make Mistress suspicious. It turned out that he was at the wedding area too, an open-air area with a lot of people, but I arrived early and the current wedding was different from the one I was going to attend.
  • I don’t remember anything about my first dream but I seem to recall some sort of ear/hearing test was part of it.
Sep 06 2016
  • There was some sort of war – two armies, mine and other side, representing Allies vs Axis more or less I guess. Deaths did not leave corpses. Our side also had catapults, the enemy had some sort of small metallic machines. In the final fight scene, we were fighting over control of a building akin to a shopping center, they were attacking us, I had stayed behind with some others to defend/guard it while most of the army was deployed to the next location. It was a small force but they had managed to get into a pharmacy area or something, with an open counter front facing the rest of the mall and a small door on the right with a striped line across the floor demarcating the threshold of the place. The commander in charge sent some troops back, including four catapults, along with a bunch of enemy troops.
  • They attacked just before nightfall, and three or four of them seemed intent on holding that pharmacy area, so I didn’t really attack them at first. They turned a big life-sized teddy bear to face me, and I waved at it, before grabbing two or three of my teddy bears from my guard post and making them wave back at them, much to the amusement of those inside the area. Nightfall hit once we eliminated the rest of the troops, we made sure the rest of the mall area was secure, while there became a truce between us and the 3-4 remaining enemies. All our catapults were destroyed but same for their machines.
  • One of them was sitting on a chair right by the striped line, holding a smoke bomb from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in her hands. Besides that, none of the others were even holding weapons. I walked up to the area to make friends, telling my army not to shoot. Another of the three enemies in the pharmacy area then pulled out a laptop and began furiously typing away on it. She said to me and a nameless friend NPC of mine, something like, “Now to find out the real reason for the war. We’ve all been lied to for ages, by the British, even in classrooms (and when we take tests). But why? Have you never thought about it?” I never found out the conclusion but I had a premonition that it had to do with the creation and distribution of dollar bills.
Sep 07 2016
  • I was in some sort of charity hospital, and I was there to see a doctor. My boss was a random NPC in a random queue that I passed on the way in. I left my doctor waiting outside a large square room (on the floor plan it was totally surrounded by corridors) and went in to use the washroom there. The room turned out to be split into 3 parts, the NW side had the male/female toilets (I used the female one), with one cubicle for each, and on the map were marked with the blue male/pink female toilet signs across from one another. There was a little hole in the wall you could see out of, while using the toilet stalls, but there was something that was blocking people outside from seeing in at you. However, it was a convenient escape point after using it.
  • On the southwest side of the room was a doctor/nurse who was also sort of a toilet administrator, but who mostly dealt with patients and monitoring their ulcers. She was complimenting someone nearby that his ulcer was nearly gone, and also telling someone else who asked that a doctor (I think the same one that was waiting for me outside) needed to be ganged up on for hugs at the end of the day because he was hiding some sort of exhausting ulcer. On the right side of the room there was another doctor or lab area, not much detail as the dream did not really go there.
Sep 08 2016
  • I was in some sort of world with a lot of minigames/quests, and a real world/ethereal world. The ethereal world was similar to the paths in The Secret World, and one of the “games” (level 1 had six different games, each of which unlocked a level 2 version) was to traverse the ethereal path using a map that was only made out of gridded lines and breaks in the lines that represented breaks in the path that you shouldnt take. Another was going through 6 portals one after another, each portal dumping you out somewhere far away, Grog from Critical Role was trying that one out and was annoyed by it. One of the portals he needed help with was in an inn in the Misty Mountains. Another minigame was farming points off of killing some sort of enemy in a corner of the map using only Lightning spells like weak and strong Lightning Bolt. I did that for a little bit, then gave up and boarded a bus which ran a few them over and the lady on the bus gave us a physical stack of points. I don’t think it was enough points though. Really low spawn rate.
  • There was a guild that I was not in, who had completed some of the quests but missing tier 2 or 3 of one of the six tracks. I was trying to help them with that. There was a central gathering room where to gain admittance, you had to take off your top/shirt and give it to an inspector to search. If you were mouthy she made you take off your belt, too. I was behind a pretty girl and her middle-aged father, one of the two/three times that I went through it. The inspector also had a pile of laundry on the table she was going through. I borrowed a jar of tuna from one of the other tables in the hall with a promise to return it soon, but never did because I had to go on a quest soon after. There was also a jelly on a table in a lecture hall that we joked had been there for 3 years. And a cryptic crossword puzzle style clue where the answer seemed to be something to do with a United Nations bomb treaty, but wouldn’t fit in the provided squares.
  • There was some sort of overarching plot about being a bunch of survivors stuck in a corner of the world and forbidden for some reason to leave it. The sun was dim there because it was consistently blocked by some mountains or mist or something. When the current king abdicated the throne to his heir though, the heir and a couple of us finally stepped out of the zone (to the amusement of the king) and stood at the end of the path that led to our corner of the world, where the sun shone down brightly upon us and the colours were very vivid and crisp. Everyone was very happy about that.
Sep 09 2016
  • Acid trap.
  • Editor: Yes, that’s all this dream entry says.
Sep 10 2016

Dream 1

  • There was some sort of quest that the party I was in was doing, and the reward was that we got to roll up some loot from a magical book. We were not the only other guild, there was at least another who was very showoffish around the same reward procedure, where they would broadcast it to the TV cameras and try to be glamourous about it at all. In the meantime I may have had the server’s only First Age weapon but didn’t publicize that.
  • In the ending scene of my dream, we were waiting for the book to be flown in because this was particularly special for some reason or other. Not entirely sure what the quests were, but while we were waiting, someone in my party attacked some a named monster that was located within a bunch of other nearby monsters and I ran in to help even though it was a lower level monster, because he was rare and I needed it to complete the quest (I had credit for 5/6 monsters killed for the quest from previously, possibly from a long ago dream).
  • We had a Hildibrand-style buffoon in our party and for some reason the book arrived with him, he was really excited as he brought the book to us as he had already rolled up his treasure. We were curious why he had such a wide grin on his face, as he covered a part of the book passage with one hand to obscure what he got. We thought it was something along the lines of a new powerful legendary weapon, or some treasure, but when we gathered around and he unobscured the book, it just said “Stash Smell”. That was his gift and he loved it. We were super annoyed with him and one of the other members told him that he should try to find employment with a sultan or something and get to a high rank before he deployed that as part of his get rich scheme or he’d just end up in jail.
  • Either part of the main quest or the rewards themselves involved boxes being unloaded from an airplane, another group (possibly the showoff-ish one) had already been to the airport earlier on in the day to get their boxes. I had to poke our group to do so as we were being rather nonchalant about it, but it may have been because we were trying to avoid the crowd too. Some of the Critical Role players were involved, but I forget who and if they were in my party or the other one.

Dream 2

  • While waiting for laundry to be delivered in a room with other people, I was looking at a document from work, a proficiency spreadsheet, and Gregeor had overwritten my column entirely at some point in the past. I only discovered this by looking back at the document revision history, but Greg was in the toilet so I couldn’t yell at him. I restored my column as well as another column that got deleted, then had to add info in for six more rows that had been added after I had made my column. One of the rows was IrfanView, a real image software, and the other five were non-real tech concepts that I don’t remember the name of. I had permission to leave early somehow, but couldn’t use it because I had to wait for the laundry.
Sep 11 2016
  • I was waiting for some sort of grades. Also it was Max Caulfield‘s birthday.
Sep 13 2016
  • I was in a shop district that was half abandoned. There was a group of of 9-10 people near/outside the bookshop that were hanging out in the open that I couldn’t approach, but forgot why. Next to a food court out in the open. It felt like there was some kind of time limit going on, and I had to spend $20 for some reason or other, so I went to a general goods store and bought something for $9 or so, then crossed to the nearby bookshop. Found 4 gamebooks in a series there (I think it was Steve Jackson‘s Sorcery! series) for $4-5 each, as well as a thin $1 book that I wanted (similar to Forgotten Realms‘ Double Diamond Triangle series), so I told the shop owner to wait while I went back to the first store and returned the item I bought. They were agreeable to that.
  • There was a “tent building” nearby and inside that building I found a credit card that someone had left behind. The scene melded to become my work office once I picked it up, and I showed it to some of the other people there – Ronnie and Johannes. Looking the number up in some database, it belonged to someone with 5 first names (something like Jose Maria ??? ??? ???) and 7 last names. We laughed over the name for a bit. Sandy stopped by (without knowing about it) and mentioned that he lost his credit card, but we knew it wasn’t his.
Sep 14 2016
  • There was some kind of progress bar at the bottom of my view “screen” that I had to fill to go places.
  • I was in a workplace meeting, and there was a blackboard with some writing on it that reflected a Google document. Someone (Michael?) was making a presentation, and referred to Gordie who came up and talked about/edited some stuff, including how we needed to laugh more at his jokes so he could make jokes like “you are getting one of these printers, HP, Lexmark, Epson, etc.. and you get to choose which one!” and not have everyone be super confused. Everyone was super confused anyway. I told my boss that Gordie needed to work on his approachability and this was a prime example of it. He then sat down again, the original presenter came up again and joked that if anyone respected him enough they’d help him revert the Google doc to restore the last two pages that Gordie had overridden, as he had already closed the doc. I tried to do it but it ended up all in Chinese characters, and turning the language back gave lots of sentences with broken English.
  • Birds were trapped on a 13 square high ledge, some girls formed a stack, climbed up and rescued them, then rearranged them into nice figurines spread out on the shelves before coming down again. We commented to each other on how pretty it was and how nice that they were older female figurines for once. There was also a desk at the bottom and I arranged two horse figurines on them.
  • I then had to get ready for school, and snubbed Dad‘s offer of a ride to take the bus instead. On the second day, I was busy retrieving four figurines and was tying them to my school handbag and was on the verge of being late due to that. Tigey and I may have rescued those figurines from a garden on the other side of the balcony door next to where Gordie had been making his presentation on the blackboard. There was a layer of snow outside. One of the figurines turned into a large folded irregular-human-shaped mat thing that could be put down on the road in traffic, and it would unfold and open out into a large, flat thing 20 units in either direction, across traffic and the pavements. There was some sort of war that had happened before or would shortly happen again and I was wondering if the enemy soldiers would ever even pass by this street and pick it up.
  • Earlier, there was a shop with a sign just outside the shop pointing to it. For some reason we had to appropriate the space in front of the shop for something, so we ended up using the counter in front of the shop and also had to rearrange the signs so that the sign pointing to the shop behind us was hidden unless you were coming from a specific direction. I felt bad about that and tried to fix it. Across from us was also another temporary shop space, you would move into there and set up shop if you had been stolen from, and the security guard (some college kid that also was probably named Michae‎l or something) would come to you and get the details of the robbery for you. Some middle-aged lady moved into there with her shop while we were there, and when the guard came by for his first shift in two days we pointed her out to him.
Sep 15 2016
  • This involved the reenactment of a drug deal by my work colleagues as part of a play, and it felt like it was not the first time this play had happened recently. We were police/superheroes patrolling the streets. I had x-ray vision and some sort of invincibility, and noted someone going by with a gun, heading toward a bus stop where a couple other people were or would show up soon after. We ogled at one of them, he had 6 phones tucked away on pockets around his body, and had two bodyguards. He was obviously the leader.
  • The scene melded slightly, we were now in a room and still watching them, but as an audience, as someone else walked up and negotiated the drug deal. They know we’re here as an audience, three of us heroes seated in chairs pulled up against a table. One of the two bodyguards puts a gun shaped like a thin pair of silver tweezers on the table in front of me as he glares over our heads and around the rest of the room. They agree on some price, and the new guy slips the leader a briefcase full of wadded bills. Bodyguard asks how many $20 bills are in there, and we expect an answer of 500 but instead he says 700 with a grin.
  • At that point I lunge for the gun on the table and grab it, and cock it under the desk – somehow, none of the bodyguards or dealers notice. Nonetheless, the other bodyguard walks up near the front of the deal as well, and I start shooting. Surprise! It’s a water pistol, but a really powerful one somehow, the work colleagues laugh as they’re taken down. Apparently this is more effective than my weapon the previous time we went through this reenactment, though I tried not to spray them too hard so they would hopefully dry up before we had to go back to work.
  • Snippet: This involved being invited to some sort of raid in Gridania (Bindings?) to unlock another raid. I got ninja-invited without my consent because I had been to the last few weekly runs in other raids, and I told Melody to sign up, she got the last spot (but was only a name in my dream — we never met). I had a linkshell (FFXIV chat channel) invite to mod a channel called “annoyingnewbies”. I was booting or downvoting people on one smaller linkshell for being “yellow/red” and another even smaller one for being “red”, whatever criteria that was (annoyance level or beauty level or something).
Sep 16 2016
  • I was taking some kind of exam/test, and looking for a coworkers’ office on the 2nd/3rd floor of a building but it wasn’t there. There was a superpower or game objective of some sort that had me climbing ledges, posts, and things in the “city” outside the building to get from place to place. Someone gave me a hint that if I was too high up to swing to a location from a post, I should just drop straight down to the floor and sometimes it would bug out and deposit me at the location anyway.
  • I was hunting people/targets that had a certain quality, and hurling green-shirted and white-shirted soldiers (greens were worth more point) into a wall for points at one point. At another point, I was with some kids playing the same game, and they were divining targets on the floor, standing at a particular spot and facing a certain direction and an arrow would appear on the ground either in front of them or behind them, pointing them toward the nearest target.
Sep 17 2016

