Dunman High School 1999 Yearbook

This is the Dunman High School 1999 Yearbook. I left Singapore for Canada at the end of 1998, whereas this yearbook was compiled at the end of 1999, so I am not in this yearbook at all. I actually have no idea how I even had a copy of this yearbook before I met my friend who gave me all her copies in 2021. No one in our family can recall either. Dad must have been in touch with someone who sent me/us a copy of this back in 2000 or so somehow.

My friends back in Dunman transitioned from the 2K/2L GEP classes into their 3L/3M GEP classes, and there was also a shuffle of students between the two classes, something that didn’t happen between 1K/1L and 2K/2L. As far as I can tell, this also happened with the regular stream classes, especially since they went from 10 classes (2A-2J) to 11 (3A-3K). From a quick glance at the yearbook, it doesn’t look like there was a shuffle between years 3 and 4, or 1 and 2, for any class, just between 2 and 3.

It wasn’t a problem for us GEP classes because our classes were so small and we had so many joint activities that we knew everyone in the other class anyway, but because I never experienced this class shuffle, I definitely perceived the people in my specific class (1L/2L) as closer friends than those in the other class in general since I hung out with them an order of magnitude more. And they are the ones that appear in my dream far more frequently etc.

Anyway, Sec 3 and 4 (Grades 9-10) were considered the senior years of secondary school, and the guys in the class would have had to buy and wear pants instead of shorts to signify this. The female uniform did not change.

Mega.nz folder link to JPG and TIF files here.

Most of this page was written on Apr 13 2022. If I need to be contacted for any reason, say if the link is broken, email jesskitten at gmail.

Table of Contents

ට  Introduction (Page 1-16)
ට  Our Staff (Page 17-28)
ට  Our Achievements (Page 29-36)
ට  Events (Page 37-72)
ට  Extra Curricular Activities (Page 73-120)
ට  Secondary 4 Class Photos (Page 121-147)
ට  Secondary 3-1 Class Photos + Misc (Page 148-168)

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Introduction (Page 1-16)

This category, according to the Table of Contents in the book, contains:

School Motto (Pg 2)
School Crest (Pg 3)
School Song (Pg 4)
School Advisory Board (Pg 5)
Principal’s Report (Pg 6)
Guest of Honour’s speech (Pg 14)

This layout is similar to the 1998 yearbook, except the Principal’s Report is longer, due to the included tables of events and achievements.

Our Staff (Page 17-28)

This section got renamed from Teaching Staff to Our Staff this year, perhaps because they realized that the custodians etc weren’t actually “teaching” staff but also had their own page.

Our Achievements (Page 29-36)

A couple sections from previous years, specifically the Enrichment one from 1997-8 and the Pupils Say one from 1998, are gone this year. But this one is a new one that got added in, achievements. Honestly this one felt kind of unnecessary, everything in here could have been (and in some cases, were) filed or repeated elsewhere in the book, under the ECA section for example for club stuff, and under Events for the exam stuff.

Events (Page 37-72)

That being said, Events and Enrichment got combined into one giant section this year, probably since they were two categories that were always really closely associated with each other, just with one specifically revolving around special days/holidays/events, and the other one revolving around field trips or notable happenings.

Extra Curricular Activities (Page 73-120)

Secondary 4 Class Photos (Page 121-147)

The other major change this year was that the class photos got moved to the end of the book, after events and the ECA stuff, instead of before.

Also, this is the year that the first batch of GEP students, the year just before us, graduated. They’re the last two Sec 4 classes by alphabet, 4L and 4M.

Secondary 3-1 Class Photos + Misc (Page 148-168)

For some reason, not only did they put the class photos at the end, they felt the need to reverse them too so the Sec 3 ones came first, then the Sec 2 ones, and finally the Sec 1 students. This year, they included names for all the photos too but there are plenty of capitalization errors. Very poor edit job.

Document dated: December 1999.

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