My Diary #069

Dear Tigey,

What a lazy week this was. Life is good, I suppose?

Entry #069 (Sep 18 2022)

Table of Contents

A happy sugar…
ට  School
ට  Work
ට  Life
ට  Games
ට  Plushie of the Week #67
ට  Song of the Week #44
ට  Memory Snippet of the Week #51
ට  Last Year’s Entry #20
ට  Dreams


Little progress to report on the Singapore end as usual, I bugged the CMPB department of the government and supposedly my rep says things might happen next week or the week after, but I think she’s just stalling for time and refusing to tell me that nothing will ever happen with my case. We’ll see, though.

I did start my application for NUS‘s winter term. I have to finish this by the middle of next week, but most of the things are the same as the previous semester’s application, so I just have to figure out a few things that have changed. For example, there’s a section where I’m supposed to upload a list of my current classes, but I’m not in any current classes, so…

I’m also trying to get a syllabus from one of my former teachers (an English 102 class that I took in Winter 2021) since we apparently weren’t given one for the course or I didn’t download it from our online site back then, and there’s a class I’m interested in taking that requires an English class as a prerequisite and they want to see syllabus proof for the class. If I can’t get hold of it by early next week I’ll just replace the class though. In the NUS class, I have to select 8 courses that I want to apply for, and I’ll probably get in to about 3 or 4 of them at most, with 3 being the minimum needed to be an exchange student in NUS. Last semester, I applied for 8 and got into my top 3, even though I couldn’t attend in the end. This semester, I applied for these courses, listed in order of priority:

01. Everyday life of Past Singaporeans: Past & Present (taught in English)
02. Itadakimasu – Food in Japan
03. Popular Culture in Singapore
04. Idols and Celebrities in Japan and Korea
05. Changing Landscapes of Singapore
06. Japan: The Green Nation?
07. Singapore Literature in Context
08. Samurai, Geisha, Yakuza, as Self or Other

What an interesting list, hey. I’ll probably never get to take any of those classes because government bureuacracy though, but can’t hurt to try.


This was the last week of work for James, the former team lead of the infrastructure developers team that got merged into ours. He’s apparently been here more or less for the last 20 years or so, phew. He’s still “here” the next week but is taking vacation until his final day on Friday.

Work is very unsatisfying at the moment. Even in this busy time of year, we don’t seem to have gotten a ton of tickets this year, and our boss is too busy dealing with the infrastructure devs side, and their many, many projects, to pay us much attention or handle our concerns or even really talk to us much. They make more money so they’re more important, I guess.

Canada declared next Monday, Sep 19 2022, a federal holiday to mourn the passing and observe the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, but our province chose not to make it a public holiday here. About half the provinces in Canada made it one, and the other half refused. I’m ambivalent about it either way, as you can tell from the above paragraph it doesn’t affect me too much either way.


My neighbours, the ones that I helped two weeks ago and paid $2.50 for their laundry for, needed help again setting it up. This time they had the entire family, the father, mother, and an 18-ish year old boy, trying to figure out the laundry machine as a family. They knocked on my door so I helped them with setting up their phone app, and after trading friendly words with them, I found out that they were my next door neighbour (not the really noisy ones to my north, the ones on the other side from them), and that they were from Afghanistan. Really nice people!

I finally got around to testing, sort of, my laptop. I mean, I turned it on and it worked, and I got updates installed on it without incident. Kind of want to wipe the entire thing and put a fresh version of Windows on it, but I don’t actually have a spare copy of Windows 11 or even 10 sitting around right now. I also realized that an offer for free games was supposed to come with the purchase but didn’t, so I contacted the vendor and they sent me a key for it. It consister of Total War: Warhammer 3 on Steam, some costume for a free to play game (Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt), and some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II thing on that awful launcher. I’m not particularly interested in playing any of the games, maybe TW: Warhammer III someday though, though I’m not really using that gaming laptop for gaming, strange as it sounds. I should really try a few games on it though. But anyway, free games mean that my life’s networth has increased! Or something. I apparently have to “check back on October 28th, 2022” on the Intel giveaway site to get the CoD code though. That’s so far away.

Two of my muses, my best online friends growing up, had their birthday in the past week, Althenna on Sep 12th and Lady Jinx on Sep 14th. I didn’t reach out to either of them this year (I’m not sure they care anyway) but I did feel a bit nostalgic through the week.

Anime! The two best anime this season, which only has a couple weeks left, are Lycoris Recoil and Call of the Night. The first show is an awesome mix of action and cute and sass, and the second show is an awesome mix of liminal spaces, beautiful night landscapes, and imaginative freedom. And vampires. And the 11th episode of Call of the Night, or Yofukashi no Uta, was soooo good and so gorgeous that it knocked me over. And also vaguely gave me inspiration for my game.

Also, a Genshin Impact anime was formally announced this week, a collaboration between miHoYo/HoYoverse/whatever the developers call themselves now, and Ufotable, a well-regarded animation studio. It’s even apparently a long-term collaboration thing. This is amazing and exciting and might line up especially well with my trip to Japan sometime late next year. And I hope if they’re using the player character, they use the female main character instead of the male one. But anyway I downloaded the game again in celebration (and to claim some free gacha rolls for their anniversary event). Oops, are we in the Games section yet?

More pictures of the neighbourhood (well, mostly the boundless blue sky) this week, three from Wednesday and the last one from Thursday. Temperatures are well into Fall territory this week, and in a month and a half or so we will probably start seeing snow.

Thrandor‘s brother sent me a newspaper clipping of his obituary, posted here for rememberance as well:

I never met him in real life, but he looks just like his bitmoji, eh? (Bitmoji generates your pictures based on a camera selfie snapshot.) He was probably gone from our realm closer to the 12th than the 18th, as he would likely have come online to say something in the interim week after he went radio silent otherwise since he was communicating with us daily up until then, but I’m not sure they had any way to tell for sure anyway. Nor that it completely matters. Rest in Peace, Erik.

Lastly, I uploaded this “virtual student magazine” (though it’s mostly videos) from NAIT, the college that I attended in 2005. More pseudo-yearbooks for the archive! I added a couple of my recent essays to the Writing section of my blog as well, and renamed that section to The Shuddering Library (because the contents make me shudder) for now, with more to come for both that and the A Stack of Papers section, which also saw a few uploads this week.


Outside of Gunfire Reborn, Deep Space Galactic, and AMQ, this week saw a couple new or old-new games added to the playing rotation. Genshin Impact was one, as stated above. Gloomhaven is another, as I started playing that with Tes. The pricing is weird on this game — it’s $62.02 CAD on Steam for both the game and its expansion pack, and $41.34 CAD on Humble for both without sales, $33.07 after my 20% discount for being a loyal Humble Monthly Bundle supporter. That’s such a stark difference, and is a price difference on a scale that I’ve never seen before on different stores without sales.