Dream 1

  • This was a turn-based game. Melody and I were a team, and explored the world together. We approached an archway which had been advertised on the map, Melody told me to stand on the default side of the arch to take care of it while she tried to do the arch. The arch was also an unmarked location where other students/competitors would spawn and interact with the arch/puzzle, and we were annoyed at that.
  • The arch “resolved” every turn, pulsing once and giving out points based on the current positions to anyone near her, then pushing them all back a step or two. There was a cliff on Mel’s side of the arch. She had to constantly readjust position after every turn to make sure she did not get knocked off. Whereas I would move forward a bit after each turn to stay within range of the arch, since I was getting knocked away from it. We did this for a few turns to get rid of anyone else nearby before moving on.

Dream 2

  • This involved an adult movie shoot, which featured a character that initially started as me, but was more of a 3rd person camera, and once she reached the apartment door became a Fade to Black scene and ended up being credited to someone with a screen actor name of Uru. I started in a white spaghetti strap top tightly pulled over my breasts, a dark red front-buttoned cotton blouse that was unbuttoned and hanging down from the shoulders, and some sort of skirt, trapped by pouring rain under a building’s shelter but needing to reach another building that was about a 12-second dash away. I/she ran, fell halfway there, got up and kept running, and my clothes were soaked by the time I reached the other building.
  • I took off the blouse to carry in my hands so it would dry quicker, acutely aware that the dark areola of my nipples were prominently showing from under the spaghetti top. Climbing the narrow flight of stairs, I passed an open apartment door and was accosted by one of the men living in there, who chatted me up in a friendly manner. I flirted back in a friendly manner. Apparently there were 5 men living there and as I slowly dried off, he poked his head back in and called out one of the guys from an adjoining room. There was a big burly guy, he took my blouse from me and told me I had two choices, come in and serve them all or walk away dressed as I am and have to explain my half-naked state to everyone else.
  • I whimpered and pleaded but eventually went in, at which point control ceded and “she” was brought inside and then into a side room past some dingy-looking door with a male bathroom sign on it. She was their reluctant prisoner for a week, used multiple times by each of them, after which the scene shifted to her disheveled form outside the door wearing the same thing as before. She had not been allowed to clean up on the final day, so her panties were stained from still having a deposit of seed slowly dribbling out from inside her sex as a parting gift, her hair was still matted and damp, and her spaghetti top was still wet as though no drying had taken place in that one week period. They then returned the blouse and sent her on her way.
  • The week had passed/faded to black within a few seconds, however of note was that the main room had two computers/laptops on tables and a lot of paraphenalia around, as though they were some sort of home office, and both computers were occupied almost all the time by the men. Also each of the men owned a teddy bear, and one of the men asked another why his (and someone else’s) teddy bear was so darned ~normal~. The bear in question had a little top hat and a moustache, though.
  • Then the scene shifted again to a gala reception scene, with a large crowd in formal wear seated in a hall, in front of a stage. this location has been a reoccurring part of other dreams in the past – but usually in those dreams I’m a burglar outside the event hall trying to escape via climbing the roofs and such. This time, I was watching the hosts mention that porn video and how critics loved the look of fear on “Uru’s” face and the realistic way she acted, and how an analyst was describing that since this was her first time, the fear of the unknown and how everything was new added up to a really stimulating first-timer scene, which would never be able to be captured again. There was mention of some sort of bonfire as well, but the scene on the screen was of Uru tied up in a bathtub, water coming up to her ample boobs, and about two dozen candles floating around in the water on little metal platters, casting flickering round shadows against her and the sides of the tub as she whimpered and tried not to struggle too much. Cue audience applause.
Sep 20 2016
  • There was some sort of game world where the object was to gather/find some chests or target items. I had a nameless, faceless partner and we could summon a turret or companion of some kind. The first/main target was in a sort of cove area and guarded by some robot dogs or similar enemies, which proved too difficult for us to easily obtain (though we did do it the first time) and impossible for most other groups. A back way then “opened” up, it was a water path that involved jumping on barely-submerged stones (shaped like lily pads) set in the water and a shortcut that you could jump off the path and swim for, but your stamina would rapidly drain while doing so. There was a small segment of rock that was barely jutting out of the surface water though, and resting there restored my stamina.
  • At some point I realised that there was a secretly accessible mountain ledge next to the start of the water path, that contained another chest and target item. I leaped up while my partner went to find a third person before getting ready to teleport to me. To get from the ledge to the chest involved hopping on more of those round “lily pad” stones, but instead of being in water, these were floating in mid air not far from each other, and formed the shape of a gently rising circle with one or two loops that led to another ledge just above me.
Sep 21 2016
  • Snippet: This took place in a school/university/airport? setting. There was an overarching minigame to get a team and find artifacts in a maze of some sort, mixed in with meetings with different people in rooms. There were zones, the higher level ones were tougher or out of bounds which was why a team was needed.
  • Snippet: In the last scene before I woke up, the rooms were portraying my workspace. I was in one room, Shelley was in another. Johannes passed by and yelled to ask if anyone had had tickets dealing with Black ??? Company/Consortium in the past? I had, with Brad, but it wasn’t a ticket, it involved a Linux script file that we (mostly he) ran for them that I didn’t understand. I yelled out that I had but was ignored, Johannes went into Shelley‘s room instead and shut the door. I frowned, went over, and knocked. I first knocked on a wrong door somehow in between our offices, some chubby lady answered and smiled. Then I knocked on his, got admitted in, explained myself, then got admonished for disturbing them when the door was shut. I got both upset and annoyed by that, but took the ticket anyway, then left them be and gathered my stuff to go home early, leaving a complaint to Ronnie that they were being unprofessional. He was sympathetic and said he would look into it.
  • Snippet: Also, I don’t remember the context, but I do remember meeting Satinel and having her talking about her “former” children.
Sep 23 2016
  • Snippet: Just before I woke up, I had a top-down game view of a square room or square-shaped item, about 4 or 5 tiles wide and long, surrounded by about 12-15 tiny rectangular rooms/cells that were each 1×2 tiles wide. I was trying to unlock and open all of them to get to or free the middle item/room, and had opened about 2 or 3 cells when I woke up. Most of the rooms contained some generic creature or other, but one of them contained a friendly blink dog, who proceeded to vanish and appear a few tiles away.
  • Snippet: The only other dream detail I remember is that “realising” that the captain of the Firefly ship died to protect one of his colleagues in the final episode and that is why there are no more seasons of the show. And that it was super sad and none of my friends wanted to watch it due to that. I have no idea if he actually dies or not in the real life show.
Sep 25 2016
  • I and some nameless companion were in an MMO world that could not decide between two different levelling schemes, or was going to debut a new one tomorrow. It was a school block setting with many different rooms, and an open grassy quad in the middle that was entirely surrounded by the block. One of the levelling schemes somehow was the “ArcheAge” levelling scheme, and I knew it was very Pay-2-Win, but not the details or how/why.
  • Scene shift to a little outdoor coffee shop that was likely part of that building. There were a couple locked doors nearby that we could not access but needed to go through for our current objective, and the only way to do so was to find someone to unlock the door. Upon talking to a couple nearby people, they indicated that we had to find “Momma” to do so as only she could unlock it.
  • The scene shifted again to a building next to this coffee shop, it was a palace of sorts that “Momma” lived within. A lot of the doors were locked, and the entire place was under a silence spell unless Momma acknowledged you and allowed you to speak. Scanlan was there with me this time. We were in a corridor and trying to gesture to her through the glass panel in the door as she was in the room next to us but she didn’t see us for some time. Finally she did, and came to let us in, and was going to give us a short tour of the place.
  • Leading us down a corridor from the place, Scanlan found an artifact or treasured memento of some kind in that corridor that Momma and crew had no idea existed. She warmed up to us a bit from there and we tried to use that opportunity to chat her up and befriend her (and asked for permission to unlock the door), though she did chide me a bit at some point. When asked why the palace was like this, she shrugged and said that’s the way they were on her planet/realm/something similar. It was as natural as us wearing clothes. Everyone there also had both male and female reproductive organs there (and this was their palace) and that was how their society lived and functioned. I woke up at that point.
Sep 26 2016
  • I was travelling by night around an area with several canyon paths. Night travel was “dangerous”, with enemy encounters here and there. A couple good/dubious NPCs were wandering too and could generally beat up the encounters. We (whoever was with me) did go into an NPC house and found a bunch of mattresses on the floor for rent, for between 100-140 gold each.
  • We ran into an encounter against something that looked like Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who beckoned up someone that resembled Batman, as though wanting to talk to him, then pulled out a shotgun and blasted him, sending him flying backwards and injured. When he regained consciousness, “Krang” was mimicking pulling out a gun from his side and shooting him with his fingers over and over again, cackling to himself and poking fun at “Batman“. Batman was annoyed but had to approach him again for some reason or other and got shotgunned and flew away from the force of the impact again.
  • We also visited my usual Chinese food store, Hoho’s, and I was lifetime visitor 6665. They had no other customers though so I couldn’t wait around for someone else to go first.
Sep 29 2016

Dream 1

  • I had a dream where I had a bunch of friends and also led a “second life” where I was something similar to a sex worker. I and someone else were hired by 4 or 5 men, they took turns reducing the health points of something from 30k toward 0 in front of a camera, and they had us prance around and make pouty lips and poses toward the camera at various points. I thought it was a sex-related gig and that we would be obliged to please the men at some point but the other girl reassured me (after it was over) saying that all they wanted were a couple showgirls for the tv show, to bare some flesh and attract some eyes.

