Yuusha Nikki

What is this

Yuusha Nikki (勇者日記) is “Hero Diary” in Japanese. It’s styled after an anime that I’m rather fond of – Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru (Yuki Yuna is a Hero). It is one of my favourite anime and I consider it a formative show for me, as it talks a lot about themes like friendship, volunteering, being a good person, doing the right thing, leaving a lasting legacy, saving the world amidst abject suffering, and other similarly pure and wholesome topics about everyday life.

No, but what is this

Well, one of the themes of the show is that certain characters at certain points keep a Hero Diary, and a lot of the extra content in the franchise outside the anime revolve around this concept too. I thought it was a nice, inspiring heading to do some writing under, because I’ve always wanted to keep an online diary of some sort. Plus, I want to be a Hero. Not in a delusional superpower sense, but just in the sense of wanting to leave this world in a better state than how I encountered it.

Note: The actual diary in the show is named something slightly different, but I don’t want the blog to come up on searches for that and confuse the fandom unnecessarily, so I changed the name a bit to make it more literal.

Also, these are the tenets of the Hero Club (mind the show’s terrible typesetting):

I fully subscribe to all this, and I hope this comes through in my outlook on life too.

Yes, but what is this?

One thing I do have occasional delusions about is that I fancy myself a self-styled archivist or historian. And also that other people besides me will one day care about it. So, the main goal of this blog is to log my thoughts, wishes, bits and pieces of my life, and all that. In 5,000 years, thanks to archive.org‘s continued survival, hyperarcheologists investigating the Early Internet will be able to find my blog and use it as a first-hand source of life way back when. Hello.

Rich or poor, good or evil, everyone dies someday. And within a few decades of that, everyone who has ever known them will also have died. For the vast majority of people, their names, personalities, pictures, wishes, and achievements all turn to dust once they are gone. One of the ways around that is to become someone famous by leaving some sort of impact upon the world. But even then, future humans will only know that person by their works or actions, all of which are merely things they produced, not the person themselves.

One of the best ways around this is to write, to interview, to take pictures, and to record, to leave a reflection of the soul. Some of the most valuable historical works of early/ancient history are diaries, writings that transcend time and allow historians to piece together what life was like many years ago. Even in this modern digital age, there are tons of websites and blogs, but most of them are focused on one small topic, and/or angled toward being a source of revenue or entertainment, rather than the purity of writing and recording for the sake of capturing and cataloguing information.

Okay, but what is this??

Well, Jah sure isn’t paying me for this blog’s content, so this is just a scratchpad for me to semi-occasionally create new posts and talk about interesting things, or things that make me happy.

I believe in making the most out of life, so I want to do all the things. All of them. And I think life is (relatively) beautiful, so I want to share that.

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Oh, and thanks for hosting shiara.antarat.com and shiarapedia.antarat.com for me, Jah. 🙂 You’ve been encouraging me to do this for a long, long time.