Welcome to my online scrapbook and diary! Below you can see the last five blog posts I’ve written.

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Right now, my focus is just to get my weekly blog posts going. The format of the blog posts has shifted over time as I’ve experimented with it and learned to write quicker. It takes about 4-6 hours to write each weekly post, longer if I want to do deep-dive research into a topic.

The ultimate goal of the blog is to have a place where I talk about my life’s journey and how each individual part — my migration from Singapore to Canada, my depression and gender transition and subsequent happiness, my job, games I’ve played, anime I’ve watched, friends I’ve had, and everything else — influences each other and ties up together into one big package.

The weekly Memory Snippet segments help me build toward this by bringing my past forward, while the Life and other segments help me chronicle the current days. In the interim, I also hope to scan lots of random documents that I’ve collected over the ages as a digital archive of things, for future historians to come across.

My intended audience for the blog are readers 200-500 years from now or even beyond. While I have a few friends that read the blog, nothing on it is monetized, nor do I care about SEO or advertising, because I think all that would get in the way of the purity of chronicling. I am not looking to make it big or get famous within my lifetime.

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