Dream 2

  • People were searching a room (that we had recently found/captured) for technological secrets of some sort. There was a director someone was in communication with, and the searchers reported that they couldn’t find anything of note, though they were eyeing a strange machine that was set into a groove in the ground against a wall. They were convinced it was broken though, as it was falling apart each time they touched it.
  • But then somehow, either one of them or an anthromorphic cat did find something in that machine, and took off toward the door hurriedly with the research. But men suddenly burst in, grabbing that person/cat (and possibly other people too). But not before he managed to secretly drop the item/evidence.
  • The camera shifted down to a famous mouse, I’m not sure which, but I think it was Jerry from Tom and Jerry, who was underfoot and watching from a hole in the wall at floor level. He saw the item drop, scurried out and grab it, then found himself against a wall by some lockers. There was a USB key shaped technological bauble on the floor, he picked it up, one side glowed, and pointing it up at the locker caused a click and the locker to unlock and swing open. Jerry jumped in and shut the door.
  • Fade to 12 hours later and a sweat-streaked and tired Jerry opening the locker door. There was silence, all the men were gone. He came out and saw a gathering of 15-20+ animals, mice and kittens. Some of the mice were really angry with him for hiding (they did not know he had found/secured the evidence), and others, mostly the kittens, were unconcerned and playing cards with each other. Jerry was very smelly from his time in the locker, so in reply/as revenge, he stretched his arms over his head and yawned, walking slowly back toward the locker/room exit. The animals around him started collapsing from the stench of his underarms/sweat after the 12 hours he had spent in the locker.

Dream 3

  • I was on my way to the bookstore, possibly with someone else, to buy thread-erasers. Passed by an open window where Amy and Jeremy were inside. She leaned out the first floor window, and chatted in a friendly manner with me. Jeremy appeared too, stuff happened and he ended up outside the window, she flirted with him, asking him to come back and see something, showing us her cleavage as she did so. I eventually left them alone and reached the store to browse the thread-erasers. I decided that a spool of white thread made the best erasers, though there were many other colours there.
Sep 30 2016
  • We hired someone to our work team from another unit in our department. Then we found out that the unit he came from was disbanding, but that decision had been reversed. At that point, he snubbed us back with a “Well, I’m not really interested in working for you. I just did it because I had no choice. I’m going back to my old team.”

Oct 2016

Oct 02 2016
  • The great theft. There was an evil corporation owned by an evil mastermind, who among other powers had the ability to skinchange and look like one of us, and infiltrate the bus that we occupied sometimes. We tried to steal or rescue things from them, but had gotten foiled the first time around. He also had employees that worked for him but were good people. The dream involved a road that used to have terrible traffic jams, and a room off to the left side of the bus that we had incorrectly assumed was empty. The second time around we managed to figure out a way to “liberate” a lot of goods from him, it involved a lot of cooperation, skill and timing around defeating three things or doing three actions at once. The escape plan involved a bus as well as an LRT train just past where a traffic jam used to occur (many years ago). The original theft itself involved an MMO overhead map as well as possibly digging for and finding treasure.
  • There were a lot of strange conversations on the bus, and people with random names that I don’t actually know in real life. The last one I remember was a girl dressed in a yellow dress and some kind of shawl over top, talking about how once when she and her parents were going out for some night trip on the town, she and her mother both picked a yellow dress that looked nearly identical to each other. It was embarrassing but both were too lazy to change it. Her father went behind her and undid the knot of the dress and tied it one notch higher, and she had exclaimed how tight it felt at first but quickly realised she liked it, and that was the story of why she wore the dress the way she had that day now.
  • There was also someone on the bus during the escape attempt who started saying “we shouldn’t do this”, and we were accusing them of being a corporate shill for the evil mastermind. But it turned out she was talking about visiting a bad website and possibly risking a dangerous script running on someone else’s laptop.
  • At some point Johannes was on the bus too and had departed to start to transfer his things over to the train. But he had left behind a credstick, a stick-shaped object about the size of a USB with digital money on it, which was worth about half the value of his own personal haul. He had been seated next to me, so I held on to it for safekeeping and waved it at him through the door of the bus once he turned around (he hadn’t gone far at all when he realized he had left it behind). The bus driver wouldn’t let him back on at first because she didn’t know if he was evil in disguise, but I told her it was okay so she finally let him on and I returned it to him.
Oct 05 2016
  • I had a dream there was a “rival group of friends” who was watching one of the movies we already watched for movie night a few weeks ago and I was scoffing at them, but I dont remember any other details.
Oct 09 2016
  • There was a co-op/team match-3 game which we played. The game involved 3v3 matches, and we swapped partners at one point. Thor was the highest dps character ingame on the tracker, and there were some other Marvel and non-Marvel characters involved too). Later on, there was a scene with lava, and trying to get past a patrolling dullahan and two dogs that could only detect intruders in their frontal arc of vision. There was also a flea market.
Oct 11 2016
  • I was going through old boxes of memories and papers and sorting them with Kel and Jon. Were we moving house?
Oct 12 2016
  • I was selling a solar-powered engine that was powering my bicycle, but could also power houses. I had to rush home on my bicycle to get a dress that would fit me, and Dad said that was free advertising of sorts even though the journey felt slow and long.
Oct 13 2016
  • I don’t remember much, but we did load up Matt‘s large truck with furniture and stuff at some point, which we were rescuing from a friend’s building that was in some sort of danger. He had to go pick up his kids in a smaller car instead. Also Ronnie had a blue car that we met a couple times, once when I had boarded the passenger cockpit seat of a large and quiet airplane that was going to runway travel along regular roads before taking off. I waved to him out of the side window of the cockpit.
Oct 17 2016
  • I had an argument with Ronnie about the seating arrangements in a Business Process Mapping class, except this was translated into the context of the team being together in another class now. Somehow Ronnie and I settled it by going on a quest of our own to do some things as/before the class was starting.
  • Editor: I took this class on October 12 2016. It was a full-day event.
Oct 20 2016
  • I was in a group of 4 rpg characters (with Johannes playing the tank, and Jahandar playing an archer) trying to kill a boss ogre magi, except we were having some trouble because Archer was a basic class, and I was the highest level and kept pulling dps aggro as the healer. I accidentally reset the boss by lifting him two inches off the ground to hold him in place, and triggering some sort of anti-exploit no-pathing mode. This “dungeon”/cave was nearby a little cul-de-sac on the world map that was also featured in last night’s dream (not written down), where a deadly world boss spawns every now and then and the pros would lament in the “General Chat” zone-wide chat channel about how tough he was.
  • Prior to this, I had bought a new horse to level my Riding skill with as I had some extra gold and was travelling across the continent, and already had the Riding skill at level 9. However I found that the horse had +48 will (more power to cast skills) instead of +48 health (more survivability), and I was annoyed at that but couldn’t undo the purchase.
Oct 23 2016
  • I was digging something up (or solving something?) with Kim. There was an underground settlement with 3 levels and a front and back area. It was obviously some sort of a mining place, as there were open veins of coal.
  • A guy was in a submarine “tour” when the submarine malfunctioned and didn’t stop until it reached Australia. He had two of several animals (giraffes, etc) on board too so he had to get help from a local zoo to store them.
  • I was in a hall watching them announce the teams for the League of Legends worlds semi final, including one team that was all female. The final “tomorrow” also featured some 1v1 contests, with two male guests vs Allen and Eileen, one after the other.
  • There was also a game/puzzle where someone was trapped and we had to solve a puzzle to try to free them. This involved poring through her dialogue script (which had some hilarious monologues), and figuring out coordinates for a key. She had “realistic” monologues involving being bored instead of being horrified.
Oct 26 2016
  • There was a classroom scene. Ronnie bought and forgot his lunch, I quietly brought it in. The classmates included both people from work and people from Dunman High. Someone was trying to convince us to volunteer for some event as IT techs. Another person was talking to me about someone else being late for college classes by 3 hours. There was a mysterious world on the other side of a crack in the wall where there were obstacles and buffs and I/someone was being chased by giant rats while trying to grab something and get out.
Oct 27 2016
  • I was about to take an exam with classmates from Dunman as well as other people (Discord, elsewhere, can’t remember). We had some Indian lady as a substitute teacher. I was a leader-type and helped the teacher print out the pages for the exam, sort the pages for each exam, and paperclip them together.
  • There was also some sort of game involved in (or just before) retrieving the pages. Don’t remember much detail but one of them involved having some animal characters that could cut leather pieces into squares, and do something else, but those skills only unlocked on weekends. They otherwise had no appropriate skill. However the human members of my team/colony could only use round pieces of leather.
  • After the game resolved, we went back to the classroom setting. Half of us were in our homeroom classroom waiting for the test to start, on the 3rd floor of the class building, the other half were two or three classrooms down the hall in the substitute teacher’s homeroom.
  • There was some chatter, and someone commented that I had managed to keep secret the fact that I was helping put together the exam pages and how impressive that was. I deflected it by saying I had mentioned it once and patted the stack of papers a minute or two ago.
  • I remembered we were supposed to use the other classrooms and herded everyone in our homeroom over. We were still on time. I entered the substitute teacher’s classroom to find out that despite asking me to print and put together the exams for her, she had done so herself as well and had stapled her copies together. I concluded that she had trust issues.
  • I gave her the paperclip copies, and then took one of her copies anyway. The first couple columns of desks were already occupied by some girls and I had to step over a bag and settle down at the front of the third column.
  • Zixiang was stunned that he had only gotten 10.5 or 11.5 or something on the verbal/acting part of the course, as he needed 11 or 12 or something to pass. As I settled down and started into the paper, he started doing a loud verbal presentation at the front of the class.
  • I complained, and the teacher frowned and said that that there was nothing wrong with that, and implied that she had offered him to do that. She said that my protests and complains were inappropriate but his presentation was fine. She then laughed and incremented a tally counter on the board with chalk — she apparently had an inappropriateness quota she needed to meet by penalizing us.
  • I stood up, stormed out, and headed over toward Student Services to complain, taking the stairs down from the 3rd floor to the 1st. On the way there, I ran into an African-American guy who asked if I was busy. I said maybe. He said he was in charge of his younger brother and had let him use his computer. But he was computer illiterate and it had broken down. It didn’t seem to be anyone’s fault. I said I could try to help him if he described the issue, though I probably couldn’t fix it for him. He ended up leaving anyway.
  • I went over to the Student Services building next door. I was pushing some trolley-like thing at this point (some sort of luggage cart) and stopped briefly to let a young girl grab hold of it and get on, both for balance and for speed in getting where she was going, as I pushed her along.
  • Reaching the Student Services building, there were three separate queues, the middle one for Ancillary Services, the right one containing 4 or 5 students, and one on the left, but none of them seem to fit the bill exactly, though someone suggested the middle one was the closest to what I was looking for. There was also a vague concept of another queue in another building that might have been the right one too, but I didn’t explore that option, as I then woke up.
Oct 29 2016
  • There was a girl no one in a group liked, and she was eventually left in a cage on the moon. She was also handcuffed at some point. I went to free her, at which point I was then shown her biography. She was tall and thin (though within human proportions) and may have joined my team afterwards.
  • Later, I forgave and freed a man, who then crashed a wedding that took place on “conveyor belt” ropes and married a girl that was going to marry someone else. He then fled when I chased him.
  • Lastly, there was a big search for a marble, and we were competing with another group of people to find it first. But I realised some time into the search that there was also one in my backpack, and we could just use that even though it was not the specific one we were looking for.
Oct 30 2016
  • I went to St. Stephen’s College to do some work/use their Internet. I met Eva there. We talked about how much the place had changed. Many people were in offices, besides those at the front desk. We went down to the basement of St. Stephen’s College to try to wait for Shelley – there was an underground LRT station exit there and Eva said that Shelle‎y often took that route on her way to for lunch break. The name of the LRT station was “Fox <something>”
  • Editor: St. Stephen’s College (SSC) is a specific department at the University of Alberta that I used to help do Deskside Support for. Eva and Shelle‎y in this context are actual people that work there.
Oct 31 2016
  • I had a unicycle for travelling between places. But it could not be ridden on roads. I sort of cycled around and then back to the house once my parents had left.
  • Depressed, I didn’t go to work. I played chapter 4 of some weird episodic game, with Mell watching. I cried at the ending. I also unlocked a cosmetic for Just Cause 3 or Payday at the end of it all.
  • I got some info on some names I had to do something with, from a St. Stephens College employee, who stored the info on a thumb drive/external drive that I noticed was misleadingly named “H: (Porno)”.

