My Diary #112

Dear Tigey,

Mom‘s finally home! Now you won’t get stuffed in a small bag every other day to go visit the family in a hospital.

Entry #112 (Oct 01 2023)

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ට  Plushie of the Week #108
ට  Song of the Week #85
ට  Writing Prompt of the Week #28
ට  Memory Snippet of the Week #92
ට  Dreams


Mom got *actually* released from the rehab hospital early this week, on Tuesday, and I went down to the hospital together with Jon at about lunchtime to meet Dad and Mom there before we all left together at around 4pm after her last rehab session or at around 5pm after her final dinner. At least, that was the original plan.

What actually happened was that when we arrived at the hospital ward that her room was in, the entire wing was on lockdown, because the two patients two rooms over from Mom had been diagnosed with COVID-19. We were still allowed in, we just had to wear masks until we reached Mom‘s room, but many of the nurses walking around were wearing both face masks as well as those full-face plastic visors, while most of the patients just sort of huddled in their room preparing for two weeks of discomfort. The nurses and therapists were joking that Mom‘s discharge was timed perfectly so she could hightail it out of there.

At this point, she had been here for just over 5 weeks, and we had become quite familiar and attached to several of the therapists and nurses, and many of them came by to say their final (hopefully) goodbyes or to give her some final self-exercises, tips, and so on. We mostly huddled in the room with her, watching her go through a final physical therapy session just before lunch that involved walking around a bit in the room, and then practising climbing stairs out at a nearby secret back stairwell that we had no idea existed as it was located behind a closed door that we never saw anyone use.

Then her final lunch came, and as always it contained things (carrots in this case) that she never requested — the meal prep service in both the Edmonton hospitals she was in was very, very bad. I scanned and attached the very final lunch menu that she had (partially redacted).

We (I) always joked that Mcd (minced) actually stood for McDonalds.

Anyway, her last occupational therapy session in the afternoon was cancelled due to the COVID outbreak in the ward, so we got to leave an hour and a half early, at about 2:30 pm or so, and I got a ride back to my apartment since it was on the way to their house. They also picked up the DeskCycle from me as I hadn’t used that thing in quite a while and hopefully they can figure out a good use for it at their place for either Mom or Dad, either at the computer desk or one of the couches, since they are probably not going to be travelling a ton for  a bit.

Talking about which, they’ve expressed interest in a Vancouver trip when Mom is feeling a bit better, and hopefully this is scheduled at a time where I can go along as well.

The rest of the week kind of flew by. One thing of note is that my apartment unit offered to give me a transfer to another unit if one opened (and a couple are opening end October) if I found the neighbour’s pounding bass noises unbearable, but I said that they only had made noise once in the past month or so so it was “getting better”. That one incident spawned another complaint from me which in turn spawned this offer as well as a visit from the housing folks to my neighbour, as well as our neighbours above and below. Everyone denied it of course but I’m certain it’s my immediate neighbour turning his TV on way too loudly, since I can hear bass-less noise (which I don’t care about) all the time from their apartment too. Apparently they’ll be there until June though.

Another thing of note is that the Summer Standby thing mentioned last week ended this week — the furnaces came on on Thursday, September 29th this year, and my slightly chilly nights suddenly became really warm nights and I had to turn down the thing at night to fall asleep. Although it was very toasty!

I also spent a good chunk of my free time in the week tweaking my blog and figuring out how to upload things to so I can use their upload space and landing page for my advertisement/flyer scans and link them back to my blog instead of having separate pages on my blog for each flyer I upload, because ultimately that sort of scan probably fits there better as a public archive than on my blog.

It’s easier to show what I’ve done, so for this week, I first split up my blog’s Table of Contents into separate pages again — I had combined them in the past, and I still kept a version of the Table of Contents with combined pages, but I decided that I didn’t like that style after all and it is better being primarily split up than combined into one giant page.

I then uploaded a few of my flyer scans to to start. They can be found here. I played around with formatting, file name, metadata tags, and worked through a few weird bugs that they have.. for example, I don’t know why the description/notes section allow different fonts to be specified, but they do. And the Internet Archive‘s uploading tool allows you to upload files and folders with an ampersand in them, but that breaks the upload in that those files/folders cannot be edited afterwards because the file browser section of the edit tool doesnt recognize ampersands, so the file/folder list for those uploads shows as empty instead. I had to reach out to Internet Archive‘s support to get that fixed, which took about a week or so.

