My Diary #089

Dear Tigey,

You narrowly escaped a bath this week. Maybe next week, though.

Entry #089 (Mar 19 2023)


School was.. very normal, this week. I haven’t gotten any news on the Ritsumeikan side, and I haven’t progressed any further on the Sophia side, so nothing much happened on the studying abroad part, except that I apparently have a Pre-departure Orientation Session to attend on April 1st, which is a Saturday. I’m not entirely sure if I have to attend this one since I attended one last year before my first Singapore attempt, though.

It’s so nice that there are no tests to study for for my weekly classes now, but the end of semester is sure coming up quickly. We only have 3 more weeks of regular classes and then one review class, and then it’s a couple weeks break before the final exam.


The single, solitary washing machine in the laundry room on our floor broke this week, even when it was closed it would just still say Lid Open. The person who actually broke it naturally didn’t bother reporting it, so I called in to the company that oversees it, Coinamatic, who had a sticker on the machine saying that you could call them (or report it online) for “immediate service and repair” on the machine. Apparently in Edmonton this means 72 hours though. So I had to use the washing machine two floors down to do my laundry this week, and that was why Tigey escaped the tumblers this week — I didn’t want to put him in an unfamiliar washing machine so far away from my apartment. Even though it’s the exact same model of washing machine. But you do still stink, so maybe next week, Tigey.

Although in that vein, I also need a haircut soon, but I’m trying to hold out a little bit more before doing it, so that I can maybe do one in April before I go to Kyoto in May, and one more in August before I leave for a year in September. Maybe I should also time Tigey‘s baths with my trips, in which case he would need to hold on until I came back from Kyoto in June for his bath… maybe that’s too far away, though.

I’m almost ready to pull the trigger on this scanner (local), and charge $1,250 of it back to my Personal Spending Account allotment thing this year, but I’m still waffling on it. One of those big ticket purchases that I have to mull over for a week or two before getting it. It’s not the only scanner in the conversation, it’s just the leading candidate right now, but it’s not perfect either since it only apparently scans 600 dpi as an upper limit. Also that company’s website is kind of awfully formatted, with a floating header bar and footer bar that means no good screenshots can be taken of the page as one or the other will always be in a dumb location.

The Thursday skies were radiantly blue, and the weather was great (0 Celsius or so), so I stopped one stop early and walked partway to class, and took some pictures of the sky from around campus while on my way:

The forecast has highs of above freezing nearly every day next week, and I’ve had a couple days this week where I can finally open my balcony door a little bit and enjoy the fresh and crisp air while at my computer desk, so Spring is surely finally knocking on our doors.

In addition, I was able to work on my blog on various nights this week, and that has made me feel quite fulfilled. In particular, I finally settled on a layout and formatting for my Dream Diary page, and started importing a couple months worth of diary entries into that, which has been a long time coming. It has meant a lot of editing of my earlier dream diary entries (in the Notepad file where they currently reside) which weren’t written in the same way as I write them nowadays, as well as adding many new hover text references, so things are slow-going along that front. I also spent a couple of nights theorizing and playing around with the general story behind the school simulation magical girl game that I do want to write, and that was also time well spent.

Between that, I was highly distracted by some Twitch streams, specifically the League of Legends LCS stream, of which it was the final week of the regular season in both the NA and EU leagues this week, as well as the AI-generated anime stream, Always Break Time, which was actually the catalyst midweek for prodding me to start working slowly on my game again. Not in terms of specific ideas, as their AI-generated prompts are very tropey and aren’t nearly complex enough for that, but in terms of inspiration about the kinds of feelings and tales of friendship that I want to eventually write for the game.

I also spent an hour or so scrubbing my bathroom and kitchen this week, in particular finally cleaning up most of the stains on my stove, which had been elciiting frowns from me everytime I walked by it anyway. So now I’m ready for the inspection next week (which I mentioned last week) and it’s one more source of irritation gone from my life now above and beyond that.