I also bought Dragon Age II and Inquisition, as well as Mass Effect: Andromeda, from the Steam store, as they were all on sale and were all Game of the Year type collections (i.e. they came bundled with all DLC). They cost $29.21 in total. I was tempted to pick up the Mass Effect Legendary Edition too, as it was 60% off at $32.79 plus tax, but I was too much of a cheapskate and I felt like it would go on sale again before I would find time to play it (and even though I want to play it, I’ve already played through it before), so I didn’t pick those up.

Genshin Impact.. it hits hard when I log in to a reunion/returning travellers event and see catch phrases like “No matter where you are, Teyvat will always have a place for you.” And with two shooting stars in the sky up above a picture of both the male and female player characters, who are siblings that got separated (and you get to play one of them through the story as s/he searches for the other sibling). The game really knows how to hit the level of yearning and nostalgia that I like.

I wandered onto some phone game called Survival Girl this week on the Google Play store. It’s pretty bad, so I didn’t stay long, but I wanted to capture this event anyway due to how hilariously bad this particular Korean to English translation that I saw while setting it up was:

I like it when games make me laugh.

I spent more time working on my game this week, though I’m still working on internal systems and such. I set up being able to navigate between sections with using numeric keybinds, learnt how to set up sections that called other sections so that I could eventually segment my eventual stories into more readable walls of text, and also learnt how to set up a text box on each page that, when a trigger keyword was entered, would reveal (add) previously hidden navigation links to the list of options that a player had on a page when choosing where to go next. I also started a notebook to write down actual story ideas, though it’s very short so far since I only have been working on that while in bed and I always fall asleep really quickly.

Plushie of the Week #67 – Ucha Bear

This more or less nameless (I call him Ucha) U-Cha bear came from a bubble tea store in Singapore called U-Cha (local). It was likely the one at Serangoon Nex, and it was apparently a promotion they were doing because they had just opened the store at the time, and were (according to the blog above) giving them away for free when you bought a drink and left feedback with them. I’ll assume that’s what Kel did!

I have never visited this store myself, but Kel brought this back from Singapore as a gift for me when she came back in Jun 2016, and he’s been living with me ever since. He’s a stiff little bear with a keychain ring attached to the end of him, and he sits with my other plushies as part of Tigey‘s plushie army.


The most remarkable thing about him is probably that his shirt does come off, and he looks like this without a shirt:

The shirt looks like this:

Unlike Pandas though, the shirt doesn’t have a tag on it. Tigey wanted to try the shirt on, and the outcome was rather unfortunate:

It kind of looks like a muscle shirt. He’s never going to wear that again.

Song of the Week #44

Title: BURN
Artist: FLOW
Album: Tales of Berseria OST (2016)

There aren’t a lot of Japanese songs sung by male singers that I strongly like — I can count on the fingers of my two hands how many there are, in fact, as they tend to go for either angry angsty yelling or else just sound really generic to me. This, however, is one of the ones that I really like, likely in part because of its strong association to a game that I loved. It is the opening song and theme song for the Tales of Berseria computer game, as well as apparently an insert for the Tales of Zestiria the Cross anime series, though I haven’t watched that one. The Tales Of wiki claims that this song was co-planned during Zestiria’s production though, which would have marked it to 2015 or possibly even earlier.

Anyway, I love everything about the song, from the violin lead in to the singer’s voice to the (not overwhelming) energy in the chorus. But most of all, I love the game it’s attached to, and Velvet, the protagonist of the game who struggles to find meaning in her life in an uncaring world full of despair, and I credit this game (when Jahandar played it on Jah Stream Night and initially piqued my interest in it) for not only being one of the key events in the bridge that took me from playing JRPGs across to finally starting to watch anime, but to also highlight and show me a trope that I had not realized that I REALLY liked — one where the main character has a slow but steady descent into insanity. The party toes the line between being the protagonist and the antagonist in stages, which was amazing enough to see, but Velvet herself also goes through an epic descent into insanity arc in the second half of the game’s story that left me breathless, up until the ending that left me in tears. All this elevated this game into my personal top 10 list of games that I’ve ever played.

I should probably actually sit down and make that list sometime.

The song itself doesn’t have much meaning to me outside of memories of the game. I did carry the song around with me on my phone to listen to for some time, so it vaguely does remind me of University life pre-COVID, and the violin solo at the start reminds me of sweeping landscapes (done in an anime art style), but it largely boils down to the game and the memories around it. Even by the time I was halfway through the game, though, I would just launch the game before I was even ready to play it, and leave it on the main menu, where the violin score would lead into the actual game trailer and song after a minute or so of being idle there.

Memory Snippet of the Week #51

Sometime between my Medievia stints that I talked about back in MSotW #47, I played a browser game called Utopia. This would have started around late 1999 (between October 1999 and Jan 2000) and ended around July/August 2000 or so. I know this because of incomplete game records that were kept from the time that I’ve dug up from online, as my own records do not extend this far back. The game is apparently still around though.

How this game plays is that you create a “province”, pick a race (e.g. elf, faery, human, avian, undead, etc) and other things which would determine the province’s strengths and weaknesses, and then you would be automatically assigned a “kingdom”, which is a group of up to 25 or so other players. Kingdoms worked to help each other build up, and could then declare war on and attack and plunder other kingdoms within a certain size and networth range of them. Each war would last a week or so and would involve the members of each kingdom coordinating efforts with each other to cast spells, perform thievery operations, and send armies against provinces from the other kingdom, in order to damage and disrupt the other kingdom’s military operations and resource flow as much as possible. The kingdom could also start a project to build a dragon, which could be paid for by ingame funds by the kingdom’s provinces and then sent off to the opponent to ravage them. If a dragon was attacking your kingdom, it would lower production rates and stuff for every province in the kingdom but could be defeated by drafting and sending soldiers to kill it.

The entire game was a text-based game, so everything played out over menus. However, it was also a very “information is king” sort of game, and there were tons of things like alliances between different kingdoms, and special software that people used to format and share intel between kingdom mates, and because stats and resources and actions in the game updated once every hour, people would stay up until the wee hours of the morning to try to catch a small time window to best attack someone else in, say for example when the person’s troops were still returning home from a battle, but their protection spells had faded, or something like that. There was lots of coordination done over IRC, and over ICQ, and there were even public group rooms over ICQ where people would post intel of vulnerable provinces with tons of resources to get other random people to help attack them and profit.