Finally, I took the Table of Contents page for my Mailbox ads, and added a column to it for whether it was a local or link, as I started switching the test uploads over from personal webpage links (which I will be deleting the local copies of shortly) to these direct links instead. One of the roadblocks for me uploading more scans has been the need to name and number all the scans sequentially compared to my previous uploads and create a page (also named and numbered sequentially) for each one and link all the pages on it — this turned out to be mentally exhausting to start doing and made it so it wasn’t something where I could passively do a couple uploads each night or anything like that.

Doing it this way circumvents all that and removes one of my roadblocks from getting more flyer scans uploaded. It also removes a nagging worry I have that I’d be using up too much of Jahandar‘s “unlimited” file storage over time doing this. Offloading this to the Internet Archive would help a lot. Also, at 50 uploads I apparently get my own Collection on the Internet Archive.

Also here are a few spare pictures from the week. Firstly, a picture of two people chilling out at 8:45 pm last Sunday night at the bench in our communal courtyard.

And then on Monday, I saw a horde of similar road signs that were apparently usually stored in a shed but were being taken out for a walk. I was very amused.

A little later, I also noticed a map of Southgate Mall that was posted at one of the entrances — I had never noticed this before and it also includes a quick look at a bunch of Out of Bounds areas like employee passageways and such, so I thought it was interesting.

And lastly, it is Jahandar‘s birthday this weekend and as he is the host of this website, I am contractually obligated to blast out Happy Jah Day music for him.


After last week’s praise of Cyberpunk 2077, my interest level for it fell off a cliff early this week, because I found it very.. a mix of samey stories and activities and maps and a far too unrealistically depressing world with too much unrealistic “evil” and tragic stories everywhere I looked and not enough soul in the city somehow. It’s hard to describe what I felt about it. I’ll still probably return to it sometime soon, likely next week, at least on a now and then basis, but I ended up not biting on the new DLC, Phantom Liberty, immediately after all.

There weren’t enough things stimulating my imagination and making me make up stories as to what was going on or making me want to investigate further. I had a sense that it was rather soulless, which was an odd and sad thing for me to feel because I love the cyberpunk and post-modern aesthetic with their high-tech worlds and glittering skyscrapers and intrigue and all, as well as things like night markets and street stalls, and Cyberpunk 2077 has lots of that. But it didn’t feel like the city was in a grip of the clever machinations of a powerful megacorporation or anything like that. It didn’t even feel like a city, just a bunch of loosely connected but isolated prefabs stuck together for collect-a-thon purposes. It did make me want to concentrate on making a game so I can write out the stories and build out the worlds that I want to write and build though.

I did deviate to other games in my solo time this week, the main one behind Grand Theft Auto V, which I played for several hours. I also wandered off to SpaceEngine for a few hours one night, but found that while the graphics card ran it perfectly fine, the controls were as obtuse as ever and it wasn’t fun exploring places in it, so I left it be again.

I also wanted to try using the Steam Deck to play and read visual novels in bed, so I re-started and finished Christmas Tina in its entirety, all 31 chapters or so of it, over a span of three nights. I had acquired and started playing it two Christmases ago and apparently ruminated about never finishing it last year. I liked the coming-of-age romance story, and liked the characters, although it had plenty of unresolved threads (which is fine, it’s sort of a vertical slice of the main characters’ life), and a couple of “extra story” DLCs that aren’t translated to English (and that I don’t own yet). So that’s one language-based visual novel that’s I’ve finally completed. I actually think that this is only the 2nd game that I’ve ever completed (and also fully played through) on the Steam Deck, the other being OPUS: The Day We Found Earth.

I’m eyeing The Expression Amrilato next, though that might be too complex to read in bed since if I recall it actually has study sessions that the player has to pass, whereas Christmas Tina was a kinetic visual novel where the only button you had to press was the advance plot button. Also, one thing I did notice from reading Christmas Tina this week is that I need a cooling down period after I finish reading for the night before I can actually fall asleep, so I’m not sure it’s the best idea to actually do this every day. We’ll see though. It’d be nice to get into a rhythm for this, I have dozens and dozens of visual novels I’d like to get through.

