Dunman High School 2000 Yearbook

This is the fourth and final year of my Dunman High School yearbook scans, the year that my cohort, my friends whom I studied with in 1997-1998 before leaving the country, actually graduated from the school, moving on to the Pre-U stage of their studies (Grade 11/12). I was two years removed by the time this came out, so I never got this yearbook or even saw the pictures in it until I got in touch with my friends again in 2021 and one of them sent me her yearbooks to keep and scan. As such, it’s particularly precious to me.

There’s also a significantly higher number/proportion of colour pages in this yearbook compared to the previous three ones, reflecting the advent of technology around the turn of the century, I guess. Or at least the price of coloured printing! The 1997 Yearbook was 172 pages long, while the 1998-2000 editions were all 168 pages long. But while the 1997 yearbook only had 13 pages with any sort of colour photos (4 of them with just one tiny colour photo), the 1998 yearbook had 8 colour pages, and the 1999 yearbook had 13 colour pages, this 2000 yearbook has a whopping 101 pages or so (though a few of them are just a single photo or a coloured background). Unfortunately, all the class photos were still in black and white this year, which is a huge pity, but basically everything else had coloured photos.

The scan quality isn’t as great for this one (lots of shadows) because of how the book was bound together. I didn’t want to break the book spine open either since I only have one copy of this book.

Mega.nz folder link to JPG and TIF files here.

Most of this page was written on Apr 13 2022. As always, let me know at jesskitten at gmail if links break or if you have anything to say that I can add to the section blurbs.

Table of Contents

ට  Introduction (Page 1-22)
ට  Our Staff (Page 23-32)
ට  Our Achievements (Page 33-38)
ට  TSLN Initiatives (Page 39-54)
ට  Department Enrichment (Page 55-72)
ට  Major School Events (Page 73-94)
ට  Our CCAs (Page 95-118)
ට  Secondary 4 Class Photos (Page 119-145)
ට  Secondary 3-1 Class Photos + Misc (Page 146-168)

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Introduction (Page 1-22)

This section lost its subsection listings this year, and several things got added, a Principal’s Message thing in both English and Chinese on pages 2 and 3, School Values on page 5, and a list of Dunmanian 21 Outcomes on page 7. There were two Guest of Honour speeches this year, one on page 20 featuring Sam Goi (or 魏成辉), an alumnus of the school, and another for Minister of State Lim Swee Say (林瑞生) on pages 21-22.

Our Staff (Page 23-32)

Our Achievements (Page 33-38)

TSLN Initiatives (Page 39-54)

They reversed the change they did in the 1999 yearbook, breaking the Events section back up into not only 2 sections as it was previously, but 3 this time. As far as I can tell, TSLN refers to this (local), “Thinking Schools, Learning Nation”.

Department Enrichment (Page 55-72)

Major School Events (Page 73-94)

Our CCAs (Page 95-118)

ECAs, or Extra-Curricular Activities, also got renamed this year to CCAs, or Co-Curricular Activities. I never used the term while there since I left before it was changed, and only know about it through my friends.

One of the scans didn’t quite catch all of the text beacuse of how the book was bent and how the text stretched too far into the book’s spine area. That’s on page 104, and the actual text (with exact punctiation) reads:

year 2000 // Kaleidoscope // Prize winner of “Buds!” talent search/ / 3rd best speaker in Interschool debates // PESA east zone winner

For some reason, that page in general seemed to have scanned particularly poorly. The URL at the bottom of the page is cut off too, but reads http://englishdramasociety.com/ . The site doesn’t exist anymore, nor is it on archive.org.

Secondary 4 Class Photos (Page 119-145)

My classmates graduated! They’re in the 4L and 4M class, and I know a lot of the nicknames they used in both pages but not all of them. I wonder which class I would have been in and what my drawing/nickname/quote/whatever would have been.

Just like before, there’s one scan that didn’t quite catch all the text because some of it was buried in the book’s spine area, that’s page 144, which reads:

May the Moss be with you… Bwahahahahaha!!! Bwahahaha!!!!!!!!! (the use of 7 exclamation marks and above is a sign of insanity)

Secondary 3-1 Class Photos + Misc (Page 146-168)

Document dated: December 2000.

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