Winter Night Library

What is this?

Imagine, if you will, a cozy study in the middle of winter, shelves on the walls packed with books from top to bottom, with large bay windows on one wall looking out over a scene of softly falling snowflakes. There’s a soft carpet underfoot, a comfy chair for you and a guest, and a crackling fireplace providing soft light and warm heat as you pick out a book and settle in to read through the night, free of all cares in the world.

Well, that fireplace would probably be fuelled by some of the book scans I have below here, since they’re poor substitutes for the actual books they came from. Still, there’s only so much one can do to get digital copies of books online, especially since (as of writing) I refuse to cut up books to do “proper” scans of them, especially when my scanner isn’t up to par yet. Also, some of these scans are from public books anyway, and don’t belong to me — they’re best-effort, straw-grasping attempts at preservation to make sure a snapshot of something exists.

In addition, book scans take quite some effort to do under my current set up, so this section probably won’t be added to very often. However, I wanted these scans to have their own section anyway — they used to be stuffed under my brochure scan page until I decided that that made no sense and broke them off (Dec 08 2022). Books and things like event booklets will go here, as should newspapers and maybe even newsletters, though the line between these and ads/brochures can be blurry in places. I’ll figure it out as I go along though.

These are the different shelves in my personal library (and they all go off to different webpages):

ට  Shelf 1: My Diary Entries — for my life/travel blog posts.
ට  Shelf 2: Winter Night Library — for scans of books, booklets, newspapers, magazines, etc. (You are here)
ට  Shelf 3: Life Through A Mailbox — for scans of things put in my physical mailbox, largely ads, brochures, newsletters, etc.
ට  Shelf 4: The Memo Bank — for short-form writing, primarily scraps of papers, notes, memos, school worksheets, etc.
ට  Shelf 5: Jumbled Letters — for long-form writing and digital documents, essays, fiction, chat logs, etc.
ට  Shelf 6: Eclectic Ephemera — for miscellaneous scans that aren’t in any other category.
ට  Shelf 7: Shelves of Odd Curios — for set collections of photos and scans centered around a certain theme.
ට  Shelf 8: My Dream Diary — for my personal dream diary entries.

Winter Night Library

Scans of books, booklets, newspapers, magazines, etc.

#AddedPagesTitleSource Date
0012021-05-11174Dunman High School 1997 Yearbook1997-12
0022021-06-0620Dunman Link (Jan-Mar 1997)1997-03
0032022-04-0327Rosyth Chinese Enrichment Camp Booklet (1995)1995-03-13
0042022-04-11170Dunman High School 1998 Yearbook1998-12
0052022-04-13172Dunman High School 1999 Yearbook1999-12
0062022-04-13174Dunman High School 2000 Yearbook2000-12
0072022-07-23602McNally High School 2002 Yearbook CD2002-06
0082022-08-1213Vernon Barford Grade 9 Farewell - Reach for the Stars (1999)1999-06
0092022-09-1733NAIT OokMAG – Fall 20052005-09
0102022-09-2519Raffles Institution Math Enrichment Camp (1998)1998-03-19
0112022-10-0428McNally Awards Program – Oct 17 20002000-10-17
0122022-10-0428McNally Awards Program – 20012001-10
0132022-03-2461Yama no Susume Guestbook - Hanno Central Community Center - No. 11 (Jan 2018 - Aug 2019)2022-10-27
0142022-03-2462Yama no Susume Guestbook - Hanno Central Community Center - No. 12 (Aug 2019 - Oct 2022)2022-10-27
0152023-10-184Coffee News South Edmonton Edition - Feb 27 20232023-02-27
0162023-10-182Coffee News South East Edmonton Edition - May 01 20232023-05-01
0172023-10-182Coffee News South Central Edmonton Edition - Jun 26 20232023-06-26
0182023-10-182Coffee News South Edmonton Edition - Jul 03 20232023-07-03
0192023-12-208Hua Zhong Highlights - Aug 19961996-08-03
0202024-01-2010Rosyth's Health and Fitness Programme Booklet1994-09-13
0212024-01-302GEP Sec 2 English Final Exam1998-10-08
0222024-01-305GEP Sec 2 History Final Exam1998-10-08
0232024-01-3012GEP Sec 2 Science Final Exam1998-10-09
0242024-01-307GEP Sec 2 Literature Final Exam1998-10-13
0252024-01-3018GEP Sec 2 Geography Final Exam1998-10-14
0262024-01-3118GEP Sec 2 Mathematics Final Exam1998-10-15