My Diary #066

Dear Tigey,

This was a quiet, lazy, end-of-summer sort of week. Even though summer technically doesn’t end until late September (it “officially” goes from Jun 21 to Sep 22 this year). Living in Singapore when I was growing up, I used to think of spring as being Jan 01 – Mar 31, summer as April 01 – Jun 30, etc, due to it being summer year-round there and that schedule roughly matching school year quadrants.

While that’s obviously changed due to actually living here in Canada in a four-seasons climate, I still think of the seasons as being offset 3-4 weeks earlier than everyone treats it here, so summer is around start of June to end of August for me, fall is start of September to end of November, winter is start of December to end of February, and spring is start of March to end of May, even if it’s still often snowing in early March.

Entry #066 (Aug 28 2022)

Table of Contents

BBQing sausages at…
ට  Work
ට  Life
ට  Games
ට  Plushie of the Week #64
ට  Song of the Week #41
ට  Memory Snippet of the Week #48
ට  Last Year’s Entry #17
ට  Dreams


No school segment this week as nothing of note happened there, but I did visit the University on Thursday to see the clinic there to pick up some prescriptions, and I stopped in to our “new” offices (which are shared hoteling spaces squirreled away in a couple rooms on the ground floor, as opposed to where our old offices were perched up on the 3rd floor of the same building) to say hi to Sandy, who was holed up in there in preparation for the new semester to start, since he would be taking a couple on-campus classes and needed somewhere to work between classes. How odd to see someone else at work. I also met Ronnie, who was showing Alex, our new team member on the developer side of the team that was merged with ours, around the University as part of his onboarding.

On Friday, we then had our second “team outing” in Whitemud Park, and we ended up going back to the exact same park and even same picnic spot at the end of the day. More people came this time, although two people still have not showed up for either outing so far. One was in the last outing but not this one. 11 out of 14 ain’t bad, though.

I made it there and back without any heat exhaustion incident this time, even though the temperature was around the same both days (highs of 29°C or so, though we were largely in the shade both days) so I’m glad for that. We basically sat around chairs and benches talking about everything under the sun, occasionally roasting a few hot dogs on Jeremy‘s BBQ, munching on potato chips that Melbourne brought, drinking ice-cooled drinks from Ronnie, nibbling on homemade cookies from Alex, or consuming steamed buns that I brought.

I ate two steamed buns, four hot dogs, one more hot dog in a bun, and seven little packets of chips. And here’s a gallery of some of the other pictures that I took.


As mentioned, the weather was hot and summery in the afternoons, with highs around 25-29°C all week, and the lows dipping down to 7-13°C or so at night. In the middle of all that was perfection, which to me ranges from around 14°C to about 21°C or so, with my particular favourite temperature being 17°C.

Along with that nice weather, blue skies was the theme of the week here, with multiple days of endless skies bereft of clouds in all directions. The boundless prairie skies really are gorgeous, as long as the sun isn’t particularly baleful that day since there’s no clouds to dampen her stern gaze. These were the evening skies on Sunday, August 21:

Okay, there’s a cloud there, but I liked the way the sun was behind it and the scene layering in general. This is noon on Monday, August 22:

And noon on Friday, August 26:

Spooky sunspot. I need to get a better camera. Been thinking about it. It’s surreal sometimes how the sky can sometimes just become an unblemished palette though. I always thought of Clouds Like Fingerprints:

Look up at the sky —
A unique cloud arrangement,
Never seen again.

But that doesn’t really work with skies with no clouds, does it? Damn loopholes!

On Monday, I went to the Chinese supermarket and bought myself a nice lunch and some other random things. I also picked up a plate:

It’s small and light pink and has little cherry blossom motifs on it. The texture in the plate is also slightly ribbed/tidged/bumpy. I’ve been eyeing this plate the last few trips to the store, ever since one of my other beloved plates gave up on life a few months ago, but had held off because I wasn’t sure if Singapore in Fall 2022 was going to happen or not. It didn’t, so I went to pick up the plate. Even though it’s smaller than the plate that broke, I already replaced that one with a spare plate from my cupboard, but I didn’t actually have a plate of this size. I do now!

