My Diary #092

Dear Tigey,

I don’t think I’ve ever worked so much OT in one week.

Entry #092 (Apr 09 2023)


I finished my last translation exercise (besides whatever’s on the final) for my Classical Japanese class this week, which feels great — they were really interesting but took a lot of time and now they’re finally over, yay. I thought I was fully done with homework in general but it turns out there’s still a few grammar review exercises to do for next Tuesday’s final class, but that’s not too bad. Class attendance has been down these past few weeks, and for the second last class on Thursday, there were only five students (out of nine or ten registered) present.

My award acceptance letter for the Rod and Judith Fraser award that I mentioned two weeks ago, arrived this week, so I filled it out and submitted it. Yay! I also had to pay my Ritsumeikan fee this week, which turned out to be like 276,000 yen, not counting housing. Basically $2,800 CAD or so for 5 weeks there. Not counting housing!

I found out that I had forgotten one step in the Sophian application for Fall/Winter, which was that I was supposed to email their study abroad office after I had submitted my application so that they could look over it, which is a weird process, but hey. Still, I caught that before the deadline so I sent them the requested email.

Besides actually booking my flights and housing, I believe I still have one major step remaining on both the Ritsumeikan and Sophian applications, but it’s a UAlberta side one — I have to fill out risk management forms for both trips. I didn’t have the energy or time this week though so that will have to wait for next week or beyond.


I did OT every weekday this week, including Friday, which was a statutory holiday. Good Friday is a national holiday, and Easter Monday is an optional one, but here at the University we also do get Easter Monday off as a paid holiday, so this is a very nice weekend for relaxing. Especially since this is the first real holiday/long weekend since the Christmas and New Year’s break, besides Family Day in February.

Anyway, because this was a 4-day weekend, I didn’t mind sacricifing one day to do OT, especially since it was for a good cause, making sure some people didn’t lose access to their accounts over the weekend, since two different account expiry timers from our CCID Lifecycle project were coming up this weekend, and there were still about a hundred appeal tickets or so in the queue that hadn’t been looked at yet. My supervisor said I could go through and mark all those accounts for extension, so I did so, and it was nice feeling like I was giving something back to people instead of taking something away from them for once. That took forever to do though since I had to look at each ticket individually and judge whether they needed an extension, and what state their accounts were currently in, and then note down the actual account details.

Part of the reason I did so much OT and why we were still so backlogged is that our queue monitor on the team contracted COVID-19 and thus was gone from work for most of the week, so it fell to me to keep the queue under control, which is something I like doing anyway. Everyone else on the team besides me also had at least one day off, either for sickness or vacation, on top of the shortened week we had due to Friday being a paid holiday. Next week is also a short week, so we will probably still be running behind until at least the week after.

This week, I did 2, 3, 3, 8, and 7 hours of overtime from Monday to Friday respectively. I banked most of the time as extra vacation time at either a 1.5x or 2x rate, so I now not only have enough vacation time to cover my upcoming Kyoto trip, but also probably an extra week or so after the school session ends so I can travel around the country a little more before going home.


With so much OT done this week, I didn’t really have the time to do anything particularly interesting. One thing that was nice though was that the weather finally warmed up this week and transitioned into spring weather, so my balcony door has been open most of the week. The scent and touch of fresh air is so liberating and makes me feel very happy. Actual spring is finally here! Highs of 16 on Saturday and 17 on Sunday! Seriously, I’m sitting here typing this next to my open balcony door and my heart feels like it’s singing. Nearly all the snow is gone too. I want to go out for a walk. But I need to write my weekly diary…

To relax from my overtime, I’ve been happily abusing my new scanner and working on a 4 month backlog of mailbox ads and papers and similar things that I want to scan and put up on the blog. I also want to work on scanning stuff from my trips after that. Even with my limited time this week, I’ve already got a nice pile of scans done, and have amassed a nice stack of papers that have been scanned and are now ready to be thrown out. I just haven’t had time to upload the scans yet, largely because scanning has been so much more fun and quick with my new scanner. Scanning has also actually forced me to look at my brochures and ads and stuff, something I never really did before, and it’s nice how I’ve now started using some of the coupon mailouts (like for the Thai Express and A&W stores in Southgate Mall) that I would have just overlooked and tossed in the past.

