My Diary #142

Dear Tigey,

We’re back! And you had a nice, relaxing bath in the spinny washer and then a sauna in the blazing hot dryer! Oh how nice to have working laundry machines again.

Entry #142 (Jun 09 2024)

Table of Contents

I survived my lack of…
ට  Life
ට  Games
ට  Plushie of the Week #137
ට  Song of the Week #114
ට  Writing Prompt of the Week #57
ට  Memory Snippet of the Week #121
ට  Dreams


All my post-trip fun stuff goes here! It’s good to be home again, and to be posting once a week instead of once a day. Mostly because it gives me more leisure time to play and watch and do and squeeze and pat and bully stuff.

The first thing of interest was this note that I found on the table once I got home with Jon and Mom in tow.

There was indeed a big hole in the wall still:

And for some reason, even though the note was 3 weeks ago, it was still not fixed. Unless they consider that garbage bag patch and tape a “fix”. There’s no wall behind that black patch at all, just a hole in the drywall. The end plates of my heating vents that run along the outer wall of the apartment were also both down at the point where they connect to my outer walls, next to the holes that lead to the adjacent apartments on both sides of mine. They are usually mounted on hooks or whatever keeps them off the ground, but instead were sitting on the ground, exposing a hole in the wall that things could crawl through. Hard to describe, see picture instead.

There were also a bunch of little dead bugs on the ground, about 10 of them or so spread across the wooden floor on the side of my apartment closer to the heating vent and the hole in the wall. I contacted the rental office about this to complain, and was asked to send pictures of both the hole and the dead bugs so they could make a work order for the former and send the pictures of the latter to a pest agency to verify what sort of bugs they were. I haven’t heard back on either of those issues, though as far as I can tell with my prior experiences I don’t think these are bed bugs, at least. I won’t post pictures of these on my blog though. Ew. A couple days later and I haven’t seen any other bugs, live or dead, at all yet though.

It seemed like even though I informed the apartment that I was leaving for a few weeks, they did not send anyone to my unit to check on things as they usually do. At least, usually there’s a checklist and sign-in sheet that they leave on a counter in the house somewhere, to let me know when and how often they came by, and that wasn’t here this time. Oh well.

I spent my first night vaccuuming and mopping the floor and mostly unpacking, which is to mean the items I brought along are in piles around the house instead of in piles inside my bags. Then I washed my bags, starting with my sling bag first as it smelled of Taiwan night market oil still. I brought it into my bathtub and hosed it down with the shower, and then let it drip dry for a couple days. Once it was dry, I brought it out of the bathroom and hosed down my second bag, an Osprey Tempest 30 backpack that I have used for several trips now and like very much. I haven’t decided if I want to (or even can) hose down my large suitcase yet. Or if I should just use wipes to clean it.

On the bright side, I returned home with all the toothbrushes I used on the trip that I used in the various hotels etc that were going to be thrown away otherwise. So now I have five toothbrushes in my bathroom. I also have a United Airlines towel blanket that followed me home somehow. It’s washed now, and I guess I’ll use it for the plushies to sit on.

I took a picture of a clean balcony in my last diary entry and made a note to take a picture when I return as well to see how much poop buildup there was while I was gone on vacation. Well, the balcony on the evening when I came back looked like this:

Phew. I also took some pictures of the miscreants.

I had to chase them off with a broom a couple times during the week. I assume it’s the same birds anyway. I woke up to lots of poop scattered across the balcony twice in the three days since I’ve returned though, which is interesting since in comparison to how much there was, there wasn’t THAT much on the balcony for the amount of time that I was gone. Do they just not return to the balcony to poop there if I just leave the poop alone? I’ve rained a lot of dried (and wet) bird poop on hapless passersby walking down below the apartment over the past few days.

I have a huge seasonal anime and scanning backlog that I have not dared touch up till this point. Though the pile of mail from when I emptied my mailbox included six letters (five of them bank-related stuff) addressed to the previous occupant of the unit, and one to someone who must have been the previous-previous occupant. Come on now.