Nov 2016

Nov 01 2016
  • Ronnie took an emergency week off, so our work team was relegated to “work tickets only” instead of project work, and also had the option to work from home if desired.
  • We “hired” a new guy, and we described and then took him around the tall building where the dream took place, detailing to him the different parties and stuff that happened on different floors (some of which I visited in past dreams).
  • I “found” a Nexus 7 tablet with an identical cover to mine lying on the table in a room, but I knew it wasn’t mine. It turns out it was Eileen‘s, she was one of those in the room along with other work people, I realized after we had finished some sort of test/paper there.
Nov 03 2016
  • We were leading a group of new guildmates on a circuit across several zones for hunting marks, aka specific named monsters that we had to kill for quests. I was the scout, using an application called Guildwork that helped with organizing parties, and I was announcing my finds in some linkshells (global chat channels) as well. Satinel was the leader of the actual group, making sure the newbies came along safely. We did a few without incident, sometimes alone, sometimes with others.
  • Eventually there was an area with a long east-west path, and spawn points on both ends. We reached the western end first and either killed the hunt mark there or set up to wait for it to respawn, but as many of our group was still lagging behind, I decided I would run to the east end of the path to look as well.
  • It was night, and the path was long but quite well lit. I got to the end, then realised it was a silly move because it was night and the hill on the eastern end was steeped in darkness, so I could not see the gargoyle that could spawn there anyway. I turned around to go back.
  • I sent a couple tells to Satinel, one to the effect of “Hey, I’m ready to return, can you please summon me to your side? Oh wait.. we haven’t done the (FFXIV marriage) event that allows us to do that, haha.” The second was asking for some sort of summon anyway, there was a teleport point in the middle of the path and possibly that was what I needed help with as I couldn’t/didn’t teleport to it alone, or perhaps it was to ask her to wait for me as I ran back.
  • I started to run back along the path, as the stragglers in Satinel‘s group all finally reached the clearing and formed a circle on the minimap with her at the head of the circle. At this point I was carrying a large one person rectangular bed too, but folded up like a telescope/tripod and shaped like a staff weapon.
  • There were lots of people on the brightly lit path now, mostly random Chinese guys, and shops and stalls along the side. I had to dodge people and their curious looks as I ran west, as well as listen to tales of people being mugged of items by others, and those others blatantly trying to sell the mugged items to other people while the owner’s original tag was still on the items.
  • No one tried to mug me though. I was annoyed I didn’t get a response/summon because I was missing out on stuff, and cried out a “Hey, check your tells!” once I finally reached back to the circle where she was telling them something or other. She then embarrassed me by reading the two tells out loud to the group.
  • Either way I shrugged, joined the circle and asked for a recap/restart of whatever they were doing now that I was back.
Nov 05 2016
  • I remember the song Slip Slidin’ Away playing in the dream. Slip-sliding away, slip-sliding awaaay..
  • There was a version of ESO where players could pull carriages (rickshaws) to transport other players from A to B.
  • There also was a wave-based MMO survival with some friends. We got some loot and tokens after each round.
  • Healers were reliant on 4 crafting classes – alchemists to make potions, stone-makers/pebblers(?) for buff/healing stones, and two others. The game had crafting specializations that players could take, so I was pondering which one to take as a healer.
  • Somewhere in the dream there was also a price drop for Overwatch.
  • Editor: The song listed above is Slip Slidin’ Away, from Paul Simon.
Nov 06 2016
  • A mother amiably kicked an elder son out of the house to live by himself, she locked the door and sealed the blinds to the house. His younger brother and a baby/dog playing outside later knocked on the window during the evening to try to get in, but there was no reply from mother. He didn’t think much of it, so the two of them crawled in through a window and went to sleep. Next morning he found his mother unconscious on the floor due to not eating pills in time or running out of pills, something that the elder brother would have normally taken care of. Once she regained consciousness she smiled and said not to worry.
  • There was a folded game board that showed the start of a vertical-scrolling endless dungeon, with a mini settlement right at the entrance. A bunch of balls were dropped down into the dungeon, falling below the borders of the game board and bouncing down into uncharted territory, but they got stuck at some point.
  • We needed to close the board borders up and move it somewhere else to try to rescue the fallen balls, so we did so and then recruited a settler/builder game piece to assist us so we could build a settlement down in the endless dungeon. When we unfolded the game board however, we only had the top level visible still, everything below the pit drops was gone. We hoped the layout was the same anyway and wouldn’t morph, and set off down on the journey.
  • At some point there were flashbacks to Utopia, I had soldiers/troops I could assign to attack someone else’s land, as well as things I could invest them into — food, exploration, two types of science, etc that would give bonuses to my kingdom. Since everyone else was well-established, however, I sent most of them just to attack someone else.
Nov 09 2016
  • There was a computer game that I watched a bit of before joining. It involved killing monsters to level up, and had a list of about 10-15 skills.
  • There was a “Gathering” style skill that started with the letter T or something, started at 0, max skill 8. I wanted this to harvest berries. There was also a “Fighting” style skill that started with an early letter of the alphabet, started at 0, max skill 12 or so.
  • I didn’t really want to do the fighting bit, only the gathering bit, so Jah levelled the character from level 1 to 5 or so for me via Jah Stream Night.
  • The Palantiri as a guild were present, as a “rival” group in a class that I was also in (outside of this computer game). They were collectively much more advanced in the game than our guild was. Pinkfae came to hang out with us a bit.
Nov 12 2016
  • I was the “Warrior of Light” – A mother right at the end thanked me and said she would tell her child all about me.
  • There were two cases of documents, the left one had a glass cover, I had to carve it open using my finger, to match an object moving on rails inside the case, and retrieve some things from it.
  • A prior “warrior of light” story that I heard about involved parents somehow, timing (I think), loneliness, as well as quests/objectives.
  • Dad at one point went to the library to find Mom, Jon, and Kel, but failed to see them cause he was shortsighted. They saw him though as he was leaving and told him that later at home.
Nov 15 2016
  • Together with a team of others, I was retrieving brooches, signets, and other jewellery pieces that phased in and out of existence on the ground. Brooches and pinned nametags were worth a particularly high number of points.
Nov 18 2016
  • I was helping someone who identified to be from central HR with a work ticket. Her name was similar to Ellen Madsen. She was very impatient, even though she was reopening a one year old ticket (which I remembered about somehow).
  • That ticket was when I was pre-transition, and now I was post-surgery, so I knew her but she didn’t recognise me. She kept misunderstanding and twisting the meaning of small things in what we said.
  • I was also helping a new person (child like, but not a child) with some stealth missions. There were a bunch of kids in a level we had to sneak up on and knock unconscious.
  • I was also on a flying plane at some point and someone else in a fur coat boarded mid-flight. We were annoyed and also wondered how they managed that — not the flying bit, but that the price of the flight was $2000, and he had only paid $1000 to the airport. He paid the flight attendants the rest by giving them five previous plane stubs which each counted toward part of the fare as well, and indicated that he had done this at least 5 other times before somehow.
  • Later, I hung out with Matt at his place for a little while. I drew on his chalkboard, tried to fix his phone, and puzzled over a word for a type of lingerie that we couldn’t remember from a past dream. Kim and someone else complimented my hair, said it was really nice and I was too modest about it. Wanted to go play soccer with her but we didn’t have time.
  • I did an emote quest in the Gold Saucer, the casino zone in FFXIV, except the very last objective was to summon a blue carbuncle triated defence. I had to port out to one of the Thanalan zones to equip a trait to get that emote, but because I had a security key on my account, this triggered a cutscene when I got back into the casino zone, and I was unable to claim that reward (which was the very last one).
  • The second last objective or quest did grant a hairstyle unlock item. Nothing to do with the above Kim thing though, as I never used the item before meeting her afterwards.
Nov 23 2016
  • I had to rescue people/items from junkyards that were casually “guarded” by enemies. This involved sneaking through ruins and abandoned toilets and such to reach the marked points on the minimap.
  • Also there was a trip on a tourist train of some sort that I first took by myself, then later on with Mom.
Nov 25 2016
  • Each armed with a weapon we didn’t use, me and a female friend (Satinel? Steffy?) had to visit 12 different libraries, infiltrating and finding a banned book in each one to find out about some monsters. We snuck around or used library tours etc to access those books.
Nov 26 2016
  • A friend and I joined a gangsterish club on campus, headed by someone we sort of disliked, I forget who, possibly from Lotro. Our first target was HSC, whatever that was, because they had publicly rejected us when we were looking for partners. Jah was there too, as were some others.
  • I detailed a previous dream event that I had a long time ago where 3 of us snuck around in the dark campus all night, but the policemen could not find us. Jah chipped in with some detail about us calling him afterwards.
  • We went to some sort of shop where there were a bunch of policemen, and proceeded to hang out there and pick them off (knock them unconscious, tie, and gag them up) one by one.
  • The scene also shifted at some point to an old dream where 4 of us were tenants in a house and we had to find some sort of utility tool and then knock out the landlord and a couple other people, but the details are fuzzy.
Nov 27 2016
  • In a competitive game of Overwatch, I had to play the character named Roadhog. The aim was to drag a chest of herbs up a building using the stairs. On the 8th floor was a dilapidated door leading to a narrow platform across midair and over to a neighbouring building. That platform was only 1 storey above the road below (it wasn’t stretching out the same direction as the original entrance to the building, so the height difference was due to the terrain elevation of a hill). However, the platform was not complete and involved a couple jumps over gaps in the floor, so I couldn’t make it over while lugging the chest.
  • Defence and Tank skills were listed under a category called J – Jumping or something like that. That platform explained why!
  • A young woman who was a new mother was playing Russian Roulette, when she shot herself in the neck. It was in the news, and very graphic, the video highlight kept looping. She was buzzed and drunk and had a didn’t care attitude on her face until the 2nd shot left the bullet hole, then she staggered. She was brown-skinned and her first name was something like Ghoa, her last name had 8 letters.
  • The news said that she was known for crazy things, for example she had driven and steered a Dodge car by sitting on a stick that was also attached to a horse and rotating slowly.
  • Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were also featured in another news story, arguing about the sanity and intent of someone who had brought an army of guns to a police station.

