Life Through A Mailbox

What is this?

Because this site is meant as a scrapbook of my life, one of the absolutely-useless-to-anyone-else things that’s been on my to-do list for a long time is to have a place to upload pictures that are just random scans of documents that I’ve collected across the years. This page in particular focuses on ads, brochures, and other things from my mailbox, largely from my time at my Edmonton 205 house to start. Day to day scans of the junk mail and other rubbish that appears in my mailbox, before I (generally) throw them away. This place also will contain scans of notices that are pasted on or slipped under my front door, that sort of thing.

The documents here are very transitory, and I don’t own most of them anymore, most of them get scanned and then tossed right away. That being said, it is my hope that a document repository like this will act as a historical archive for one or two curious historians in the future, and a glimpse for present people at small snippets of life someplace else in the world, as well as being a book of memories for me to look back in in my future years. There is potential for overlap between this category and other categories, so as my definitions for what goes into which table shifts, some documents might get shuffled around between this list and other ones.

These are the different shelves in my personal library (and they all go off to different webpages):

ට  Shelf 1: My Diary Entries — for my life/travel blog posts.
ට  Shelf 2: Winter Night Library — for scans of books, booklets, newspapers, magazines, etc.
ට  Shelf 3: Life Through A Mailbox — for scans of things put in my physical mailbox, largely ads, brochures, newsletters, etc. (You are here)
ට  Shelf 4: The Memo Bank — for short-form writing, primarily scraps of papers, notes, memos, school worksheets, etc.
ට  Shelf 5: Jumbled Letters — for long-form writing and digital documents, essays, fiction, chat logs, etc.
ට  Shelf 6: Eclectic Ephemera — for miscellaneous scans that aren’t in any other category.
ට  Shelf 7: Shelves of Odd Curios — for set collections of photos and scans centered around a certain theme.
ට  Shelf 8: My Dream Diary — for my personal dream diary entries.

As a note, these files have been shipped off to my little corner of the Internet Archive as part of a more public archive, and those links here will take you directly there.

Life Through A Mailbox

Scans of things put in my physical mailbox, largely ads, brochures, newsletters, etc.

