McNally Awards Program – Oct 17 2000

This is an awards booklet that was given to us by McNally High School on (or around) October 17 2000, that lists honour roll students and achievements by students in various aspects of school life throughout Grades 10-12. This celebrates the Sep 1999-Jun 2000 school year, when I was in Grade 10, so I was in Grade 11 by the time this awards ceremony (there probably was one, judging by the phrasing on the card, but I don’t remember attending it) actually happened.

This also explains why I don’t seem to have a 2002 booklet for my graduation year, just a 2000 and 2001 one. By the time the 2002 version rolled around, I would have been in first year University, and October would have been around first semester midterms, even if I had received a notification about the 2002 version of this, there was no way that would have panned out schedule-wise. October seems like bad timing for the school to hold an awards night for the previous school year. I do have the yearbook CD from my graduation year, but that did NOT have an equivalent of this booklet, with names and achievements and all, and that is a huge pity. If anyone has the 2002 version of this booklet, please contact me.

This page was written on Oct 03-04 2022. I can be reached by email, jesskitten at gmail.

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This page doesn’t require a table of contents, but the section is here anyway for the links to my other McNally scans.

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ට  McNally Awards Program – 2001
ට  McNally High School 2002 Yearbook CD

If you want to jump into my weekly blogs, there’s also this memory segment I devoted to the people I remembered from McNally.

Some of the pages are slightly tilted — while my scanning isn’t perfect, for the most part I’m going to claim that that’s actually the way they are slightly tilted in my booklet too. I have two Oct 17 2000 booklets for whatever nefarious reason, and the tilt of the pages are slightly different between them too, so this scan could probably have been improved if I scanned both booklets and then picked the best page from each, but the content is the same between both, and I have an imperial ton more things to scan, so close enough.

These are my personal annotated comments on this upload. I’m counting the first picture as Page 1 here when I refer to them, and incrementing up from there.

Page 6 – I won? a subject award here for Comp Sci 15X. The first digit of the 10/20/30 and 15/25/35 class numbers numbering refers to the grade year that we were in — 10-15 classes were for Grade 10 students, 20-25 were Grade 11, and 30-35 were Grade 12. The X at the end means that it was an IB class. I have no idea what the A, B, and P meant. I have no idea why some classes were 13/14/15 instead of 10 and so on though. Anyway, you’ll find that I also won the Comp Sci 25X one in the 2001 booklet, for some reason, but never did win the Math award in either year despite supposedly being really good at math competitions. Contest performance uses a different set of skills from regular classwork, I suppose! Also, under English 10X, I think they typoed Lisa Lai’s name into Lisa Lei.

Page 14 – Apparently I won a Physics 15X award too. I also have no memory of this. I will always remember our physics teacher, Mr. Jauch, and his memorable Victor the Vector character though.

Page 17 – I did sneak into the Honours with Distinction pile somehow though. I’m actually surprised I did when the list was so small — people that I considered great students like Kaman and Wela weren’t in here this year. Also, there obviously was one but I don’t remember a school council at McNally. I wonder if anyone I knew served in it when we were in Grade 12. Not that I’d know since I don’t have the Grade 12 booklet and the yearbook, for some reason, doesn’t include that.

Page 22 – Hey, there’s Arsh with a music scholarship. I’d never have known or recognized him if not for research from elsewhere (he eventually wrote the song for our 2002 graduation)

Page 23 – I’m all over this page. I remember Tom Prince, he was one year up from me and participated in a lot of math competitions too… but also never won the Math Subject award in either year just like me. Note that in competitions like the Fermat, which are “for Grade 11 students”, I was still allowed to compete even though I was in Grade 10 then. Not all competitions allowed you to punch up to challenge the grade above, but some did, and I received invitations to them based on my performance on other math competitions. The competitions were almost always held in the school library, usually in the morning during the first (or first and second) class periods. We’d get excused absences for them to go write the math test in the library. These invites would lead to a couple other interesting things that I hope to eventually share as well.

Page 24 – This CORS competition was basically a Microsoft Excel competition held by the Operations Management club (local) of the University of Alberta School of Business. I participated with Jonathan and Kelvin as a team for all three years that I was at McNally, going up against a host of other high school teams that were also more or less made up of people that did well at Math contests — I recognized many of them and we were Rivals! We finished 3rd in the first year, 5th in the second, and then 2nd in the third, never winning the actual big prize (new computers for the winning team) but winning $500 vouchers for a local computer store called Honor Computer Systems, and I believe $500 scholarships for the School of Business in UAlberta each year as well. I believe I gave, or tried to give, Jonathan my scholarships in the end because he was going to try to get into the School of Business, and the scholarships weren’t good for any other faculty. I always wondered what would have happened if I had tried this route instead of a stupid General Science/Math route that I did under expectations (“because you’re so good at math!”) and depression issues and eventually flunked out from. Operations Management was basically applied math puzzles and was really fun. Or at least, the contest was!

Document dated: October 17 2000.

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