For co-op games this week, Satinel, Nak, and I played a bunch of Monster Hunter: World, we’re somewhere in the second half of the story mode now, sitting at around Hunter Rank 13 or so, and happily farming the lower level advanced mobs while being destroyed whenever Bazelgeuse comes along. I noticed that my old main character was Hunter Rank 74 — and Satinel‘s character from back then is probably even higher ranked than mine (she checked — Hunter Rank 120!). I guess we still have a long way to reach whatever length of time we spent on the game in our original playthrough. I’ve been having Lord of the Rings Online and Final Fantasy XIV cravings recently though. And Star Wars: The Old Republic. And and…

Plushie of the Week #108 – Unicorn with Snowshoes

Except for knowing that this was a Canada-era purchase, I have absolutely no context as to what the backstory of this unicorn plushie is. I’m reasonably certain Snowshoes was an Edmonton 4012 era plushie, so it dates from sometime between 2000 to 2010 or so, but other than that? Shiranai. No clue. It’s legs are very weird, which is why I (or we) call them snowshoes. Her legs are bendy and stuffing below the body and above the solid “hoof” part.




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Song of the Week #85

Title: End of the Line
Artist: The Honeyz
Album: Wonder No. 8 (1998)

Two weeks ago, I talked about former #1 songs that I had, and mentioned that there was one with a prominent streak at my #1 spot that I had not featured yet. This week, I would like to introduce that song.

End of the Line by The Honeyz is yet another late 90s song in my collection of formative songs that I am fond of, and the second single from the group’s first (and apparently only) CD. I know the first four singles from the CD, which I apparently don’t own, and I largely like the four singles, especially the first two. But this one in particular took me, chewed me up, and spit me out again. Perhaps because of the train imagery in the title, perhaps because my time in Singapore was coming to an end at the time (I believe this was my favourite song when we left at the end of December 1998, and held that position until Westlife’s My Love was released in 2000), or perhaps I really just liked the vocals and instruments, but I was infatuated with the song and also definitely cried to it more than once way back then.

The song has all sorts of complicated and wistful Singapore connotations for me, especially in relation to my Dunman friends, in particular Huihan. It’s also somehow a song that I connect to my English teachers, particular Mrs Douziech in McNally, where I was from 1999-2001, and her flowery/fruity perfume. I also associate it strongly with the colour orange, a warm and mellow sort of orange, even though the music video is largely blue.

Apparently, according to the linked YouTube video, there’s a Malay version of the song too that was recorded a year earlier than this one in 1997 by other artists. Interesting! Even more interesting, one of the singers is actually one that I’ve already featured on another Song of the Week before. I had no idea. I’ve never really investigated the Malay sphere of music, but maybe I should see what was playing back in Singapore when I was there and not listening to Malay radio, and see if I recognize anything from there via cultural osmosis.

Writing Prompt of the Week #28

This week’s writing prompt reads:

“Word association exercise: Don’t think, just write! What memory comes to mind when you hear the word “accident”?”

I’ve already answered this one before actually, it’s the first motorcycle incident from Writing Prompt #11, back when they asked about illness and injury. The second memory would have been the elevator incident I wrote about right after that as well. This book and its duplicative questions.. Next question!

“Name a song that brings back a strong memory for you, and write about that memory.”

Very funny, I already have an entire weekly segment for this. Next.

“If I could relive one memory, just for fun, it would be…” Mention a detail for each of the five senses.

This is probably slightly derivative of earlier questions as well, but which one memory would I pick? Hmm.

If I had a time machine and could go back in time to relive a memory, it would definitely be visiting Kallang McDonalds with my Dunman High friends again. I was really disappointed when I visited the area back in May 2022 and saw that everything was gone, and I would be very happy to be able to hear the karaoke box in the McDonalds playing Lemon Tree again, to smell the mix of tartar sauce and tomato sauce that I used to concoct, to taste the fresh, cripsy fries that we would get for a dollar or two for a large pack, and then to walk around outside again, heading to the park to feel the warm Singapore sunshine and the warm wind under the shade of the tree that watched over us, and to see the smiles and uniforms of my friends again as we settled down for a game of cards or a long conversation about school or life. I miss 1998.