I’ve also started to wonder what my blog entries when I go to Kyoto, and by extension when I go to Tokyo on the fall, will look like. Will I have time for daily entries? Should I just do weekly entries? Maybe once every 3 days or so instead? I definitely want to do something, but I’m not sure how much time I will have for this when I’m also there studying. I will probably have to play this one by ear, depending on how much schoolwork I have. I would ideally like to still do a daily diary, just shorter form. The Kyoto trip in May can be a dry run for the longer one in September! Tabun.

I’ve still been watching a lot of the ai-generated anime channel on Twitch, Always Break Time, or ABT, and what has been especially nice has been leaving it running on my secondary monitor while I worked my OT on the main monitor late at night. Nothing like the incessant babble of the characters keeping me company while I swim through tickets and spreadsheets, and occasionally making me glance over to the other screen with incredulity when something funny or weird gets generated and narrated out. I’m surprised the characters haven’t appeared in my dreams yet (as far as I remember anyway) since I’ve been seeing a lot of them over the past four or so weeks. Can’t always watch too much of it in one go though, as it tends to be distracting enough that I can neither relax nor do something that needs intense concentration while it’s on. But it’s great when I’m working on tickets or scanning. They keep adding new features every few days too, which is great.

Here are some pictures of the gloriously blue skies from Thursday, while on my way out of my apartment complex area toward the train station so that I could get to school.

And then these from Saturday when I decided to stop blogging and go take a walk around lunchtime:

Both clear skies and crumbly, cloudy skies make me feel so very much at peace. The world is beautiful on a personal level. In exchange for this though, the lit up tree that I can see from my balcony window has been darkened for a couple of months now I think. I neglected to mention this in the hopes that it was temporary and it would just come back one day, but nope… well, I’m certain it will come back one day regardless, but it might not be until I am gone from this apartment!

I reported a keyboard shortcut bug with TablePress (local), the WordPress table plugin that I used and that I had bought a premium license for back in December since they were offering one-time lifetime licences, which I will go for, instead of just monthly or annual licences, which I tend to avoid. Anyway, Tobias, the developer of the program, responded to me really quickly and said a fix would be coming in the next update for the issue. That was super nice of him. I’ve been very happy with the plugin and it’s been an important part of my site (largely on my Table of Contents page), even though I don’t use a lot of the bells and whistles that the full version comes with. The flexibility, ease of use, and the ability to make and manage large tables are key features for me that I absolutely need though.


The main game I touched this week was Etrian Odyssey IV (local) on the 3DS, where I finished the first zone and first main dungeon and ventured forth into the starting area of the second zone. My guild of motley plushies led by Tigey, named Hanazono (flower garden in Japanese), will save the world! They’re about level 18 now and are trying to upgrade their skyship/balloon ship so they can travel to the higher elevation portions of the wilderness map.

Besides that, I started poking around in a browser game called Torn (local) near the end of the week. It remains to be seen if I’ll remain with something like that for long. I do like browser games though, even though I haven’t explored one for quite a while.

Plushie of the Week #90 – Mini JB-san

Related to last week’s Plushie of the Week, Big Mouth Jinbesan, here’s another Jinbesan that my sister owns. I don’t know how she keeps their names straight, but this one was introduced to me as Mini JB-san. I’m not 100% sure if this the smallest Jinbe-san of the four introduced so far (PotW #041, PotW #045, and PotW #89 being the others), but he at least has the shortest name of the four. Mini indeed.

Anyway, while I don’t know much about the backstory of this specific plushie, he is the last one of the four that Kel had and that I collected pictures for when I was over at their house for Chinese New Year dinner last year, on Jan 30 2022. Kel picked Mini JB-san up from a store named B-Stock (or something similar to that) in Tokyo, on Aug 25 2020.



Back and tag front:

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And we march inexorably on towards the end of our plushie lineup!

Song of the Week #67

Title: Road Rage
Artist: Catatonia
Album: International Velvet (1998)

So, eight weeks ago, I said that I would feature this song in two weeks, but I never did, because other songs bumped their way up the list and said, feature me now, now! Nonetheless, this song is one of my favourite songs and I was shocked (and am still shocked) to realize that I had skipped over it entirely in earlier Song of the Week segments.

Cerys, the lead singer, has an amazing voice, and thanks to the flying cars in the official music video, I’ve always associated the song with spaceports and cyberpunk and high-tech environments and games like that. It reminds me strongly of playing games, making song and card lists, and reading gamebooks back in Singapore, and also in Canada in our Edmonton 4012 house, curling up in the marble floor of the spare room or sitting at the kitchen table (Singapore) or the carpeted floor of the living hall or basement (Edmonton) while I did so.