Dec 2016

Dec 02 2016
  • Kimberly, while on the Deskside Support team at work, had to go to a client’s house and was kept there overnight troubleshooting something and talking to the talkative blonde woman there. It was sometime between 2am and 6am and she was dead tired by the time it ended, so she didn’t return to the communal employee house that night. I offered to drive her back the next morning. She was super tired while driving a truck and said coffee had no effect on her whatsoever. I had a motorcycle I could make invisible.
Dec 05 2016
  • There was a public party going on somewhere, and we walked to/from it through Singapore-style HDB void decks. The party bus driving people to that drove over a cliff in Los Angeles, killing 60 and injuring lots, but the party itself continued despite the protests of a couple people at the event. I wasn’t allowed in to get to the food until late into the party.
  • There was a TV documentary regarding recycling of some kind. Dad was poo-pooing it a bit on the way home so Kel and I walked separately from him, not wanting to associate with his bad opinions.
  • The Edmonton Oilers made a trade, but everyone was unsure what we traded as the defender that everyone guessed would be traded was still playing for us immediately after the trade. There were 3 people not playing so everyone was speculating which one got traded.
Dec 06 2016
  • I played an MMO called RAG, formerly known as Lemonfall, and which also had one other former name. The game recently got a new project lead. It was a sort of survival/exploration game where one of the selling points was that you could get kidnapped and level something that way.
  • In reality, in the “game”, I was basically on a visit to a foreign bed and breakfast motel place. I visited with Dad, who dumped me when I had to answer the motel phone to help a local external retail store get in touch with one of the motel guests.
  • There was a busy bus stop nearby with multiple buses that led off into the city proper. There was also a food stall place in the premises of the bed and breakfast and motel that sold many items, one of which was fried ant for $8. I wanted to get that because one of my goals was to eat something exotic every trip.
  • It was raining and I got lost at the bus stop and had to look up the name of the game on my phone to try to find my way back.
Dec 08 2016
  • I was taking part in the defence of a GW2-style castle with an inner and outer castle area. We were projected to lose badly, as the attacking guild/server had a lot of people and we had scant few defenders.
  • We set up at the choke point of the inner layer. “Last time” we apparently tried defending the outer one, but the walls didn’t upgrade quick enough, and they took the castle quickly.
  • The doors had health points and we could see the health percentage of the doors dropping as they were attacked. The outer walls had a north, east, and west castle door.
  • There were 3 castles being attacked by the invading server, ours was the bottom/southern one, the middle one was owned by a defunct guild so that one was taken first with little resistance.
  • They didn’t really attack our castle in the end, somehow. They did break through the outer wall but ended up sitting down and chatting and socializing with us instead of attacking.
  • I had to eat dinner half way through the “defence” and got yelled at briefly by the guild leader.
Dec 11 2016
  • This dream involved zombies, as well as Kel and her friend. There was a northern path stretching east from our house to a village with an inn, a ruined watchtower where the innkeeper used to live, and a few other buildings.
  • Mom put masking tape over the front door to prevent Kel and her friend from leaving by themselves, but they wanted to go to the village so they used the back door instead. Before they left, I X’ed all over a map telling them where the zombies were going to spawn. I had walked the same path and back a day earlier.
  • But they got tangled up with zombies, and had to invoke and learn some magicks from some magical stone in the ground that they should not have learnt yet. One of them was a black pokeball. The magic in the dream was colour-themed. There were stolen vehicles that followed a theme as well, but details are fuzzy.
  • There were school scenes too, and I had to deliver something to some female groundskeeper at an earlier point of the dream.
Dec 14 2016
  • I had a meta dream of sorts, a dream that I was having a dream about being in the exact same location. Something jolted me out of the “inner” dream but not the outer one.
  • There were a couple break ins/robberies, though I am unsure of the context. There was one really gory scene where a robber that broke in to our family house after we left in a car for a trip, was seen by a policeman who followed him in. The robber captured him at gunpoint, forced him to his knees in a corner, tied his hands in front of him, and started to torture him with high bursts of electricity. The policeman threw up a lot of vomit. He managed to eventually use his tied hands to grapple with the robber though, and force his head down into the vomit and drown him that way. Ugh.
Dec 20 2016
  • I dont remember my dream except that it had to do with two competing hotels or something side by side. They weren’t exclusively hotels, nor malls, but were some sort of a mix of the two. And there was a tinge of evil surrounding one if not both.
Dec 26 2016
  • I do remember chasing my younger siblings off the basement computer at Edmonton 4012 when they were watching something on it, so that I could do stuff on it, forgetting that there was an upstairs computer and it was a much better computer.
Dec 27 2016
  • After a long epic quest chain in FFXIV, I needed to fight Leviathan and went out to a large patch of water flanked on three sides by land to find him. There were quite a few other people there too, a group that was farming elite boss monsters (including Leviathan) among others.
  • I was with one other person (Satinel?) and we managed to summon him first once we arrived by destroying two square pillars. He then spawned from behind a wall, he looked like the Roadhog character from Overwatch in his initial stage.
  • The scene transitioned to the open ocean with us on a large cruise liner style ship, and a proper Leviathan monster with tentacles and such, as we defeated it. Satinel had frozen a strip of ice that he died beneath, but as I jumped and then knelt down to break through the ice, I had a Blue Screen of Death and my computer crashed, and I had to reboot before I could come back and loot his body for the quest.
  • Mom came by and started to nag us to go to bed as the computer was rebooting. That was when I woke up.
  • Snippet: Someone mentioned that Athera had stopped by his house to give him her dirty clothing to wash. She was homeless or something but it was cheaper to travel to other people’s countries to do laundry than to get a house.
  • Snippet: There was a general theme of homelessness and very expensive housing and us poor folks trying to rub shoulders with the city’s elite. But the authorities/government hated us and we were technically outlaws, and once they started to clamp down on us we moved to the neighbouring city and set up (or joined?) our guild there instead.
Dec 29 2016

Dream 1

  • I was with Kimberly at ECHA, after taking the train there to meet her there after school. She was going to help me look for an email address of a particular lady doctor that I could then use to track some part of my treatment in. The email address as far as we know had been decommissioned, Kimberly had access to a similar email address but it was for someone else or some other service.
  • An executive at some point wanted me to remove a graph on page 6 or 7 (7 or 8, counting the cover page) of a document that I had made for him. I couldn’t do it on the spot because I could only Remote Desktop in to my main home computer, but I had recently gotten a new home computer and the file was on an unconnected old one at home.
  • There was also discussion about some stairs in a stairwell that went through a lecture theatre, and whether we could reconstruct the stairs to make it more convenient for people, however we found that that would block the people in the seats from seeing the projector screen.
  • When I called her after reaching ECHA, Kim warned that it would rain because that’s what happens in January when she goes places. She still arrived, though.
  • We went up to the 2nd floor where it was out of bounds. There was a male toilet there and a male-female toilet there. The latter, when we went in, was full of dirty bathroom urinals and girl-urinals, and a couple stalls, and a narrator or someone ranting about the girl-urinals and talking about how useless they were and how a 56 year old motorcycle male would lose all his credibility by using them.
  • Outside, we got attacked and had to try to escape down the stairs to the safe area. We were both injured and downed, and Kimberly was worse off than me. But we made it halfway down the stairs and Good Samaritans came to help us, asking us where we were from (we said the University) and how old we were (Kimberly said 17).
  • Then the doorbell rang and I woke up.

Dream 2 (Post-doorbell)

  • Some visiting South Korean girls had theirs bras stolen/misplaced because their laundry somehow got mixed up with a normal pile of clothes. We “adopted” one and took her to Goodwill, as it had lots of books as well as grocery and clothing sections and other misc stuff.
  • There while she shopped around I looked at some books, there were books on cryptography and stuff. Before long it was time to go again.
  • The girl had recruited a couple other people into her party from Goodwill, and we showed her how to bring up the menu and look at their weekly cost. It wasn’t much at all, something like 6000 Neopoints, and we told her to ask if she ever needed any, as we had tons, but that she’d find a ton of misc stuff and selling those would help.
  • Jah also noted that people could probably just stick to Neopets games and pages related to their jobs, plus one or two others.
  • We also saw an ad for some game, possibly Overwatch, that stole a community meme from Heroes of the Storm that was making fun of League of Legends (I think). It wasn’t a real-life meme.
Dec 30 2016
  • I was a submissive, along with two other people, to another woman, but I had to go to class so I got a bit jealous as the other two got to stay, help out with pushing garbage carts, follow some rules on what they had to wear outdoors, and generally get bossed around.
  • Classes had just reopened, most of the people in my class were wearing a white shirt and navy tie. I remember being proud of being in the class or thinking that the class was full of smart people.
  • The class was divided into 4 or 6 groups, I sat in the front left one with 4 people with Japanese-seeming names. Or perhaps English pseudonyms that were made out of two short words.
  • The class was then held up by a woman behind me who stood up and complained about how difficult the first assignment was to the teacher for a good few minutes. I said something derisive about the way she was complaining and how she just meant to say that -she- couldn’t do it.
  • The class was then held up a second time by someone from the Deskside Support team who came to class to help out a student who was also a fellow teammate with him, with something work-related. He drew out some instructions and complex engineering-style diagrams really quickly for his teammate to do while in class. The teacher got annoyed after a bit and gave him two minutes to finish up.
  • The class was then held up a third time by a friendly woman in a hijab who came down the aisles and asked if anyone could teach her English (or Singaporean?). She asked the teacher outright if he was Singaporean, he said yes, and she then offered him a wad of bills for him to teach her English. But her English was already pretty decent.
  • Before class, there was a lunch hall gathering where Tawheed or someone else in a team leader position at work complained about a professor that thought all their students’ grades were gone because it got output in an .mif file, and because the professor’s staff were all on holiday too, he or she couldn’t figure out how to open the file.

