Raffles Institution Math Enrichment Camp (1998)

This Secondary Two GEP Mathematics Enrichment Camp event (apparently) took place on Mar 19-21 1998 in Raffles Institution, one of the four GEP schools in SIngapore at the time. All four GEP schools, Raffles Institution (RI), Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) (RGS), Dunman High School (DHS), and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (ACS), sent students to this event. Anyway, I say apparently because I remember absolutely nothing from this event.

I’m still going to make a few annotated notes in the sections below though, which are roughly divided into two — what apparentiy was the actual booklet and all the pages associated with that, and then a few extra sheets that came along for the ride.

This page was written on Sep 25 2022. As always, my contact info for anything about the page is jesskitten at gmail.


Pages 4 and 5 — These two are almost the same — 5 seems to be a printed addendum to 4 with the names of the actual workshops.

Page 8, Rules and Regulations — No VULGARITIES must be used during the camp or disciplinary action will be taken! Okay, controlling adults.

Page 9, Groupings — Some of the people from the other schools were familiar names to me. Largely because I knew them from Rosyth (Alvin Foo, Nicholas, Kim, Teresa), the Hong Kong math trip that I’ve only briefly touched on (Julius Poh, Lin Zhi Wei), and a few other people I think I got to know from this camp itself. We were all in the same year, so basically the same wider GEP cohort though.

Page 10, Teachers — I only recognize Miss Priscilla Tan from that list as a Dunman High teacher. I’m guessing most of the teachers present were from RI itself since they were the host institution.

Page 11, Seniors — I actually somewhat recognize a few names from the list here, but I don’t know that I actually knew any of them well, so I’m not sure who I’m mixing up with just common first names from elsewhere.

Page 12, Itinerary — I don’t remember this at. all. Not one bit. But this would explain why one of the handouts we have below is group 2’s handout instead of our own!

Page 13 and 14, Autographs — Wow. Random scribbles from people. I see Alvin Foo making a joke about talking to himself there — this is pre-transition me so we shared the same first name. I see a *moo* on the right side of the page, and I immediately know that that’s Leong Wai, that was her trademark. Someone signed with “Good 9:46 am” and “Good 11:45 am!” instead of “good morning”, which means that this must have been done in the morning of the 3rd day, what a random piece of information airdropped from 24 years in the past. There’s a “Hi, remember me, forever…” at the bottom left of the page, but the signature is too scrawly to read. How do you expect me to remember you if I can’t read your name??

Extra Handouts

Pages 1 and 2 — Crytology! The P in cryptology vanished. For some reason we had group 1 and 2’s and did group 1’s questions. They did say something about group 1 getting group 6’s questions and group 2 getting group 5’s etc, but I’m not sure why we have and started with group 1’s.

Pages 5 and 6, Biodata List — What a weird name to call it. Biodata list. Also, these are what email addresses looked like pre-Gmail. A lot of those email providers are all gone now. Also, someone almost had a Tigey email address!

Feb 01 2024 update: I found a few more sheets! Here’s a consent form and a couple handouts to parents about the event.

Document dated: March 19 1998.

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