It’s mostly Singapore though, I get very, very strong nostalgic jolts with the song, and it brings me back to 1998 again. I love the way the chorus crests and then falls back down to a humming level afterwards. And I love the way she says Road Rage and the way her voice deliciously trails off in places.

Writing Prompt of the Week #10

This week’s writing prompt reads:

What was distinctive about your hometown? What figures from that community stand out in your mind?

I consider the entire of Singapore my hometown, not the individual satellite “towns” within each, since they were all connected to each other and were all governed together. I’ve written a bunch about it already. After living in Canada for some time though, I think the most distinctive differences between the two places are.. hey, I already made a list for this before, as well. Here.

I think the most distinctive thing that I didn’t list on that sheet was how walkable Singapore was compared to Canada, the main reason being the HDB flats with wall-less, open void decks on the bottom level that anyone can cut right through when walking. Like buildings on stilts. Here in Canada, so many places are either walled and gated up, or are buildings packed tightly together that you have to go around. And the open-air coffeeshops everywhere and wafting aromas floating through the neighbourhoods.. I miss home.

Besides things like politicians, soccer players, teachers, my Auntie 795 babysitter, and relatives, I don’t really know that many community figures stand out. Food stall owners at places I visited often would be another group of people I probably remember, since I tended to eat from the same places every day. My answer for this would also be something that I’ve passingly mentioned before, the ice cream cart man from Kallang MRT Station I detailed back in the first MSotW, MSotW #19.

That’s not really an answer with anything new though, so I looked at the next writing prompt too.

When school let out for the summer, I spent those warm weeks…

Go into as much detail as you can.

Summer vacation in Singapore was the entire month of June, and I generally spent most of that time at home, lounging around, playing games, reading books, and so on. There will likely be a future MSotW on some of the games we had and played, though some have been mentioned here and there already. I generally played with my siblings, I maybe had one or two meetups with friends over the summer break and that was it. I communicated with people, especially Zixiang, over the phone a lot in the evenings though, and would drive Dad mad sometimes as I sat by the phone area next to the TV he was watching, and talked to Zixiang (or one of my other friends) for up to an hour or two straight sometimes! This was in a pre-Internet world, and we eventually moved online and chatted over the ICQ (I seek you!) instant messenger program instead once the Internet became a common thing, although that still tied up the secondary phone since the Internet was accessed through a dial-up phone line in those days.

I don’t think we ever had a summer-specific project that we had to do, though we sometimes we had IRS (local) (Individualized Research Studies) projects that we had to complete by the end of the year anyway and the summer was a good time to work on it a bit. We usually had summer homework too, as I recall. Mom would take us places sometimes when Dad was out at work, I particularly remember always looking forward to the Popular Bookstore at Toa Payoh (which had a shelf section just for gamebooks back in the 90s and where I’d endlessly hunt for Fabled Lands books), and we would then walk about the shopping rows afterwards and get some Indian Rojak and other food to eat. But there were a lot of places we could, and did, go, since Singapore was a very well-connected place even back then. As long as one didn’t mind the heat everywhere.

Summer vacation was also a time that our family sometimes took literal vacations to other countries, and in particular our family photo album stash has stuff from a June 1987 trip to England (London) and Canada (Montreal), a May-June 1994 or 1995 trip to Canada (Montreal, Toronto), and a June 1997 trip to Canada (Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver).

Memory Snippet of the Week #74

In the Song of the Week segment from the Last Year’s Entry below, I noticed that I mentioned having some inspirational quotes next to me on the desk that I hadn’t covered in an MSotW segment yet. I still haven’t done that, but I figured this might be a good way to do it just so that I can link to this post from that one while I’m updating both pages anyway.

There are two “inspirational quote” things I have on my desk, and a picture of the both of them follow.

One is a stand, and one is a little A5 poster I never bothered to pull out of its plastic covering. The back of the stand one is here:

The poster reads:

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

The stand reads:

A good friend knows all your stories. A best friend helped you write them.

Those two are both Google-able quotes, the first one attributed to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and the second one.. is not attributed to any particular person as far as I can see. I don’t remember where I bought the little poster, I’m fairly sure I was walking by a shop in an Edmonton mall when I saw it in there and I just had to purchase it. The little picture stand was from the airport in Minneapolis, the same place where I bought the dragon plushie from Plushie of the Week #9 (working name Munsch, though I never remember it outside of the blog). It might even have been the same shop, Frivolous, though I’d have to dig for the receipts to confirm this.

