McNally Awards Program – 2001

This is an awards booklet that was given to us by McNally High School in 2001, that lists honour roll students and achievements by students in various aspects of school life throughout Grades 10-12. This celebrates the Sep 2000-Jun 2001 school year, when I was in Grade 11. This booklet doesn’t have a date, but the previous year’s booklet was dated Oct 17 2000, so I am guessing that this took place around the same time next year, in October 2001, which would have meant that I was in Grade 12 by the time this awards ceremony rolled around.

As mentioned on the previous year’s page, I don’t have the 2002 version of this booklet, likely since I wasn’t actually attending McNally by the time the 2002 awards rolled around. If anyone has the 2002 version of this booklet, please contact me.

This page was written on Oct 04 2022. I can be reached by email, jesskitten at gmail.

Table of Contents

This page doesn’t require a table of contents, but the section is here anyway for the links to my other McNally scans.

ට  McNally Awards Program – Oct 17 2000
ට  McNally Awards Program – 2001 (You are here)
ට  McNally High School 2002 Yearbook CD

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I really wish they included the date on this booklet.

Page 4 — This is the one and only mention of Jay Bouwmeester from my two McNally Awards Program booklet scans. I believe he was in the cohort after me even though he was six months older than me according to his Wikipedia page, this is due to me skipping six months of Grade 9 when I came to Canada due to the difference between how Singapore and Canada hold their school semesters, and six more months from the actual difference in semester start dates (i.e. I believe students start Primary 1 6 months earlier in Singapore than they do Grade 1 in Canada, and then I skipped another 6 months when I moved to Edmonton and had to to align with the Canadian school year, so I think I was around one year younger than everyone else in my cohort). Either way, he definitely wasn’t in my cohort year, so he was in Grade 10 or 12 at this point, and Grade 12 makes even less sense. He didn’t sneak into any honour rolls this year for this booklet to be able to confirm this though. But I see lots of names I recognize in general.

Page 7 — I took the Computer Science 25X award this year after taking the 15X one last year. No Math or Physics this year though.

Page 8 — Lots of the 10X/15X classes got changed to 10I/15I this year. I for IB, I guess, but why the rebrand I wonder.

Page 10 — Here’s the Math contest page again, and just like last year, I ended up with loads of mentions on this sheet of paper. This is partially why I wish I had the Grade 12 version of this booklet, as this was still only my antics from Grade 11.

Page 15 – I got Honours with Distinction again somehow. I doubt I got it in Grade 12. I recognize and remember easily about half the people in the list there from IB classes.

No real comment on anything else!

Document dated: October 2001.

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