I also noticed that they replaced the old washer and dryer in our laundry room with new ones that cost more — the price for a load in the washer or dryer has risen from $2.00 when I first moved in here, to $2.15 for the last few years, and now to $2.50. The sign on the laundry room door read:

But I’m sure the only thing they’re excited about is the chance to extract more money from the residents. We were also given a placard on our door that read like this:

My old laundry card still works for now, and apparently we can keep using it on the machines until we run out of money on it, but in practice it’s odd — even though both the washer and dryer have the same interface, it works on the washer but not the dryer — I had to download and install the app and top that up in order to use the dryer after I had washed my clothes this week.

On the other hand, one thing that is really, really nice about the new app is that it sends me a notification on the phone when my laundry is done. It’s not really a +35 cents per load level of nice though. There was also one laundry machine downstairs that still charged $2 instead of $2.15 that I would occasionally use as a bit of a lifehack to save 15 cents, that’s probably gone now as well.

Everyone seems to be trying to modernize at the same time, as I went out to Safeway on Tuesday and saw this sign:

The Air Miles loyalty program that Safeway uses is being phased out for whatever Scene+ is, which is annoying because accummulated points don’t carry over. Maybe give some sort of compensatory perk since you just wasted/cut off years of people saving up points in some cases. I’ve never actually redeemed anything on my Air Miles account but I probably will cash it out for something soon.

Southgate Centre Mall apparently also has a new tenant — I scanned this London Drugs flyer last week.

It apparently opened on Aug 19 2022. But I only actually went to check it out this week, and it’s in a newly renovated (mini) wing of the mall that had been shut off since before the pandemic started.

Cool, there’s an upstairs level with a London Drugs store there now, and another tenant (H&M) moving in below it later this month. This new area has some neat looking seating areas too:

And there was some sort of display/event down in the basement level:

I don’t know what’s with Southgate Centre and giant shoes, since this is outside the mall’s front doors too:

But I’m sure there’s some sort of story behind it. I’ve idly wondered about visiting the city’s archives to browse old newspapers and stories and such. I wonder if they let random people in to generally browse the archives and look for interesting topics without having a specific goal in mind.

Lastly, I stopped by the University on Thursday to visit the clinic to re-up my prescriptions, and while I had mostly a clean bill of health from my last checkup, the doctor noted that I still have elevated levels of Hemoglobin A1c, with my levels coming in at 6.3% when “normal” levels are 4.3%-5.9%, which still puts me around pre-diabetic levels. She said that it would probably have to hit 7.0% to be actual diabetes though, and that my previous tests had results of 6.6% and 6.4%, so it was headed in the right direction at least.

On the way back, after meeting with my workmates as detailed above, I stopped by the University library as well to take a photo of the weekly doodle board:

Not so good answers, apparently people largely want to barbeque Alberta beef, yakiniku, chicken, zucchini, peaches, the Among Us character, Instagram accounts, and people from Fujian province in China. Another thing I should do at some point — ancestry tests.

Online, I received an email from another Jessica whose email address was just one character off from mine — she had apparently signed up for an Aflac account under my name on accident and needed me to forward her a few emails so that she could transfer the account to the right email address. I was happy to oblige and she was very happy about that. What a nice, random connection with someone else.

I am happy to report that I started up another blog section in response to a need I found out that I had while writing my Memory Snippet of the Week section below. It’s a page to contain archives of text files and other long-form writing that I or others might have done that I would like to preserve. There is a landing page here, but I’m not sure yet if this is a thing that’s going to be as updated as the A Stack of Papers one, for now it’s just a repository I created where I can link a certain type of document that I want to archive on the blog.

