My Diary #077

Dear Tigey,

This week felt like we were living in a fortress. How’s life as leader of a secret hideout fort? A hidden castle in the mountains, nested amidst the pine trees and rolling hills? And fifty feet of snow?

Entry #077 (Dec 25 2022)

Table of Contents

Snowed in at…
ට  Work
ට  Life
ට  Games
ට  Plushie of the Week #75
ට  Song of the Week #52
ට  Memory Snippet of the Week #59
ට  Last Year’s Entry #28
ට  Dreams


Christmas/New Year’s vacation break is here!

Boy, this was a busy week, because most of the rest of my team was gone or partially gone this week, or else working on another project, I was basically running our team’s operational tickets myself on my own. It got to the point where I was running about triple my usual number of tickets a day, and my boss sent me a message on Thursday,

“Hi Jess, thanks for helping out so much this week. I haven’t really chatted with you but I want you to know I’ve noticed you stepping up with all of the absences hitting the team. Thank you!”

How nice! Possibly the nicest thing anyone at work has said in a long time. And probably partially because I tried to take Tuesday off since I had a slight headache and still had two days of vacation time left, but my boss said everyone else was gone as well, so I decided not to instead. I mean, we’re just working from home after all, it’s not like I had to go outside to get to work. I did end up not using my last two sick days this year, but that’s fine.

On Thursday and Friday, the two day before winter break, I also uncovered the fact that two large departments on campus don’t seem to have offboarded their outgoing employees for the last year or so despite it being official University policy to do so. Oops. They’re going to lose a lot of departmental data a couple months into the new year if they don’t fix this, when the new Google Storage policy comes in and expires all Drive data on accounts belonging to people without an active relationship, so the new year already promises to be really interesting.

For the time being though, I’m no longer working until the second week of January, so that’s two whole weeks off work! One week being University-sponsored paid time off, and the other week using some of my leftover vacation time.


The weather was awful this week, it’s not even the end of December yet and I’ve only been home from Japan a month or so, and yet we’ve already had two strings of deep freeze weather that have taken the temperature down to below -35 degrees Celsius, and below -45 with wind chill. Three weeks ago, and this last week. And yet, in between the two blasts of arctic airmass, we went up to around and slightly above the freezing point two weeks ago, and are scheduled to do the same next week as well. Of course it’s not just us, most of North America has experienced the same thing over the past couple weeks, but we’re so far north that the temperatures get insane at times. It was -45 Celsius elsewhere in Alberta before wind chill though, so at least we weren’t there, and this current weather extremes on Earth website is fun to keep an eye on when things (particularly arctic airmasses) go south.

Oddly, it felt like the apartment’s central heating wasn’t really working well this week, although it was working — I could feel the heat when I touched it. It felt like my windows and balcony doors were radiating coldness into the house though, even though it has never done that before, and the heating just couldn’t keep up, I watched the temperature drop from 25-26 Celsius to 23 and then to 21 everytime I turned the space heater off. But thankfully for that space heater, I could push the temperature back up again whenever it felt too cold, and moving it out to my desk area so it was blowing at my feet from behind the chair made me feel very comfortable in a way that I’ve never felt (or used the space heater for) before, so that was sort of neat. Still, this didn’t happen the last time the outside temperature fell to -35, and it stopped happening once the temperature rose to about -25 again, so hopefully this doesn’t ever repeat. I’ve never really had to use the heating function of my space heater before, only the cooling function, and even that I never used until last summer, it pretty much sat dormant in my bedroom for 8 years prior to that.

Anyway, my apartment felt very much like a super secret hidden fortress or club treehouse this week, and it gave me lots of good vibes and probably contributed to me getting several good nights of sleep and dreams and finally, more or less, righting my sleep schedule. Although I still get really tired really early some nights and just conk out cold in the evenings. I’ve been able to sleep in (or go back to sleep if I wake up) a bit and finally get out of bed between 5am and 7:30am or so each morning this week though, which is now not far off from normalcy and no longer a sleep schedule that makes me question my sanity.

