Jumbled Letters

What is this?

This particular page is a directory that contains some longer-form writing that either I did, or that someone else did, and that I want to preserve and share for whatever reason. It’s basically a collection of essays, plus some other stuff like fantasy world guidebooks and things that I’ve ran into and/or saved over the years. The main prerequisite is that the things here must primarily be some form of writing, which is why thematically the page name references letters, both in the definition of written letters that are placed in envelopes, as well as letters of the alphabet jumbled up like fleeting thoughts.

A lot of these are digital documents, so in the end this became repurposed as a shelf for digital documents in general that I want to post as well. Things like links to essays that I’ve written elsewhere, important chat logs that I want to publicly save, and perhaps other types of digital documents yet.

These are the different shelves in my personal library (and they all go off to different webpages):

ට  Shelf 1: My Diary Entries — for my life/travel blog posts.
ට  Shelf 2: Winter Night Library — for scans of books, booklets, newspapers, magazines, etc.
ට  Shelf 3: Life Through A Mailbox — for scans of things put in my physical mailbox, largely ads, brochures, newsletters, etc.
ට  Shelf 4: The Memo Bank — for short-form writing, primarily scraps of papers, notes, memos, school worksheets, etc.
ට  Shelf 5: Jumbled Letters — for long-form writing and digital documents, essays, fiction, chat logs, etc. (You are here)
ට  Shelf 6: Eclectic Ephemera — for miscellaneous scans that aren’t in any other category.
ට  Shelf 7: Shelves of Odd Curios — for set collections of photos and scans centered around a certain theme.
ට  Shelf 8: My Dream Diary — for my personal dream diary entries.

Jumbled Letters

Long-form writing and digital documents, essays, fiction, chat logs, etc.

#AddedTitleAuthorSource Date
0012022-08-28Winter's Edge - The Tapestry of StarsMe2003-11-17
0022022-08-28Winter's Edge - Nation of VintermorWinter's Edge staff2003-08-30
0032022-08-28Winter's Edge - Song of the RedMe2003-09-01
0052022-09-11Fluff v1.7Woodlark and Rynix1999-01-31
0062022-09-17Multicultural Learning Pods 2021-2022 - Midterm ReflectionMe2021-12-06
0072022-09-17Multicultural Learning Pods 2021-2022 - Final ReflectionMe2022-02-24
0082022-09-18Chihayafuru WriteupsMe (and Seren)2019-02-06-
0092022-10-01Snippets from Threshold MUSHThreshold MUSH players/staff2001 (mid)-
2004 (early)
0102023-04-02Fan Letters from NeopetsNeopets playersSep 2004 - Sep 2006
0112023-10-22Naveras, Drama QueenNaveras, me2015-03-24