Jan 2017

Jan 04 2017
  • I did poorly on an exam because I did most of the short answer questions but was too tired to do the essay bit, so I went for a walk instead. The essay topic was something like “Dance of the Planes” and we were allowed open interpretation on what that meant.
Jan 05 2017
  • This dream involved a Critical Role game, where apparently the character Vax and a sibling of his died at the end of the previous episode (episode 8) which I didn’t watch, so Vex, Vax’s twin sister, had to attend this session to plead for their lives back from some deity in the game.
  • Matt from work was watching this Critical Role episode, as was I, and a few other people I knew. We had previously watched episodes 4 and 5 together, but had either watched or not watched 6-8 separately, so some of us were caught up with current happenings and some of us were not. Episodes 4 and 5 involved one of the characters learning to pilot a helicopter and being worryingly bad at it at first, but quickly picking up the skill.
  • Snippet: Our family had another half-English, half-French family come visit us, as well as a person who we had hired to go through Kel‘s laptop to find and retrieve old files and executables that had been installed on it when we were much younger. After going through the laptop, and pulling out and listing all the installed programs, she offered to do the same for all our other computers in the house for 50% off. Mom and I thought it was dumb so we declined.
Jan 06 2017
  • I was 10 minutes late for Chinese class at school, but the teacher and half the class was even later than me. Dad got me there in his car in record time.
  • Our classroom was usually divided into groups of 4 tables, with one person seated at each corner of the square that the tables created, but this time the classroom was divided groups of 2 tables each, side by side, and one person from each half of the room shared a table with someone from the other half. I took a seat at the front of the class, at the table in the middle column.
  • There was to be some sort of scoring between the two teams depending on class performance that day. Wela was the leader of the right side of the room, and I was the leader of the left side. She had a mug that said “Xiang Xiang” on it, and I mistook the first Chinese character of her name to be that Xiang at first too until she corrected me.
  • There were 11 people on her side and 14 on mine, including 2 indian boys and 1 Indian girl who were sitting right at the back of the class on the left side.
  • The previous class featured the Infrastructure Apps team at work, and some of the people were talking about how well they had done scoring-wise in the previous class at first, but that they usually cooled off after a hot start anyway.
Jan 15 2017
  • In another scene, we were hiding a corpse in a car trunk along with a couple other body bags. The death had happened before the scene started, so I don’t know the context behind it. Our car had also accidentally broke down, and four of us were trying to fix the busted wheel somehow. A cop came by and helped us with the car, although the first step of his help, much to our horror, was to unload the body bags to lighten the car’s weight. He didn’t notice the rotting corpse in the bag, though.
  • Once we got going again, Dad was driving the car and I was with him and told him to make sure not to change his pants after dumping the corpse, as that would give away that we were guilty — we’d seen on TV shows and such before that they’d use camera footage where the suspect had different pants later in the day, as proof of their guilt.
  • We needed to get some dinner, but the McDonalds that we drove to was closed with an Out of Ingredients sign outside. He didn’t want to stop by a nearby Chinese food place because he had already eaten from that store in the afternoon. We ended up driving around the block to a school campus building where there was another McD’s and some other food stalls, mostly Chinese, inside.
  • Snippet: There was a scene involving picking up skill/spell cards. Satinel was there and picked up 4 of a possible 5 cards.
  • Snippet: There was also some sort of a survival/army game scene, our army got attacked by another and I lost everything but my main hero and a basket of food, which I was trying to save from a horde of crows that descended on the area, and escape with before more cops showed up.
Jan 21 2017
  • I was floating up the river on a raft or boat, past swamplands and similar terrain. Jah was there, as were some of the X-Men, and some people from my earlier schools.
  • There were wild horses, mosquito mobs, and other beasts in the swamp. We did stop at some city and defeated Doctor Octopus driving a big Juggernaut machine. While we distracted him, a new recruit who could go invisible did so, then snuck behind the machine and took out his power source, and one of the X-Men guys jumped onto the machine, drove it into a wall and smashed it up, at which point it turned into an unconscious Juggernaut. As we left one of the X-Men predicted that he would be back.
  • The entire country was controlled by a tight-fisted government, I was in a bookstore owned by a good friend and there was a device there that would scan for books with certain 8-digit codes and automatically destroy the books if found.
  • By the dockside, a woman was announcing a new operative to destroy some animals, with the government-sponsored assurance that they didn’t have any souls, so it was ok to do. To prove it to the crowd, she took out several pieces of paper, wrote down on one that rubberbands had souls, and a second that rubberbands didn’t have souls. She asked God which was true, closed her eyes, and pointed to one. She opened her eyes and opened the piece of paper — No Soul.
  • Then she did the same for the animals. One piece of paper that said No Soul, and another that did. She closed her eyes and asked God, then pointed to one. This time, it landed on Soul. Ashen, she muttered some excuse, closed her eyes and did it again. Again, she landed on the Soul paper.
  • She got really upset about this, and she retired on the spot, saying that it wasn’t worth it and she should be able to earn some extra cash through retirement selling comic books from Earth or another old planet that she’d get a henchman to deliver now and then.
  • Some sort of day/night cycles where we possibly had to stay indoors at night. Wela was there, and we were chatting and noted that we had not met another high school friend, Jessica, in ages. She used some sort of text-based loudspeaker or ticker broadcast system to try to find her, typing out some a message in all caps.
Jan 23 2017
  • Snippet: I was discussing a previous scene with Satinel, something about being chained to a wall and tickled. I apparently lasted/endured all of 1 second.
  • Snippet: There was a plane crash, involving people from Singapore that I didn’t know. The plane was hijacked, left the airport overnight, continued along its normal route, and crashed at the final destination. No one survived.
  • Later on, I was turning the radio dial and listening to music from mini-live concerts on the various radio stations. One of the stations I was listening to paid tribute to the crash.
Jan 24 2017
  • Snippet: In real life, I was angry with Ronnie during the day, and even in my dreams last night I was still angry with Ronnie. Ronnie and Enrileta were both sick too and communicating with each other using some sort of hologram or image thing. She was showing him a cork board that she owned, with a bunch of things pinned on it.
  • Snippet: I was playing some MMO where my main character was living in a small guild, and my three lower-level alt characters were in a guild led by a talkative girl who was also in the main guild.
  • I eventually told her to shut up while on my main character, and she got mad and kicked my three alt characters from her guild and blocked me. I confirmed this by checking some sort of log that indicated that they were no longer in a guild library that I had left them in. Oh well, I preferred my current guild anyway.
Jan 27 2017
  • I visited a hotel early on, then again with my workmates and others about 3 to 4 days later. I had left my passport with the hotel staff in the meantime, but it was missing when we arrived there as a group.
  • They feigned ignorance, however my tablet, whose battery was dying, had some sort of camera app which had a description and timestamp of what happened as well. Using that, I was able to track it down. At 10:58 pm on the evening that I had left it there, the hotel was held up by men at gunpoint and the front desk guy on duty had surrendered the passports among other things.
  • The passport was in Eastern Europe by now though, and I knew that two men were working on counterfeiting it or something, and there was not much I could do about it.
  • Tyler P from work wanted to know what a particular Rihanna song sounded like. The title was something like “Come to the Party, Stay for the ???”. I have no idea what the last word was. I was the only one with a computer so I typed it into Spotify to see if I could play the song, but had to retype it 7 times or so before I could type it in accurately. It didn’t help that the first few times, I was trying to use a keyboard that was tucked away below my knees and very awkward to reach.
  • When we finally found the song, it was just a rehash (same tune, different lyrics) of another rather famous song, I forget which.

Feb 2017

Feb 15 2017
  • There was a Google presenter at the front of our class, playing a video for the class at a low volume while people were talking away at the back of the class. I raised my hand to get her to raise the volume on the video, but it was still mostly unintelligible.
  • Ronnie and Daniel were cleaning the whiteboard while the movie/show ran, Daniel erased all the tasks that were written on it, then wrote all over it with green marker, and then tried to erase that as well to make sure that everything was gone.
Feb 17 2017
  • A depressed girl tried to upload and share her feelings to a little depressed helper robot so that she could talk to him. Instead, she fried the robot’s memory while uploading her feelings.
  • That robot went down to the USA, possibly Seattle, looking for something in a store to restore his memory. He also visited a hardware store to look at Nintendo 3DS sales, and was going to look for a Walmart but never found one.
  • The little robot ran into a progression of people and robots who seemed to know who he was and wanted to help him. The first was a man and his robot. The third was a grandma of sorts who hugged him and then detached and gave him one of her nipples and led him through a waist-high tar swamp toward her home.
Feb 27 2017
  • There was a home invasion by two different gangs, fighting each other just outside an unlocked home in the desert. We were nearby and swept in afterwards to clean out the remaining gang members.
  • I assigned Jon and someone else to guard the door while I went room-to-room through the house to sweep it clean of danger after. Some of the electrical switches were wonky and had to be turned on more than once to work.
  • Elcor from Mass Effect were present, I think. One of them was sick.
Feb 28 2017
  • There was a “Cyberpunk” MMO based in the Tolkien world.
  • Reporters got different bonuses by acquiring things from normal citizens. This was colour-based, with red giving something different from blue.
  • The MMO also had housing based on 4×4 squares on the ground that you could turn into a house, like ArcheAge.
  • There was a dragon or spider cave that was used for initiation to unlock zones, but was also a grinding place for higher level characters.
  • Finally, there was something about an Administrator and a library-office that he resided in.