This game resets its servers once every 3 months or so, declaring it the end of an Age and the start of a new Age, and all the kingdoms got shuffled onto different islands, which were basically collections of 50 kingdoms. I believe wars and attacks between people on the same island were easier to perform, and there was some bragging rights at the end of each Age in per-island rankings as well as overall server rankings. Even though your island would change each Age, the people in your kingdom would remain the same, and everyone could rename their provinces at the start of each Age, so most kingdoms had themes that people named themselves after.

With the help of this site (local) and this site, I was able to eventually trace down my earliest home kingdom — we played on the main World of Legends server, and I played with a group of players that used Karma as a theme.

In the “Fifth Age of Utopia, which ended on October 30, 1999″ and started on August 18th, I first joined my kingdom, United KarmaStorm (#48:12), with my province, which I remember I called Shionar. The 48 here is the kingdom number, and the :12 is the island we were on — we were kingdom 48 on island 12. Every province had a leader, and a Lady or Sir title preceding their name unless they were the king, so Lady Shiara was my moniker here, and this was a name I kept through all three Ages that I played with this kingdom. I mostly likely started the game and joined this kingdom sometime around late September or early October 1999, although it’s possible I didn’t start at all until the Sixth Age. I think I did play the Fifth Age, though.

The “Sixth Age of Utopia, which ended on January 31, 2000″, was the first Age where I actually started with the kingdom. I don’t totally remember what I named my province here, but it was probably just Karma Shionar. Or perhaps it was Karma Phoenix, which I’m pretty sure I used in the Seventh Age as well. Our kingdom was Karma of Darkness (16:20) this time though.

In the “Seventh Age of Utopia, which ended on May 7th, 2000″, we ranked high in our island and had multiple people in the various top 50 lists. This is also the kingdom name that I remember the best, our kingdom was United Rule of Karma (47:18) and we had lots of active players here. I’m fairly sure that I was Karma Phoenix in this Age.

The eighth age was “the Utopian Age of Chaos, which ended on July 28th, 2000”. I don’t remember this, but we apparently switched from the main server to the side server in this one, the Utopian Battlefields, which had lesser kingdoms than the main server (but perhaps the more powerful ones as well, like an elite server where most of the established clans went at the time?) We must have had an option to transfer over as a clan. We were United Karma RAT (9:1) in the final seasonal rankings, though we more or less went by United Rule of Karma still. This was probably the Age that we did the best in, as we actually barely cracked top 50 in one of the end of season lists, which was pretty impressive even on the smaller of the two servers.

After this age, however, I believe that I (and many others) got hit by account breaches or something that involved people getting into our accounts and leaving the kingdom. The remaining Karma group went on to United Rule of Karma (13:8), but there are names there that I do not recognize at all, so I definitely wasn’t playing there at that time anymore. This was mainly because there was no mechanic for getting people back INTO a kingdom once you were out of it, except by begging random people who joined your kingdom for their account or something, since assignment was random and you couldn’t just choose to join an existing group of friends. Due to this, I think we eventually just broke up — I did not find a Karma-based kingdom name in either the Eighth or Ninth age so I don’t think they existed anymore after that.

I remember very few names from my time here, although looking through some of the rankings charts did pull up some really familiar names — Karma Storm Ufort XV, our leader, as well as Karma Freak, Karma Aquitania, Karma NightHawk, Shadow Karma, Karma Fighters, Karma Chameleon, Karma Rapture, and a couple others. I only remember a couple leader names — Karma Aquitania’s leader was Eleonora, a pun on Eleanor of Aquitaine, and I remember a Tristan as well that was taken from some fantasy book. That’s about it though, since leader names (and kingdom names) don’t seem to be saved anywhere outside of those old tables.

But after writing all that, I actually realized that I had one remaining data source that DID list kingdom names and (sort of) player nicknames. My ICQ list! I’m removing the actual ICQ numbers of the accounts involved, but this is a treasure trove of province names and leader nicknames that I had long forgotten.

Age 6 – Karma of Darkness (16:20):

opiate – Karma Demise (16:20)
Eleonora – Karma Aquitania II (16:20)
Harry the Humble – Karma Kleptomania (16:20)
Pyke – Karma Chameleon CMJ (16:20)
Vice-Regent Grinning – Karma Fools (16:20)
kiwimoto – Karma Moto (16:20)
Kalinith/FFManiac78 – Karma Spirit (16:20)
Mic – Karma Souls (16:20)
Regent Kagrue – Karma Storm Ufort XV (16:20)
dancinfool – Karmas Dancin Fool (16:20)
Grey Wolf – Karma Specter (16:20)
Someguy911 – Karmas Vengence (16:20)

Age 7 – United Rule of Karma (47:18):

Ütôpiä – Bransles (47:18)
Eleonora – Karma Aquitania (47:18)
Wit Congar – Karma Sozopol (47:18)
Naglafarn – Karma Spirit (47:18)
Regent Kagrue – Karma the Chosen III (47:18)
dancinfool – Karma Freak (47:18)
Silverium® – Shadows of Dragon (47:18)
RaTheExplorer – The Exploring Ra (47:18)
Grey Wolf – Karma Specters (47:18)
DR.LaWLEsS – The Lawless (47:18)
Book of Nod – Karma Freak (47:18)
Spooko – Karma Awaitzzz (47:18)
– – Karma Rapture (47:18)
rave_rd – Karma Chaos (47:18)
GOOGAMMABOB – Karma Fighters (47:18)
Varvitsa – Karma Varvitsa (47:18)
Sting – appocolipse (47:18)

Age 8 – United Karma RAT (9:1):

Ütôpiä — Karma Inverness (9:1)
Soth — Karma Assassin (9:1)
Eleonora — Karma Aquitania (9:1)
§~cleanbean~§ — Karma Eternal Fires (9:1)
Pyke — Karma Chameleon (9:1)
SaliX — Karma Oranjeboom (9:1)
Naglafarn — Karma Mushrooms (9:1)
Regent Kagrue, AKA Kagz — Karma Resurrection (9:1)
Silverium® — Karma Xenith Rising (9:1)
RaTheExplorer — Karma Leprachauns (9:1)
Crucifix — Karma Parlia (9:1)
Grey Wolf — Karma Specter (9:1)
Book of Nod — Karma Realm Of Nod (9:1)
Spo0ko — Karma Maximus (9:1)
– — KarmaRapture (9:1)
rave_rd — Karma Cabaret (9:1)
GOOGAMMABOB — Karma Terror (9:1)
Varvitsa — Karma Varvitsa (9:1)
Sting — Karmas Apocolypse (9:1)
John — OFFENSE (9:1)

Wow, a lot of names that jump out at me there. I was struggling to remember what our leader’s name was, but yes, Regent Kagrue, or Kagz, was his moniker. I recognize and remember Eleonora, opiate, dancinfool, Varvitsa, Googammabob, Book of Nod, Naglafarn, and cleanbean, right off the top of my head, now that I’ve seen this list as well. I also remember my province name now — I might have used Karma Phoenix at the end once, maybe, and I definitely used Shionar at the very start when I first joined, but my province name was Karmic Strike for at least two of the three ages that I was with the kingdom, because it was themed after this L5R card (at least the Imperial/Emerald edition versions). I wonder where all these people are now.