In the first half of the week, I played a phone game called CUE, or Cards, the Universe, and Everything. It’s a digital CCG based around collecting cards based on many real life sets of things (from random card packs that you buy with coins from daily gifts and doing challenges/playing matches, or from premium currency), like famous places or people or various kinds of animals and so on. I liked the collection aspect of it, but it was difficult to make and tweak decks (editing decks is a pain in the rear due to bad UI) and on top of that, the game only has PvP matches and doesn’t seem to have any PvE fights against the computer outside of the initial tutorial and your first couple fights, and I don’t fancy PvP-only games (as I don’t like progressing on the backs of beating other people up, or worse, being beaten up when I just want to play a chill game before bed, and I certainly don’t want to have to worry about falling asleep mid-game), so I quit that game real quick. I’d have played Hearthstone if I wanted an experience like that. A pity, because otherwise this game could have been something that I really liked.

Mid-to-late week, the Steam Spring Sale started, and I bought and played Rogue: Genesia, a variation on Vampire Survivors or that sort of “reverse bullet hell” or “swarm survival” or whatever the genre is called these days, but slanted more toward roguelite progression and progressively harder arenas done one after the other, together with a Slay the Spire sort of adventure map, rather than just one giant map. So far it’s middlingly okay, I like the little variations on the genre and how there are different difficulty tiers that you have to progress through, and a list of “special run” challenges for each tier that basically act as gates to test if you’re ready for the next tier, but it feels like something seems to be missing in the weapon/damage feedback that the game provides, and the core gameplay still somewhat puts me to sleep sometimes, even more so because there are no objectives on any map (so far) besides killing whatever is coming your way. It’s also laggy when there are a lot of bats on screen chasing me, and the only weapon I have is one that auto targets the strongest enemy on the screen (which are never the bats). Oh well.

Late in the week, I also was reminded that the Nintendo 3DS eShop is closing down on March 27th, so I bought a couple games that were on sale in the eShop. Some Ace Attorney games, Monster Hunter games, Mii Plaza games, and similar things that can no longer be bought once the eShop closes down, mostly things for under $5 each. I also spent an hour looking for my physical collection of games, which should be all located in a small little plastic box, but I couldn’t find them. Worrying and somewhat upsetting. It’s probably inside or behind a box somewhere, but I always wonder if I accidentally somehow threw it away or something when I can’t find something, especially since there’s the gaping maws of a dustbin located right below the shelf where I thought it was. I wish I knew for sure if I still had them or not. I’d rather know that they’re gone, if they are gone, rather than being unsure forever.

With that said though, I took the opportunity to dive into and poke around at some older 3DS games that I have, and in particular got reacquainted with Pocket Card Jockey (local) and how it’s such a great mix of solitaire and a horse racing simulation. I picked it up years ago after reading some hidden gem thread or other, and it’s completely held its own as one of the most fun games I’ve played on the Nintendo 3DS.

Plushie of the Week #87 – Esso Tigers

When I went to my parents’ place last year and took pictures of the plushies in the plushie box, I found a bag of Esso tiger plushies that are all basically cousins and relatives of Tigey. I’m not actually sure why we have them or where we got them from… they were probably from Singapore’s version of Kijiji or eBay at some point, just like Jah‘s Tigey was, and were probably either from when Kel or Dad went back there at some point, or when someone decided to pay for international shipping to have replacement Tigeys in case anything ever happened to the original.

Kel thinks that there were originally five and she has no idea where the fifth one, which would have been a second white tiger, is though… if that’s true, it’s on the loose!

Here are the ones that are sealed up though. Underside:



Tag 1 front:

Tag 1 back:

Tag 2 front:

Tag 2 back:

Song of the Week #64

Title: Mujakisa e no Uwagaki
Artist: Yuuhei Satellite
Album: koakuma ringo (2010)

This song, whose title roughly translates to An Address to Innocence, is one of two Touhou songs, both by Yuuhei Satellite, that I really, really like. It (apparently) centers around a character named Cirno, a mischievous ice fairy, and how she hurts herself and others with her mischief and lies to hide her loneliness. Or something like that, since I haven’t played any of the mainline Touhou games and have no interest in doing so.

