My Diary #065

Dear Tigey,

This week sort of felt like it dissipated into thin air.

The days, they flowed by,
like water in a river,
around my ankles.

Hey, that’s a bad haiku.

Entry #065 (Aug 21 2022)

Table of Contents

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ට  Plushie of the Week #63
ට  Song of the Week #40
ට  Memory Snippet of the Week #47
ට  Last Year’s Entry #16
ට  Dreams


I didn’t sign up for courses and I didn’t go do any volunteering this week, so that’s that. I did receive clarification on why my citizenship renewal that I needed for Study Abroad was rejected by ICA, and it was indeed for a stupid reason: It was because my National Service obligations (since I was born a male) were not fully cleared yet, even though the presiding department, CMPB, had supposedly given ICA the go-ahead to continue.

That being said, it was the least stupid reason out of all the possible stupid reasons there were, as after experiencing the bureaucracy firsthand I can definitely understand one arm of the government not communicating with the other arm properly and someone up the chain being somewhat incompetent. I don’t actually think it’s my ICA rep’s fault in this case, though I cannot be sure about this. I had covered this base already and had my CMPB rep contact her to inform them that they should proceed with the renunciation (which I was legally obligated to do), but somehow that fell through and, after reporting this to my CMPB rep, she’s now apparently trying to contact ICA to find out why they still denied it.

In the meantime, ICA said that they closed my case and that I would have to resubmit a new application (3 month wait) once I had settled my National Service matters. What the hell? My next chance of entry to Singapore, for the Winter/Spring semester, is only 4 and a half months away. I’ll have to follow up and make some decisions on this soon.

The bright side of this though is that I can also apply some pressure on the CMPB side to see if they can actually finally get my damned paperwork there done. They’ve been twiddling their thumbs on my case for nearly 3 years already, nearly 1 year since they granted me my PES-F exemption and said I would get my paperwork for it soon, and nearly 3 months since I visited Singapore at their request to try to speed up their process and submit a statement/see their medical staff (which I was then told, on the day of, that it was no longer needed). I really like my rep though even though nothing seems to move on her end, so I don’t really want to press her too hard either.

So anyway there might also be a trip to Vancouver in my somewhat near future to try to get the renunciation ball rolling again, depending on what CMPB tells me to do. Vancouver and Toronto, at least, are where the two Singaporean embassies in Canada are located at.


The developer side of our merged team has their second team member, Alex, start on Monday. Our supervisor plans to show him around the (deserted) offices some time next week, and I also have to go down next week on either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday to visit the University clinic, so I plan to see if I can line up the day with that visit in order to also meet them and say hi while I’m there.

Then again, we have a team meetup in one of the parks (possibly the exact same one as last time) this upcoming Friday, so he might be there as well.

Our ticket volume is definitely heating up, we are a couple weeks away now from what is traditionally our busiest time of the year, so projects are being put aside and people are getting back into “answering tickets” mode for the most part, on our application support side of the merged team.

I went down to pick up my new work laptop this week as well, replacing my old Surface Pro that broke on my trip to Singapore. It was due for evergreening anyway as it was over 4 years old, and it was replaced with a bulkier Dell Latitude 5420. It is running Windows 11 as well, and is the first machine that I will have had that runs that operating system. Not that I’ve used it yet. I do wish the laptop was smaller — the Surface Pro (2017) was 12 inches and change, whereas this one is 14 inches across the diagonal, and doesn’t quite fit into my shoulder sling bag. I don’t think I will find a laptop smaller than 14 inches that will fit my needs, though, for when I actually buy one for myself to take along to my study abroad.


There were several heat wave warnings this week again, though a heat wave here in Edmonton is pretty much triggered when the highs are around or even just below the 30 degrees Celsius mark. The high this week was allegedly 32 degrees on Friday, which would just be a normal day in Singapore or California heh.

There was also a strong aurora watch alert this week, and they were apparently seen in areas around Edmonton, though possibly not in the city itself — I went out walking around my neighbourhood at 1:30 am on Thursday morning to see if I could catch a glimpse of an aurora, but all I saw were stars and bright road lamps. I had pretty clear views to the north but couldn’t see a thing. Walking about the neighbourhood at that time of night (and practicing defensive walking where I could) was a neat experience though. I definitely couldn’t help but draw parallels to a currently airing anime that also showcawses a lot of the beauty of walking around in the lonely, liminal night, though that wasn’t a motivation for me going out in the first place (that was the attempt at aurora-hunting). Here are pictures of a quiet major road at 1:52 am.

I also played around with a star map app that let me point my camera at the sky to get an overlay of what stars currently lay in that direction based on my location and time, in order to help with identifying celestial bodies in the sky. The app is called Star Walk 2, and it’s.. okay. It’s somewhat basic, and it works, though it was always a little bit off even if I tried to drag the screen to adjust the position of the stars on the overlay versus what I could actually see in real life.

Jah had suggested this app for me after a quick search once he saw my Aug 13 dream from last week’s blog entry. He then claimed to have no idea that the app had an overlay and also that he and Fames should try it out, just to make sure my dream became reality. The dream read like this:

  • Lastly, I was alone in Asia at one point and talking to my friends on Discord, and Jah recommended using a star app on my phone that I could point at the sky, and it would show me all the stars and planets that I should be able to see in that direction depending on my physical location and the tilt of the phone. While these apps actually do exist, this particular dream app then overlaid the stars and planets on top of the actual feed from the camera app, allowing me to actually see the stars through the city’s ambient light pollution and even through the sunlight in the daytime. I took some of these overlaid pictures with my camera app and sent it to Discord, thanking Jah and saying that I liked this app very much. It turned out that he had no idea that the app had that additional feature, and soon he and Fames and others were testing it out as well.