As a sidenote, all the random kingdom names listed on those history pages are also kind of interesting as one-liner statements of the time period. For example, browsing through them shows things like references to El Nino, which indeed first became a big thing in the news around 2000 or so.

I also remember, around this time, a little startup game called Ambar: War of the Elementals. This was one of several Utopia-clones made by some people fed up with the developers (developer?) of Utopia. This one was themed after magical elements and had portals and such that you opened to other kingdoms/provinces but was essentially the same game reskinned. I did play that for a very short while but got bored with it once I realized this. Someone made a quick article on it over here (local) and it’s both a testament as to how bad it is as well as a quick peek at what it thought of its place in the gaming ecosystem back then.

Anyway, I might have played a little bit of Utopia by myself past the Seventh age, but if I did so, I never found another kingdom I was invested in, and I was heading into high school at this point, so I let it go and stopped playing forever.

… until 2011, where for some inexplicable reason, I decided to pick the game up again. I was living by myself at this time, in my Edmonton 205 home, which I moved in to in July of 2011. In November, I guess to celebrate my newfound freedom, I wondered about this game, found that it was still alive, and created a new account on it. It put me in a kingdom calling themselves/themed after the Nobles, and I played with them from late August/early September 2011, playing all the way until May 08 2012.

Going by the historical records and my IRC logs, I joined them near the end of the 51st Age. Apparently by THIS point they had implemented kingdom invites so that friends could play together, so although I was a random joinee, they sent me an email invite after I had played with them a couple weeks and joined their IRC, and I deleted my current province (I believe I used Karma Phoenix here as a throwback) and recreated it in the kingdom as Noble Phoenix, to match their name as well as to try out a new role as they needed an active player to do thievery ops in their wars or something. I kept this Noble Phoenix name through all three of the Ages that I played with these guys for, I believe.

In this 51st age, The Age of Dominion, which ran from July 22 2011 to October 27 2011, our kingdom was The Nobles (2:39). In the 52nd age, An Era of Supremacy, which ran from October 31 2011 to February 05 2012, we were The Nobles (6:19). And in the 53rd age, The Age of Havoc, which ran from Feb 10 2012 to May 08 2012, we were The Nobles (7:20). After the end of the 53rd age though, even though I really liked the people I played with, I had had enough of the game again and quit, giving them back my account, although they told me that I would be welcome back any time if I should change my mind. I received one or two emails after future ages had ended too, inquiring if I had any interest to return to the game, but I did not, as it was around this time that I had recently started on my new job (same department, but new role on a brand new team in Jan 2012), and handling an important part of my gender transition at work (which started with a talk with my former boss in Aug 2012).

I remember the people here really fondly though. Our leader was kingy, an Australian who typed really terribly and was kind of fearsome but a really good person to have as well. He was definitely the team dad. There were many other people whose names immediately rang a bell when I saw them in my IRC logs — Cheyenne, LfR, Aztex, achilles, Nineteen, PixieStix, Rebel, rambaldi, foxfoxfox, and a few others. I even apparently have all their IRC names and corresponding province names saved from the three kingdoms I was in in this era of my gaming history, so they’re listed here for completeness sake.

Age 51 – The Nobles (2:39)

achillies = Noble Achillies VI
Aztex = Noble Prize
Cheyenne = Noble Kitty II
cold = Noble Cold
cueballri = Noble Yang
foxfoxfox = Noble Brewery
hybrid = Noble Pie
kingy1 = Noble Kingsland XXIII
LfR = Noble LfR
mat_p = Noble Dinosaur XXI
Meklaw = Noble Noless
Nojim = Noble Freak
Noble_Rebel = Noble Rebel XV
PixieStix = Noble PixieStix III
rambaldi = Noble Elephant XX
Sephi| – Noble Sephster IV
Shiara = Noble Phoenix
TeLz = Noble Simulation
thenoble = The Noble VI
theone = Noble Kasper
winglord = Noble Winglord

Age 52 – The Nobles (6:19)

achillies = Noble Achillies
Aztex = Noble AZZZ
Cheyenne = Noble Kitty III
cold = Noble Cold
denis = Noble Bloke
foxfoxfox = Noble Indomitable
hybrid = Noble Pie II
kingy1 = Noble Kingsland XXIV
LfR = Noble LfR
mat_p = Noble Dinosaur XXII
Noble_Rebel = Noble Rebel XVI
Nojim = Noble Freak
PixieStix = Noble PixieStix IV
rambaldi = Noble Elephant XXI
Sephi| – Novle Epicness V
Shiara = Noble Phoenix
TeLz = Noble Simu
thenoble = The Noble VII
theone/franziskaner = Noble As If
winglord = Noble Winglord
RAC = Noble Thug
Kozak = Noble Taylor
Needler = Noble Discharge
Ram = Noble Backpack 1
malangen = Noble Lady
Nuno = Noble Darkside
Djent = Brute Shot
daddy102 = Land of Daddy
Arabia = Noble Arabia

Age 53 – The Nobles (7:20)

LfR = Noble Baba Jaga
Shiara = Noble Phoenix
foxfoxfox = Noble Vulpes
malangen = Noble Lady II
Sephi| = Noble Sephster VI
Nuno = Noble Darkness
Kozak = Noble Taylor
RAC = Noble Thug
franziskaner = Noble Franziskaner
daddy102/Macdaddy = Noble Daddy
kingy1 = Noble Kingsland XXV
Djent = Noble Dead
thenoble = The Noble IX
Ram = Noble Backpack II
rambaldi = Noble Elephant XXII
Noble_Rebel = Noble Rebel XVII
Aztex = Noble AZZZ
Hybrid = Noble Pie III
Nineteen = Noble Nineteen
mat_p = Noble Dinosaur XXIII
Tomgor = Noble Tomgor
needler = Noble Discharge
maggo = Noble Crazy
RomanLegion = Noble Legion
NobleSperm = Noble Sperm
Wrekx = Noble and Barnes

If my first stint with the game started in September 1999, and my second stint started in September 2011, I guess my third stint will be coming up in September 2023 next year, huh! I wonder if these guys are somehow still around.