It’s interesting to see what changes have happened in the couple months that I was gone. The tailoring store in Southgate Mall is gone now, for example, though when I asked Guest Services they said that that store had shut down 6 months ago and I just never noticed (since they were tucked in a side wing of the mall that I don’t go to). Doh. I wanted some repairs to be done to my favourite skirt, which I wear all the time when I go out and wore all the time throughout my trip. The Guest Services lady suggested I visit the library area in Edmonton South Commons, southeast of Southgate Mall, but I don’t actually see a tailor there on Google Maps.

A couple smaller stores seem to have either closed or are in the process of moving to another store in the mall too. I think there was one hobby store which sold a bunch of slightly overpriced Japanese and Chinese toys and stuff (like plushies, figurines, Funko Pops and little model building sets) which seems gone now, which is a pity as I liked to browse that store. I hope it just moved somewhere else in the mall rather than closed down, but I don’t think it did.

Southgate has a little pride archway set up in the event space in the mall now though, and their use of the event space to set up some cool setup or other for many different types of occasions is one of the things I continue to appreciate about the mall.

I saw the above on Wednesday on the way to the mall food court for dinner. I had Thai Express (well, Thaï Express) for dinner, and the cashier who took my order gave me a welcome back and asked how my trip went. I guess I must have mentioned it to her before I left since I was a regular there. Normal orders come with a free medium drink or free spring roll, but she gave me a free large ice tea drink with my usual order instead to celebrate my return. So that was quite nice of her. My usual order, by the way, is “tofu tom yum, extra spicy, to go”. And it costs a bit over $15 after tax, since Canadian food prices are hellishly high.

One of the parking lots by the mall is also completely closed, and I’m not sure why. I can see the entire lot from my balcony and there’s no work being done on it or anything.

There was apparently a shooting nearby the mall and my apartment complex while I was gone too, Ronnie alerted me to the newspaper article (local) on it during one of our one-on-one work check-in meetings while on my trip. It’s a different parking lot than the one that was closed above though.

There was also a fire alarm in the building on Friday this week, a mere two days after I returned home. Life sure is never boring around here. I took some pictures of the three fire trucks that came to confirm that there was no actual fire. Many residents didn’t even bother coming out of the building, and just kind of stood at theire balconies and looked down at the fire trucks and those of us that did. I think less people came out than the number of people who would come out for fire alarms in my old building, which was only like 4 stories high.

My sleep schedule is all messed up as usual due to jet lag or whatever now that I have returned to my normal time zone. The first night I slept fine (as usual), the second night I didn’t sleep at all until 8 am, the third night I slept for 3 hours, waking up after an hour each time, and then was forced into a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I took the first day back off from work, and the second I worked as though I were still remote — doing tickets on an “if I can manage” basis (I could and did) but not attending the daily team meeting.

In more work news, it looks like our new Vice-Provost at the University who was hired recently from another University and now oversees the IT department as part of her portfolio, is trying to force people working from home to come in once a week now, which is interesting to say the least. This thing is still developing though, though it’s not going over well and there certainly will be consequences if it goes through.

Celo VPN sent an email while I was gone about them ending the lifetime VPN service that I had bought from them through gHacks/Stacksocial eight years ago. This deal was supposed to span the “lifetime” of either their company or, well, me, but now they want to end the service in order to try to save their company (or so they claim), and are trying to get people to sign up for a disgusting recurring subscription instead. They offered a one-time coupon in the email for a cheaper subscription, and when I complained, they offered a better one-time coupon for me, but I still refused. I also complained directly to gHacks/Stacksocial and that representative was very helpful and helped me badger Celo support as well. I didn’t get a refund in the end like I was asking for, but I did get a $26 credit on Stacksocial that I can directly apply to any other offer/product they have, at least, so that was very nice of them. In contrast, I will never ever buy anything from Celo VPN, and I would encourage anyone else thinking about buying from them to instead pass on them and try some other VPN company instead, since by what they say they sound like they are on the verge of closing down anyway and likely won’t be able to fulfil their contract. Plus their service wasn’t ever particularly good (nor bad) anyway. I hope they end up closing shop.

I had bought a CD for a Minecraft mod several months ago but had told them to hold off on actually sending it due to my trip. A week ago, once I had booked my ticket home, I also contacted the sender and told them that it was okay to send it (to my local PO Box) now because I was on the way back. He sent it and even provided me with a tracking number, and from what I can tell it has now just arrived in Canada.