Silly Jah. I’ve actually seen and even used a very similar program before, called Stellarium. Both apps have both a free version and a paid version. The paid version for Stellarium is $19.99 USD/$24.99 CAD, significantly more than Star Walk 2, which has a version for $3.99 USD/$4.19 CAD, and one with bonus content for $6.99 USD/$7.34 CAD. Not sure which one is better though, or if they’ll even ever really come in use, so I’ve just stuck with the free version (of Star Walk) for now.

I’ve also been testing out a variety of scanner apps, the best one so far being vFlat, which not only scans to picture files but also attempts to straighten the page and can even remove the owner’s finger from the shot if the finger wasn’t obscuring any text or images. The page straightening is nowhere near perfect though, and the scanner app itself struggles with some colour combinations and has other quirks I find annoying, and when I test scanned a booklet with it, there were a couple pages with a mix of pictures and text on it that always turned out weird. I think it’s a great app for casual scanning though. And free!

On Wednesday, my apartment complex held a Resident Appreciation BBQ:

It was held in the grassy courtyard down below my apartment, so I could see (and hear) all the festivities from my computer desk just fine. There was also a heat wave, so I didn’t exactly spend much time down there, although they had quite a decent number of people down there for almost the entire four hours as there was a constant stream of prizes being given out and an energetic emcee lady who held events like a scavenger hunt (“find me a… pair of sunglasses!”) and asked people to sing karaoke for prizes. That did make the normally quiet neighbourhood feel lively and festive, which was a neat experience.

I did go down early on to pick up some free food, basically a bag of chips, a bottle of water (in lieu of pop), a bag of popcorn, and a barbecued sausage and bun. They didn’t even bother putting the sausage in the bun, the two were given to me separately on a piece of tinfoil, hah. However, that sausage was extremely savoury. I’ve attached a gallery of pictures below to highlight the few game booths that they had at this little festival.

I wasn’t too interested in any of those prizes, which you can see in the fifth picture above, at least not to the extent that I was willing to spend 4 hours sitting on the grass and associating with people down there, so I did not even enter the draw like the good chronicler I am, and instead kept the little entry ticket and scanned that as well.

One of the prizes listed on that sheet was a kitchen and bathroom makeover, and I actually had already received one of those recently — I moved in in 2011, and in 2018 they offered to do a free makeover for me, which I accepted, so the management staff sent contractors by from Sept 11-14 that year to remodel and update the kitchen and bathroom. If only I had taken pictures back then. They also fixed my bathroom faucet this week after promising to send someone last week, so that was all the bathroom remodelling I needed.

My neighbours were also making a racket again on Wednesday, and this time since they were doing it during the day, I actually got one of the management staff to actually come over to hear it for themselves. She then went over to talk to the neighbours and found out that it was apparently their TV, turned way up, that was making all the racket. Mostly it was the bass from the TV, which I am guessing was placed right up against my apartment’s adjoining wall, that was causing me grief though, since I don’t actually mind loud noises in general. Just not to the point that the vibrations were physically hurting my ears with every pulse, please. They seem to have toned it down ever since — I still heard the bass a couple times on the weekend but it’s at a much softer volume now and doesn’t bother me.

On Thursday, I went out to pick up my laptop (see Work above) and on my way back, saw this rabbit:

I was amused that it was just sitting there, because my thoughts immediately went to this picture from My Diary #050:

That was from April 18th, and this week’s rabbit is from September 18th, and features the same window. I can just imagine the cat popping up slowly from behind the blinds, eyes wide and staring maniacally at the innocently chilling rabbit.

My cough from a week or two ago went away, but was immediately replaced by the same dry cough that I had before for a couple days again, which was really irritating. I found an odd solution though — ice cream! On that same Thursday, I bought a box of ice cream that was on sale at the local Safeway in preparation for the “heat wave” this weekend and because I had never seen that flavour before.

It was Bubble Tea ice cream, or “Milk Tea Ice Cream with a Brown Sugar Swirl”, and it tastes as great as it sounds, with little tapioca balls embedded in the ice cream too (though I don’t particularly like or dislike those, it’s at least an interesting texture and a speedbump against eating too much ice cream at once). This really soothed the throat, and by taking this a bit at a time, my weird residual dry cough was entirely gone by Saturday.

Arsh, the person who wrote the McNally High School 2002 graduation song and who also contacted me last week after reading my blog, sent a link of a song that he had (I believe) composed, sung, and then released last week. I listened to it and liked it quite a bit, especially the thematic contrast between the calmer and rougher parts of the song, so I will link the song here as well.


The only game of note I played this week outside of my usual games (Deep Rock Galactic, AMQ) was Ghostwire: Tokyo, because it was on sale somewhere (legal) for cheap. I like Japanese culture, big cities, and liminal night spaces (as well as neon-lit night cities in general), so this should have been right up my alley. It runs like crap though, though I think my computer specs are a little bit under minimum, but it’s not really graphical problems that seem to plague the game, it just feels like I’m constantly fighting the movement and camera because it’s not intuitively smooth (when using mouse/keyboard) and gives me a mild headache if I play it too much at once, and the cutscenes are horrible, with audio and video desynced by up to 30 seconds at a time, which apparently happens to everyone no matter what their computer specs are, unless they know to go into windowed mode (1080p or less) before starting the cutscene. That’s a ridiculous and still unfixed bug nearly 6 months after launch.

Plushie of the Week #63 – Hang Glider

We don’t know exactly when or how Hang Glider came into our lives, but he was a popular Ty plushie among us siblings when we were all living together at Edmonton 4012, so this would have been in the mid 2000s at some point. Possibly from a box of smoke-stained Ty plushies that Dad brought home from a customer that had left them with him at his laundry shop and that he had cleaned up afterwards, or possibly from some other place. At any rate, the official agreed-upon story among us siblings is that he “glided into our lives one day” and has been here ever since.