Also, oddly, I got briefly sick again just before the team outing above, with both a cough and a stuffed nose the day before the outing. Amazingly enough, they both cleared up by Friday morning. I also finally got my first set of free COVID-19 testing kits from the pharmacy in Safeway since the pandemic started, now that the demand for them isn’t insanely high anymore, so yay.


By myself, most of what I played this week was Vampire Survivors — I put in about 15 hours and came out 28 new achievements/unlocks richer — I now have 76/132 done. Great game. I also played a bit of Monster Train and Alina of the Arena.

With friends, Deep Rock Galactic was on the menu as always, and Jah even streamed it during Jah Stream Night this week for Kynji, though she ended up not being there to watch it anyway due to being out cold with COVID-19. Here’s a picture of Jah, Nak, Satinel, and I (sort of) dancing in the space rig.

I started playing Across the Obelisk with Satinel as well, and it’s intriguing, but we’ve only completed the first act as of time of writing.

I also hooked up with a friend (Zhouxiaoyu, but I will call him Tes going forward in the blog) from many years ago as a result of my Memory Snippet write-up from last week, and we spent an evening logging back into Medievia and reminiscing about old times. The back-rent for my locker was 72 million gold… 12 years worth of unpaid locker fees at 500,000 gold a month. We didn’t have a drive to actually go back and play the game though, but it was cool that there were still about 30 online (many AFK) and a few people chatting in the hero channel and doing a dragon raid. Tes also sent me a log file containing all the room descriptions for our Clan 35’s clantown that Aydria and I had apparently helped write, although I don’t remember doing much of this. I really appreciated that he still had the text file though, as it had been sent to an email address that is now lost and so I did not have a copy of it beforehand. I do now, and it’s safely in my archives!

We discussed playing other games — Grounded, Satisfactory, and a few others, but we eventually settled on Gunfire Reborn, a roguelite shooter game that I had played with Satinel about 4 years earlier when it was in Steam Early Access, but which had since left Early Access and is even on the verge on releasing a new DLC now. Tes and I played the base game for three or four nights and had a ton of fun! The characters and their unlocked talents, along with the guns and occult scrolls that randomly drop each run, make each run feel quite unique — for example one run I had a bunch of cursed scrolls and things that buffed me if I had cursed scrolls, so I had exactly 1 hp for a lot of the run but had a lot more shield to compensate for it. Another run was the reverse — no shield but doubled and constantly regenerating health and all sorts of other synergistic scrolls that scale along with my current health. Here’s an ultimate glass cannon build where I have 0 shields and 1 hit point.

That’s a joke, I picked up occult scrolls that synergize with each other poorly just for the screenshot opportunity. I’m really happy I met Tes overall though, it’s been a blast catching up and playing with him and occasionally a friend of his, and I would never have thought, back when we were still playing the game, that I would be playing co-op games outside of Medievia and shooting the breeze with one of the friends I admired and liked the most, over 15 years later. They say (probably not verbatim) that it’s great to be financially rich, but the most important currency to have in your journey through life is the number of good, sincere, honest, and trustworthy friends you have, so it’s always great to be able to hook up with someone new that can rez my butt because I stood in yet another fire trap. Chalk this random connection up under the list of good things that would never have happened if Singapore Fall 2022 had worked out.

To top off this section, I have a severe craving for a top-down roguelike/roguelite right now, something like Elona+, which I also spent a couple hours playing earlier in the week. I’ve only ever played the very start of the game but I love the roguelite action/top down/exploration aspect of that game.

Plushie of the Week #64 – Pandas

Yes, I realize there’s already another plushie named Panda. That panda‘s name actually is Panda, this one is more of a placeholder because I never gave him a name. Or if I did he’s forgotten to time. So he’s Pandas because that’s what it says on the shirt. He’s an older plushie from our collection, I bought him from the University of Alberta bookstore right around when I was in the process of leaving the University to go study at the technical college in town to get my computer networking certificate instead, which would have been around the early part of 2005. The panda is one of the mascots for our University’s sports teams, specifically the women’s sports teams, with the men’s teams being called the Golden Bears, across all the sports.