#AddedTitlePagesOriginSource Date
0012021-05-09University of Calgary - COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Survey2Edmonton2021-05-07
0022021-05-23Birch Fumigators - Dust Application Client Preparation Checklist1Edmonton2021-05-21
0032021-10-03Jury Management Office - Jury Summons and COVID-19 Information2Edmonton2021-09-17
0042021-11-28Birch Fumigators - Heat Treatment Client Preparation Checklist3Edmonton2021-11-24
0052021-12-19Midwest - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town1Edmonton2021-12-13
0062022-08-12Government of Canada - We can all help by getting vaccinated2Edmonton2021-07
0072022-08-12Sleep Tight Bedbug Detection - Pre-Inspection Preparation List1Edmonton2021-09-17
0082022-08-12Edmonton Elections - Voter Information Card2Edmonton2021-10-06
0092022-08-12Midwest - Tips For A Warm Winter1Edmonton2021-10-26
0102022-08-12Midwest - Please Move Your Vehicle For Snow Removal2Edmonton2022-01-13
0112022-08-20Midwest - Resident Appreciation BBQ2Edmonton2022-08-10
0122022-08-21NASA - NASA Wants YOU! Become a Union Steward2Edmonton2022-08-18
0132022-08-21Papa John's - Aug 21-Aug 28 20222Edmonton2022-08-18
0142022-08-21London Drugs - Aug 19-Aug 28 20222Edmonton2022-08-18
0152022-08-21A&W - Until Sep 18 20222Edmonton2022-08-18
0162022-08-28Coinamatic - You Can Now Pay For Laundry With Your Phone!2Edmonton2022-08-24
0172022-08-31Heather McPherson MP Update - Aug 20224Edmonton2022-08-25
0182022-08-31Alberta - Putting It Back in Albertans' Pockets2Edmonton2022-08-25
0192022-09-18Chefs Plate3Edmonton2022-09-14
0202022-09-18Dairy Queen - Until Oct 23 20224Edmonton2022-09-14
0212022-09-18Mark's - Sep 08-Sep 14 20222Edmonton2022-09-14
0222022-09-18Subway - Until Oct 16 20222Edmonton2022-09-14
0232022-09-18Papa John's - Until Nov 06 20222Edmonton2022-09-14
0242022-09-18Thai Express - Until Dec 31 20224Edmonton2022-09-14
0252022-09-18Aeroplan - Welcome to Aeroplan2Edmonton2022-09-14
0262022-09-18Lucky Kitchen - Menu2Edmonton2022-09-05
0272022-09-20Liquor Depot Flyer - Aug 24-Sep 06 20223Edmonton2022-08-24
0282022-09-20SportChek Flyer - Aug 25-Sep 07 20223Edmonton2022-08-24
0292022-09-20Midwest - Love Where You Live Photo Contest1Edmonton2022-05
0302022-09-20Jehovah's Witnesses Letter1Edmonton2022-04-09
0312022-09-20Elections Alberta - Get Answers To Your Election Questions4Edmonton2021-10-06
0322022-09-20Safeway - Get Your Multifunctional Containers2Edmonton2022-01-27
0332022-09-25A&W - Until Nov 13 20222Edmonton2022-09-23
0342022-09-25Scene+ - Sign Up for Scene+2Edmonton2022-09-24
0352022-09-25Scene+ - Now Turn Groceries Into Delicious Rewards2Edmonton2022-09-24
0362022-09-29Scene+ - Get An Extra Helping Of Points2Edmonton2022-09-29
0372022-09-29Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen - Until Dec 31 20222Edmonton2022-09-29
0382023-01-11Midwest - We Want Your Feedback!2Edmonton2022-10-19
0392023-01-11Canada Post - Sending to the U.S. or internationally?2Edmonton2022-11-28
0402023-01-11Midwest - No Safe Drops Permitted1Edmonton2023-01-11
0412023-01-11Midwest - Scheduled Fire Alarm Testing 20231Edmonton2023-01-11
0422023-01-11Sephora - Dec 02-Dec 11 20222Edmonton2022-12-02
0432023-01-13Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen - Until Mar 31 20232Edmonton2023-01-12
0442023-03-13Bed Bath & Beyond - Sep 26-Oct 10 20228Edmonton2022-10-04