For me, the song doesn’t hold any particular memory or other, although I think it plays in the Touhou fan anime, which I have partially watched. If I am not mistaken, that’s where I first heard the track. If I am, then I nonetheless first heard it around the same time as I was watching the first couple episodes of that show, and might then have gone off to listen to other songs by Yuuhei Satellite, which did most of the music from the show and which I also like.

Anyway, it’s not much of a writeup, especially since I will eventually feature their other song that I like (so far) as well, but I do nonetheless like this song the most out of the entire Touhou discography, and that’s why it’s here!

Note: The video used to be hosted at — the link got taken down but I had backed it up before so it’s locally hosted now.

Writing Prompt of the Week #7

This week’s writing prompt reads:

What noises did you hear when you woke up in the morning? Go into as much detail as you can.

Well, that’s a sharp right turn away from family history, isn’t it. The first answer to this is tinnitus, I’ve pretty much long since learnt to live with and ignore it, but there’s always a ringing noise of varying intensity in my left ear, and that’s probably the first sound I hear.

Other than that, other background noises in my apartment that I would be able to hear from my bed include my computer (since I leave it on overnight) and my refrigerator (if it’s currently in a noisy cycle). For the computer, it would be a combination of the softly humming fans, and the gentle vibration of the two $1 bluetooth speakers that I got 6 or 7 years ago and that I place on top of the tower. It makes a very soft rattling sound every second. Doesn’t seem to damage the thing though. These speakers have lasted far longer than they should.

Outside of that, other sounds would include the swish of my legs against my sheer blanket or bedsheet, or the squishy beads of Tigey if I happen to be squishing him. Sometimes I leave some music playing overnight, usually something calm like myNoise ambient noises or a random YouTube video playing lofi or traditional Asian instrumental music, but that’s not something I do on a regular basis.

Of note, I don’t use alarm clocks unless there’s something absolutely critical that I cannot miss the following morning, and even then I usually wake up before the alarm anyway. So alarm clocks (or alarm apps on the phone, etc) are not an answer here for me.

It’s also probably worth mentioning that most of these only apply if I’m not lying on my right side when I wake up. If I am, my good right ear will be pressed against the pillow anyway, so I would hear nothing other than the tinnitus out of my left ear.

Memory Snippet of the Week #71

I was really happy this week — I found and scanned an old sheet of paper that I had apparently written back in 1999, and have uploaded it below. One side of the paper contains weird “What is life” sort of questions, and the other side contains a very, very important piece of writing — I had apparently written down a dream that I had around that time, that had inspired the “Burning House” contest entry that I had written for Threshold MUSH (as detailed in My Diary #071, near the bottom of that MSotW segment).

I still vaguely remember having the dream, but I had long forgotten about the detail of the dream itself, and as you can see in the linked page, what vague details I thought I remembered were wrong as well. I instantly knew what this was the moment I saw it though, and that’s why it’s so precious, even if it wasn’t written very well.

Even more importantly, this entry is dated — it has a date of May 17 1999, although that’s on the front side of the sheet, where I was scribbling down all my thoughts on reincarnation and life and death. The back doesn’t have a date on it, but because it was written on the “back” of the page, it would not have been any earlier than the next morning, May 18 1999, and likely not any later than a couple days after that at most. Therefore, for simplicity’s sake, I dated the dream as May 18 1999. And just like that, I now have a 24 year old entry in my dream journal! It’s a month or so older than Tigey!

The front page of the sheet is listed here, with meandering questions about life that I wrote that day, when I was 15:

And here’s the back page, containing the diary entry in question.

I wrote out the dream itself (pretty much verbatim) and put it on my actual Dream Diary page.