I bought the premium version of my WordPress table plugin, Tablepress (local), this week, since it offered a lifetime deal, was discounted, and I’ve very much enjoyed using it over the past year. This premium upgrade unlocked a few new features and I will need to poke around at that over the next year. I was unable to use the 20% coupon that was offered on the site, because there was no place to enter it in the purchase window, so I emailed them about it. It turns out that when I tried to close the purchase pane the first time, it offered me a 5% discount that lasted 1 hour to try to take advantage of FOMO, or fear of missing out. I accepted it, but that locked out the button to actually add a discount code. It wasn’t until that thing ticked down to 0 that the button to add a new discount code appeared. I was offered a 30% off coupon for contacting them about it, and I felt that that was more than worth it, so I bit on the deal after reporting the bug.

After posting on the Reddit reaction thread for the Bocchi the Rock! anime’s episode 10 like I mentioned two weeks ago, about my visit to (and comparison pictures of) a livehouse that was then featured in the show a month later, someone randomly posted on it this week that (basically) “I must be one of those people they talk about in (anime) youth rock songs who goes to the beach with friends and stuff”. That made me laugh hard and made my day as well, even though I’m not sure if it was meant as a compliment. I took it as one though. But I certainly didn’t expect that side-event that I elected to do to turn out to be such a meaningful one post-trip, especially since I had left it to Hiro to pick the place that we were going to.

That show finished airing this week though, and it was great. It’s going to enter my top 10 anime list for sure, though I need a bit of time to process it still before I know where it will truly end up. But what a great show Bocchi the Rock! was.

I’m still not quite in the missing Japan stage yet, but I still do think back fondly on my time there. I wish I could just travel back and forth using a portal, staying here at my house (to keep costs down) while visiting that place daily to explore and wander.

I found out this week that two of the CDs that I bought at M3-50, or M3-2022 Autumn, don’t work at all. Well, one was entirely empty, it was basically a blank CD-R drive. The other sounded warbly and jumpy in my CD player and eventually (by the second or third time I tried to play it) died entirely. An acquaintance suggested that I reach out to the circles (Japanese word for independent artists) directly to let them know, especially since I could more or less communicate in Japanese, so I did so, and one of them has already replied back positively and gave me a free downloadable copy of the music as well as offer to send a replacement. The other hasn’t replied, but they might just be away for Christmas or something.

I catalogued all my physical CDs in the meantime, English and Japanese both, writing down all I knew about not only their catalog number and disc details but also when and where I bought it from and for how much, when the data was available. It turns out that I currently have 149 CDs (though a small number of them are DVDs/Blurays), not counting game CDs which might have music mixed into them, and not counting a couple digital music purchases that I have. It’s about split half and half between English and Japanese, although the majority of the Japanese ones were gotten during my recent trip to Japan. I do want to get more, particularly revolving around the songs and shows that I like a lot, but that will come over time I’m sure. Second-hand shopping is the best though, just have to keep looking out for shipping deals or ways to combine packages to keep the cost down.

In the meantime, I thought I would share a snapshot of my list as of end 2022, to preserve what the version 1 of my list looks like right now.

I like making and organizing lists very much. Someone else suggested I look into an app called Notion that they use to organize their lists, since it comes with things like collaborative features, and I’m leaving that note here so I remember to look back at it next year and go “oh yeah, I forgot about that”. Or I could just put a list on my website too and maintain it that way, with my new-fangled Tablepress plugin.

Heg paid me back for the little acrylic stand thing that I sent him this week, kind of. He gave me way too much in thanks, more than double what it was worth even after shipping, and I appreciated that a lot, so I wanted to give him a small spot here for that. Thanks! On the flip side, the person whom I gave the Mama plushie to has returned me about 4/5ths of the cost since that was all she had on hand at the time (despite me telling her a couple of times before meeting up on how much it cost) but has “forgotten” about the rest thus far even though she has my Interac email address to send funds to. Terrible.


This week wasn’t a gaming week at all. I played a bit of Valheim with Tes and Satinel, but even then we just puttered around a bit with our house fortress and that was it. People were away — Kay is in Japan this week, Mil is off on his usual trip that coincides with Steam sales, Trin is still engrossed with Dwarf Fortress and flooding her base with magma, and Satinel was in year-end hell with her work until the end of this week.