It was kind of a stressful game though, because I felt like I had to be on standby 24/7, but at the same time, it was quite liberating, living alone and being able to plan my schedule, and being able to be very effective because I could pop on at any time of the day. It would be doubly effective now since I work from home as well. Hmhmhm. Hmm.

Last Year’s Entry #20

My corresponding diary entry from last year is My Diary #022. This was published on Sep 19 2021.

I added a bunch of local mirrors to links that didn’t have them, fixed some of the photographs to the standard that I’ve since adopted for the rest of the blog, and even replaced one link that was already dead, but other than that I don’t have much to say about last year’s blog this week. Except that I want to get back to that Japanese learning thing that I had started last year around this time, but I don’t really have time for it right now.

I also learnt while doing this that the CIL office has cancelled that Multicultural Learning Pods program that I took in Fall 2021-Winter 2022, I guess it only ran for two years during the pandemic and they prefer students fulfilling the requirements the regular way now (since it was supposed to be in lieu of the studying abroad requirement, which wasn’t possible during the pandemic). Boo though. This was a pretty good experience even though one of our coordinators did flake out and leave her job halfway through.


I had a series of really long dream diary entries this week, following a couple weeks of poor dream retention. It was an interesting week. On top of that, a couple of the dreams, on the 14th and the 16th, were thematically similar in that they both involved a me with a group of children and sniper rifles. I wonder why.