The back of the stand says:

PaintedStuf, by Lynn Sanchelli, and then ArtMetal™ by CA Gift — Be Inspired.

Either way, I’ve had both for about five years now and they help guide me through life. The first one is something I use for mental strength and fortitude when faced with the uncertainty of things like needing to quit my job in order to go to Japan to study. It’s a moderately big risk, especially financially, but one I’ve thought about a lot and that I want to take. The second one is something I use to remind me that friendship is important, and that my best friend (Satinel) and many good friends (in Discord and elsewhere) are sources of strength and inspiration and integral parts of my life as well. Even my former friends, those that I don’t speak to often or at all anymore, all of them are part of my stories and part of who I am today. That is partly why I blog and archive, so not only my own memories, but also my memories of them, are never forgotten. Until the Internet archiving fails or humanity is engulfed by greed, conservatism, or the burning sun, anyway.

Last Year’s Entry #43

My corresponding diary entry from last year is My Diary #048. This was published on Apr 10 2022.

I haven’t used any of those video editing tools since making that post, so I’m very glad I did actually make that post, so if I ever have to edit any more videos I know where to go and look for help from my past self, phew.

I also need to go find time to back up the rest of that Guildlaunch site before it’s too late. I did back up all of the private Officer forum posts though, I think, so it’s largely the public posts and the member forum that I need to back up. Scanning and digitizing my paper things is far more fun, though.

I see I had almost gotten caught up with another one of those “wrong number friendship” Misdirected Text Scams last year. Although I’d like to think that I’d never actually seriously fall for one, and instead it’s kind of funny to see and sometimes mess with those people since they have to talk to you directly and engage you in conversation to try to lure you into the scam.

I fully feel what I did last year though — even though I was just taking one class this semester, having some future homework hanging over my head has meant that I’ve had to be more restrained in what fun and relaxation I’ve allowed myself to have over the past 3 months. I’m going to have to watch this when I go over to Japan as well. It’s all well and good to study and work and stuff but I will need to allow myself to go out and do things.


I didn’t have a lot of good dreams this week. A lot was forgotten, tales left behind right on the edge of consciousness and the dream world.