Talking about the Steam sale, this is one of the most unenthused I’ve ever been with Steam sales, largely because a lot of my interest right now is caught up with working on my blog and/or looking into and preparing to buy CDs.

Plushie of the Week #75 – Fuji-san

Fuji-san, or Mount Fuji as locals in Japan call it, has a bit of a pun with its name since the -san prefix is both an honourific (roughly meaning Mr or Mrs or Miss) as well as the alternate reading of the word for mountain (山) itself. So when Mount Fuji gets personified as a plushie or mascot, and called Fuji-san, that’s the double meaning that exists behind the name. And you better believe that there are a lot of different Mount Fuji characters/mascots/keychains/etc.

This specific one I picked up is Yuru Camp themed, a very chill slice of life anime about girls going camping next to mountains and lakes. I picked it up from a store named Yumoto Mitsuki in Hakone, a famous hot springs town southwest of Tokyo and near Mount Fuji that is one of the many places that some of the Yuru Camp characters visit during the length of the anime (and probably manga source material, not that I’d know), when I was there on Oct 25 2022. Although this was only Day 4 of my trip, this was the final plushie of the three that I bought for myself — the other two being Patchouli two days prior, and Special Week one day prior. Why? I’m not sure. Nothing I saw really screamed out to me after that. Anyway he cost me 1540 yen, about halfway between what both Patchouli (2500) and Special Week (500) cost.

This is a very lucky plushie though, or I was very lucky to find this depending on your point of view, as it was a shelf that was partially obscured from view from the main street, and I only found it because I actually wandered into the store to look around while on my way to something else.

Here’s what he looks like from the front. As you can see, he has no mouth, but he has ice:

And back. There’s a Yuru Camp logo emblazoned there:

He also has tags, several of them, and here’s what they look like from the front:

And back:

Technically I could hang him from my bag but he’d probably get dirty really quickly that way. He’ll probably just stay at home as part of Tigey‘s Army.

Song of the Week #52

Title: Say It Once
Artist: Ultra
Album: Ultra

I’m surprised I haven’t featured this song yet, but this is a song that was, for a brief period of time, my #1 song back around the 1998-1999 era, somewhere after I’ll Never Break Your Heart and before My Love. European boybands were big on Singapore latest hits radio back then, and I really liked them — I bought and owned this CD album even though I really only liked two songs from it. But those two songs, which were also their two singles, I really liked, and this one in particular held its own against every other tune I heard on the radio for some time.

For me, this song summons feelings more than memories, a glittering swirl of orange and yellow sparkles, walking under HDB blocks on my way home or to a friend’s place, and the smell of the two shopping malls around Tampines MRT Station at the time — Century Park and Tampines Mall. I visited both of those places when I revisited Singapore earlier this year, but my memories of the malls back in the 90s, and the snapshots of mall youth culture back then, were long gone, only remaining barely alive deep within the memory banks of old people like me, and occasionally dredged to the forefront when hearing nostalgic songs that summon visions of home.

Home. Youth. Malls. Escalators. Friends. This song really brings me back. I looooove the guitar and melodies used in the song, and I love the mix of their slightly husky voices and the parts where they go falsetto. Why can’t we live in a snapshot of time forever? Why must time inexorably march on?

The video itself is badly cut and has a rubbish first second and last second that I think I can thankfully use the WordPress video plugin to block out, and a terrible watermark at the start that the person who vandalized the video for self-promotion should be punished for, but I didn’t find any other better copies of the music video.

Memory Snippet of the Week #59

My story this week has to do with an event I vividly remember happening when I was around 6 or 7 years old, so back around 1990-1991 or so. This was after my little sister was born, but before my little brother.

At the time, we were still living up north in Singapore, in the residential neighbourhood of Khatib/Yishun. My parents had taken me and my sister out to visit a friend of my Dad, a rich Malay or Chinese guy who lived in a unit near the top of a luxury highrise condominium building off of Lentor Avenue, which was the main road connecting Khatib/Yishun to the rest of the city, stretching off southwards from Khatib MRT station. I remember being really impressed that we were that high off the ground, even though our own apartment was around 10-12 storeys off the ground too.