Sep 12 2022
  • Dad was driving me to some University buildings near a train station on his old motorcycle, but to get there he needed to drive down some odd footpath and we weren’t even sure if he was allowed to drive down that as it wasn’t a real road. An old man seated nearby waved us on though, and although I squinted at the signboards that we passed and noted that it only mentioned that bicycles were okay, I decided that as long as he didn’t actually park anywhere there it would be fine. So he drove off and I alighted from the motorcycle without issue.
  • I went into one of the lecture theatres and sat down on a seat amidst a number of other students. This was a Japanese 101 class, happening every Mon, Wed, and Fri afternoons, and this particular class was the first one of the year. The room went dark and an introduction video started to play on the projector screen.
  • This video showed another fictitious Japanese 101 class that was starting up, featuring a number of students that included a tall, blonde girl, as well as a a jovial female Chinese teacher who was also our actual class’s teacher, and a man who was acting as a sort of assistant principal and substitute teacher before the female teacher arrived.
  • The plotline was about how the man was trying to tell the class that the class could not be retaken for credit if you had already passed it before, and that they had gotten wind of someone in the class who was trying to fly under the radar and cheat, and the audience were given clues to know that this someone was the tall, blonde girl. But every time the man tried to get his message across to the class, a distraction popped up between other students and the blonde girl helped to resolve it in a really suspicious manner.
  • One of these distractions involved two students in class that suddenly started fighting. The blonde girl immediately “changed sides” and pretended to be the teacher, peacefully breaking up the sides and making both sides shake hands and tearfully smile at each other. She then switched back to pretending to be a student as the real teacher stepped in, said something, and left the classroom again. It was shown that the man, for some reason, was unable to tell (or unwilling to point out) that the blonde girl wasn’t the real teacher.
  • Another distraction involved a waif-like girl returning from the whiteboard at the front of the class after writing something on it, and a taller girl approaching her with her hand outstretched, wanting to shake the shorter girl’s hand. Upon shaking, the shorter girl realized that the taller girl’s hand had some sticky gum on it, and it had now gotten all over her hand as well. She was upset, but the blonde girl switched sides again and brought the waif-like girl up to the front of the class, pulling out four pieces of tissue from a tissue box and letting her clean her hand with it. The female teacher reappeared at this point, so the blonde quickly flipped back to student mode, pretending that she didn’t know what the tissue papers were for and saying that they were bandages that could be applied to the hand that would fix the issue when used four at a time.
  • The teacher took another four pieces of tissue paper and applied it to her own hand, and said in surprise that a little text message telling her that the bandage application was successful had popped up on one of the pieces of tissue after she had applied it to her palm. The blonde girl was surprised and confused as she knew that this was a lie, and the audience knew that the teacher was trying to catch her out. I believe there was a third distraction attempt as well that involved the man and one of the students, but I forget the actual details, only that the blonde had stepped in to save the day again with what was shown to be “insider knowledge”, in order to distract him from being able to deliver his message.
  • In the end, the female teacher sat everyone down and gave out handouts with the class syllabus on it, before both she and the assistant principal moved toward the blonde girl’s seat and accused her of being the person secretly trying to retake the class. Their proof was that the blonde had circled a blank spot on the first page of the syllabus, and when the camera zoomed in to that spot, the audience could see that what was typed out on the second page was faintly visible through the thin first page. The girl had made a circle on the first page that overlaid some text on the second page — a name, Scott Selland, as well as his score, 438/500, which was apparently a previous student in the class that had set the high score record for Japanese 101. This proved that her true reason for taking the class was to try to beat his score. But she had revealed herself over the past few incidents because she “knew too much” on how to resolve those incidents too quickly, and that plus this incriminating circle meant that they caught her and tossed her out of the classroom.
  • The class laughed at this as the lights came on again, and I did as well, noting that I actually knew who Scott Selland was, he was in my class when I first took Japanese 101 a couple years ago — I -was- retaking the class sort of in the manner of the blonde girl, but I wasn’t actually signed up for the class like she had. We looked down at this point and noticed that we all had also received a two-page copy of the class syllabus that the students in the video had received at the end of the video, and that our teacher, the jovial Chinese woman from the video, was dismissing us because it was the introduction class of the semester which was now over.
  • One of the guys next to me mentioned that he was auditing the class, or at least the front part of each class, because he worked in the same department as I did in the University and our building was nearby and so it was easy for him to step away for an hour and stop by when classes were in session. He said that his plan was to avoid doing the actual homework assignments and turning in the essays so as to not inconvenience the teacher or overwhelm the students who were actually at a Japanese 101 level, as he had actually already completed Japanese 201 and perhaps 202 at that point. There was another female student nearby who was listening in, and she also nodded and said she was auditing the class.
  • I said that I was doing the same thing — I had not actually formally registered in this class, but was sitting in because I was also working for the University and had completed up to Japanese 301, but wanted to brush up on my Japanese before I went overseas to study in Japan because I hadn’t studied Japanese in about two and a half years, basically since the pandemic had started. I also learnt that the male student’s office was located on the second floor of the same building where my office was located, except mine used to be on the third floor but had recently been shifted to the first floor. Due to that, I only faintly recognized him at best as we were on different teams.
  • I asked him if he had reached out to the teacher about this to tell her his plans to audit the class, as I had not and had just waltzed in as there were spare seats. He said he had, and that she was very receptive and welcome to the idea of more students being interested in the language, so I resolved to do so when I got home as well. For now though, I packed up my bag and left the lecture hall.
  • Somewhere along the way, there was an additional note as well that I could do writeups about the class with Seren, /r/anime Writing Club style, and post them somewhere, if I wanted to.
  • I went over to the nearby train station, passing by a blob of people that I recognized as my actual work team, who were headed through an automatic door to a room where the main up escalator of the station was located. I yelled out to Ronnie and waved at the rear of the group as I passed by them toward a side room with a different escalator leading up, and Ronnie turned back to look at me and yelled at me to join them, implying that he had something to tell me. I was already moving into the side room at this point though and hurried to the escalator because the paths eventually did meet up on the second level of the train station and I could probably meet him there still and probably even beat the group of workmates if I walked or ran up the escalator.
  • Along the way there, I passed by a closed escalator that led to platforms that served the train lines 6 and 8, which apparently had been split off into a separate wing of the station with its own external entrance room and escalator after recent renovations. The old doors leading to lines 6 and 8 were in the side room that I entered, except it was now sealed, and that was why most people no longer used this side room. But I liked that, as that added to the room’s allure — this side room with its old escalator that used to connect lines 6 and 8 to the rest of the station was now kind of a hidden secret that only the astute who knew about the history of the station knew about, and I liked the room for this.
  • Editor: I’m pretty sure that Scott Selland was an actual person that was in my Japanese 101, 102, and 201 class. The detail about taking up to Japanese 301 is correct as well, although the timeline is slightly off, it hasn’t quite been two and a half years since I last took 301. Seren and I were also indeed Writing Club partners in the past.
Sep 14 2022
  • I was playing a new MMO set in a slightly pre-modernistic city, around the 1990s or so, our main weapons were rifles and bows and we had lots of skills to pick from too, but only a set number of skill points to assign to them. The main plotline of the dream was that a bunch of people were just hitting max level, so the community wanted to start a public group to take on the first raid of the game, and we were meeting up in a HDB apartment where we could pick our weapon and allot our skill points and would then be put into groups depending on what the raid leaders, who were adults and thus could not actually participate in the combat as only us children characters were allowed to carry guns but were very much a presence in game and could order us around, would decide what our role in the upcoming raid would be.
  • This gathering part of the dream played out twice for some reason. The first time, there were only really 6 of us or so that showed up, and I spent the time crunching numbers on my skills in some test zone, There were 6 DPS skill trees of 5 skills each that were displayed horizontally from left to right, and for each skill in those trees you had to buy the previous skill in order to be able to access the next one, and the first tree was really popular because while most of the trees had the first skill do the least DPS and the rest of the skills gradually increase DPS as you went to the right until the top tier/rightmost one which did the most damage, the first tree had it in reverse, with the leftmost first skill doing the most DPS and the rest of them gradually doing less and less. This was really popular because you didn’t have to invest heavily in the skill tree to do a decent amount of damage.