Last Year’s Entry #40

My corresponding diary entry from last year is My Diary #045. This was published on Mar 20 2022.

I haven’t tried making that sauteed cabbage and meat thing in quite a bit. I basically stopped when I took that Singapore trip. I should re-introduce that into my cycle of meals.

I did this week’s plushie feature on tigers before seeing that last year’s Plushie of the Week also featured a tiger. And last year’s Song of the Week appeared in my dreams this week. Isn’t it nice how life is so circular sometimes?

There were a lot of videos to save this week. I’m glad I started saving and archiving linked YouTube videos a few weeks ago. It will add up to something of value over time.


As I talked about in the Life and MSotW sections above, I started compiling my Dream Diary page this week. One of the things I’m implementing (on that page only) is something called a Highlight Award, which I give to dream nights that I rate an 8/10 or above, and link it in a section near the top of the Dream Diary as a standout diary entry.

Because I’m still filling in my 2016 stuff right now, I haven’t actually gone through the diary and marked out all the Highlight Award dreams yet, but there were none on that diary page so far (as of writing this) that I have wanted to highlight. So although I do recall some dreams that will definitely be getting Highlight Awards when I reach them, I really appreciate that this week included a dream night which I will give a Highlight Award for — this would be Mar 18 2023, which I judged to be an 8/10 night, for that beautiful spaceport scene that will likely stick with me for some time. This is thus technically the first dream to get a Highlight Award.