Apr 05 2023
  • I was playing a game that involved a world map mechanic. There were six or so different nations, provinces, or regions spread out around the edge of a land mass that had a large, unclaimed mountainous area in the middle. Our nation, which was on the bottom side of the land mass, was holding diplomatic arrangements with a white-coloured nation on the north side that was correlated somehow with the number 4, and I spent some points to build a diplomatic embassy or something in their nation because I was hoping for a quick way to teleport there.
  • When I clicked on the button to create the embassy, something that looked like train tracks sprung out from my nation, burrowing a trail east and north and around the mountain in an anticlockwise fashion on the world map screen I was looking at, which involves going into a fog of war area belonging to the two nations to the east between us that I had not uncovered yet. However, I could still see the train tracks being laid down in small puffs of smoke, and at one point between the two eastern nations, deep in the fog of war, the train track suddenly zipped forward at a high speed in a straight line before settling down again to its usual slower burrow speed, and I surmised that that meant that there was a large river there that it had just crossed.
  • The train tracks finally reached the white nation to the north, and connected up with an embassy symbol on the northwest side of the nation that had appeared on the world map.
  • This game had third person camera scenes too, and one scene I remember is looking in to a family and seeing a scene where a group of dogs, cats, and mice, about six animals in total, were chasing each other in a line toward the door when the doorbell rang. This was somehow connected to one of the abilities I had as the nation’s ruler and the game player, and I was very amused by this and tried to show it to someone else.
  • Snippet: I remember being a bow-wielder in a small group of adventurers, maybe three of us or so. I don’t remember the context, I just specifically remember the bow and shooting things from afar.
Apr 07 2023
  • Our Dunman classroom was in some sort of school-wide event to help craft items and bring them to a central location, and the item we had been building toward were wooden chairs, which took 6 slabs of wood to build. Instead of building them in our classroom and then bringing the completed chair to the submission tent, I would bring the 6 blocks of polished wood to the tent before assembling them there as it was a little faster.
  • This worked for at least one chair, but when I brought a second one over, I found that the work order for the remaining chairs had been filled by the other classes, and that the next item didn’t require any wood at all, so there was no need for the wood I was carrying any longer. I donated them to one of the women at the tent anyway though, and she was very thankful for this.
  • The next set of items was a cooking work order, it was something like 22 of some sort of pastry, 17 of another pastry, and then a larger number between 23 and 40 for the third item. I tried to memorize this but kept forgetting it once I left the room so I stopped and stared at it for something like 30 seconds until I had committed it to memory, then left the tent area while reciting the items and quantities under my breath.
  • Returning to the classroom, I went to write it down on a large white sheet of paper hanging on the wall across from the front door, but I found that there were only two girls and one guy left in the class, everyone else had gone somewhere. The tables were arranged in rows and columns like a normal classroom, and the three people in the class were all located near the middle of the room, with the two girls seated one behind the other, and the guy seated to the back and left of the back girl.
  • I asked where everyone was, and the guy held up an envelope and said that another event had happened and a bunch of people had left to go try to do it. When I looked at the envelope, I saw that this was a math quiz full of open-ended questions, and according to its header it was the qualifying round for the country’s Math Olympiad contest. I was happy that so many people had decided to pursue math contests like I did when I was younger, although I felt like it was now out of my reach since I had not been taking math classes in so many years now since leaving high school, and could barely understand some of the notation anymore. I did notice one of the questions had things like a summation ∑ symbol.
Apr 08 2023
  • I was walking toward the bus stop and waiting for a bus, while knowing that I needed to take a transfer at a later stop because my final destination was Yishun. Upon boarding the first bus, I consulted the bus driver to see what the best route to getting there was, and she independently gave me the same answer — I would have to take the current bus something like 13 to 17 stops, and drop off at the one bus stop where it intersected with the route of bus number 73, which went to Yishun. That bus stop was one that I had visited in previous dreams too, a rather busy one on the main road outside of a school and bus interchange. She gave me a handout showing all the bus stops that her bus would stop at, along with bus transfer options at each stop.
  • Later, I and another male friend sprung or collected Jon from jail or detention, and brought him home to our safehouse where we relaxed together. He had apparently been in jail for 13 months (possibly years) and I said that the most that I had ever been detained was 1 day that one time I visited Singapore. I hoped he was doing well. He seemed to be happy and serene now that he was free. I showed him a virtual chess board that we had on the floor between us, and said that I suspected that technology had progressed quite far while he was incarcerated.
  • I and the other person who had sprung him out loaded up an unfinished game between some chessmasters and tried to figure out whose turn it was. Each side had three queens on the board somehow and it was quite a wild offence-first game that we had stepped into. The chess board was upside down somehow and we couldn’t spin it around, so my black pieces were on the opposite side of the board, attacking downwards toward me, instead of on my side and attacking the far side, but we made do with that. My king was in the B8 spot on the far left side, with a rook in A8, and a Chinese Chess 相 elephant piece in C8. In front of them, from the A7 to D7 squares, were a row of pawns.
  • We traded a bit until we both realized that one of my queens was seated in the middle of nowhere, and a piece in between us that I thought was blocking line of sight was actually a pit that he could just leap over with his queen and capture mine. Rude. I also noticed soon afterwards that my king had been in check for several turns though and that that invalidated the game, so I said we should just start afresh and not have to deal with figuring out whatever the chessmasters had been doing before we took over their game.
