The Memo Bank

What is this?

The title of this page is obviously a pun — like a memory bank, since this entire website is a memory shrine to bits and pieces of my life. Except since this specific shelf of my library is only meant to be dedicated to scans of pieces of paper that I’ve specifically written over the years, and then picked up and decided that I want to scan and digitize it before tossing it away or saving it in a box somewhere, so instead of a bank of memories, think of it as just a collection of sticky memo pad notes.

This section is partly dedicated to and inspired by /r/FoundPaper/, a subreddit that formed a pretty cool niche — finding and scanning and uploading written material from other strangers lying out there in the world, whether it be unrequited love letters tucked within a teapot, regrets scribbled inside the front cover of a second-hand book, genius ideas relegated to napkin snippets left on a diner table, words of wisdom and folly on half-burnt cardboard tossed into a bin, or other leftover scraps like that from a stranger’s life. Like a form of societal archaeology, as one of the quotes on the sidebar states.

While there might be stuff like that eventually here too, my aim for this section is a little different — I already have plenty of my own papers strewn around the place and collected in files over the years. I’ve also already scanned some of these types of papers and featured them elsewhere on my blog, particularly on the Memory Snippet of the Week sections of my weekly blog entries. But I also want a general collection for the ones I have posted so far, plus any future ones that I scan that I might want to upload or talk about without dedicating an entire Memory Snippet segment to it, and this section is the answer.

These are the different shelves in my personal library (and they all go off to different webpages):

ට  Shelf 1: My Diary Entries — for my life/travel blog posts.
ට  Shelf 2: Winter Night Library — for scans of books, booklets, newspapers, magazines, etc.
ට  Shelf 3: Life Through A Mailbox — for scans of things put in my physical mailbox, largely ads, brochures, newsletters, etc.
ට  Shelf 4: The Memo Bank — for short-form writing, primarily scraps of papers, notes, memos, school worksheets, etc. (You are here)
ට  Shelf 5: Jumbled Letters — for long-form writing and digital documents, essays, fiction, chat logs, etc.
ට  Shelf 6: Eclectic Ephemera — for miscellaneous scans that aren’t in any other category.
ට  Shelf 7: Shelves of Odd Curios — for set collections of photos and scans centered around a certain theme.
ට  Shelf 8: My Dream Diary — for my personal dream diary entries.

The Memo Bank

Short-form writing, primarily scraps of papers, notes, memos, school worksheets, etc.

#AddedTitlePagesOriginSource Date
0012021-09-19Family Tree1Singapore1995
0022022-01-23Singapore - Kallang McDonalds Sketch1Singapore / Edmonton2022-01-23
0032022-02-12Secondary school classroom seat layouts6Singapore / Edmonton1997, 1998, 2022-02-12