Memory Snippet of the Week #92

Linked to the above writing prompt answer, I scanned a sheet this week:

I don’t think it’s the *only* sheet I had where I tracked this, but I’m not certain if I have any others that survived the great purge. This one tracked the attendance of my classmates between Sep 22 and Oct 22 1997 to that above vaunted Kallang McDonalds in question, for the days where I was there myself. I know this was 1997 due to the class designations (1K and 1L).

The number after each K and L letter corresponds to our class roster number, I was L16 for example, and it looks liike the breakdown was done by hour, but I have no idea how I gathered data for the times that I wasn’t there either. Probably by interviewing some classmates who haunted the McDonalds as much as I did? The roster was arranged in gender and then by surname, so L10-17 were guys, as were K7-16.

I apparently made some sort of scoring chart as well, to see which class had more people that visited the McDonalds in that very small window of data that I took. Most of the numbers are fairly obvious, but I have no idea what the 3-digit number just after the timestamp in each row is. And why were we there at 10am to 2pm on the 20th of October? That was a Monday, during school hours, and we basically never played truant, not once that I remembered, let alone so many of us at a time.


Another 7-dream week, although all the entries this week were kind of short. Oddly, traps and treasures played a large role in my dream this week, perhaps due to the Monster Hunter: World game that we were playing this week. I was also surprised that Zhuquan showed up in my dream, as someone that was only with us in Secondary 1 in Dunman. He’s only ever appeared in 3 of my dream diary entries since 2016, and the last time he appeared in a dream was apparently back on Sep 22 2022. Then again, a lot of my Dunman friends haven’t shown up since Feb/Mar of this year somehow.