  • I offered the board to Jon at the time and asked if he would like to play a game with the other person who had helped me spring him out, while I rested. He said yes and thank you.
  • Later on, the scene had us in school, 6 of us including Zixiang and I had brought costumes to school and were standing and posing in front of the canteen or something as some students clapped at us. We were wearing some sort of crinkly plastic suit that matched each other. We also had secondary uniforms in our bags — I had my real life Dunman blouse and skirt with me — as the first thing that people had to do once school “started” was to go change into them to prepare for PE class in the form of dungeon delving.
  • Soon enough, the whistle blew, and I took my bag and went over to a cubicle located outdoors in the middle of the canteen, alongside several other cubicles, and changed my clothes in it. There was another changing space nearby with little rooms but they had to be booked in advance and were already very full, but these cubicles were not. They were coed, however, so a guy had just left the stall I managed to snag. And once I was inside, I could hear, and see through the gap between the doors, both guys and girls walking past toward the other stalls or the changing space. I heard Huihan chatting to someone as she walked past. I did wonder at this point why the changing areas weren’t gender separated.
  • When the dungeon delving part started, I went down into a dark dungeon area with one other person, and we climbed down a deep pit and saw two watery depressions on either side of a small bridge. The left water pit had a nice spear, which we fished out and I gave to the other person, and the right pit had three items in it — two rings, so we could have one each, and a paper crane, which was our quest objective. I took the paper crane and gave the other person with me first pick of which ring he wanted.
Apr 09 2023
  • There was a school festival going on in school, and I was with my secondary 2L class in an unfamiliar classroom on the second level of the school building. Our class was holding a dinner party and mystery plot for the guests. In the backstory plot, basically there were a couple of villains, led by Yucheng, who had kidnapped most of the other students, who were something like various heirs to the kingdom or the only people who could use a certain type of magic that could oppose him and such.
  • He hadn’t kidnapped all of us yet though, there were two or three of us still on the loose, including me, so he organized a dinner party and forced the ones he had kidnapped to cook and serve the guests a banquet, which the visiting students were enjoying, in order to draw the remaining holdouts out. For our part, we had apparently spent the time collecting magic weapons or destroying a means of escape for the villains, and then we also had joined the party, mingling with the waiters and waitresses or the guests and pretending to fit in to the atmosphere.
  • When the last of us had arrived, and people had finished their food and it was time to advance the plot, a witch appeared out of a dome-shaped entrance onto a platform that was set impossibly high up on the classroom wall, and she raised a staff. Little black-coloured squiggles poured forth from it and ran in single file down the classroom wall, and then out toward the doors to seal them, and that was apparently her sign to Yucheng that all the people who could challenge him were detected to be gathered in this room. He ordered all the waiters and waitresses to line up near him in two lines, including us new ones that he had now “kidnapped”, preparing to execute all of us with his dark magic.
  • However, by that time we had spread a plan to the kidnapped classmates, and many of them, I remember seeing Paulene and Gillian there in particular, had little grins on their faces. We pretended to be helpless and allowed ourselves to be kidnapped, but once we all got together, we sprung a trap and attacked Yucheng and his gang and all hell broke loose, to the entertainment of the watching guests.
  • We overwhelmed the bad guys as scripted, and Yucheng made his escape — the witch’s staff that sealed the exit doors in a shield of darkness also allowed him to easily break it as he was attuned to it, and he ran out. I ran after him in pursuit, and chased him down the stairs and out into a grass field in front of an adjacent classroom block where some class was holding a barbeque.
  • I lost him there, as he seemed to vanish into thin air, so I rested a bit as I was feeling a bit light-headed, before heading back. On the way back, I stopped into the wrong classroom at first, walking into the classroom below ours, which was not holding any event and had four students or so standing around near the windows. I adjusted one of my shoes, which was coming loose, before heading out and up the stairs to our proper classroom.
  • By then, the dinner event was now over and the guests had left, so my classmates were cleaning up the room. I said that Yucheng‘s escape was an unexpected twist of the story to me, but we could easily make it so that it set up for a sequel event next year, if everyone was interested. The consensus was that yes, the event had gone well, and someone from the 2K class next door said that we could make it even more extravagant next year by opening the dividing wall between our two classrooms so we had double the space for guests, and planning it a little further in advance, as we had only pulled their class in at the last minute to help us because we needed more people. They really liked it, though.
  • Snippet: Later on, possibly in a separate dream, I was playing a VR game at the behest of some teacher figure who wanted me to try out a pair of VR goggles, that were like thin swimming goggles that I could nonetheless fit over my regular glasses, even though it felt weird and uncomfortable. The game was an arena fighting game, I controlled a little floating spaceship that looked like a shrimp on a little square platform floating in space, and an enemy ship spawned in front of me for me to fight. The game gave no instructions or tutorials, but I had apparently played this game before, so I quickly realized that I could hold a button to shoot or tap the same button twice in quick succession to rotate between weapons, one of which was a huge minigun. I dodged and backed up in circles to maintain room between myself and the enemy ship as I shot it up and defeated it, at which point I levelled up, and my maximum HP went from 2 to 5.
  • As part of the story surrounding the teacher and the VR goggles, I remember someone else coming by and asking if we needed help, and I said no. There might also have been something about being on an open-air trolley being pulled along by a train. I don’t remember the overall context of that part of the dream, though.

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