He spent a lot of time on the chair in my siblings’ room in Edmonton 4012, next to Tizilla, so I ship.. err associate the two of them together a lot because they’re both around the same size and have spent a couple decades sitting next to each other now. They generally sit next to each other in the plushie pile next to my bed now as well, with other smaller plushies draped over their laps. He’s never been washed (or possibly just once somewhat early on) so he’s picked up a lot of lovable fuzz over the years.



Tag front:

Tag back:

His shirt comes off too, and he looks like this without his shirt:

The shirt itself looks like this. Front:


And my most favourite part of this — the shirt even has its own shirt tag. With a size tag on it.

Are there different sizes of the shirt? Who or what for? Was the shirt made separately by another company? Did they sit someone down in a sweatshop somewhere and make them put shirts on plushies? So many questions!

Song of the Week #41

Title: Isolated
Artist: Chiasm (Emileigh Rohn)
Album: Disorder (2001), Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines OST (2004)

To keep up the game theme in recent SotW segments, I first ran into this song in the Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines game, as a song that was heavily played in an in-game club where your character visited as part of his or her nefarious plans. I was mesmerized by the song — I spent some time just hanging around the bar listening to the music, and I still have fond, warm memories of both the bar and the game that are linked directly to this song, so much so that I occasionally contemplate returning to the game and revisiting this place again. The game was extremely atmospheric, and although I am not super familiar with the Vampire the Masquerade/World of Darkness modern fantasy world, Bloodlines was about as far immersed into it as I ever got, and I left smitten by the romanticism of being a vampire (or being stalked by one).

Anyway, this song followed me out of the game and into my life for a couple years, even though I generally am not a fan of “noisy” or angsty music. I liked the cool darkness of this song though, which apparently sits in a genre called darkwave, and now the song not only reminds me of Bloodlines and the dance club in the game, and my cute, unhinged Malkavian vampire girl that spoke like she had taken English lessons from an otherworldly, unperceived cosmic horror, but also of me working at the University and taking the train and then bus home after work to our Edmonton 4012 house, back in the late 2000s. Today, listening to this song, it feels like an old friend that I had long forgotten about.

I liked the game’s soundtrack very much in general, and so this was not the only song that I love from the soundtrack either (and I might eventually feature others too), but this was definitely my favourite of the lot. There are better (higher fideity) versions of the song, like this one with lyrics, but I picked this video to showcase because it features the full song from start to finish and also actually shows the club itself and what happens whenever your vampire character walked up to the dance floor of the club. The memories! The ambience! The vibe! The blood sucking! Err..

Memory Snippet of the Week #48

I talked about Medievia last week as the primary MUD that I played growing up and that had a major impact on my gaming career and my imagination of what a large, sprawling fantasy world can look like. This week, I would like to touch on my memories of yet another one that I remember fondly.

Between August and October 2003, I played on a MUSH named Winter’s Edge. Winter’s Edge was my first roleplay-only (no mob fighting) MU*, based on the Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition ruleset, and it was set in a small town on the edge of a rough wintery wilderness in a fantasy world. I played a character named Velyss (alias Phoenix), a bard who hung out in the tavern and library a lot and eventually joined a small group just outside the city and investigated incidents to do with a Mist that threatened to envelop the town and surrounding region or something. One could hang out with people and roleplay in the main town and give roleplay experience (nominations, or noms) to the people you RPed with to help each other level up, or go on Dungeon Master (DM)-run adventures that advanced the story in some fashion, but to actually level up your character you would need to submit an application to the gods stating what noteworthy thing you had done that level and what your character’s plans were, so they could weave your story into the world’s story (in theory). I did mine in the form of diary entries.