He doesn’t have much of a personality or backstory beyond that, but he’s cute! His Ty name is just Glider as well, according to his tag, so this time at least our naming-fu was slightly stronger than the company that created him. From my Jan 30 2022 stash of pictures:



Lying down and suntanning:


Reverse tag:

Ty tag front:

Ty tag back

Ty tag inside:

Cute poem!

Song of the Week #40

Title: Maze of Life
Artist: Yumi Kawamura, Shihoko Hirata
Album: Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth OST (2014)

From a 2014 Japanese game soundtrack last week to another one this week, Maze of Life is an English song and the main theme of the Persona Q game for the Nintendo 3DS. I love the song — to me, it encapsulates a wild and carefree sort of childhood life and the shining possibilities that most children have ahead of them. I also really like how the first few lines of the lyrics suggest that incidental childhood friendships lead to life-changing experiences for people. I’d like to think in a broad sense that I experienced some of that for myself.

I like the Persona series, though I’ve never yet completed a game in the series. I’ve gone some distance in 4, 5, and Q though, with Persona Q, a mystery dungeon game, being the furthest that I’ve gotten. I made it about 3/4 of the game I think, before I just lost interest in 3DS games for a bit, and it’s fairly difficult for me to go back to a game that I’m partway through. The game was pretty good fun though, partly because you had to draw the dungeon map yourself as you went through the dungeon, which was a mechanic that I enjoyed. That and the characters and their interactions were fairly cute. But the soundtrack captivated me, with this song and one other song, that I will also feature at some point, being at the top of the pile. They’re both on my general MP3 rotation now if I’m listening to my favourite songs list, and still remain as my top two Persona series songs, although this one tips out the other one just slightly for the win.

I don’t really have much in terms of specific memories linked to the song besides actually just things from within the game itself, or the act of lying down on my bed playing said game. It’s just a song that I really like, and that’s why it’s here! Listen to it!

Memory Snippet of the Week #47

For MSotW this week, I’m going to look back even further into my gaming history than DDO last week, and highlight a few guilds and people I played with in one of my most formative early games. The game in question this week is Medievia, a MUD game that was my first major foray into the world of Telnet games — MUDs, MUSHes, MOOs, etc, a journey that would eventually make me meet my first muse and online best friend at the time, Lady Jinx. My first stints in this game predate that relationship though. My first stint in this game was also my first time trying out online multiplayer games, I believe.

The game used ASCII graphics, though it had its own custom tileset as well for when you were out in the “world map”, I think. You explored their homebrew fantasy world, completing quests in zones to earn gear, running trade routes between towns to earn gold, and there was a lot of complexity to the game, you could fight (and ride) dragons, the “AI” would throw bandits and weird disasters at you while on trade runs, weather would cause calamities like tornadoes and hurricanes that ravaged the land and that you had to make sure to stay out of the way of, there was a custom quest system that often involved a scavenger hunt for items or mobs (mobs = enemies that you killed for experience and loot) across various zones, there were ships you could steer across a world as part of clan (basically a player guild) content, and you had to do a number of tasks to level up and eventually multiclass into all four available classes, the warrior, thief, mage, and cleric. And once your character had “completed” all four classes, which would take at least a couple months even playing actively, you would become a Hero and could unlock prestige benefits.

One of the lasting memories from the game for me was the concept of a dragon crystal as well. This was an invisible item that was a very rare drop from any monster in the game, but that was useful to any and every player, and so sold for a moderately large amount of money. Finding one was like winning the lottery, but trying to find one meant you had to be somewhat meticulous when looting mob corpses after battle. You could also go around looting other people’s mobs if they had abandoned them for purposes of speeding through zones for more XP or gear though, and it was worth just enough that there would be an adrenaline jolt whenever you found one, but also were cheap enough that it was not a huge deal if you accidentally missed out on one. The hunting/scavenging aspect behind this incredibly rare item that any mob in the game could drop was a concept I liked a lot and wish that other, more modern MMOs adopted.

It was all very complex, very shiny, and very fun. The game itself was run by a couple owners who were mired in controversy over accusations of code theft here and there, which I always felt were overblown as most of the codebase was obviously very much custom, but the owners weren’t exactly well-liked either and apparently eventually lost all their playerbase to more modern MMOs after a couple meltdowns long after I left, or something. I’m not interested in drama so I let all that be, but there’s no denying that their playerbase went down from probably close to a thousand players online at once in the late 90s to probably less than 20 right now (I don’t know for sure, haven’t been on in many years). My viewpoint on this is that I wasn’t there and thus don’t know, but that everyone is allowed a meltdown or two in their lives. On the flip side, everyone is also allowed to choose whether to spend their time on something or not, it’s a two way street — there was something I had heard where the owner was only approving new clans for people that would either agree to maintain the clan and actively play for at least a year (or three months?), or get their account banned in return, in order to try to guarantee activity from people that wanted to be community leaders. Compared to every other MMO out there, I can see why people would not want to invest time in a game after hearing such a thing.

They dreamt big and had grand plans for their game though, which I did appreciate, and I spent several stints in that game that probably totalled a couple years of playtime. I made sure to join a clan each time, as there were group dungeons/raids as well, and all the levelling and trade runs and stuff could be done in groups, which made things go a lot quicker and were a lot more fun. There were also inter-clan competitions that I really liked.

Anyway, I cut my teeth on being a member of a gaming guild on this game. I had several different stints in the game, and I’ll name a couple people from each stint that I remember, although there are many more names that had to be left off for brevity’s sake.

Stint 1: My first time with the game, which must have been back around 1998 or so at most, I played a character named Ellora and joined a guild named Soldiers of the Eternal Flame (85). Each clan had a number associated with it, which was baslcally a short form way of referring to a guild. The leader was Allyrellia, her fiance was Kendrick, and she would break off from Clan 85 shortly after I joined to form a sister allied clan named Eternity (8), which became the leader clan between the two (the alliance was called a “town”, not to be confused with physical clantown zones in the game which every guild had as a representation of their own creativity). She was really nice but I didn’t ever get to know her too well due to that. The main person I remember from this stage was a player named Lotas, who I hung out with a bit and who I exchanged a promise with that we would both make it to hero someday. He did indeed make hero eventually with that character, but I drifted away from the game at some point. I think Clan 85, being the original guild, might have out-survived Clan 8 in the end, but both are long gone now either way.