Mar 13 2023
  • There were five different “levels” of darkness, and I was watching a group of people set up the level of darkness, as well as guards and traps, for a short underground dungeon area that was similar to a dank, two-storey prison with an upper and lower balcony and a roof, but which contained doors to people’s homes instead of jail cells. There had been studies done about the fifth level of darkness in places like Malaysia where it was shown that it was harmful for both the local residents too because it was too dark, so the idea was to set up the area with the fourth level of darkness instead, and then bunch up all the traps and guards at the very entrance of the dungeon area on the upper level of the area at one end of one of the corridors.
  • However, this failed to take into account that skeletons could be summoned by invaders in a small area once they engaged the guards at the doors, and this small area included a section of a roof awning outside the immediate guarded area. Those skeletons then fell through the awning onto the level below, along with a guard who tried to chase them down, and caused some havoc below since there were no other patrolling guards asigned anywhere else in the dungeon that could respond to and help contain them. The guards were all at the entrance, which was too cramped to allow them to work effectively.
  • Somewhere in here too, I was doing tech support with a client over the phone, and had to pause or mute a loud TV channel in the background that Dad was watching so that I could hear her speak, as she did not seem to be answering some questions that I was trying to ask her, though she seemed amused and interested in the show as well. Anyway, for some reason I was unable to connect to her machine, and I was not sure why, but I eventually did figure out that her telephone area code, which I assumed to be from Australia, was actually a German area code, and perhaps that was partially why, since I was trying to connect to her using our company’s Australian server. Still, I thought that that should have worked, just much more slowly.
Mar 14 2023
  • I remember travelling a long distance with some friends on one bus, while a group of Chinese people travelled on an adjacent bus with us, and the two buses formed a convoy alliance as we went on our journey toward somewhere or other. We had a number of stops and adventures along the way, though I do not remember the details.
  • Near the end of the dream, however, the leader of the other bus, who was a middle-aged queen, passed away. As she was passing on, she passed a decree that mandated that the people on her bus tried to speak English as much as possible and make that their main language, instead of Chinese, which was the current state of affairs. The bus was full of people from young babies to old grandmas and grandpas, and most of the people on the bus, except the youngest and the oldest few, were more or less bilingual anyway, but the queen felt that this change was nonetheless necessary to allow them to be able to build better relations with our bus and become more “global”. She still encouraged them to internally use Chinese now and then as desired, and she exempted the very old from the decree anyway, but everyone else was to try to default to English both when speaking amongst themselves and when speaking with us.
  • For our part, one of our stops was near a field where there was a tree that I knew sometimes sprouted keys that could generate and summon vehicles. The bright yellow school bus that the Chinese group used was one such vehicle, and the queen had owned the key to it. After she was buried, I wasn’t sure if someone on their side had retrieved the key or not, so I wandered over to the tree in the dark to see if I could find a key anywhere as a gift to them, but all I found was a blanket of acorns underfoot.
  • From the tree, I saw the new leader of the other bus, a well-dressed man in his 20s, gather up everyone from his bus and start a speech just outside the grassy field that the tree was on, with several of my friends also standing on and watching from the side. Beside him was the shiny yellow school bus, which showed that obviously they still had control of the key and didn’t require a new vehicle.
  • I had set up a system with Satinel on an earlier adventure that would give me permission to phase to her, and I did so, casting the spell that allows me to instantly teleport to her side so that I could listen to the speech as I swatted away a couple of mosquitos who had followed me through the teleport from the tree.
Mar 16 2023
  • I was in class, helping Allen solve some math problems that were due either yesterday or today. I oddly seemed to remember solving this problem before, possibly in a previous dream, it consisted of proving that the left side of a formula, which involved a square root, equalled the right side, which involved a 0.4 times something. We were also given sample values that it should work for, so I showed how both sides of the equation could be multiplied by 10, then massaged by other means to reach a point where the sample values were easily substituted in.
  • While I was writing on the board, two senpais from the grade above us came down to visit, saying hello and trying to get my attention as we hadn’t talked to each other in many years. It seemed like they were here to play or something, but we had no time since I was doing math on the blackboard, so I greeted them and then ignored them.
  • Later on, I and some other students from other classes were gathered around fancy restaurant tables in a room in a school, and were showing each other rooms on a large minimap that we were assigned to do presentations on. Both the Malay or Indian boy on my left and the Chinese boy on my right had large rooms and were trying to show them to me, as though to impress me, the one on the left had even made a livestream video of him sitting in a large velvet-backed chair in the room, eating from a plate full of fruits that were drenched in sugar by the previous owner of the room and was probably left there just for show.
  • He offered to show us both the room by walking his video persona around, but I asked if he was sure that it was okay, as he had bought the room from someone else and I had heard of other people with similar videos online being dinged for copyright issues when the previous owner had included a no-video clause as part of the sale to the new owner. He said he wasn’t sure.
  • I looked toward the exit door of the room at some point and the darkness outside the door, and he asked if I was afraid of the darkness outside. I said no, but that my shoulder sling bag was hanging on some hooks next to the door, and Tigey was in it. I was contemplating going over and bringing him to the table so he could sit and watch the teacher speak as well.
  • Snippet: I remember a scene where I was part of a group of people lying on a ground in the shape of the border of a square, and the spots that we were in were considered our “home” somehow. A large, white squarish sheet with a large hole in the middle, like the 回 kanji, was laid down on the ground so that it covered all of us while we were lying down, as though we were corpses, but we were all still very much alive. It was a bit uncomfortable but did act as shelter, so I slipped in and out from under it as required. There was a curfew as well, but at one point I left the place and went to a nearby sundries shop post-curfew, and no one cared.
  • Snippet: There was a code function that acted like magic and was meant to duplicate a thing, but it was coded to summon a new copy of the item instead of an item that acted as a pointer reference to the actual thing, so we didn’t like how it turned out because the item we tested it on was a textbook, and we wanted notes that we wrote onto one to appear on the other as well.
  • Snippet: In a dream, some people broke me out of a holding facility so that I could use spells properly again. I confronted some neighbours during a meeting, regarding something about using magic properly. Also, it was implied that there were bowls of rice that were summoned.
Mar 17 2023
  • I was visiting a friend in a prison when I saw an anime musical play being put on on stage, featuring the characters from Yama no Susume, I think, as I recognized them from music videos that occasionally played in the AMQ games that I played with Satinel, Nak, and Heg. However, while the set of identical songs were used in two different musicals with entirely different visuals that were both uploaded to AMQ, I was never sure which one inspired or copied the other, until I saw this musical, as I realized that after what was usually considered the “last song” in the set as far as we knew it from the music videos, this one actually featured three more additional songs afterwards.
  • The first was a Rod Stewart duet with someone else, the second being Celine Dion’s To Love You More, an interlude scene of some kind, and then for the finale, an original song featuring a band call The <something>, where the second word was a single long word about 12-15 characters long.
  • The musical ended with the woman on stage, played by someone that looked like and might well have been Wela, reuniting with a lover who had no presence on the stage up until this very last scene. The male actor who was going to play the lover had cold feet during the third last song, and while backstage, he requested his agent to see if he could be replaced for the scene, but the agent looked at him incredulously and everyone convinced him to stay. He eventually went out and did his scene without incident — he didn’t even have to speak, just walk out with his dress shirt unbuttoned, and his chest bared, while holding a flower between his teeth, as the heroine hugged him.
  • When I got home, I tried to tell Satinel and Nak about the new songs over our daily game of AMQ.
Mar 18 2023