I also remember a feeling that the apartment felt small to me, but it felt cool — not the sunglasses sort of cool, but the air-conditioned sort of cool. Part of it was that they were rich enough to have an air-con in the main living room and to turn it on during the day (that or it was because they were entertaining guests), but it was also that the sun wasn’t shining into the room through the large living room window (which faced east toward Lentor Avenue, in my mind’s lore) and that everything in the house looked or felt like it was cool marble and glass.

In fact, it was so disorienting that I went up to a full-length mirror by a doorway of the living room at one point, looked at my reflection looking confusedly back at myself, and how the floor was tilted in the reflection world of the mirror. I then tried to walk into the mirror, knocking it over and breaking it.

This caused a kerfuffle as they then tended to me, though I don’t remember crying. I remember being sad, however, because I was very much aware of the “7 years of bad luck for breaking a mirror” meme, I mean superstition, at the time, and the only reason I remember roughly how old I was was that I remember realizing that I would be 13 or 14 before I would outlive the bad luck. And that that was double digits! Would I even be able to live that long?

It might be a bit of a spoiler, but as a matter of fact, I did live that long and outlive that supposed bad luck. I actually had really good luck between that time period, since I more or less enjoyed my childhood up right until around the time that “bad luck” ended, which was when I got plucked away by my parents and force-migrated to Canada! I really should have broken another mirror back then to extend my stay. (Or not, who knows where I would have ended up by now. Now that I’ve mended a lot of my former trauma over the past year or two, I have had a positive shift in my outlook of the migration.)

At any rate, my parents do not remember this event, but I absolutely do, this memory has been stuck with me ever since then and I’ve learnt to be careful around mirrors.

Last Year’s Entry #28

My corresponding diary entry from last year is My Diary #033. This was published on Dec 26 2021.

Last week was the end of my Picture of the Week section, so this week is so short in comparison, yay. I also have no more giant pictures to retrofit into the new smaller size (“medium”) thumbnail that I use these days.

It’s funny that last year’s article talks about uploading to I still haven’t done that, but I’m still considering doing so. However, I know that at least part of my account is broken somehow — I have nothing in my Web Archives section although I’ve saved quite a few pages via my Firefox addon and via the direct submission link on itself, so there’s really no point uploading anything right now when I’m not sure if my account needs ro be nuked and re-created to make that part work. I finally sent an email to inquire with them a few days ago but have not heard back, and perhaps might not until the holiday break is over.

Although we aren’t breaking a Christmas temperature record this year, the week before Christmas was even colder this year than last year ever got, so I have no idea what I was complaining about back then! It looks like it got as cold last year after Christmas as it did this year before Christmas though. Maybe this means that spring will come earlier this year? Nanchatte…

I never finished that Christmas Tina game, which I do partly regret, as I just kind of trailed off on it. Kind of the same thing as happened with The Expression Amrilato. I want to go back and finish both of them, and hopefully this year will find some time to do so. I even installed Christmas Tina on my Steam Deck, I think, since it’s just a visual novel and not particularly complex to play on one, but I just never got around to it. It looks like the other language-based visual novel that I was looking out for last Christmas, Koe, never ended up releasing this year. Odd.


If I ever built a list of top 10 or top 20 dreams that I’ve ever remembered, my 2nd dream on December 22 would probably be in that list no matter what criteria I used for it. It was so strong and so vivid. Like all dreams, I just wish I remembered more of it.