Stint 2: My second stint with the game came shortly after the first, and went from around late July 2001 to early September 2002. I had created a new character, Melyene, and I joined a guild named The Black Rose (46), which also was a sister clan to a main clan called The White Rose (2). Clan 2 had a lot of older players but also retirees, and Clan 46 had a lot of newer players, so that was kind of the dynamic behind the two clans. I rose to become an officer in this clan, and I fondly remember the other officers from here — Protista, Lilliana, Rhykiah, Cildanor, Cammy, Tyraen, and a few other regular players as well. Our clan leader was named Macardry, and he was a nice person, but he was also extremely inactive as he was one of the veteran retirees that mostly clogged up Clan 2. Us officers asked for leadership of the guild to be passed on to us at one point, so that we could actually do things, but the leader of the other clan (and the overall “town”), as well as Macardry, refused, and instead made Protista the assistant leader or whatever the role was called instead as a compromise. It still allowed us active players to do more things than we couldn’t before, but it was still a slap in the face and things started going south from there. Eventually, they realized that the main clan was dying as well and tried to recruit some of the Clan 46 officers to go over to Clan 2, which splintered up the active players and eventually caused people to just drift away. I stopped playing right around then. It looks like Clan 2 is still around after all these years, though probably still mostly filled with mostly idle players.

Stint 3: My third stint was really short, and took place around January to March 2004. I came back on to Melyene to poke around the game and the clan, but eventually met a friend, Kyrik, who invited me to join his bloodline as he had recently heroed and needed someone else to play a character under his bloodline. Bloodlined characters gain bonuses when levelling up and stuff, so that was nice, as well as a bonus based on how many of their children (usually recruited from other active players who had to agree to reroll) also eventually made it to Hero, with the caveat that each character could only ever have two “children” characters and if neither made it to Hero, then well, the item to remove someone from your bloodline and free up a spot in it cost real money and was rather expensive. Under his invitation, I created a character named Kethina as his daughter. I’m not sure what guild I joined here, there was a Cheese Merchants-themed guild that I know I was in briefly at one point that might have been from this stint, but I do know that I didn’t play very long either way and soon moved on with guilt in my heart.

Stint 4: Stint 4 started around May 2005 and went to about September that year. I returned to play Kethina, much to Kyrik‘s delight, and he set me up in one of the best guilds in the game, Keepers of the Black Chamber (35). Throughout stints 2 and 4, I spent a lot of time mapping zones on paper, and here I also started making a small mod that would hook in to the mud client that I was using, as well as an Excel database which had a list of items in it. There were many quests and challenges to do with finding specific items from within the game, and my mapping and list-making efforts along with that mod often allowed me to find where a really obscure item was in some zone or other. This clan helped enable that — they were probably the best clan mechanics and gear wise that I ran with, the people I respected the most, and they taught me a lot about the game and brought me to all sorts of high level, dangerous zones that I had never been to. Zhouxiaoyu was the leader of the guild, Jarran was the co-leader, and other notable people I remember well included Timeant, Noelio, Entrigant, Murdock, Tezak/Radenmyer, and Aydria. There were a good number of other names I recognized going through logs as well. I think Entrigant in particular became someone I chatted to outside the game for a couple months even after I stopped playing.

Finally, on Jul 26 2005, on a dragon raid against Tonvekmoth, the bronze dragon where Kyrik and some of my clan members were around, I finally levelled to 31 and got my first (and only) Hero(ine) character! Kyrik was delighted and spammed all sorts of chat with my levelup message. Zhouxiaoyu had gone to bed or something so he wasn’t around to see that. Every character is allowed a single custom message to be broadcast game-wide when they first reach Hero, and my message was apparently the following:

Kethina would like to thank her Kyrik and bloodline, Zhou and clan 35, and everyone else she’s met on her way to heroine! Woo!

Woo! Anyway, there’s no Google search result for Tonvekmoth, the dragon with the randomly generated name (they all use combinations of three arcane-sounding syllables from a predetermined list I think), but there will be after this blog post goes up!

I created a kid character the next day for another mutual friend to play and so Kyrik could finally continue his bloodline (as his other kid had also gone inactive — she would ALSO eventually return and make hero though), she was named Kylinna and was played by a player who already had a heroine character named Ymire. The day after, I created my other daughter character, Vanyssa, who was played by someone with other characters named Duissane/Juliesse, I was unfamiliar with this person but both Kyrik and Kylinna/Ymire knew her, so good enough for me. Last I heard, the Kylinna part of the bloodline had heroed several times over, whereas Vanyssa didn’t.

I eventually joined the enormous bloodline that Zhouxiaoyu, Tezak, and a few of the others were in as well, though I never heroed that character or got very far in it. They said they didn’t mind, since they had so much room in the bloodline. This new character was Alesha, and she joined one of Clan 35’s sister allied clans briefly — Clan 51, Mortis Eversio. I remember nothing about this besides what’s in my logs since I barely played this character.

Stint 5: This was my last stint (as of current day) in Medievia, and I played from around April to June 2008. I created a Shiara character and poked around a bit but didn’t get anywhere with her, as I was using her to figure out the game again and figure out if I still wanted to play it. Then I went back over to my Kethina character, and joined Rise of Mayhem (76), the clan that Kyrik was in, this time. I don’t remember a whole ton from this time but some of the players that I remember from here include Murghen, Tildabuilda, Atryxia, Nquadroa, Rzael, Vorpaxis, and a few others. They were nice, and I ran with them for a bit, as they largely did high level content as well, but I honestly don’t recall what all we did. I had no complaints about the people though, and although I don’t think they were as active overall, they had spurts of activity as well so I could still run interesting content with them, and a lot of downtime in between meant that I could concentrate on mapping or adding things to my item database as well.