Dream 1

  • This dream took place in a huge building that was partially under construction by a mega corporation and was over a hundred stories high. While the bottom outer walls of the building were normal, and even looked a little run-down, about halfway up the building something that looked like a metal support or scaffolding extended diagonally outwards and upwards from the wall, so it looked like it was lodged into and jutting out of the side of the building, making a sort of inverted ト shape, with the branching part on the left and stretching upwards. And the further up it went, the more it expanded out in all directions away from the building. By the time it reached what was the current top level of the building, it was a fully-fledged tangle of beautiful metal that uncurled and sprawled out into a large, horizontal spaceport level that was wider than the building was tall, and yet was entirely held up by the building. From the bottom, it looked like a fractal shape similar to a tree branch and leaves curling out from it, except the metal was all black, contrasting with the blue sky visible between the “leaves”. It was very pretty. There were apparently plans to make the building even taller too, and eventually become a space elevator, but that bit was still under construction.
  • Anyway, our work team was supposedly headed in there and going to visit the top, for whatever reason, and I felt like I was a little bit late, so I went in by myself and met someone whose identity I forget, but he was a good friend and we chatted to each other as we walked through the ground level toward the elevator. He might have been Semyon from work, or he might have been Worlek, which was a name on my tongue when I briefly woke up just after this dream, or he might have been someone else entirely.
  • Earlier in the dream, I had discovered that my shoes were special, and in rooms with narrow brick-shaped floor tiles, I could stand on one foot and propel myself forward by flexing my leg muscles, which impressed a lot of people around me and which felt good and was energy efficient to boot. There were some of these tiles here on the ground level, so I did it here as well.
  • The elevator we reached only went up to the 19th floor, and the route I had planned to take was not the main route up the building, but was a “sneakier” route that would allow us to obfuscate whatever time we had arrived. This route took us through what was “enemy territory” though, and consisted of a sepia-tinged corridor that looked like it came out of a photo from the 1990s. It was a level apparently consisting of Russian teenagers and young adults, dressed in soldier and nurse uniforms, moving between classrooms. I was disguised enough that they didn’t recognize me as anyone out of the ordinary, but the friend I was with here was Australian in this part of the scene for whatever reason, and so he stuck right next to me, walking behind me with both hands on my shoulders and his face buried in my shoulder blades.
  • Near the end of the level, however, when we reached a flight of stairs that would take us up further, he couldn’t hold it back anymore and yelled out something snarky in a nice Aussie accent. All the nearby Russians immediately turned their heads to look at him, although with confusion rather than hostility. I yelled out an apology and said we were looking for a way out of Boris Yeltsin’s USSR of the 1900s and to not mind us.
  • The flight of stairs we reached looked like fire escape stairs that one would normally find attached to the external side of a building, but this one was set right into the very edge of the building rather than jutting out. It was still open to the elements along the side that faced the outside, however, which add a little sense of danger to the stairs even though there were handrails.
  • We hurried up the stairs. I then pulled out my phone to inquire where Ronnie was, and he said that he was waiting with most of the rest of the team down at the bottom of the neighbouring building to the spaceport, as someone else had been late as well, so at this point I realized that I was actually ahead of the rest of my team. I told him that the two of us would go back down and meet him somewhere near the bottom. Danethor was also in chat and apparently with the rest of my work team below.
  • On the way down, my friend and I got caught up in a 5-person trivia team contest, we got recruited to help out a group of 3 and played two rounds before we left. We did exceptionally well, especially my friend, and the five of us scored 888 points in two rounds, beating out all the other teams. The quiz involved things about Edmonton and bus routes, as well as other things I don’t remember. My friend was particularly happy because he was the only person to score individual points equal to other team members’ jersey numbers/player numbers in both rounds, which was apparently a special achievement.