  • I realized that this was a newbie trap however, as that first skill of the tree only did about 200 DPS in my testing, whereas the fourth and fifth tree’s final skill did 240 and 250 DPS or so each. In addition, the mechanics of the game allowed for one trick — if I didn’t care about the fourth skill in the tree and only wanted the fifth skill, I could just skip the first three skills and buy the fourth and fifth skills anyway — the fourth skill would be deactivated because I hadn’t bought the third one, but the fifth skill would still be activated because I had bought the fourth one. So I did that. I also bought some skills in a vertical-aligned six-item purple skill tree that helped with sniping damage, in particular the first two skills, and then the very last one that allowed me to shoot up to 6 bullets without drawing aggro, with this number resetting every time I moved forward. So it allowed me to snipe things from afar without pulling a ridiculous amount of aggro (and possibly none at all, depending on how accurately I could follow the rhythm).
  • I had skill points left over at this point, and I noticed Tigey in the room as a striped white tiger cat who was bawling for his parents, so I adopted him for two skill points and two cats, a calico mother and its child, from just outside the apartment front door, they also cost two skill points each. I also found a few hidden skills in a cupboard in the apartment and learnt them, applying points to them as well. It was a pretty decent build, and while waiting for people to convene, I spent my time practising my shot in a scene that involved some train stations and multiple trains.
  • Anyway, this scene reset at some point and reverted to the setup stage in the apartment again. More people were coming this time, as more of the community had hit max level. I was the fourth or fifth person to arrive and introductions were made for the other people that were already there — I had already met them before in the other attempt so I knew their names though, even though they didn’t seem to know mine, so I just nodded at them. The adult that was overseeing us was blunt and surly but apparently not altogether a bad person, and he took one look at me and told a mousy guy sitting down on a chair by the wall that he was free to go home now, we would definitely have enough people much better than he was. He was convinced by either me or someone else who laughed and told him that he could stay for now though, as we probably didn’t even have enough people to fill out the raid, which required upwards of 36 people, but the mousy guy did not look too happy at this.
  • I assigned my skill points in the horizontal and vertical skill trees the same way as before, and had the same number of skill points left over after that. The bawling Tigey was there again, and although Ronnie appeared and told me not to play with the cats before disappearing for the rest of the dream, I invested two skill points into him anyway and went outside to adopt the two cats that I knew were there as well. However, even though the baby cat was still a calico, the mother cat was also a striped white tiger cat that looked like Mew this time. I adopted both of them anyway and brought them in, and then played with the three cats while watching others file in, filling in a couple other secondary skills in my skill chart and wondering why I had so many extra points this time.
  • Once a bunch of people were there and they were collecting parental consent forms for the raid and about to assign us to groups, Eisen reminded me that I had forgotten to take the bonus skills from the cupboard that I had the last time, before he, too, disappeared for the rest of the dream, and I quickly ran over to take a copy of a rather powerful skill from the bottom shelf of the cupboard. There were also a few stat-increasing skills on the top shelf that were supposed to be for extra dump stats, but I couldn’t actually reach it since I was such a short child, so I left them alone. I unassigned the points from Tigey and the other cats as well as the secondary skill trees, as they were now happily curled up in the apartment and I couldn’t take them along with me anyway, and assigned it to the powerful bonus skill tree. The remaining number of skill points went back into the secondary skill trees with utility and movement skills, just less filled out than before.
  • I also found out at this point that I was in some sort of gifted class — they hadn’t actually asked my parents for permission so I was a bit confused at the parental consent part, but that was because they apparently had a blanket approval from my mother that they had printed out like a small newspaper article and then laminated, and one of the adults showed it to me and said I was good to go. I also remember noting that neither a bow nor a sniper rifle would really bring out my DPS with the skill tree I had, due to the windup time needed for the bow and the scope needed for the sniper rifle. I considered a crossbow and a regular rifle, both of which used sight aiming instead, and I opted for the rifle in the end.
  • There were six groups of six, and based on my skill tree, I was assigned to group 3, which was designated as the high dps, scout/advance team. A couple of them were specced similar to how I was — with crawling DPS that wouldn’t aggro things as long as they moved every 4 shots or so, and could snipe things from afar. Mine was that much better since I could shoot 6 times without moving. One of the other guys on the team boasted that he was specced to AOE, and could do 140 damage in a small radius around his target and could hit up to 100 targets at once with his skill. He seemed to lack that crawling DPS skill that we had, though, but he was with us anyway. I wasn’t certain I would be dealing much damage in this set up comparatively, but the adults seemed to approve of my setup anyway.
  • Not all the other groups were bad, there was a near DPS or tank team in Group 1 too for starters, but the adults eventually got frustrated with the rest of the community and the surly adult from earlier split up Groups 4-6, putting most of the children into Group 2 and calling it the junk group because they didn’t have enough proper gear or weren’t specced properly, and saying that their only strength was as a swarm group. He assigned a couple more people to Groups 1 and 3 as well but that was it, we just had the three groups left. He said to Group 2 that this first public raid would likely be the highlight of their game anyway so they should just be satisfied with the bit role that they were going to have.
  • We then finally started the actual raid, which led us through some outdoor streets and then into a school with multiple floors and indoor/outdoor corridors. Our sniping group was a bit cheesy but actually worked quite well, since the enemy mobs had tons of hit points and did a ton of damage. We would coordinate in group chat and weaken things down, and when they finally aggroed, the AOE guy would try to get them down before they reached our raid group and Groups 1 and 2 would engaged them if not. It wasn’t always coordinated, but it didn’t really matter at points since things wouldn’t aggro if we just kept moving — at one point we were outside some mad scientist lab and took turns plinking away to destroy some pipes and apparatus that were emitting green smoke instead of shooting the scientists, for additional objective points, much to the mild irritation of the adults.
  • At some point, one of the girls from Group 2 managed to coordinate that group through group chat, which the adults apparently could not see or monitor, and rush ahead to aggro a few things. We tore them down anyway, and then the adults scolded them for aggroing things and told them to stay back. However, this also caused the Group 2 members to be mixed up with our group, since we were positioned behind Group 1 but ahead of them, and so when the rest of Group 2 were told to separate from Group 3 and move off to the side, I and one other person didn’t see that happen. I was yelled at by the surly adult as I was in front of the other person and nearer to him, while the person behind me scurried over to where the rest of Group 2 was.
  • I was told by the surly man that if I liked being with Group 2 so much, I could just stay with them instead. I was irritated with him but decided not to push matters, instead I bowed my head and politely apologized, and he seemed very mollified by this, harumphing a “Well… we’ll see.” I also checked and pointed out my DPS numbers at this point and said that I was third or fourth highest (in Group 3’s group of 6) and so it would be much harder if I couldn’t use Group 2’s chat to coordinate with the others. The surly man walked away as he was too proud to say that he had relented, and a couple of the other people in Group 2 quickly pulled me back to them. We continued on without incident.
  • There was another scene I remember in the raid, which was when we entered a lecture theatre and there were a whole number of young students, probably about Primary/Grade 1 age, seated in the theatre chairs that were all facing the entrance that we entered the hall from. The boys were dressed in shirts and shorts and the girls had pinafores and blouses on, so it sort of looked like the Rosyth School uniform, and they all started singing and waving their arms around in a coordinated manner in welcome. We watched as they all serenaded us with the school anthem or something before standing up and filing out a side door, and we were told to ready our weapons and keep alert just in case. Nothing else happened in that room though and we moved on.
Sep 15 2022
  • I took a trip to Japan and stopped by a train museum located next to a small train station. The museum itself was just a really small room crammed with artifacts about the station, and one small corner, partitioned off by curtains, for the caretaker of the museum to live in. Barely anyone ever visited it these days, the caretaker said. I found a copy of a certain book there whose pages were falling off, but which Jeremy had talked to me about in the past — he had received a copy of it as a gift at some point and both he and Amy had signed their names on the first inner page of the book, before getting rid of the book at some point. Lo and behold, that exact copy that they had signed was now here at the museum, signatures and all. I pulled out my phone and took several photographs and scans of the book and the signature page.
  • After returning home, I apparently lived and worked in a three-storey apartment complex that was shaped as a hollow square, with the apartments all lined up along the rim of the square. My apartment was on the northwest side of the second or third level, and faced inwards. There was someone living on the southeast side somewhere, facing outwards, who was trying to both harass and impress me — I approached the apartment complex via the southeast side when returning home and he tried to plink me with sniper bullets. Ronnie and I went to his apartment at some point to complain but he was hiding somewhere and we couldn’t find him. Once I was in the actual building I was safe though, since he didn’t have any windows pointing inwards.