Dec 19 2022
  • Snippet: All I remember from today’s dream is exploring a rural part of a city and coming across a large fenced tower that belonged to Gandalf. I thought it was a unique find and thus went in to explore, but I found that there were quite a few random strangers already inside exploring the lobby of the tower.
Dec 20 2022
  • There was a school portion of my dream, where I was lined up with everyone in a school because Elon Musk had taken over the school and was demanding that every 4th student, chosen randomly as we all strolled by him, would get an ugly tattoo on their right shoulder. The school was big so the student line was really long, stretching down several hallways, and as I queued up with other students, I took off my outer blouse so that I was only wearing a vest as my top.
  • A girl next to me took a liking to me, saying that I was cute, and then bringing out a blue pen and asking permission to give me an inked tattoo of her own. I accepted, and she drew a nice, intricate tattoo on my right shoulder. I then decided to put my blouse back on to hide it.
  • The queue got all the way to the front and I greeted Elon and his lackey with a cheery good morning. He was counting off every 4th student in the line, and I was a 2 while the girl behind me was a 3, so neither of us got selected for the tattoos. We filed past without incident.
  • Later on, back in the classroom, Zixiang was asking if anyone got a tattoo and how they looked like. I said that I didn’t get the regular one from the egomaniac, but I did get a special one from a nice girl. The feeling here was like they were collectibles, similar to goshuin, or temple stamps, from Japan. He oohed and requested to see it and I rolled up my sleeve to show it to him.
  • The dream also had an adventure portion, where among other things, we formed groups and wandered the school hallway, using weird guns and weapons to defeat enemies coming by. The main thing I remember from this is having an ability which summoned a special gun that fired out something that looked like a brick, but was black in colour. Once the projectile landed on the ground, it did AOE damage to enemies around it, to the tune of 8x 140 damage or so, so around 140 damage to up to 8 targets in a disc-shaped area around it, with the chance of targetting the same enemy more than once. It had two alt-fire modes as well, with the first one being a regular bullet firing mode, and the second alternate mode being a more powerful version of the gun’s special ability, doing 240 damage x8.
  • One of the other people in my team of four was Zixiang or Jonathan from Dunman High, I forget who exactly. I summoned the gun to destroy some zombies coming through a door, and then swapped back to my regular gun, which caused the special gun to drop to the floor. I wasn’t concerned about this since I could summon it back at any time, but my friend picked up the gun. I realized that I could basically summon it for one other person to use as well, and I taught him how to use it and how the AOE projectile worked.
  • Editor: Goshuin is the Japanese word for temple seals or paper stamps that I collected while in Japan.
Dec 22 2022