There’s a bunch of things that I identified over the trip as things that I want to get as well, though I don’t remember many of them offhand — except a teapot, I need a teapot to more efficiently make all the tea that I brought back home. I did buy a can of Raid just in case I had a bug invasion, and a mop bucket for my mop since I had nowhere to wring it and let it hang dry once I cleaned the floor with it.

I unpacked my two new anime character acrylic stands this week as well and found that one of them was a lot taller than the other two:

For the height that I put my computer monitors at, the Maomao one in the middle is way too tall and would be blocking my screen if I put her on the desk in the middle of my two monitors, so she had to sit on the outer balcony side of my main monitor instead. She’s over a head taller than the other two! Those other two, Yuuki Yuuna and Nijika, are short enough to fit in between my monitors, or even anywhere below either monitor, without blocking anything.

I also need to replace the protective screen film on my Samsung Galaxy Ultra S23, as it came a bit loose or something and air bubbles appeared beneath the left side of the film. The original screen protector I bought came with a second backup film that I can apply, but I’m not sure if I kept it due to the move. I need to look for the kit at some point to see if I still have it.

My phone bugs me now and then about doing more reviews for Google Maps, so I did one this week on Hell’s Museum, which I visited less than a week ago. It feels forever ago now. This bumped me to a Level 4 Local Guide on Google, which is funny since most of my reviews are for things I have visited outside of my city, and thus definitely not local in the least.

I wonder if clicking those smileyfaces at the bottom actually does anything in the grand scheme of things.

And lastly, Arsh reached out to me again this weekend to say hi, which was a blast from the past as well. It looks like he’s updated a few new music videos recently, though he (or YouTube) also broke a previous video link by making it only playable on YouTube directly. Had to tinker with a previous blog entry to remove the embed link there.


I’m finally home, and I get to spend time playing games again! On my trip, I think I largely played Hades II, Monster Train and Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor on my Steam Deck. None of them a whole ton though, since I was on vacation and vacationing and blogging both took priority. I did buy and try to play a bit of The Last Spell too but it ran poorly on both my laptop and Steam Deck.

Now that I’m back home, I could try that, but I have a lot more things to play too. Just in the couple of days since I returned, I’ve played a bunch of Minecraft on my modded Minecraft public server network, a little bit of Final Fantasy XIV on a random new character, another little bit of Fallout 76 for the first time, and Satinel‘s new game, Last Fantasy. The last game was the best, of course:

This auto-battler was created on a very constrained timeframe for a  game jam. I’m so proud of her for making complex and amazing games. Also see that Tigey shopkeeper in the corner. Isn’t he the cutest?

There are other games I currently plan to try to go back to soon if time allows, including my unfinished Yakuza games, Persona games, and Cyberpunk 2077.

Also, Pikmin Bloom has my pikmin go back to their birthplace to collect a gift box when they hit rank 4 affection levels, which is interesting because the vast majority of my pikmin have birthplaces in Asia even though I’m now back in North America. I have 32 pikmin on long pilgrimages to their birthplaces and back right now, some as “short” as 17 days (probably because I started them while I was still somewhere in Asia) while others’ journey times are as long as 117 or 140 days now. The vast majority of my pikmin on pilgrimages are locked out for 90-110 days. How silly. Swim, little pikmin, swim.

Plushie of the Week #137 – Nanoha

I bought and brought home eight things on my recent trip to Asia that I consider plushies for the purpose of my Plushie of the Week blog entries, although three of them are rubber ducks that will share a post with each other once I get around to them. The other five are actual plushies though, and I will list them in order of when I bought them, likely in five consecutive weekly posts on my blog.

The first one in this list of plushies is Nanoha. Nanoha was purchased on Apr 25 2024, for 2000 yen, from a store named Sumotokan in Tokyo. Nanoha is apparently the mascot of Sumoto City, a city in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, a place that I’ve never visited or even come close to. Well, not quite true, it’s a bit west-southwest of Kobe and Osaka, and I’ve been to those places. But I’ve never been to Awaji Prefecture, and with the JR Pass being so expensive now there’s no point in going anywhere other than the major cities.