Dream 2

  • This dream was rather disjointed, but one scene I remember clearly was that Kel and I were sitting around a table with some girls from Dunman, Kaiting, Rachel, and possibly others, just before I had to leave for somewhere. One of them had brought down a box of plushies from the floor above, and opened them up, and I recognized a couple of plushies from what must have been a previous dream, as they’re not plushies that I have in real life. Kel also recognized them, and pointed them out with their names. The two plushies had names that together formed a compound word, but I don’t remember what they were.
  • Soon after, I brought out Tigey and laid him flat on his back on the table, and the scene turned into a mock murder interview as we tried to figure out which plushie from the box had “killed” Tigey. We also played other games and after playing five of them, the names of the games changed into single word strings that all started with PS4 or PS5 and were about 8-10 characters long each.
    – Later on, I was in what seemed to be like a League of Legends style game with four other people against another team of 5, except this happened in an urban setting and we were in an apartment room on a ground floor waiting for the other team to go around the neighbourhood and eventually come back around to attack us. They were the superior team, but we would scale up stronger over time, so the later they attacked the more likely it would be that we would win.
  • We waited for them on the other side of a flimsy white door that looked like the door that led into the garage from my Edmonton 4012 house, except here the door led into one end of a large public bus terminal that looked like Tampines Bus Interchange, where students, business people, and other regular citizens were strolling back and forth. A couple of my friends were sitting on a sofa near the door and I was fretting about whether there was a way to close and barricade it, but also how to be able to tell when they were approaching as we couldn’t see out the door when it was shut, and couldn’t open it to check if it was barricaded.
  • I realized, though, that because this was like League of Legends, there were vision wards that I could buy from the global shop, and I did so, picking up about ten wards that looked like white paper cutouts of a person’s form standing up on a paper stand. they were flimsy and didn’t even really stand up properly on their own, but I risked opening the door (and was relieved that they were no where to be found yet), and then placed one of these wards outside the door, against the wall on the left that ran perpendicular to the door, facing it toward the only approach to the door from the bus terminal.
  • Closing the door, I then looked down at my laptop and particularly to my Twitch stream, which was running and broadcasting our viewpoint of the game to my friends, and I saw that I had a special overlay that gave me a camera view of the area outside the door in real time. I asked my other friends if any of them could see what I saw when they visited my stream, and Allen said no, he couldn’t. I offered vision wards to him and Kel and whoever else was with me as well, and told them that now that I could see what was outside the door when it was shut, I knew that it was safe at this moment and that they should put wards outside so they could have my overlay view as well.
  • We then waited for the other team, wondering where they were and if they had gotten lost, since by that time so much time had passed that we felt like we had likely already caught up to them in power.
Mar 19 2023
  • While I don’t remember any specific events from my dream, I remember at one point wanting to go back somewhere to get a neck ribbon for my school uniform that I had left behind.

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