0452023-03-13Capital Vision Care - Oct 13-Oct 15 20222Edmonton2022-10-06
0462023-03-13Harmony at Rutherford - Now Open2Edmonton2022-10-06
0472023-03-13Smilie's Place - Menu2Edmonton2022-10-06
0482023-03-13The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy - To Nov 06 20224Edmonton2022-10-06
0502023-09-272021 Full House Lottery14Edmonton2021
0512023-09-27Bed Bath & Beyond - Sep 19-Oct 02 202224Edmonton2022-09-23
0522023-10-01Bed Bath & Beyond - Oct 17-Oct 30 20228Edmonton2022-10-18
0532023-10-01Bed Bath & Beyond - Nov 14-Nov 26 20228Edmonton2022-11-25
0542023-10-01Bed Bath & Beyond - Nov 20-Nov 27 20228Edmonton2022-11-25
0552023-10-01Bed Bath & Beyond - Oct 31-Nov 13 202212Edmonton2022-11-25
0562023-10-02Sephora - Oct 28-Nov 07 202210Edmonton2022-11-25
0572023-10-02Bed Bath & Beyond - Nov 29-Dec 11 202212Edmonton2022-12-02
0582023-10-02Bed Bath & Beyond - Dec 12-Dec 25 20228Edmonton2022-12-13
0592023-10-06McDonald's - Dec 28-Feb 05 20238Edmonton2023-01-01
0602023-10-06Bed Bath & Beyond - Jan 09-Jan 22 20238Edmonton2023-01-10
0612023-10-06McDonald's - Mar 07-Apr 10 20238Edmonton2023-03-07
0622023-10-11Alberta - Get Vaccinated6Edmonton2021
0632023-10-12Calgary Trail Noodle House - Menu2Edmonton2023-07-11
0642023-10-18Heather McPherson MP Update - Oct 202210Edmonton2022-09-28
0652023-10-18Heather McPherson MP Update - Nov 20224Edmonton2022-11-25
0662023-10-18Heather McPherson - Pets of Edmonton Strathcona Calendar 202317Edmonton2022-12-08
0672023-10-18Heather McPherson MP Update - Feb 20234Edmonton2023-02-16
0682023-10-18Heather McPherson - Your 2022 Tax Guide16Edmonton2023-03-16
0692023-10-18Heather McPherson MP Update - Apr 20234Edmonton2023-04-22
0702023-10-18Heather McPherson MP Update - May 20234Edmonton2023-06-14
0712023-10-18Heather McPherson MP Update - Jun 20234Edmonton2023-06-15
0722023-10-18Heather McPherson MP Update - Jul 20238Edmonton2023-07-13
0732023-10-18Heather McPherson MP Update - Aug 20234Edmonton2023-08-11
0742023-10-18Heather McPherson MP Update - Oct 20234Edmonton2023-10-13
0752023-10-18Edmonton - Terwillegar Drive Expansion - Spring 20236Edmonton2023-04-17
0762023-10-18Epcor Project Update - Feb 20235Edmonton2023-02-13
0772023-10-18Epcor Construction Notice - May 20236Edmonton2023-06-14
0782023-10-18Epcor Construction Notice - Jun 20236Edmonton2023-07-10
0792023-10-18Epcor Construction Notice - Aug 20234Edmonton2023-09-04
0802023-10-18Epcor Construction Notice - Oct 20234Edmonton2023-10-11
0812023-10-19Panago - Until Jan 08 20232Edmonton2022-10-13
0822023-10-20Bath & Body Works - Oct 31-Nov 20 20222Edmonton2022-10-17
0832023-10-20A&W - Until Jan 08 20235Edmonton2022-11-25
0842023-10-20SportChek - Nov 24-Nov 30 20228Edmonton2022-11-25
0852023-10-22Capital One Mastercard - Until Dec 19 20226Edmonton2022-11-25
0862023-10-22Domino's - From Oct 03 20222Edmonton2022-11-25
0872023-10-22Dairy Queen - Until Dec 18 20223Edmonton2022-11-25
0882023-10-22Ikea - Dec 09-Dec 18 20228Edmonton2022-11-25
0892023-10-23Liquor Depot Nov 09-Nov 15 20224Edmonton2022-11-25
0902023-10-24International Auction - Dec 02-Dec 04 20222Edmonton2022-11-25
0912023-10-24Nando's - Until Dec 31 20222Edmonton2022-11-25
0922023-10-24Papa John's - Oct 29-Nov 06 20222Edmonton2022-11-25
0932023-10-24Papa John's - Until Dec 25 20222Edmonton2022-11-25