The group I eventually fell in with was called Stonesong Sanctuary, and their front hall looked like this:

Stonesong Sanctuary – Living Commons(#5048RAM$)

The main building of the Sanctuary is a longhouse of sod foundations, wooden frame and sod-reinforced hide-and-bark walls, crescent-shaped and with the roof high in this central area, and tapering slightly towards the shrines to the west and east. Although distinct items of furniture are few, pallet-mats of soft-wood slats and woven cloth cover the entire floor of the living commons, the weavings creating a mosaic of greens, reds, tans, browns, whites and blacks around the central fire-pit and chimney-flap. The floor is constructed in shallow tiers, some spots higher, some lower, allowing many to lounge in comfort and in all in sight of eachother.

In the south to either side of the door are the areas for food preparation and crafting; low tables are seen here and there for meals, though they are often rolled out of the way. Doorways in the east and west lead to the shrines of Duralion and Evighet, respectively. The north centre wall of the longhouse is decorated by a great weaving of many colours, a religious tapestry displaying many symbols of favourable gods, around the image of a World Tree. Inscriptions upon the tapestry abjure evil spirits from entering with the cold wind of winter. The scent of many herbs and incenses is usually discernable here, mixing with that of woodsmoke. Music is also near-ubiquitous, whenever someone is present who can play, and frequently lasts – if quietly – long into the night.

<<Places and +views are Present>>

Obvious Exits:
Library <LR> West Shrine <WS>
East Shrine <ES> Out <O>

She eventually turned into some sort of a caretaker of the place, but ran into some trouble with the administration because she had met all the qualifications to turn into a custom Mistwalker class that the MUD had, but the admins didn’t want to fully promote for unknown reasons (I think it was nepotism-related) and dragged their feet on it for several weeks, at which point I had already given up and moved on to another game. I remember sneering privately and noting to myself that it was too late, when I finally got the notification that they had decided to let my character promote to the class that I had asked for (and had plenty of ingame reason to pursue), even though I politely accepted the offer. Several of my friends had also already left the game at that point while my character was “on hold” for those few weeks, further dampening any desire to play any further.

I remember some of the characters and names from both Stonesong Sanctuary as well as the larger town of Vintermor fondly though, particularly Quinn, Ralzia, Erik, Diana, Oksana, Mirra, Aysa, Kerri, Scapenoose, Miruan, Meg, Szili, Aurinko, Rune, and probably a few more besides. Some of those are alts of each other, and others are DMs, but I do remember everyone and think well of them overall. Mirra and Diana would be names I would even later use as inspiration for other character names in other places — Mirra was my first ever MMO character’s name in Dungeons and Dragons Online as per Diary #064.

I also really liked my character’s quirk — she casted her bard spells by reciting rhyming poems, quick or low level spells were two line couplets, normal spells were four lines, longer and more complicated spells could be eight lines or worse, and I would write them on the spot (and even take a casting penalty to be more “in character” since it’s hard to recite a long poem in six seconds) and adapt it to whatever situation we were in or whoever we happened to be “fighting” through roleplay.

So for example, Cure Minor Wounds was:

A small boon, Goddess, that’ll go a long way,
Please lend my friend strength to perform this day.

whereas Cure Light Wounds, one level up, was:

As magic can tear, so too can it repair,
While it can kill, so too can it help heal.
Too often it deals death, destruction and pain,
But today, it shall help my friend’s strength regain.


Flame from the candle burning bright,
Bathing all in empyreal light.
Don’t go -too- near or the flames’ll burn,
But just right and your strength’ll return.


They surround you, the motes of light,
Phoenix magicks, foxfire bright.
Like a haze of mist they’ll stay,
Weaving their web, lending strength today.