Sep 25 2023
  • I was on stage with a friend in a school hall, performing for a group of about 20 classmates and 1 teacher seated at desks, with two people and two CRT monitors per desk. We were both seated as well, and I had a microphone and was doing vocals, while my friend next to me was playing the piano. He had composed all his music into a CD and had brought that CD along with its lyrics book, so even though I had no idea what any of the songs were at first, we managed to more or less wing our way through it. I also talked to our audience of classmates after each song, stalling for time as my friend prepared the next song.
  • Our concert started around 1 pm, and we were hoping to be done our concert by 2 pm because one of our classmates had to leave then, so at 1:30 pm after we were done about 3 songs, we said we aimed to do another three and would probably be done by 2 pm. However, either the next song or the one after that was a confusing one, because it was a long song where I was mostly meant to read a poem accompanied by slow piano music, and only at its chorus did I actually have to sing with pitch and melody. That chorus was also modeled after a popular children’s nursery rhyme, just with different lyrics. I wasn’t sure which note of the piano tune he was playing to start my reading at, though.
  • Before the concert at some point, I had also visited the staff room in the school, where I had met some Japanese teachers, a former one as well as my current one, and one that I had not had for classes yet. I was on friendly terms with them, and my former teacher said that she remembered how I seemed lost the first time I had come to the staff room last semester to look for her, and ended up finding her in a neighbouring room to this one instead of assumedly waiting at her desk here or something.
  • There were also two snippets from somewhere in the dream, one where I was running through a three-storey indoor arena, linked to each other by stairs and slides, and picking up needles for points. There was a score of 15 or 20 points that I was aiming for. The other is where I either met or was working as a keeper or attendant of a building, and all the attendants had complete or near-complete logbooks of stamps from all the rare spawns in the building, which might have acted as a sort of zoo where not all the animals and creatures were present at any given time.
Sep 26 2023
  • It was 5 minutes before a test at school, and I asked the teacher, who was a homely, plump lady, if I had time to go to the bathroom and back. She said yes, so off I went. The bathroom was a single toilet bowl set inside an elevator, which was weird, and I was constantly worried that someone else would summon the lift from another floor while I was in it. I couldn’t reach the elevator buttons from the toilet bowl itself but went back and forth between the two a few times to ensure the elevator went nowhere.
  • Eventually I finished and went back to class. Everyone had started the test already so I knew I was about ten minutes late, but I had good marks in class and I had thought that the quiz was an hour long, so I expected that I would finish it with lots of time to spare anyway. She gave me the test, however, and said that there were only five minutes left on the test.
  • I hurried to my desk and started the test. It was a 6-page quiz about the nearby ocean and things like the creatures in it, plus a couple of nearby ocean towns and holiday resorts, so I jumped back and forth and started filling in the “easier” questions first, although I noticed that I actually didn’t know a good number of the answers, time limit or not. I also specifically remember one of the answers being about Smogmaw, which was a coastal port in Book 3 of Fabled Lands.
  • The teacher asked us to come up to the teacher’s desk and hand in the tests once we were done, and a majority of the class did so. She then started playing a video on the computer at her desk so everyone who had gone up to submit the test remained there to watch it. I was still furiously scribbling away, and I noticed that I wasn’t alone — five other people had not completed their tests and were still seated at their desk, furiously writing away.
  • I also noticed that my test was getting auto-marked as I went along, and that I would get red pen marks on my previous page informing me of my correct and wrong answers once I flipped the page to the next one, though I thought that was a bit weird because it meant that I couldn’t go back and change my answers even if I realized that they were wrong a bit further into the test. I could still go back and fill out answers that I had left blank, though. The teacher mentioned that eight people in class were stuck at 23.5/50 marks, but I tallied my total up and I had about 26.5/50 already, counting a calculation error that I noticed where I had five marks on a page but only seemed to be credited for four.
  • 15 of my marks came from a page where I had to sell cruise trips to external guests though. I had set the prices below market price so that people would buy that cheap cruise trip, but I had to actually honour those trips afterwards. When I finished the class and went back to some sort of control room, there were a few people there that were helping me run my company, two guys (who were twins) and three girls in all. One of the girls said that she had seen the prices of the cruise that I had sold and didn’t like that we were selling them so cheap, but that she’d honour them if I actually meant it, I just needed to speak to the twins first to confirm it. I did so and said that it was part of my last test but that I was okay with the discounted prices as long as we didn’t make a loss on the trip, as it was still priced very slightly above the base cost of the trip.
Sep 27 2023
  • I was walking about a couple of small square rooms accessed through what I think was a grocery store. Those rooms were part of a computer game and I had both a birds eye view and a first person view of them and could toggle back and forth between them. After clearing the first room of monsters, there was a passage to the north leading to a second room, but also a couple of corridors to the south that went to two smaller empty rooms and then looped back to the first starting room.
  • I installed some locks on the doors of the passages going south, and then pressure plates or lasers or something inside that would automatically close and lock the door once I unlocked it and went in. I used those as my treasure rooms to store artifacts in, and showed Satinel how the locks worked at some point.
  • At another point, a pig monster either got into the treasure room somehow, or got into the starting room where I had left some treasure that had not been sorted yet. It made off with a few, and I ran off after it. I beat down the pig until it was docile enough for me to snatch the treasures back from it, and then chased it off the ledge of an upper dungeon passage down into a lower one where it couldn’t climb back up. I retrieved three artifacts from it, one of which was a bunch of metal strips stuck together to form a thin, tall structure that looked like a crown or a piece of metal fence, and two others that I don’t remember. I also retrieved a pile of small, square pink cloths that had been impaled upon a spike on the pig’s back and had took me three attempts to pull them all off.
Sep 28 2023