0942023-10-24Pizza 73 - From Oct 17 20222Edmonton2022-11-25
0952023-10-24SportChek - Nov 03-Nov 09 20222Edmonton2022-11-25
0962023-10-24SportChek - Nov 17-Nov 30 20228Edmonton2022-11-25
0972023-10-24Red Swan Pizza - Menu2Edmonton2022-11-25
0982023-10-24The Mustard Seed8Edmonton2022-11-25
0992023-10-24Wendy's - Until Dec 18 20222Edmonton2022-11-25
1002023-10-24Amazon Music - Until Jan 10 20234Edmonton2022-12-08
1012023-11-05Liquor Depot - Dec 07-Dec 13 20224Edmonton2022-12-08
1022023-11-05Pizza 73 - Nov 28 2022-Feb 02 20232Edmonton2022-12-08
1042023-11-05Rachel Notley - Fall 20234Edmonton2023-10-31
1052023-11-05Liquor Depot Dec 15-Dec 22 20224Edmonton2022-12-13
1062023-11-06SportChek - Dec 15-Dec 23 20226Edmonton2022-12-13
1072023-11-06SportChek - Dec 24-Dec 28 20222Edmonton2022-12-25
1082023-11-06LensCrafters - Until Feb 20 20234Edmonton2023-01-01
1092023-11-06Papa John's - Until Mar 05 20232Edmonton2023-01-01
1102023-11-06Wendy's - Until Feb 05 20232Edmonton2023-01-01
1112023-11-06Subway - Jan 02-Feb 12 20232Edmonton2023-01-05
1122023-11-06A&W - Until Mar 12 20232Edmonton2023-01-10
1132023-11-06Dairy Queen - Until Feb 26 20232Edmonton2023-01-24
1142023-12-08Heather McPherson MP Update - Nov 20234Edmonton2023-11-15
1152023-12-08Heather McPherson - Pets of Edmonton Strathcona Calendar 202416Edmonton2023-12-01
1162023-12-14Capital Vision Care - Feb 02-04 20231Edmonton2023-01-26
1172023-12-14Nando's - Until Feb 28 20232Edmonton2023-01-26
1182024-01-10Harvey's - Until Apr 23 20234Edmonton2023-01-31
1202024-01-11Pizza 73 - From Jan 23 20232Edmonton2023-02-06
1222024-01-11International Auction - Feb 18-Feb 21 20232Edmonton2023-02-09
1232024-01-11Papa John's - Until Mar 06 20232Edmonton2023-02-09
1242024-01-11Liquor Depot Feb 15-Feb 21 20234Edmonton2023-02-16
1252024-01-11Wendy's - Until Mar 26 20232Edmonton2023-02-16
1262024-01-11Doordash - Until May 31 20232Edmonton2023-02-19
1272024-01-11Papa John's - Until Mar 05 20232Edmonton2023-02-19
1282024-01-11GLK Gold - Mar 04-Mar 07 20234Edmonton2023-02-27
1292024-01-11Canada Post - 'Tis the season to track your packages2Edmonton2022-11-25
1302024-01-11Government of Canada - Continue to take action2Edmonton2022-12-08
1312024-01-11Edmonton - Edmonton Snow and Ice Control2Edmonton2022-12-16
1322024-01-13Liquor Depot - Mar 15-Mar 21 20234Edmonton2023-03-14
1332024-01-13Pizza 73 - From Mar 06 20232Edmonton2023-03-14
1342024-01-13A&W - Until May 14 20232Edmonton2023-03-16
1352024-01-14Capital Vision Care - Apr 10-Apr 22 20232Edmonton2023-03-30
1362024-01-14Pizza House - Grand Opening Special2Edmonton2023-03-30
1372024-01-14Wendy's - Until May 07 20232Edmonton2023-03-30
1382024-01-17MBF Discount Card Brochure3Singapore1999-01
1392024-01-17Liquor Depot Apr 05-Apr 11 20234Edmonton2023-04-03
1402024-01-17Safeway - Mar 30-May 03 20234Edmonton2023-04-03
1412024-01-17Chefs Plate7Edmonton2023-04-08
1422024-01-17Papa John's - Until May 21 20232Edmonton2023-04-08
1432024-01-17Sportchek Apr 13-Apr 19 20232Edmonton2023-04-12
1452024-02-02Pizza 73 - From May 01 20232Edmonton2023-05-03
1462024-02-02Subway - Apr 24-Jun 11 20232Edmonton2023-05-03
1472024-02-02A&W - Until Jul 09 20232Edmonton2023-06-14
1482024-02-02Bausch + Lomb - Until Dec 31 20232Edmonton2023-06-14
1492024-02-02Hello Fresh7Edmonton2023-06-14