At any rate, Medievia was pretty great, I had plenty of wild times and great memories in there, this recap doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the things I did and the friends I made, and I do miss it quite a bit — it was a good part of my gaming career growing up. The people are all largely gone now though, scattered to the winds of life. I was nostalgic enough about this that I found Zhouxiaoyu‘s email address and sent him a polite email after 14 years wondering if he still checked that email address (apparently he does! We spent a good evening chatting and I invited him along to some Deep Rock Galactic with my main Discord friends).

As of 2008, the bloodline Kethina was in looked like this:

# The Family Tree of the house of Hamtres:
# ----------------------------------------------------------------
# 1 Hamtres
# 2 +---Kyrik
# 3 | +---Alaina
# 4 | | +---Nysia
# 4 | | +---Khari
# 3 | +---Kethina
# 4 | +---Kylinna
# 5 | | +---Kyla
# 6 | | | +---Cyra
# 6 | | | +---Juliette
# 7 | | | +---Delunas
# 7 | | | +---Miki
# 5 | | +---Kyrana
# 4 | +---Vanyssa
# 2 +---Sherixa

You become a Legend hero after having a certain number of generations after you hero, I don’t remember exactly how many, four or five levels deep, so I had inadvertently became close to that in the ensuing three years that I was gone. I wonder if I’m one now. (Edit: I logged in and checked, and I am indeed a Legend, although our family tree still looks exactly the same as the above.) Definitely not by any of my doing though since I wasn’t around to help any of those other players at all, lousy parent that I am. Even though they all probably had more experience in the game than I did!

Last Year’s Entry #16

My corresponding diary entry from last year is My Diary #018. This was published on Aug 22 2021.

I have nothing of note to comment on this week, except that I’ve already taken this year’s version of that annual anime survey from last year, which starts off from the same website as before. I did this a couple weeks ago, and it featured some very strange questions that I shared with my main Discord server.


I complained on the morning of the 18th that I hadn’t had any cool/long dreams in a long time, and bam, on the night of the 18th/morning of the 19th, I had a rare 4-dream recall session with some cool plotlines in there. It’s only the 5th time in my 6-year dream journal that I’ve had a Dream 4 entry on any single given night. Now, I’d like to complain that I haven’t managed to go study abroad yet… nor win the lottery…

Also, I dreamt about Deep Rock Galactic twice this week, on Aug 18th and 19th. How interesting. And lastly, the actual 6-year anniversary of my dream diary is next Thursday, since the first entry in the diary dates from Aug 25 2016.