Mar 2017

Mar 04 2017
  • There were people from Singapore, and I was meeting them at the local school food canteen. They were students at the school.
  • I bought noodles but the vendor only gave me half the dish.
  • Eileen was giving out bottles to collect liquids from professors/instructors.
Mar 05 2017
  • I was held prisoner by a bus driver inside a bus depot or building of sorts. I had to sit on a chair by a table while he went around and did stuff.
  • There was a computer in a neighbouring booth or room. I needed to pass 3 access checks and perform 3 tasks on the computer to alert the police and escape but kept bungling it up, and kept causing the computer to lock up or something, which made the program shut down.
  • I had the ability to use save games and load games but wanted to do it all in one go. The three tasks were to open the program, log in to the program, and upload coordinates.
  • The game also had bad endings that I saw and/or experienced, and some of the bad endings included him pushing a needle up through my neck, making me drink a cup of liquid that was labelled as a stat boosting liquid but would actually knock me out for days, and making me sign an obviosuly forged promotion letter for him.
Mar 08 2017
  • Amy took me to a Chinese grocery shopping/food neighbourhood in a narrow van after work, after picking up her kid, spending some time playing with him, and then leaving him at home.
  • Dad pretended to be a top 5 nationwide tax auditor/supervisor even though he had no qualifications, and managed to wow a tax company during the interview to get a job with them.
Mar 13 2017
  • Fames picked a 15-hour movie for Discord to watch that took 3 evenings to finish. Its name was Soykav or something very similar.
  • The plot involved the slow Americanization of a middle eastern country, possibly UAE. One part of the story involved a quote similar to “if one of their planes illegally flew over Saudi airspace on the way to another part of the country, it was still considered a local flight”, and the brutalization of the local government trying to stop people from taking that action.
  • There were about 15 acts or so in the story. There was a girl who got an American car and was friends with the female protagonist, but she was executed by the government via hanging in act 4 or so.
  • There was a guy hunted by a small group of police or soldiers, who ended up in a bunker and shot himself with a submachine gun as they approached. It initially looked like he died, but the movie displayed a replay showing that he feigned death and recovered using some medicine from his backpack once the soldiers had left.
  • Jah stayed up to watched the final night of the movie with Fames – I went to bed and was surprised it was still going on the next morning.
  • Later on, I had to take a plane home and I was in row 13 of the plane, next to the wings. They caught on fire, so I and the guy across the aisle from me both had to vent and flap the wings by each pulling a lever up and down so that the plane wouldn’t crash. Once it landed, we kept venting it until everyone else had left before we grabbed our stuff and left.
  • One of the things I grabbed was my lunch on a plate, and I dropped it upside down on the floor on the way out. But it had a cover of some sort on top of it, so I reached down and scooped most of it up without incident.
Mar 16 2017
  • It was Day 2 of 2 of “sex camp” – which was some kind of submissive training thing held at a convenience store. I was one of four registered submissives, other characters in the dream included the owners of the store, a bunch of dominants casually hanging-out, random former graduates, and even a little toddler that belonged to someone.
  • Today was the graduation and Dad drove me there for the event, then was going to go to a nearby dollar store while the event went on, though I did notice him in the crowd near the end before the final graduation bit. The four of us were probably naked, but it wasn’t emphasized, and the entire dream was very PG in nature, like it was a perfectly normal everyday event.
  • We were led to a cell and shown what happened in previous graduations — largely some rituals around the store that differed each year, a question and answer session and general chat with former dom/mes, and then a mass presentation thing in the middle of the store.
  • Our ritual this time was to take dough in our mouths and lick it onto a small, pre-existing wad of dough impaled on a stick stuck into the ground, thus forming a bigger wad of dough. It was suspended about as high as our mouths. This would later be destined to be coated with chocolate and sold.
  • The dream never finished, but we did get to the start of the graduation bit. The other submissives sat on a bench placed out in front of the crowd, but the toddler and two others took up the fourth and extra spots on the front bench and no one had specifically told me I was supposed to sit up there with the others so I ended up having to sit somewhere behind, at the right end on the third or fourth bench, together with the main crowd.
  • I was disappointed at this as it seemed I was ignored and forgotten, even though I had the best “score” of the four submissives, coming in to the graduation. Our relationship was friendly though, both with each other and some of the former girls.
  • There were other rituals going on, for example some sort of decursing ritual in the back behind some shelves where they were supposed to find some girl, and decurse some people and transfer the curses (in theory) to the willing girl, who would then accept it and bless the person who performed the ritual. Her blessing to the person was something strange like “You may now sneeze!” but not quite exactly that.
  • At some point a fire engine flew by at high speed in the sky, but got lost in the clouds once I pointed it out to the person whom was facing me and had his back to the balcony door. The vehicle was vertically aligned with the nose of the vehicle pointed down toward the ground.
Mar 31 2017
  • My dream had Fames win a Korean musical faceoff against some strangers by playing and singing a guitar rock song.

Apr 2017

Apr 04 2017
  • I was at an ice event in an outdoors arena — there were lots of people, sort of an adult family event. Many people had little catcher or scraper things with 3 prongs, each prong at a 120 angle from the other two, attached to the end of a pole. The aim of the event was to catch and destroy little specks of dirt or material that were released to the arena over time, by running it over with the catchers.
  • After the event, they had people bring out huge ice cubes and drop it on the ice, which caused the cubes to radiate ice streaks in every direction from the arena. They then slid the ice cubes toward people to force them to either get out of the way or catch the cubes to avoid getting it. It was a sort of really lighthearted trolling, and it was entirely expected by the audience and was by itself a part of the celebration.
Apr 15 2017
  • I and a few others were aurin lawyers from the future, there were three or four of us who were friends or siblings, plus a sentient television set. We now lived separately on our own and had a group of friends that hung out with us too. We all had different two-named titles. I had a third sister who was estranged from us two and wanted nothing to do with us, however the first sister wanted everyone else to not arrest her and to give her some time, because she had had a good heart-to-heart talk with the third sister and was confident she would come around to them eventually, it would just take a hundred years or so. I was the second sister.
  • However, we had also come here to prevent future doom in the form of the sentient television jumping up and down petulently and breaking a small vinyl record that belonged to the first sister, and which acted as a holoprojection of some kind so we could view its contents without having to play it in a machine. We failed to do so and watched in horror as it shattered.
  • We were also racing different people in their houses or in maps of some sort. This involved some sort of minigame with a three-stage process, including the sorting out of different but similar items from a pile. The first sister was very good at that game because she would park between the first two waypoints and sort out stuff for both of them at once, or something like that.
  • Editor: Aurin are a bunny-like player character race from Wildstar.
Apr 17 2017
  • There was some sort of a game or competition judging thing based on houses or property owned. Ownership was based on the ArcheAge style of plots, with little clusters of them through the land, and we were at a plot in a neighbourhood at the top of a hill where the community was dying due to a lack of population but the current owners were trying to revitalize it.
  • There were sporting events, including Concurrent Soccer, which was a community league where the big-named teams from the EPL were managed by regular people and played each other, as well as ice hockey, and one other sport.
  • Finally, I had a meeting with Ronnie where we discussed all that had happened in the long weekend, but it turned out that Nuno was involved in a driving incident three years ago and I had a “flashback” where I was a lady driving a car behind Nuno and his brother, and they were fighting for control of the car, as it swerved from lane to lane and dinged the central road fence once or twice as they “drove” toward one of their houses.
Apr 23 2017
  • There were 3 of us together in our ‘house’. Objects around us caused lightning to strike from the heavens onto the land nearby when we touched, struck, or did something to them, and there were ways to create perpetual lightning strikes down on the same spot over and over.
Apr 24 2017
  • Many males in the world were subjugated, and enslaved or killed, especially if they were a visible minority or still lived with their grandmother, the latter because it made them look feminine.
  • I am unsure if females were subjugated in general as well, or if they were the oppressors, but there was an oppressor “group” and we were freedom fighters fighting against these oppressors.
  • I was female in this dream, and I was running away with another girl to a hideout that we had, which was accessible from the second level of a building by a bunch of platforms stretching across mid-air.
  • Enslaved male minions were sent to try to stop us as we ascended through the building, there were too many respawns for us to keep killing but my partner stunned them all with some sort of concussion bomb that she had and we ran onwards.
  • Past a certain point, the escape turned into a stealth mission and we could see the patrols below us as we crossed ledges and planks toward our goal and climbed into a hole in the wall.
Apr 26 2017
  • This dream was a “murder mystery” – but I apparently had had this dream before so I knew who did it long before the plot concluded. The culprit was a bank robber who needed to make a phone call from a particular phone at a particular restaurant seat in order to collect his spoils, but he was also my ex, who I had dated in the ingame world in the past and thus knew all his sordid secrets, so I alerted a passing policeman and convinced them to wait for him.
  • There were lots of other random unconnected plot points around too, like a diplomat/spy for medusas had an agent trying to kill a diplomat head of state visiting a small distant palace controlled by the medusas. I convinced him that he had the wrong target and the medusas were the actual villains, he then contacted the agent who was in the middle of eating a pile of food for dinner alone in a hall of some kind. The agent listened to the call from the diplomat, hung up, grimly took a few more bites of the food, and turned into stone.
Apr 27 2017
  • I was playing a co-op card game with two guys who seemed really awkward around me. In the card game, Earth had been taken over by aliens and we were trying to reach the planet – there were five layers of alien ship cards surrounding Earth and several other buffer layers of space in between, and everyone also had a hand of playable cards and a deck to draw from. Our aim was to draw enough weapons, resources etc to bust through the five layers of alien cards to get back to Earth. Obsidian was a big resource and both the cards in our hands and the ones on the table would reward you with them. In the end we destroyed every single card to farm the aliens for experience points (some columns were destroyed with lasers and such) before winning the game.
  • I was playing this while on a couch in some sort of open rest area. At some point after the game I had to go up to the front stage area together with a hockey coach as two people brought out a wooden log funeral pyre hanging on a stick, and the hockey coach gave a eulogy to whoever the fallen player was. I was just up there as the token girl to look good for the cameras, I had no idea who the person was or what had happened. But it seemed like I had volunteered for the role as the coach went up.
  • There were also lots of the “usual” common side themes in my dreams, like bus and train rides, grocery shopping at the faraway mall, hoping I’d see my overseas primary school friends again, etc. I had to take a train ride and walked through the train hoping to see some of those friends but didn’t see them.
Apr 28 2017
  • I was farming mobs or looking for keys in enemy territory in an ArcheAge-like game outside a dungeon on enemy land, and two nearby enemy players were hunting me. But I had a stealth skill that gave me invisibility on a short cooldown, and I kept on popping in and out of stealth behind a pillar or obstacle just behind them to refresh my cooldown on the stealth skill, and avoiding them while they searched ineffectively for me.
  • Later on, I was with either Kel or an unnamed friend of mine, and the both of us had magical powers (or maybe MMO skills). We drove a car with strange folding seats to go visit Jon in a hostel-like building for his birthday. We passed several MMO zones on the way in our car and had other people come from all over the map, some of whom we recognised, some of whom we did not. Tigey and several other plushies were there. I had forgotten his birthday so I borrowed a laptop to buy him some Steam games before I went up to his room.
  • On the way back, we passed by several mob spawns which one of the other visitors claimed had a broken loot table and was dropping pets and stuff from another zone.
  • We then went on our way to visit either my sister’s friend or my friend’s sister, who lived in a high-rise building. This then became a looping dream, that somehow always ended up with me stalling for time and then running into the elevator first, going up myself and stranding my sister or friend below, and then charming the sister or friend like a dashing rogue and asking futilely for her help, and trying to hide in her room before the sister or friend arrived with magical authorities to hunt me down and punish me.
  • One time the hiding spot I tried involved dangling off a ledge outside the bedroom window with only my fingers visible, and another time I tried to hide underneath the mattress of the upper bunk on the double decker bed. Neither attempt worked particularly well.
Apr 30 2017
  • We were trying to locate an object or location in the back passages of a building of some kind. It was an orange dot near us on the game minimap that we could see, however we circled around the location of where the dot should have been and could not find a way to it, it was as though it was stuck in the wall. We even checked the washrooms to make sure the item was not in there. Both the male and female washrooms had wet floors with a faint scent of disinfectant from when the last time the cleaners came through, and there were rats in the far corners.