  • Relating to this was a small flashback snippet about some characters escaping from some sort of enemy conscription thing when they were young kids being sent out on a mission by whatever group or army they were forced to work for, by hiding where they couldn’t be found. One kid climbed into a tank-like vehicle, opened a latch in the vehicle to reveal a compartment meant for oil canisters to be put into, and squeezed into there, before shutting it with a click. Someone else did the same but inside a home, in a gas canister or washing machine or something. I remarked that all that was really risky because you didn’t know which hideyholes already had kittens hiding in them before you went into them, and that I was glad they were all now okay and had made it to adulthood.
  • There was also a cafeteria-like break room in the apartment building. I hung out there to do work with some workmates — Ronnie, Jeremy, and one or two other people. I showed Jeremy the pictures of the book and the signatures from the train station, he was mildly amused. I noticed that the pictures of the signatures were unrecognizable for some reason — the blue ink they had used didn’t manifest well in photographs or something. I had also used a scanner phone app to take some backup pictures of the page though and those turned out really well.
  • The four or five of us sat around a table in the middle of the cafeteria to do our work and hang out. This was apparently “our usual table”. There was some sort of video game scene or quest that happened here as well. We then wanted to eat and I remembered that another team had sent us a fireplace to cook food with at some point in the past, but I was away overseas when it arrived, so they had left an email telling us that they put it outside the cafeteria door. Looking at security cameras, I found that they had indeed left it there, but that another work team had “borrowed” the fire portion of the fireplace, which was a little sconce or cup which could produce fire when turned on.
  • We then decided to go to a nearby fast food place to have a meal instead. Jeremy invited me along and I accepted, but I was a bit behind in packing up my stuff so Ronnie said that they would get a move on first, as they were going to take the elevator down one floor and then walk along the corridor to the other end to leave the complex. I hurried up my packing and left the cafeteria after they did, and managed to catch up to them when they had entered the elevator but before the doors closed.
Sep 16 2022
  • I was part of a group of kids that was equipped with weapons and slowly clearing a zone of difficult enemies, either zombies or other humans. I had two snipers, one with a scope that could be zoomed in to a 4.0 magnification level and did shock damage, and the other one that could zoom in to 5.0 and did fire damage.
  • We were out in a darkened shopping street and headed toward some sort of outdoor strip mall area to try to clear it. The enemies had lots of health and were very dangerous, and most of the other kids had regular closer-range weapons, but the hope was that with a couple of us using snipers like I was, we could weaken the enemies before they got to us via headshots before the main group cleared them out. My sniper rifles did about 10 damage a shot.
  • This didn’t work so well in reality though, as the monsters aggroed and ran over in small groups, up to 3 or 4 at a time. I had one particularly powerful enemy aggro on me and run around trying to hit me as I ended up abandoning trying to do damage to it and simply concentrated on weaving in and out between other kids, trying to dodge its attacks while the kids attacked the other enemies that ran up to us in the same group as this powerful enemy.
Sep 17 2022
  • I dreamt that I was a police officer cadet involved in a variety of cases. There were both male and female police officers and when I was hanging out with the male ones, I was in my male form, whereas when I was hanging out with the female ones, I was in female form. Among other things, there was an outdoor warehouse shed where evidence had been hidden by criminals, and I was aware of this because I had watched them do so earlier in the dream.
  • The male officers combed the area first and I pointed it out to them eventually, even though at first I was reluctant to betray the criminals. The officers weren’t finding it on their own however — to me it was super obvious because the warehouse contained a bunch of suspicious cardboard boxes, graffiti and an explosion scorch mark on a wall, and a long park bench, but the officers skipped the warehouse when searching the neighbourhood because it didn’t really look like a real building. I eventually sat on the bench until one of them came over to me and then pointed out the graffiti on the wall and wondered out loud if that was a sign that something was nearby.
  • The two cadets I was with realized they had stumbled upon the criminals’ evidence once I pointed it out, but they wanted to keep the find a secret, so that they could milk it for maximum benefit and gain by slowly revealing evidence from the stash to their superiors. They marked it and went home for the night.
  • I then hung out with some female officers and also pointed it out to them. They were more eager to turn the criminals in, but didn’t want to do so until the next day since it was already late at night. I also had the feeling that if they did so, one of the male officers would accidentally lock them into the warehouse (even though not all the walls were present as it was partially open to the elements) and they would be trapped in there for days.
  • A young female cadet a couple years our junior left in a huff because we wouldn’t turn it in right then and there however, stating that she had other cadet groups that she needed to attend. Each group/team had two-words-long names and some sort of keychain or feather trinket as their identifier, and the dream camera followed her for a bit, showing her returning to her dark-shrouded classroom on the top floor of a school building, dumping her two keychains on a desk, and then leaving for the night.
  • I also left the area soon after to go home, as Mom had made dinner for me and my family was waiting for me. It was snowing, and as I crossed the traffic light at some bustling downtown city streets, the snow began to turn into sleet and came pouring down on everyone, who scurried for cover. I ran toward a nearby train station, and climbed down the narrow and eerie looking stairwell toward the platform, watching out for homeless drug-addled people on the stairs as I went down. There were none, though I passed one man who was cussing as he climbed up the stairs. As I continued downward, I found that the stairs ended abruptly at a two meter drop or so to the ground below. About 16 steps were missing. Another man behind me paused, and then said that this station was a temporary station that led to a small hole in the tunnel where the train would stop for people to get on, when the station was in operation, but that it would be unlikely that the train would stop right now since the station was closed, and so going down would probably trap me there with no way to get back up.
  • Turning around, I went up to the surface again. At the very top of the stairs, there was another door in the building that I was going to enter. A man standing there told her that Satinel wouldn’t like the game mechanics past that door though, so I backed away from it and went out into the snow again. I forget what the mechanics were, but I think it was something to do with the Re:Zero anime. Outside, I then saw the train station sign — it was a dull golden shade but was glimmering in the light, and it said that this was built as a heritage station that showed what train stations used to be like in the city in the olden times. It was indeed closed as well.
  • I headed on toward another proper nearby train station, passing an outdoor grocery store as I went. The store itself was closed, but the proprietress was out front sweeping away the snow, and remarking that the snowfall today had been crazy — she had never seen a day in all her time living in the city where she had to clear 17 inches of snow from her storefront twice in one day.
  • Entering the shopping center that adjoined the proper train station, I then headed toward the escalators leading down to the train station in the basement. I passed some food stalls along the way, but decided not to get anything since Mom had made dinner for me. Checking Discord on my phone, I saw Kynji post a picture of some strawberry ice cream that she was eating, and complain that she had never seen strawberry ice cream run out of strawberry so quickly. I quipped back and asked if she also was implying that the strawberry ice cream had also run out of ice cream that quickly or not.
Sep 18 2022
  • Snippet: I dreamt that I was romantically linked with Debbie, which entailed the two of us sitting together on chairs near the front left of a room as we watched a show on TV with mutual friends. This show was a Christmas Muppets show by Jim Henson, except that it started off as a horror movie. We both sat crosslegged on our chairs and had our knees and feet basically touching each other, with my left knee touching her right one since I was on her right, and we stacked cushions between us and on top of our knees so we basically shared those cushions as well. She had impossibly thin toes, and I grabbed one of them between two of my toes at some point, which made her pout and say that she wanted to do that to me first. I said my feet were ticklish and that that wasn’t going to work out well.
  • Snippet: This second snippet took place in a school, where I dreamt that I had a black drawstring backpack stolen from under the cubicle door in a previous dream while I was using a toilet cubicle. I had apparently panicked at this but was unable to locate the backpack again, as it took place after school and all the teachers were gone. I even contemplated pulling the fire alarm to try to get help, but did not. I’m unclear as to whether this was an actual dream in the past or not though. But for whatever reason this time I got to replay that dream as though following a walkthrough, and three gangster girls appeared near me to mock me when I offered some sort of reward. However, following the guide, I then “noticed” that they smelled really bad, and that was a clue to go upstairs to look at their classroom seats. Doing so, I found my missing drawstring backpack on one of their seats. They got in trouble for this but one of the girls murmured that they had taken it at the behest of the female principal of the school. Whether this was actually real or just her trying to wriggle her way out of responsibility was uncertain.

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