Aug 15 2022
  • It was late at night on the last day of school, and the last day before Kel went to start graduate school. Kel wanted us siblings to go out camping but Mom had said no. I talked to Kel and then to Mom and brokered a deal where we could instead bring our mattresses out into the living room (which looked like my Edmonton 205 room) and “camp” there instead — both Mom and Kel were agreebale to this but Jon said no because it was too much effort for no scenery change. So in the end it didn’t happen and I was frustrated about this.
  • Dad went to bed early this night after it became evident that he didn’t have to drive us anywhere. He had gone out to buy some late-night groceries on his motorbike first. When he got back and was about to go to bed, he declared something about only using analog clocks as alarm clocks and not digital ones. We also reminded him that the Edmonton Oilers were playing a playoff game on the radio.
  • We also turned on the TV to tune in to the game. The arena was very odd and the opposing side had no goalie, but there were some wooden blinds with stylized Japanese art on it pulled down from the upper rim of the net and dangling in front of the goal. It felt like the goal was an entry to a kitchen. Zhijun was squared off with an opponent just in front of the opponent’s goal and he suddenly took a shot at the net even though he was normally a defender. The puck/ball flew toward the net, hit the blinds, and fell to the ground in front of the goal. No one else seemed to react so he lunged forward and scooped the ball/puck over the goalline with a spoon to score a point. We cheered for this at home.
  • There was also a 4-player game segment where we were on a board with square grids and all of us had hit points and magic item stats — I had 2 magic items, one of the other players had 3, and the other two had 4. We were roaming around defeating enemies in turn and I was doing just fine with my two, until someone triggered an event that led to a wave of snakes flooding the board and moving left to right. This overwhelmed and defeated me, but not before I took down several of the snakes near me, so when I respawned back at my starting square, I hurried back to that area to loot the items that the dead snakes had dropped on the ground — there were boots, bracers, and one other piece of equipment that I took and equipped since I had plenty of free item slots.
Aug 17 2022
  • I dreamt that I had taken the spare circular chair from next to my computer out of the apartment with me because I wanted to get rid of, and also because it was municipal voting day in Edmonton and apparently I had an option to submit the chair to the polling station to cast my vote.
  • I first strolled out of the house and headed south with it, over a large hill and some empty streets, visiting and then leaving some sort of building with other people in it. I then picked up a flyer telling me where all the polling stations actually were, and I saw that there were 6 polling stations plus 3 bonus ones, and the nearest polling station was a little bit further south and west from where I was.
  • However, at this point I started to worry. I knew that people usually had an assigned voting station in prior elections, and there was no news of that in this election — in fact, I didn’t get any sort of voter card, so I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to vote. Would just submitting the chair be enough?
  • I also thought at first that if I couldn’t vote, I could just leave the chair there as well, but then I realized someone else could take and submit the chair instead and I didn’t want them to do that. At this point, I began to have second thoughts about even getting rid of the chair — Kel would use the chair to sit on when she came over to my apartment, after all, and where would she sit once I got rid of it?
  • I decided that I would keep the chair instead, though it would mean that I would probably have to leave it outside somewhere when I went to try to vote and then pick up groceries and carry it home with me again afterwards. At least it would be well-travelled like some of my plushies.
Aug 18 2022
  • I dreamt that I was just finishing 2nd year University with my friends from Dunman High, but they were just finishing their 4th year and would be graduating this year and leaving the Discord server that we were all apparently in. I was really sad about this, even though we barely ever used it to talk, because it meant that my one link to them was severed and that we couldn’t go for a meet up if we were ever in the same location and it was announced on the server. I thought of Debbie and our meetup when I last visited Singapore.
  • This was made more perplexing, but also sadder, by the fact that even though they were graduating, my version of the 3rd year University that I was going into would still feature them from 2 years in the past, as it was a sort of broken time travel, but because they were actually graduated and no longer there, I wouldn’t really be able to interact with them, only watch them, as those past events had already happened.
  • Later, I was outside the University train station/bus terminal and summoned a dungeon in front of a mall that consisted of an opening that was a large shark head with open jaws, and a shark tail several meters away. I went into the shark head and found some things to collect, including a couple spheres near the back of the dungeon that I had to carry out one at a time. The dungeon had an exit near the back as well, and that was an opening that dumped me out of the dungeon next to the shark tail. For some reason, I couldn’t use that opening to reenter the dungeon though, so I had to go around to the shark head to enter again to pick up the other spheres, each one as large as my head.
  • The second or third time through the dungeon, I noticed a side door leading to a classroom and entered it. That room was apparently somewhat out of bounds, it was where the designers of the dungeon worked. There was also a table there with 7 or 8 school report card books on it, I saw Ira‘s name on one of the books and I knew mine was in there as well, since I was 2nd year going on 3rd. I wanted to sneak a peek at my own book but decided not to do so and left the room.
  • As I was coming out of the room, I headed back toward the back of the dungeon, which was really just one long corridor, and went to pick up the last sphere. As I did so, I saw a group of girls entering the front of the dungeon — Rachel, Antonia, and a couple others from Dunman High. I sensed that I wasn’t really allowed to meet them, and so not only did I not tell them that I already looted the dungeon, I decided I had to hurry out of the dungeon and did so. I was worried that they’d find the side room and my report card though. Anyway, I left through an alternate exit that put me out by a side passage near the front of a mall building behind the bus terminal this time. I had no idea that that side passage existed and looked back curiously at it as I left the vicinity.
  • Crossing the road back from there, there was a wild dog or something roaming the area and attacking people to steal things from them. The dog had gotten hold of a pile of books that apparently included a couple of report card books as well, and a man came by and attacked one of the books to destroy it. He told a cop afterwards that that was his own report card and it was more important that he destroy it rather than let it fall to the dog. Another man passing by said that she, referring to that first man, was his son and that he could vouch for her. The policeman accepted the first man’s explanation but began to question the second man as to why he used female pronouns when referring to the first man.
  • I walked on a little ways after crossing the road and saw a bunch of tall buildings to my right, including a large beer advertisement on a billboard, I think it was for Budweiser. According to the ad, the wild dog had been placated and was now safely lying drunk next to their shop because the dog was German and thus really somehow liked their beer.
  • Later, I visited a casino, and hung out a little with Sandy from work, as well as Lee and Patrick from junior high, and one or two other people. I soon found out that they were all on a police watch list because they were all suspected in casino embezzlement, and so cameras were watching them, but that Sandy had just happened to be hanging out in the casino at the same time as the other people, who were the actual perpetrators. I hung out with Sandy, who told me that he just enjoyed playing the slot machines, and showed me some 90 cent and $1.10 coins or tokens that he had, and how the machines accepted those as well as $1 coins.
  • Editor: The large spherical balls that I was carrying out of the dungeon were definitely inspired by the Enor Pearls in the Deep Rock Galactic game.
Aug 19 2022

Dream 1

  • I dreamt that I was setting up for a Deep Rock Galactic dream with Satinel and Jahandar. One of them was hosting but didn’t set the lobby to be friends-only, so a random fourth person had quietly joined us. His username began with D or L and was 7 characters long. The host was loathe to kick him so they decided to let him stay until he proved otherwise. The three of them then realized that they had all somehow selected the same dwarf class, and proceeded to decide amongst themselves who would take what class instead so that we had diversity.
  • I ignored most of that as I was busy ordering food from a bar selling Singapore food in the lobby. The way the stall worked was that they gave me a menu that looked like a questionnaire, it had five different sections and with several different options for each section that would each add a portion to my overall meal. I was basically building my own meal, with one option being a choice of protein, another being a choice of vegetables, etc. I did sense that I was basically going to be holding up the group since I still had to eat, so I tried to buy as quickly as possible.
  • We also had to each individually pick a game modifier, or mod, for a special wave event that our mission was going to start with, where we were going to be attacked by swarms of large bugs and had to defend ourselves and wipe out the incoming monsters. Each chosen mod basically changed the event, and the way that they would apply and synergize would sometimes lead to hilarious or terrible combinations, but we weren’t allowed to talk about the mods that we had picked, and they would only last until the end of that special event anyway and not affect the rest of the mission. My chosen mod was that bugs would be forced to come in through two or three needle choke points in the terrain, so they would be easier to kill, but in return, my engineer turret could not be deployed and would not work for the duration of the special event.