Dream 1

  • I dreamt that I joined an orientation meeting in a school a month before the first day of National Service army training in Singapore, even though I had been excused for it for the actual period of the mandatory military service. The people I was with were divided into 6 groups, like in my Scouts troupe. I was in the 5th group, with Zixiang in the 6th group to my right, Xuanjie in the 4th group to my left, and Kelvin from McNally next to me in the 5th group.
  • A female drill instructor came out of a nearby staff room and attended to us, she briefed us on some stuff regarding what the National Service was about, and the expectations she had of us, as we all sat down on the floor and looked up at her as she stood and spoke. She then told all of us to do 1 swift pushup, so we all got to our knees, put our hands on the ground, and did one pushup with varying success. Kelvin next to me had trouble, and I advised him that I tried to go down and then up again as quickly as possible to try to use my momentum to “bounce” off the ground.
  • The drill instructor told us that we would have to do more when we met up for the first day of training in a month. She told us to come see her if we had any questions. I saw Justin Yip, wearing a rosary necklace around his neck, come up to the instructor and ask her in Japanese, “Eigo dekita?”, which I knew in my dream meant “Can you speak English?”. She nodded and he gave her some information about his own approval for opting out of the mandatory service.
  • I also raised my hand, but did not want to give my reason in public because it had to do with my upcoming gender transition. I used Japanese and asked her if I could meet her afterwards to talk and she said yes, there was a staff room nearby and I could come see her there after.
  • She then dismissed the gathering one group at a time, starting from Group 1 on the left all the way to Group 6 on the right, staggered a minute or so apart for each group to give people time to leave. She then left for the staff room first, as the first group was leaving, as she had a prior appointment she needed to attend to right away.
  • Since she was busy, I knew that I couldn’t immediately see her but I could hang around until she was ready. While waiting, I wandered around the school, meeting up with Kel and Jon briefly as we watched two low health troll-like creatures (which I identified as “tanks”) as well as a number of other dark fantasy monsters, like two gleaming black pegasi and a number of orcs, run by on the road past an atheletics racetrack and grass field that were part of the school facilities. They had came in from the zone to our left and left the current school zone on the right, heading into the next city block over toward whatever target they had in mind. Kel noted that this was the reason that most people had to do mandatory National Service, to protect Singapore against those creatures. There was also some feeling here like it was a game and I was a commander that I could assign numbers to in order to defeat the invaders while using as little resources as possible.
  • Leaving them be, I headed toward the nearby staff room. I had a map, but it was difficult to read for some reason, and I ended up in an Audio-Visual theatre classroom. A school boy was in there holding a stick attached to a projector screen, and using buttons on the stick to scroll through a number of hidden cameras located around the school. The cameras were in labs, other classrooms, and even the staff room, and recorded both snippets of video as well as sound. I could not only see but also hear students and teachers talking and having fun in those places, and I wondered about privacy issues to do with these hidden cameras, and whether anyone had ever been caught masturbating and then gotten blackmailed afterwards.
  • The boy looked nervously at me but didn’t really seem to mind me hanging around and watching him and the video feed. Eventually he left the room, and I took the URL link of the room, the camera, and the staff room area where I thought one of the cameras were, and reported it via Reddit to the school admins there. I wondered if they were in league with the errant students and if they would just end up banning me to keep it quiet instead, but I didn’t think too much about it.
  • I had seen from the staff room feed that the drill instructor was now unoccupied, so I tried to flip through a guidebook that I had to find the staff room and the nearest path there, but I was unable to do so. Instead, I had to locate the large grass field as a reference point and then figure out a path from there. Somehow, once I did so, I was able to teleport right to the staff room itself. The instructor was in her seat and speaking with another male teacher standing next to her, but he soon left and I came up to her and asked her if we could talk outside.
  • She said that was fine, but that I had taken too long to get there and did I get lost on the way? She tried to give me a square paper map of the school, but I said I already had one, I just made mistakes trying to get to the staff room. We went outside into a large square room that I knew was safe, and I told her about both my exemption from joining the service as well as all the hidden cameras around.