May 2017

May 01 2017
  • Near the end of the dream, I was trying to help someone find a government building that had recurred in other dreams in the past, to get some sort of permit or something that he needed. We had a map, but the building was unmarked on it. The building was in the northeast quadrant of the city, next to a building shaped like and named after a soft drink, as well as a bus stop that went right to the Edmonton International Airport. East and north of the cluster of buildings was a long north-south covered pedestrian road/path, with market stalls selling all sorts of goods on either side of the road.
May 03 2017
  • I tried to help Jon find his missing spare key in his room, to no avail. We then went to the bathroom to look, and we found that Dad had left little, grape-sized grenades all over the floor. I talked to him but he refused to pick them up and store them somewhere else. I then secured permission from Mom to throw them and all his other military junk out when he wasn’t looking.
May 04 2017
  • This dream involved a narrated detective mystery plotline. It was chapter-based, though the specific details are lost.
  • Below the narrator’s building was an underground computer forensics lab where a team of people were doing research, and where I could see old cutscenes that I had unlocked.
  • At one point, three of us swam across a small ocean to try to deliver a trade pack into a depot in enemy territory, but were captured by the soldiers at our destination. We had two more allies come in late to try to rescue us but they didn’t manage to.
    – There was also a scene with a hockey game going on where the opposing team had one person suspended, so they played with no goalie and we scored a goal from our own end into the empty net.
May 05 2017
  • Our workplace had a money shortage, and Ronnie showed us an empty wallet as proof. To make up for it, we were told we had to work on short jobs and commissions from a given list, in addition to our usual work, to make money to pay for ourselves.
  • I had set up a dentist appointment but missed it due to work, and due to sitting down to chat to Ronnie about my grievances with the above issue.
May 07 2017
  • My partner and I were detectives, trying to solve weird crimes. in the last unsolved case, we were investigating a fire at some sort of factory, where vehicles were set on fire using bananas doused in some flammable liquid. I hypothesized it was linked to a serial killer that we had talked about earlier in our last case, who used fruits to poison people, but we decided it probably wasn’t him.
  • My partner thought it had to do with people who collected gruesome murder weapons, so she put out a query to her assistant to ask around online from the people who collected grisly murder weapons. One of the people replied back and said no, it wasn’t them, but thank you for the idea. Oops.
  • In a previous case, we were flying about another factory building or complex trying to avoid the owners and guards of the complex, looking for something illegal or perhaps rescuing someone. We were peeking through keyholes and around corners and such. The complex had a train station attached to it and that was how we eventually escaped.
May 08 2017
  • There was a gathering and a celebration at a castle of some kind, everyone was in a festive mood. The game world had also just launched a new zone with some new land ArcheAge-style plots of land to claim, and I put a few farms down in 16×16 squares. The TV show at a bar reviewed a the banning of a cheater from many years ago in a League of Legends type game, and one of the game devs admitted he shouldn’t have been banned because he was never caught cheating. This was a scandalous thing to say.
May 11 2017
  • I had an ArcheAge-related dream, involving my current guild, people from the guild, and ArcheAge-specific activities. There was an overarching plot lasting multiple in-game days that left me feeling sad, but I don’t remember the details.
May 12 2017
  • There was a survival game involving loot in toilets, bosses to fight, music bands playing at the bottom of stairs I needed to get up, and a village frozen in time where we had to clear away blocks and restore buildings and find people that were frozen in time. The blacksmith’s son from 80 years ago now was the blacksmith of the village, his dad had inadvertantly doomed the previous village. There was a psycho woman at a table who tried to steal my D&D sourcebooks, which I was going to donate to a bookstore in the village for their collection.
May 15 2017
  • I remember wandering around the corridors of a locked building at night.
  • Later, I was trying to get a trade pack to Sanddeep, a zone in ArcheAge, through a Venice-like area, and there were two water routes into the area. There was a woman who just wanted to test the combat in the game at the entrance to one of them, and a crazed-looking man guarding the other one. I hung out by a cafe of some sort until a friend came and drove me there on his boat.
May 16 2017
  • I found, in a video, an ARG that when solved would let me become a moderator of a Discord channel. The current mod had posted a “boring” video of him testing out some audio and tv stuff, and right at the front of the video he held up a number of papers that told me a pin number to enter to access the next puzzle. Something like 576 or 675.
  • The 2nd puzzle was a “Tournament of the Towns” math quiz from many years ago, but the quiz booklet was already filled in with terrible handwriting, and even marked and scored already. It looked confusing at first, but upon closer inspection there were two sets of handwriting, the original quiz participant, and then the marker who annotated comments on top of that. There were weird out of place words, and several serial numbers, and some annotated comments that said to take note of this or that, but there was no immediate obvious clue as to what the answer were.
  • The current moderator had posted, without context, the math puzzle on a games sub-channel of the Discord server, but was surprised that people found the prompt to put in answers for the 2nd part. However he hinted that no one else but me had found the first part anyway so the rubbish answers they were putting in (like “aaaaaaaa”) were of no use.
May 17 2017
  • I dreamt I was taking a holiday to fly to the Philippines to watch a hockey series. Canada in particular had blown out some team 7-0 or 7-1 in the first game and I wanted to visit and watch the later games. I had to bring Dad along on the trip and it was poorly organised, I wasn’t sure which city I was flying to and he only knew about the trip a day in advance thanks to Mom telling him. She also asked me to give her scans of my ID cards for emergency. Dad also wanted to visit Indonesia, which I said we would probably be able to fit in, but we decided there was no reason to visit Malaysia.
  • Even though Canada won, Sidney Crosby was being called out by the commentators even in the 7-1 game for weak play, especially when someone passed him the puck from behind the net, he shot it over and past the net, and raised his arms for a second in celebration because he thought it had gone in. Apparently he should have “played deeper”.
  • When we arrived in the Philippines, the scene shifted to the reason why I had to bring Dad along – for protection and because he spoke a bit of Malay. The camera pulled back to show him, as an older male figure, accompanying me, as a female in her prime, and another young girl somewhere between 5 to 10 years old in age, who wasn’t otherwise defined or seen in the dream, sort of as a chaperone. We travelled to some run-down building or hut in a small village and Dad tentatively approached two men standing at the entrance to try to engage them in friendly conversation, but I “knew” that they were bad, Dad just didn’t realise that because his Malay wasn’t up to snuff or something.
  • We must have been kidnapped, for the scene then shifted and I was kneeling naked in the middle of a small road, alongside a larger main road. Each of my wrists was tied to a knee and my legs were spread, I was unable to close my knees or sit down and I was in pain from kneeling down on the rocky road for a long time in the sun. I was begging passersby to help me, but no one stopped, and an older woman even pointed a phone at me to take a picture, then hesitated as though she was thinking about making the call, but scurried off instead.
  • Another older woman eventually did stop to try to help after more hesitation, and as she started to make the call, I noticed that sitting down behind her and watching my plight was a man in sunglasses holding an umbrella, my kidnapper. The umbrella was a concealed gun, which he raised slowly to point at the woman’s back, and when I saw that I yelled at her to put the phone down and not worry about me. She looked confused but did so.
  • The kidnapper then lowered the gun but walked over anyway and forced the older woman to kneel down, though she was still clothed. He then glared over angrily at me as he thought I had took the opportunity to sit down and relieve some of the pain, but I hadn’t. He then started railing against women in general, then circled me and told me he had enjoyed having sex with me, but because his really long cock had a “knob 21” condition, when he pushed in all the way into me he could not quite fill me due to the shape and how one of his ribs would bump up against my opening or something. He did say he enjoyed the sex and that even though he couldn’t fill me completely, because there was a gap between the bulging tip of his manhood and my cervical walls, it felt like the cool chill of a subway tunnel. A couple passersby oohed with comments like “So that’s what sex feels like” as I blushed in embarrassment.
May 18 2017
  • There was a competition to stay underwater for as long as I can and try to find and assemble flippers, head gear, and so on that would help me breathe underwater at the same time. There were other things like food that could be found too. Unfortunately, during my turn, some sort of water drainage valve or pipe broke and the game just detected me as managing to “stay underwater” indefinitely because all the water below a certain level had drained away. The organizer was pissed when he finally realised it, but the entire system was so complex that I had no idea that the water draining was not meant to be part of the competition. He gave me one of the two prizes for placing in the top two spots anyway.
May 19 2017
  • I had ArcheAge-related dreams again. I helped summon and charm a large, round, troll-like creature that could throw rocks at enemies. Someone bought a pair of black wings that cost $40 from the item shop for my character as a gift.
May 21 2017
  • I was playing an MMO that was a mix between DDO, LotRO, Warhammer Online, ArcheAge, and possibly others. I was a healer grinding a subzone within a PvP zone, with a tank friend, and I was reminiscing about how the subzone used to be full of elites but now had been nerfed to signature mobs only, which ranked between normal mobs and elite mobs in difficulty. I had apparently levelled at least two healer characters through there in the past, and had to labour to find groups that would take them along, and then even take time off work and postpone other things to be able to take advantage of those group.
  • There was something about trading shouted messages with players from the other faction in the PvP zone, and suggesting that our two sides swapped home bases as our base was closer to their spawn and vice versa.
  • The zones in the game were from Warhammer Online, I remember noting that I hadn’t gone to the Tier 2 human zone yet and wanted to do so for exploration.
  • Editor: In Warhammer Online, these zones were Ostland and Troll Country, but they had different names in my dream.
  • In “real life” I was playing this MMO at a table across from a South American person who had tons of graphical issues, and while he didn’t outright ask, he was obviously hinting and hoping that I’d help him fix his machine so he could play. From the symptoms I knew it was a hardware issue that I couldn’t help with though, so I didn’t offer.
  • There were also one or two kids or young people struck by a certain malady so they either couldn’t say something or recall something, but like them I don’t recall exactly what. I was trying to help them in some capacity or other.
May 26 2017
  • There was a fire spreading slowly over a bed and around a house, in really small chunks at a time as previous chunks that were on fire extinguished itself. But we still couldn’t put the fire out entirely.
  • I was driving a vehicle and there were some sort of illegal undertones with the activity that I was doing, but I don’t recall what. I did eventually take part in a vehicle race along some city roads but lost very badly because I didn’t figure out how to upgrade my car with parts found around the city.
May 28 2017
  • I stole a boat from enemy players in ArcheAge and went fishing overnight on it with a friend. It never did despawn, which we realised afterwards, which implies that the owner of the boat had to have swam to us and stealthed nearby, watching us, for the entire night, because otherwise the mechanics dictate that a boat that was too far away from its owner despawns in 10 minutes.
  • The Toronto Blue Jays had won their division with 3 games and the All-Star game left to go, but one of the players burst into tears in the middle of the current game after someone whispered into his ear that some previous owner or player had died. Still he grimly went back out to bat. It was 0-0 in the top of the 12th.
  • I tried to adjust the music volume of my Google Play app from my phone as it was too loud, but none of the controls I tried were working.