Dream 2

  • I was in my Edmonton 205 apartment getting ready for bed and had the sudden urge to check my front door. I found that although the bolt chain was engaged, the door itself had been left slightly ajar, and there was a security guard at the door who had his key in the door and was rapping softly on the door while trying to close and lock it for me, but he was having some trouble doing so somehow. I didn’t hear the rap though and it was complete happenstance that I had the urge to go check the door.
  • Once he saw that I was here to deal with the door, he waved at me and continued his patrol down the hall. I was about to close it when I realized that he had left his key, attached to a small chain, in the lock. He had gone through a door and left to the stairwell by then so I couldn’t flag him down, but I sensed that going outside myself at this time of the night was somehow dangerous as well, so I took the key and brought it into my apartment and then closed the door properly.
  • Besides, I had my own problems to deal with. I went back to the computer, where I had been playing a game on my PC. This game was the third level of some strategy RPG that I somehow recognized as a game that I had played before and also recognized that it was a level that I couldn’t beat as it required too much micromanagement to do well inside a dream.
  • The game was set on a top-down map in a fantasy world, and I had two explorer-warrior units that were currently exploring the area around my base. Each explorer unit also came with four worker units, which I could use to mine out resources around me. However, some of my resource veins that were sitting unmined for too long suddenly exploded and became rock bugs that attacked me, so I had to quickly recruit two more explorer-warriors from my home base to defend my workers and base. This was successful, but now I had 16 workers instead of 8 and altogether too many troops, and less resources available to boot, and I understood that this set me behind my three AI opponents and was troublesome. I could use my sheer manpower to catch up but this would involve having to constantly check in and give orders to all 16 workers in addition to making sure my explorer-warriors stayed alive.
  • Anyway, when I returned from the front door to the game, I was ready to give up anyway, but I realized that the mouse had stopped working and was vibrating from side to side with a “hn hn hn” noise, with a short pause in between each vibration. The cursor also wasn’t working. Worried, I immediately rebooted my computer and disconnected the USB mouse from the keyboard USB slot that it was plugged into, but this just made the mouse vibration and noise increase in intensity somehow, even though it was now disconnected. The screen also looked weird when it first came back on at the very start of the reboot process, it immediately went to some sort of announcement with colourful borders stating that it was going to install something, and then automatically entered BIOS.
  • Editor: I woke up with a start at this point, and once I wrote down the first two dreams, that last dream made me have to go verify that the front door was still locked just in case, even though I remembered specifically checking it just before I went to bed.

Dream 3

  • This dream involved my Dunman High GEP class, mixed with other random people in a large classroom, solving whodunit detective riddles that were hosted by our teacher. The culprit in each riddle was someone in the class, changed with each round, and we had to figure out who the culprit was based on clues given. It was all done amicably and for fun, and several rounds were played. Also, once the answer was discovered, the teacher would call the student who had been chosen up to the front, and cast a form of clairvoyance on them that displayed their thoughts out on the front projector screen, and everyone would then watch to see how the crime actually took place.
  • I don’t remember much about the first two rounds except that they existed and were solved. I do remember that one of the two involved crossing a road with cracks in the ground, and my character plummeted through a hole as the cracks were crumbling under my character’s weight. I proceeded to freefall beneath the map for about 20 seconds before hitting the ground below and dying, and then respawned again back wherever we started and had to come back. This happened twice on different parts of the road just before the far curb. We had to cross the road to bring something to a target location on the other side as part of the round though, so the third time through I gingerly tested the ground ahead of me with each step until I found a path across with solid footing.
  • The third round started after a quick break, and we were all back in our really large classroom that was very similar to our actual Dunman High classroom, but with a ton more seats arranged in neat rows and columns. I recognized people sitting around me — Eugene, Zixiang, Paulene, and others. Paulene was a necromancer and had two pets, a bone monkey and bone bird, and a magnetic umbrella that she made some offhanded comment about. Eugene had a magical table that announced the true name of anyone that touched it, as well as made fun of them. A couple other people had weird trinkets like that too. I had a fire bracelet that might have been a gift from Paulene.
  • At the start of the round, the teacher introduced the plot — someone had bonked a security guard, stolen a precious coin, and left the coin on top of a tall metal cupboard in the classroom, which was basically also the actual cupboard from our actual Dunman High classrooms, except the room was mirrored so that the cupboard and doors were on the left side of the room instead of the right side when I was facing the chalkboard. Anyway, we were told to figure out who the culprit was and how the coin got up there, and how the culprit had planned to get the coin back down again if it wasn’t found.
  • This somehow led the class to a hypothesis that one of the students in class was fake, due to being able to approach the security guard without raising the alarm in the first place. Eugene requested that several people who were last seen with the security guard touch his table in order to verify their identity and they did so, as did a couple people who were wandering out to visit the washrooms. No fake person was found though.
  • The period ended and we moved on toward our next class, which was PE, although the puzzle was still very much open and a source of discussion through the period. On our way to the gym, we passed by a glass display showcase that featured mannequins of us GEP students, along with how poorly the principal thought we were going to do in the upcoming final exams, as he didn’t like us. There were rows of students arranged in front of plaques that read 0/10, 1/10, 2/10, and so on. I was in the 4/10 column, Allen was in the 3/10 one, Eileen was in the 5/10 one, and I forget everyone else, though it was possible that the plaques were also out of 100 rather than 10.
  • Phys Ed consisted of first a group warmup run, and then a volleyball game, and we were split into groups alphabetically based on our last names for the game. I was grouped up with Allen and two other people in the S-T group. I was happy and commented to him that even though we were good friends, we had never really played on the same team before. However, this was not to be this time as well, as we were paired up with people in the Q-R group, and we had 4 players as opposed to their 2, so the other team borrowed me to join their side.
  • We picked a classroom for our game court, and after clearing the desks to the side of the room, we used the center line of the room to denote and divide the playing field. Each of us knelt down against the back wall of our side of the classroom while serving and receiving since the room was so small compared to a real volleyball court, but all of us were fairly terrible at the actual game, and I said that I hadn’t played it for over a year at this point, so most of the points we earned against each other were via faults as we couldn’t even really serve very well. The player sitting in the middle on my Q-R team was tall and actually pretty good at serving, but I noted that they would never work in a normal game because by the time his serves made it across the halfway line, the ball was so low that it would definitely have hit the actual net. It did work in our setup though.
  • I thought back to the puzzle and looked around the room. Paulene was sitting in with us but not actually playing — because she was a necromancer, she had pleaded out of actually doing the warmup runs earlier as she said she was sickly and couldn’t run, and now she was seated in a corner watching us while putting her bone monkey back together and regenerating its health, as it had managed to fall apart into pieces somehow.
  • Inspiration suddenly struck me. I realized that Paulene‘s bone monkey could have been the one that bonked the guard, the bone bird could have been the one that placed the coin on top of the cupboard, and the offhanded comment about the magnetic umbrella at the very start of the riddle was actually a clue as to how she would get the coin back down later. I accused her of this, and this was apparently correct as she started running off at top speed. I chased her, yelling back that this was more proof of guilt as she had said that she couldn’t run at all earlier.
  • Later, once we were back in class, it was shown that my hypothesis was indeed the correct answer, and we watched the scene unfold via the clairvoyance spell. Apparently the way the story went, the guard had helped Paulene put on her coat just before she was going to leave school the day before, except he then tried to fondle her a bit, at which point the bone monkey came to Paulene‘s rescue and beaned the guard’s head from behind.