She grew interested in the Mists over time, so some of her casting poems became mist-themed too, like this was Detect Magic:

Like I can hear the song of the land,
Within the mists, magic goes hand in hand.
Auras of dweomer, singing out with mirth,
A primal hymn, ever since Kivi’s birth.
Allow me to see, so my eyes will not forfend,
My quest to learn, to grow, to understand.

and this was Summon Monster I:

From the mists are wrought shapes untold,
Shifting, swirling shapes manyfold.
From the shapes, a square, four corners strong,
Choices, choices, light or dark, loyal or headstrong?
Like me, a companion of light, headstrong, I will call
From the essence, a badger, beside me to stand tall.

She was fire/phoenix themed as well due to certain character background reasons, and Stonesong Sanctuary was at its heart a nature/druidic sort of organization, so her Mage Hand bardic spell looked like this:

From water comes ice, as cold as can be,
From air, the wind, blowing sails on the sea,
Mother Earth, the land which sprouts every tree,
And fire, the Phoenix, a piece of me.
From music comes magic, and that’s the key,
Sound too can be forged to force, and set free.

And so on and so forth! I also won a room design contest at some point to design a library room, so they took my submission and made it an actual room in the town that people could visit. This was my entry:

Municipal Library

This room is cosy. Large enough to comfortably accommodate several dozen people, it features a grated fireplace directly across from the front door, the flames stoked from a back room so as not to present a fire hazard. From the domed ceiling hangs a chandelier, ‘candles’ ensorcelled by continual light spells giving the effect of lighting the entire room while not running the risk that mundane torches provide, that of setting something in this parchment repository aflame. Plus they don’t require as much upkeep. The ground is carpeted by soft rugs, patterned with common weaves of distinctive Melorian origin.

A plethora of mismatched bookcases are arranged about the room, along the well-plastered walls, each made from various hues and species of wood, from southern species of duskwood to pines from Vintermor’s taiga herself. Most are well varnished, if not overly so, and smaller mismatched cases are stacked atop larger ones, creating quite a haphazard feel to the room. Well-worn books are packed tightly onto most of the shelves, and several stacks of overflow do occasionally form atop the impromptu ‘ledges’ created by the odd-sized bookcases stacked on top of each other, or just upon a conveniently available chair.

There are several tables and scribing desks about the room, allowing one or two to comfortably seat themselves, or wooden chairs to be pulled up to cater to a larger group. Around the fireplace are several comfortable-looking armchairs, punctuated by stringy cushions. Several packs of cards, gaming chips, and traditional board games can be found in a corner of the room, atop a tiny wooden table. To the right, from when one enters, is a desk where the librarian usually sits. A door by him leads upstairs, presumably to his quarters. Two small windows along the same wall as the main door peer out to Ashtara Street.

\[center(-=+views and places available=-,80)]

Large table near the center of the room (8)
Small table on the left of the room (4)
Scribing desks on the right of the room (4)
Armchairs by the hearth (6)

plook 1
This is a rectangular wooden table set in the middle of the room, painted a dark shade of mahogany. Several stools and matching wooden-backed chairs adorn its vicinity.

plook 2
A white circular table sits at one side of the room, several tall and short stools strewn about the area nearby.

plook 3
Four individual scribing desks are located at the far corner of the room, for those who prefer personal space, or just some peace and quiet.

plook 4
Arranged in a roughly semicircular formation about the fireplace, two single-seats and one double-seat armchair line the circumference of a soft bearskin rug in the middle.

+view here/history
Commonly known lore about this place suggests that this building used to be the Lord Constable’s tower, before it got refurnished into what is now Vintermor’s municipal library. Added rumours also hint that a halfling ghost of some notoriety occasionally makes an appearance here, and is partly responsible for the haphazard condition of the library, although the librarian refuses to confirm or deny this to any degree.