Dream 2

  • As a passive observer, I came to a town hall area and saw a round bench with a bunch of plants in the middle of it. Set above the backrest of the round bench was a badly handwritten sign saying that a Voice Actors’ Pass was on sale for $200, and that to qualify for buying it, I had to play a ring toss game where I needed to toss a small rubberband onto a small target about a foot away.
  • Intrigued at how weird it looked, I inquired at the town hall desk behind the benches and was told that a group of four young girls hung out around here a lot and that was one of the things, or delusions, that they did, one of their invented endeavours while playing around. The use of the word delusions here had only positive connotations. The town hall liked them and supported them in their endeavours to encourage their creativity and allow them to be kids.
  • From here, the dream shifted to the point of view of these four kids, who were all around 8 or 9 years old. The ringleader was a girl with short hair and tank top who was a little bit more outgoing than the others, and they were all good friends and played a lot together in the town hall, around the adults working there and the guests coming in to visit. I don’t remember much about specific things that they did here, just a general feeling that they felt like the three girls in the Mitsuboshi Colors anime.
  • One particular story did stand out near the end, where there was an association who wanted representation from the town hall to drive out another association (or possibly another encroaching town). The dream went to an overhead view of the town hall and its carpark, which was then represented as a Go board with a bunch of white pieces, severely outgunned against the black pieces, but managing to encircle part of the opposing army in the top left, and just needed a few more white pieces lined up horizontally across the middle left in order to flip all those pieces.
  • To do this, they would need to beat the other association in a wushu tournament, but these were all middle-aged to old people and they did not have the energy to get up and dance, so they appealed to the town hall and somehow or other, the four girls were chosen as the representatives, possibly because they were the only ones who applied for the role.
  • There was to be a demonstration of their skills for the association in the carpark, and the four girls turned up with badminton rackets and started to toss and smack shuttlecocks, trying to get them into little floating panels for cameras that were set up above and behind the chairs where the association reps were seated. The cameras spun forwards in a 360 degree circle whenever they were hit, creating a comedic effect on the broadcast.
  • The association head, an old woman who could barely stand by herself, was horrified by this, and collapsed off the chair, causing a number of the other association reps to hurriedly stand up and assist her.
  • The camera then cut to a scene after that, with the four girls back in the town hall, standing in a little alcove behind a notice board on wheels, with the ringleader looking down at the ground in embarrassment because she was the one who had done the research and thought that that was wushu. But in a pre-internet or early internet world, it was very easy to get details wrong, especially when they were still young and learning how to read and comprehend things.
  • The other three girls tried to cheer her up. One of the others, a girl with spectacles who looked like a younger Takumin from the Do It Yourself!! anime, pointed out to her that if they pooled their funds together, they could still buy two swords, and they could find two sticks of similar length for the other two swords, so all was not lost yet and they could still practice and represent the association.
  • There was one other scene after this where the ringleader, who was still a little sullen, went up to the snacks counter in the city hall together with another of the girls. The ringleader pointed at a small slice of orange, and the Muslim woman behind the counter smiled at her and peeled off the orange peel from the slice before giving both of them to the girl, who started chewing on the orange. She also pocketed the orange peel as she needed it for something or other. The Muslim woman wordlessly offered another orange slice to the other girl as the two of them began to walk off, but the other girl shook her head and smiled. There was then a brief conversation by another female store attendant who asked the Muslim woman what happened, and she replied to her that they were always like this around this time of year, and to do their best to support them (and their delusions).
  • Editor: This dream was so vivid and colourful that when I woke up and remembered it, I thought it was a real anime episode that I remembered and wondered why I didn’t have an actual dream. It took about 20 seconds to convince myself that it wasn’t an anime episode and they weren’t real anime characters from a show that I had forgotten the title of.
Dec 24 2022
  • My dream involved “buses” that were basically elevators and went up the outsides of two tall and narrow buildings, both of which were at least 12 storeys tall. Both of them were shopping complexes, with each floor containing only a couple shops. Each floor had walls on only three sides as well — the fourth side was left open to the elements and was basically like the storefront or entranceway of that level. The open sides of both buildings faced each other as well, and on some levels there were walkways connecting the two buildings over mid-air, although there were also parts where you had to jump to reach the other side. It was very haphazard but it felt chic, and many teenagers and random people hung out here, milling between the two buildings.
  • I don’t actually remember what happened in this place other than random snippets though. I remember taking the bus-lift up several times, and in one of them I was seated with a girl who I knew was from Vernon Barford, and some guys and girls who I knew were from McNally, and they were talking to each other about Lee, from Vernon Barford, who was apparently a mutual acquaintance of all of them even though it had been 3 or so years since we all had moved on from junior high.
  • At another point, I was helping Paul from Dunman High clean up some nets that were left dangling in midair between the two buildings, attached to the building ledges on either side, that we had used for some sort of rehearsal in preparation for an event the next day. He suggested we take turns jumping into the nets, which were held suspended far above the ground, before we took them down, and I readily agreed.
  • Another snippet involved me visiting a restaurant where the menu was in Japanese, but they also had pictures which helped a lot. The restaurant was crowded but an old man walked away from a back table for four as I approached the restaurant, freeing up that table, and the waitress led me there. I thanked her and indicated that I didn’t mind if a stranger took one of the other three seats as well since I knew that they were crowded.
  • I was trying to hide that I couldn’t read the entire menu quickly, and I ordered a couple things when the waitress came up to my table, but was then looking for a specific vegetable dish that I thought this restaurant had, but I couldn’t find it. The waitress noticed that I was stuck and suggested a specific dish made out of small, round, succulent-looking orange chicken bits that looked really good, so I agreed to that, but realized that this would leave me without any actual vegetable dish. Also, while my first two dishes cost $13 in total, this dish cost $20, pushing my total for my meal to $33, much higher than I usually cared to spend on a meal. Oh well.
  • There were more segments involving going up and down the elevator buses as well, and how they were some sort of social tool which I usually felt left out of, but I don’t remember any further details on those events.

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