Dream 4

  • Finally, there was a small dream just before I woke up about a family whose Dad and two elder brothers worked in the secret police/army for the ruling autocrat. They had a third brother who was just turning 13, and the day before his birthday there was a scene where that youngest brother brandished a tiny shortsword in the air and declared that he was finally going to be able to wield his sword. His father embraced him and told him that he was happy he would finally have a shortsword-wielding teen.
  • However, the next day, on the day of his birthday, the father and two elder sons turned up at the family house with a couple other soldiers with orders to arrest the youngest son. The father went in first to talk to him, and tried to give him 3 minutes head start to escape, but he refused and instead used the 3 minutes to help the family retrieve laundry from the dryer. The implication of what happened afterwards as my dream ended was that the father and two elder brothers were instead going to surrender themselves to save him as it was more important to ensure his safety so that he could be some future hero to save everyone.
  • The shortsword was very unique and stood out a lot as well. The hilt was a large + sign and the blade itself was extremely wide, extremely flat, and extremely short. The blade was about as wide as the width of the hilt, flat as paper, and shorter than the length of the hilt. The blade was blood-red as well, and came with a comically small scabbard to be sheathed in.
Aug 20 2022
  • I was living in Edmonton and had keys to our Edmonton 4012 family home as well, but I wasn’t actually living there — the rest of my family were away on vacation and I was living in some other part of the city. Nonetheless, on the way home from school or something, I went over to the Edmonton 4012 house to check to make sure the house was alright.
  • I tested the front door when I reached there, and then opened the automatic garage door to test the internal door there leading into the house proper. Both were fine. When I turned to leave however, a group of 7 or so guys approached me, and one of them had a knife which he brandished at me. He asked if I lived there and demanded that I let him in so they could rob the place. I said that no I didn’t really live there anymore, but was checking the doors anyway, and I purposely didn’t accept or refuse his demand so that I could buy some time.
  • In the end, I escaped by closing the automatic garage door, and then rolling out before it had completely shut. This was despite me carrying a school backpack. I trapped a couple of the guys inside the garage, including the guy who had the knife, although the rest of the guys were outside. They were unarmed though and worked on trying to get the garage door open instead of trying to stop me from leaving, so I fled.
  • I ran one street away and tried to make a call to the police on my phone, but kept fumbling and couldn’t do it. A police car then drove down the street I was at, and I waved and hollered at the car until it reluctantly came to a stop and the male cop driving it invited me into the car to cool off. I told him my story, and he shrugged. It was a known issue, he said, and there wasn’t a ton that they could do since the boys had probably run off by then. He invited me to call the police number again to file a report anyway, and if the despatcher made a general request for a police car to go check out the place, then he would take that request.
  • I agreed and did so, managing to reach the despatcher this time and telling them my house address and what had happened. The despatcher was also reluctant to send any cop there for the same reason, especially since it had been about 30 minutes now since my tussle with the group, but she promised that she would increase cop car presence down that street. I agreed with that and hung up.
  • I picked up three tiny square magnets that had dropped out onto the car floor from my bag when I took out the phone to make the call, and then thanked the police officer before taking leave of the police car altogether.
Aug 21 2022
  • Snippet: I remember some sort of ship with a 3×3 series of square rooms that basically acted as the room engines. There were different staff on board the ships that could attend to the boilers to fix them, each staff member had a different skill, and there was some sort of melodrama going on, possibly romantic in nature.
  • Snippet: I was also playing a Heroes 3 game at some point as a Castle player, and one of my exploratory heroes was a Necropolis hero with starting troops plus one week’s worth of Marksman troops. She ran into two other enemy heroes and got destroyed because the one she fought had 6 little ice golems that kept on coming back to life after being destroyed. My main hero was right behind though, just delayed after finding a second unoccupied Castle town to the south of my starting one, and once she arrived she annihilated the two enemy heroes and picked up a wand of ice creation which must have been what kept the ice golems alive. She had a 5-strong cyclops unit stack in her army that took up a large 2×2 or 3×3 spot on the battlefield.
  • Snippet: I remember a school scene where there was a thief that would occasionally stop by our classroom and steal something left on someone’s desk, and we were trying to figure out ways to catch the perpetrator. I ended up setting a trap with some valuables lying on a desk at the back of the room, and two cameras set on nearby tables and pointed at it. But this didn’t work so well at first because my classmates were super intrigued by the cameras and gathered around them, both blocking their view as well as drawing attention to them. I moved one of the cameras up onto a shelf at the side of the room, and also put an Exit button on the table with the valuables that looked like it would shut off the cameras, but didn’t actually do so, in order to fool the perpetrator.
  • Snippet: Lastly, there was a factory scene that involved automatic production lines, and some sort of VR device that I used to jump to and visit one or two of the production lines at one point in order to see how they worked and even help the production along. I don’t remember much detail about the plotline here, just the factory itself.

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