A Shelf of Odd Curios

What is this?

This page is a collection of collection pages that I am building for my site. Yes, a redundant-sounding collection page for collection pages. Like how I have a Table of Contents for my Table of Contents page.

Anyway, one of the things I’ve wanted to build on my site are pages dedicated to certain things that I’ve been collecting over the years. This could be anything from pictures of Tigey to scans of postcards and train tickets to.. well, take a look below, you’ll see what I mean! These picture collections can be physical, virtual, or a mix of them. They can be scans, screenshots, or a mix of them. There might even be some videos. But one thing’s for sure, everything on the linked collection pages is themed in some way with everything else on the same collection page.

Shelves of Odd Curios

A collection of collection pages -- sets of pictures and scans centered around a certain theme.

#Last Updated# of Entries
Collection NameBrief Description
012023-01-2612TigeyA set of pictures featuring Tigey over the years.
022023-02-081Transit TicketsScans of various bus, train, and other transit tickets that I have had.