1502024-02-02Liquor Depot - May 17-May 23 20234Edmonton2023-06-14
1512024-02-02Liquor Depot - Jun 07-Jun 13 20234Edmonton2023-06-14
1522024-02-03Papa John's - Until Sep 03 20232Edmonton2023-06-14
1532024-02-03Pizza 73 - From Jun 05 20232Edmonton2023-06-14
1542024-02-03Popeyes - Until Aug 01 20232Edmonton2023-06-14
1552024-02-03Red Swan Pizza2Edmonton2023-06-14
1562024-02-03Shoppers Drug Mart2Edmonton2023-06-14
1572024-02-03Sportchek Jun 08-Jun 21 20238Edmonton2023-06-14
1582024-02-03Wendy's - Until Jul 16 20232Edmonton2023-06-14
1592024-02-03Liquor Depot - Jun 28-Jul 04 20234Edmonton2023-06-28
1602024-02-04Tropika Malaysian & Thai Cuisine2Edmonton2023-07-03
1612024-02-04A&W - Until Sep 03 20232Edmonton2023-07-08
1622024-02-04The Bell in Scona - Jun 29-Aug 31 20232Edmonton2023-07-08
1632024-02-04Smiles at Southgate2Edmonton2023-07-18
1642024-02-04Liquor Depot - Jul 19-Jul 25 20234Edmonton2023-07-18
1652024-02-04Papa John's - Until Sep 03 20232Edmonton2023-07-23
1662024-02-04Walmart Now with Skip - Until Jul 30 20232Edmonton2023-07-23
1672024-02-04Domino's - From Jul 31 20232Edmonton2023-08-03
1682024-02-04Liquor Depot - Aug 02-Aug 08 20234Edmonton2023-08-03
1692024-02-04The Provincial Kitchen & Bar - Until Sep 30 20232Edmonton2023-08-03
1702024-02-04Pizza 73 - From Jul 31 20232Edmonton2023-08-09
1712024-02-04Edmonton Guitar Music School1Edmonton2023-08-09
1722024-03-28Smiles at Southgate2Edmonton2023-08-17
1742024-03-28International Auction - Sep 02-Sep 05 20234Edmonton2023-08-24
1752024-03-28SportChek - Aug 24-Sep 13 20238Edmonton2023-08-24
1762024-03-28Harvey's - Until Oct 22 20234Edmonton2023-08-29
1772024-03-29Hello Fresh7Edmonton2023-09-04
1782024-03-29Papa John's - Until Oct 31 20232Edmonton2023-09-04
1792024-03-29Smiles at Southgate2Edmonton2023-09-12
1802024-03-29A&W - Until Oct 29 20232Edmonton2023-09-12
1812024-03-30Dairy Queen - Until Oct 16 20232Edmonton2023-09-12
1822024-03-30McDonalds - Sep 05-Oct 02 20236Edmonton2023-09-12
1832024-03-30Melody Audiology - Sep 27 20233Edmonton2023-09-12
1842024-03-30Subway - Sep 05-Oct 15 20232Edmonton2023-09-12
1852024-03-30Wendy's - Until Oct 15 20232Edmonton2023-09-12
1862024-04-01Pizza 73 - From Aug 28 20232Edmonton2023-09-14
1872024-04-01rooms and spaces - Sep 11-Oct 31 20232Edmonton2023-09-14
1882024-04-01Lendrum Eye Centre - Oct 01-Oct 31 20232Edmonton2023-09-17
1892024-04-01Walmart Now - Until Oct 16 20232Edmonton2023-09-17
1912024-04-01Smiles at Southgate2Edmonton2023-09-25
1922024-04-01Popeyes - Until Nov 15 20232Edmonton2023-09-25
1932024-04-01Papa John's - Until Oct 31 20232Edmonton2023-09-29
1942024-04-01Heather McPherson MP Update - Mar 20244Edmonton2024-03-01
1952024-04-01Heather McPherson - Your 2023 Tax Guide16Edmonton2024-03-25
1962024-04-01Capital Vision Care - Oct 12-Oct 14 20232Edmonton2023-10-08
1972024-04-01Chefs Plate7Edmonton2023-10-08
1982024-04-01Liquor Depot - Oct 04-Oct 10 20234Edmonton2023-10-08
1992024-04-01The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy - Until Nov 06 20232Edmonton2023-10-08
2002024-04-01Wine and Beyond - Oct 04-10 20234Edmonton2023-10-08
2012024-04-01Smiles at Southgate2Edmonton2023-10-13
2022024-04-01Uber Eats - Until Dec 31 20232Edmonton2023-10-13
2032024-04-01Bulk Barn - Oct 19-Nov 05 20236Edmonton2023-10-18
2042024-04-02Domino's - From Oct 16 20232Edmonton2023-10-18