  • Snippet: I was vaguely part of, or watching, a small group of mafia who had adopted and were taking care of a young girl. They had also bought and were moving into a small castle hideout located on a cliffside with a single entrance across a narrow ledge to get to the castle. There was also a dwarf and a small throne inside the castle, as well as closets which were opened and revealed to contain emergency canned food.
  • Everyone in the group of mafia had a special ability where they could prepare a few seconds of movement in advance, which would appear as a sort of blurry outline in front of them once they “readied” the movement, and once they actually triggered the skill again, they would teleport to where the few seconds of readied movement had ended. This allowed them to walk around enemies or across uncrossable terrain as long as their ending spot was safe. Also, they could swap gear loadouts, but that would reset any prepared movement, much to the consternation of some of the younger mafia.
  • This move preview was used to help move things into the castle, and I saw a minivan drive up and some of the mafia helping to unload things from the van into the castle. Among other things there was a red Playstation 4 console inside the van, turned vertically so it was standing on its side and shoved into a storage slot on a shelf just behind the driver’s head on the front left side of the van.
  • The mafia also had to register for some Google Group memberships, which were represented in world by little circular-shaped areas with a single entrance guarded by a plushie or something, which they used their skill to zip past.
  • Snippet: At some point earlier in the night there was a dream where I was taking a train with a friend, and she showed me on a tablet how to log in on an app using Steffy‘s credentials by dragging and dropping another app which Steffy had already logged into, onto the target app we were trying to log in on. This seemed insecure.
Sep 29 2023
  • My school went on a trip to a nearby farm, where we were shown four small plants or trees located inside four large bell jars, and told that they belonged to our class. Moreover, the four trees lasted for a year before dying when the school year ended, and grew leaves from various different species of plants located in the land all at once. All the leaves that they grew were of Unique rarity (their item name was orange) and could be harvested and then washed and either sold or eaten. However, once per year, there would be one special leaf grown per set of trees that would be magical, and our teacher asked us to tend to the plants through the year and find the leaf as a class.
  • For the moment, since the school year started in early Fall and it was already late Fall, she went to four tables set up near the four trees with an armful of leaves of varying sizes, and set them down on the tables, telling us to sort through them and clean them and see if the magical one had already sprouted or not. A couple of us wandered over to help, I think I was helping out Yiwen and Zhuquan on the rightmost table, as well as a couple other people I did not know. The leaves I was handling looked like large lettuce leaves, and I noticed that Zhuquan was removing the little stalk portion connected to each leaf entirely before washing the leaves and placing it aside, I told him in puzzlement that the stalk was edible too and that when I made soup, I just threw the whole thing in.
  • I examined the trees too and realized something that we hadn’t been told, which was that although it was difficult to see as the tree was small, as long as I was looking at the tree through the glass side of the bell jar, I could see a name by each leaf that was growing from it that basically corresponded to what type of plant it was — or rather, what “mod” it was from, very similar to the Minecraft mod that shows hover text mentioning which mod an in-game item that was being hovered over by the player’s cursor was from. Apparently our world, too, was populated by various installed mods based around seasons, biomes, and more. However, if the bell jar was opened, then the mod names for each leaf were no longer visible.
  • I noticed that there was a tiny bud on the fourth tree that said it was from a Magical something or other mod, and I realized that that was probably the once per year special leaf we were looking for, especially as it was softly sparkling through the bell jar. However, a few minutes later, when I tried to look for it again, it was gone. I then looked at the third tree and saw a similar bud start to sprout there, but within minutes it had also died and disappeared. It seemed that the one special leaf thing didn’t mean that only one bud appeared per year, but that only once per year were all the conditions met for a bud to grow to maturity, so we couldn’t figure out which tree would grow it until it completed.
  • While resting, I logged on to the global chat room for the world server that we were on, as this was apparently some sort of game as well. I saw a stream of people chatting with each other, some with chat handle names that looked familiar but were likely just coincidences since this was a brand new school year and thus a brand new server that I had never been on. Someone like that was apparently selling a bunch of orange-coloured gear, including leaves, from his tree because he had no idea what to do with them otherwise (and never made soup to use them), and I offered to buy them from him. He inquired if I meant that I would buy all the items — he had been trying to sell them all as a batch for some time now without luck — but after thinking for awhile I noted that I didn’t know the price of each individual item, though I estimated about 8,000 gold, whereas I only had about 200,000 gold on me so I would either be slightly short or would be basically broke after buying all that, and it was highly unlikely that he had included a magical leaf in there even if he claimed he “didn’t know” how to use or process them. I ghosted him and never replied to his reply.
Sep 30 2023
  • Snippet: There was a large desert-like land with traps spread out across it that grew more difficult the further north and east that I went. But I was also using those traps to try to trap someone or something as part of a romance story of some sort that I don’t remember the details of. I was also in a theatre-like building at some point with some friends.
Oct 01 2023
  • A female friend and I were guiding another two girls, one who was around 14, which was younger than us by four years or so, and the other one around 8-10 years old. I don’t remember where or why we were guiding them, but it was apparently part of our job, and apparently the second time we had helped these two, as I remember noting that we had helped them once before about a year prior to that.
  • This help involved guiding them through several rooms of what seemed like homeless people who had gathered there for shelter, out a concealed door into a larger outdoor world at night, and then past a bunch of traps with glowing sigils that were set up around the land.
  • At another point, I was also talking to Ronnie over an Internet voice chat program while adjusting the carpet below my computer desk chair by pulling it closer to the computer desk, and we talked about an outstanding task that had been on my to-do list for some time. Apparently that task needed Nuno’s help to complete though and we had been unable to set up a meeting with him for some time, so it remained on the list.

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