Dunmanian 21 Outcomes

This Dunmanian 21 Outcomes scan dump is a sturdy envelope containing a set of “postcards” that I have from Dunman High School. There’s a picture of students in the midst of some activity or other on the front of each postcard, and a blank space for writing, an address, and a stamp on the back. There are eight postcards in the envelope, and for whatever reason I have two sets of these envelopes, with the exact same 8 cards in each.

For the purpose of this archive scan, I scanned the front and back of each of the 8 cards. The slogan at the back of each card is different, one card for each of the eight slogans. I also scanned the front and back of the envelope itself.

Although the envelope and cards are undated, these postcards were given out or sold or whatever in 1998, as I recognize several of the people in the various pictures from my ECA club, and I’m pretty one was a Secondary 4 senior two years ahead of us, and another was a Secondary 1 junior one year behind us (see notes below), which means 1998 was the only possible year that the two of them were in Dunman at the same time.

Mega.nz link to JPG and TIF files here. Archive.org mirror here.

Most of this page was written on Apr 11 2022.

Table of Contents

This page doesn’t require a table of contents, but the section is here anyway for the links to my other Dunman High scans.

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Highlights and notes follow:

Card 1 – I have no idea what club this is, but it looks like at least one of them is doing calligraphy or something.

Card 2 – The boy on the right is wearing the standard PE uniform from 1998 Dunman. The boy to his left is wearing a St John Ambulance Brigade (SJAB) formal uniform.

Card 3 – Scouts and Guides, most likely at the Secondary 1 orientation/club demonstration. I remember the guy in the bottom right of the picture, staring at the guy inching his way along the ropes. He was in the GEP class that was one year behind my own class, he can be seen in the Dunman High 1998 yearbook 1L class photo, back row, third from the left. I also remember the uniformed scout on the left, standing at the front of the rope bridge.

Card 4 – This is another Scouts picture, the seniors were off canoeing somewhere or other, probably in the Thailand trip mentioned in this picture from the Dunman High 1998 yearbook. I know it’s Scouts because I recognize the guy in the middle staring at the camera, he was definitely one of the scout seniors that year, probably even a patrol troupe leader. i remember him to be quite nice, I think. It was harder to find him out of uniform, but I believe he was in 4J, according to this picture from the yearbook, where he looks like the guy in the back row, 5th from the left. And the guy in the middle in the second picture on 4J’s second page, with his arms casually scarfed around his two neighbours.

Card 5 – This looks like a visit to an old folks’ home by a group of girls, with some pictures awkwardly overlaid on top. Not sure by who, I’m certain several of the clubs and/or classes did do visits at various points.

Card 6 – This was our school’s front foyer! Someone in Sec 3 or 4 (the two grades where boys wore pants instead of shorts) was giving a speech to a group of people, probably some sort of leadership or public speaking training thing. I think I actually recognize the person giving the speech as someone I knew from Scouts, but the resolution is poor enough that I can’t tell for sure. But the foyer! It’s difficult to find a good colour photo of the place, but this was at least a portion of it. It was very spacious and beautiful. There was a circular winding staircase just offscreen to the “right” of the picture. On the left was a roundabout where vehicles could come in from the main gate.

Card 7 – This would have been our Chinese Orchestra band club at work.

Card 8 – Morning assembly. Everyone would come out and line up according to class, gender, and then surname order, and we would recite the pledge and sing to the anthem as flags were pulled up the flagpole on the raised platform at the right side of the screen. I got to do this flag raising and lowering several times as part of my Scout duties. The palm-like trees on the right in the background were the middle island of the roundabout I mentioned in the Card 6 blurb, so the foyer would have been just to the right of that, but out of sight from this vantage point. On the left, just past the last line of students, was the main gate. The blurred walkway with the blue roof in the background led to a side gate (which was really next to the main gate anyway), and the main bus stop that served the school.

Card backs – So what are Dunmanian 21 Outcomes? Google does bring up a couple matches for Dunmanian Outcomes — this one (local) in particular shows that it was probably a number of inspirational mottos or slogans or something.. but the ones on the page right now as I’m writing this are different from the ones on the postcard backs, which are interesting. I did find a page in the Dunman High 2000 yearbook entitled “Dunmanian 21 Outcomes” and with these exact eight slogans on them though, so they must just have been changed in the intermediary years. (Though it was likely around as recently as 2007, according to this random blog (local)) Oddly, the 1997 to 1999 yearbooks do not seem to include these. And why was it called Dunmanian 21 Outcomes? Why the 21? No idea!

But it seems like a waste that most of the original Outcomes have zero matches on Google in either English or Chinese, so here they are written out so that they at least exist somewhere, in this corner of the Internet.

01. 己欲立而立人,己欲达而达人
To strive toward achieving win-win situations.

02. 培养独立学习的能力及关怀社会的仁心
To develop the capacity to work independently and be socially responsible.

03. 智者不感,仁者不忧,勇者不惧
To develop mental and emotional toughness to overcome adversities.

04. 勇于尝试,开拓新天地
To be entrepreneurial creators.

05. 乐善不倦
To be compassionate and give of themselves generously.

06. 思想敏锐,勇于发言
To articulate their views confidently and effectively.

07. 热爱生活,充实生命,善待人生
To enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

08. 爱护我们的学校,忠于我们的国家
To have a strong sense of loyalty to the school and country.

But there are only 8, not 21. I guess maybe 21 is the age you become an adult or something and that’s why they picked it… but it’s still weird if so.

Document dated: 1998.

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