+view here/fireplace
Flames quietly crackle as they consume hapless logs in the hearth here, fed by one of several assistants or patrons of the library when it gets low again. As protection against the fire accidentally spreading into the room, however, the fire is allowed to burn behind a slightly sooty grating instead of being exposed directly to the room. A door set in the wall near the hearth leads into a small boiler room where logs can be directly fed into the fire.

enters the library from Ashtara Street.
enters the municipal library.
heads out of the library.
steps out of the municipal library.

look out
This sturdy wooden door, banded with strips of steel, is well-oiled, to ensure movement in and out of the library doesn’t overly affect those further inside wishing for silence. It leads back out to Ashtara Street.


From outside:
<M>unicipal <L>ibrary

look ml
This nondescript stone building is locally known as the Municipal Library of Vintermor. An unbarred wooden door, banded with steel, keeps the cold out while allowing visitors in to peruse the works within.

Lastly, this segment is already entirely too long and this file is even longer, so I don’t want to paste the entire thing here, but I wrote up an astrology guide/”book” called The Tapestry of Stars as a contribution to the ingame library and world lore, tying in to the world-building lore file for the players that one of the staff members was writing. I actually have a copy of that world-building file archived here as well, though it’s incomplete (and I’m not certain if they ever completed it). I submitted the “book” and the DMs seemed to like it, but I’m not sure if it ever got uploaded to the official lore site at the time. I don’t think that bit was due to nepotism though, just ennui.

I also wrote a bard song of a world event that happened in the game, which you can find here. This song was called Song of the Red and I performed it once in game, but is mostly interesting to me right now because, as I state on that page, I barely remember the event any longer but the song itself now acts as a record of the history of an event in the game that otherwise is now basically lost to time (although I do also have game logs from that time, it’s a lot harder to post those somewhere and have them make any sort of sense). That’s cool, the use of a song as a tool to preserve history!

Last Year’s Entry #17

My corresponding diary entry from last year is My Diary #019. This was published on Aug 29 2021.

I see I was venting about the idiotic provincial government there. We’re less than a year from provincial elections, and so currently the conservative government is trying to buy people’s votes and make them forget about all the horrible cuts and things they’ve done over the past year, by giving everyone electricity rebates — $50 a month over 6 months, so my monthly electrical bill has fallen from about $60 a month to about $10. This is taking a page out of the book of the conservative provincial government from the mid 2000s who did a similar thing to attempt to buy voters.

I love my secondary school friends so much and am happy that I got to meet several of them again earlier this year. I can still feel the nostalgia and regret that I had when I wrote that Photograph of the Week segment last year, thinking that I’d never see any of them again. It’s amazing how one year changes things. I could not revisit my specific classroom as it had been converted into a lab of some kind, but I at least achieved that goal of revisiting the school itself that I wrote about last year, and what a precious experience and memory that was.


Not many dream entries this week, lots of barely-forgotten stuff lost to the dream ether as I got pulled back to consciousness. I feel like I’m slowly slipping further away from my wish to finally figure out how to lucid dream. On the bright side, I hit my 6 year anniversary of the dream diary this week, on Aug 25.

Aug 23 2022
  • Snippet: I remember the major plot point of my dream was that I was going around, possibly with others and possibly in a vehicle at times, to collect people’s “signatures”, which involved them pressing a button. There were lots of people in all four cardinal directions from where I was, and it involved a shopping centre visit at some point as well.
Aug 24 2022
  • I dreamt that our family moved out of Edmonton to a small town that was basically called Banff, except this Banff was some ways to the north of Edmonton. We bought a house on the south side of the town and were welcomed by the town’s residents when we moved in. Mom and Dad were there, as were Kel and Jon.
  • Kel, Jon, and I shared a large room, and there was a game we played in the house that would basically summon a number of live chickens inside the house for us to shoot when we intiated the game. As we shot each chicken, they would transform into pieces of breaded roast chicken that we would then put on a tray. The first time we played it, all the chickens appeared in our room, underneath our beds, which was really awkward but we tried to quickly shoot them all as quickly as possible.
  • Kel and Jon did most of it and Kel then arranged the chicken on her tray, as she had by far the most of it, while I scoured the main living room to make sure that there were no chickens there, and Jon took care of scouting out another small side room in the house. No chickens were found.
  • However, Kel pointed out that her alarm clock still had an egg indicator on its digitl display that indicated the presence of chicken in our room, so we even moved her bed to see if we could find a chicken underneath it, but found none. I turned off the alarm clock and turned it back on and noted that that reset it so it no longer showed an egg indicator. I also accidentally hit the alarm button as I was doing so, causing the alarm clock to spit out some music and surprising me before I turned it off.
  • I told her that the alarm clock might have been registering the presence of the fried chicken on the tray on her bed or something, but that it was probably fine now.
  • I also asked her not to take too long, it was 6:30 pm and I wanted the family to go to the only shopping center in town for dinner, and we had to get there by 7:30 pm or it would be too late. I knew Kel went to bed at 8:30 pm and liked going for walks at 7:30 pm but I told her the absolute latest we could leave for the shopping center as a family was 7:20 pm.
  • This shopping center was located north of us, smack in the middle of the small town, and was apparently Sembawang Shopping Centre — “the old one, not the new one”, I thought to myself in my dream. I wasn’t sure what that meant except that it had better food than the new one. I went outside to talk to Mom and Dad about my plan too.
  • They were discussing the price of the house and asked me if I had written down the price that we had bought our previous house in Edmonton for. I apologized and said that I hadn’t really been taking note of our lives at that level of detail at that time, so I hadn’t written down that piece of information.
  • I did find a piece of paper with our current house on the left, a vertical line in the middle, and then some horizontal lines and boxes on the right that indicated a space that Dad could fill in in order to decide what shop space he wanted to purchase for his business. I found that I could move the vertical line, and the stuff already on the left would stay filled in since we already owned our house, but the boxes and lines on the right would expand and shrink, and if I slid the vertical line far enough to the left, the section to the right of the line would even split into two sections to accommodate him buying two pieces of property for his business if he wanted to. I placed the line back somewhere just to the right of the middle though as we didn’t need two shops.
  • Editor: See this page for my visit to Sembawang Shopping Centre earlier this year.
Aug 25 2022
  • Nak was playing a game that somehow reminded me of Crusader Kings 2 in the dream, although it actually played very differently from the real life game. It featured a map of England, with unfamiliar towns, including a port town named Waterside. The aim of the game was to set up a trade network and then take over the country culturally, with the challenge being that the England in the game was isolationalist, and so not really welcome to outsiders.
  • Still, as a merchant trader, Nak was given information on five towns as part of the game that were ports open to foreigners, which would allow him to get a foothold on the town and would allow him to spread his influence into the country from those ports. He inquired with Discord where the towns were, and we then asked him if he wanted to play something else with us but he said no.
  • He took over a port town on the northern edge, and then upgraded it to a farming town, which produced more food per turn, before one of us pointed out to him that the upgrade screen had tabs that he could look through and one of the other tabs would have upgraded the town to a merchant town, which produced more gold per turn, which was probably the best option for a rich port town that already produced gold. Oh well. He said he’d do that for the next port town, which was nearby.
  • Snippet: I remember getting on a bus that went from Camrose, a town just outside Edmonton, to Edmonton itself, one stop before its final destination in Edmonton. I and everyone else on the bus then waited on the bus at the final bus stop for our connecting bus to arrive, before the bus driver opened the bus’s doors and let us all out.
  • Snippet: I remember a train station scene as well that involved an MRT station in Singapore, likely Khatib or Yishun, and also involved meeting a couple of my Singapore friends somewhere. The only part of this I remember is that at one point I backtracked on my path because I realized that I had dropped a couple of my pencils somewhere along the way, and I found them on the station platform against the walls of the glass island in the middle of the platform.

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