Anyway, Sumotokan literally means Sumoto Hall/Shop, and for some reason they had a store in Tokyo selling goods from their city. I was all over that though, and happily went in and walked around to browse what they had before ending up with this plushie. According to my note in the blog post from that day, Nanoha is an elf and represents nanohana, the city’s official flower. It also goes towards supporting children in a small city whose population is apparently slowly dwindling, and that probably no one visits because the JR Pass is too expensive now. The picture of the pile of plushies I took at the time in the shop looked like this:

Here are pictures of the Nanoha that I ended up with. Starting with the front:

And back:

Nanoha has a tag that literally says Nanoha:

And the back side of the tag says Nanoha Kurabu (Nanoha Club). The word below that is kensaku, or “look it up”, and Googling Nanoha Kurabu (well, なのはくらぶ) brings me to this site (local). It’s a city website and Facebook group thing, and a Google translation of that says it’s for “We will send out announcements and recommended information regarding child-rearing.”

Finally, this is the bag that the plushie came in, because why not.

The main tag says Nanoha-chan Plushie, and the bottom tag says the target age (for the toy recipient) is 6 years and older. I wonder why.

Song of the Week #114

Title: Sharing (Fenxiang)
Artist: Sky Wu
Album: Zui Ai Shi Ni (1993)

I like this song, named 分享 or Fenxiang in Chinese, and for some reason thought about it a lot during my trip, especially once I had swung into the Chinese-speaking regions (Taiwan, then China), except that I had forgotten the name of the song and couldn’t recall who had sung it either. I did know how to hum the song though, but it took several tries before I could hum it accurately enough for Google Assistant to actually pick up the song. But I was glad when it finally did. This is a song I knew from my younger life though, probably splash damage from radio airplay while it was popular.

It’s really good, particularly the chorus, which starts at around 1:28 of the video below and is both melodic and meaningful. The song is about long-term friendship and how precious it is, and the English translation that the video provides for the chorus (which is okay but a bit weird at a couple points, and I fixed a couple of grammatical errors) goes:

The happiness shared with you is better than having it alone myself,
I am still deeply moved until now.
Good friends are like windows, which change the field of vision.
The happiness shared with you is better than having it alone myself,
I am still deeply moved until now.
Good friends are like doors, which open up the world.

Good stuff. I love the chorus and the harmonica or whatever instrument they use there.

Writing Prompt of the Week #57

This week’s writing prompt reads:

What story comes to mind when you hear the phrase, “rite of passage”?

Nothing I’ve ever done, but one thing that I barely escaped was a compulsary Secondary 3 leadership camp for Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in Dunman High School, since the Secondary 3 student cohort would be the second-oldest group of seniors in the clubs that they were in. It was a multiple day camp, I think either 3 days 2 nights or 2 days 1 night or something over a weekend or so, and was one of the rare joint-club events that we had, since even though the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides were sibling organizations and clubs, we seldom actually did events together.

It was famous or infamous for being a hectic few days, capped off by setting up and then sleeping in tents in the school field at night, and then woken up early the next morning by the teachers/trainers/seniors/whoever was running the event. Kind of like a mini military training sort of thing with lots of exertion and a packed schedule and lots of minigames and challenges all weekend long.

Since I left at the end of Secondary 2 though, I never went to this. I don’t know if I’d have liked it or not, I probably would not have liked it in the moment but would have had more or less good memories of it afterwards. Probably.

Memory Snippet of the Week #121

While in Tokyo on my recent trip, something I saw at one point reminded me of a memory attached to the Hong Kong trip I took in 1996 for the ACPMC math contest. A gift for the family that I bought while there, and that sat in a display cabinet for a while, was a mechanical bird of some kind in a small, rectangular box that would rise up and make chirping noises when the box was opened, and would fall silent again when closed. It was supposedly solar-powered or light-powered or something, though I think it was fairly fragile too — I think I bought back maybe three of them and only one or two survived a significant length of time.

I can’t find any pictures of this item online, though Googling “bird musical boxes” does find me some similarly-shaped rectangular boxes, but I do have a strong mental picture of the item in my head still. Someday I might either find a picture of this item online, or in an old family album photo somewhere or something. When this happens, I will attach that here.


This is a shorter week anyway in terms of blog coverage, but I haven’t posted my dreams since the start of the trip, and there were a few even though it’s harder to dream when in an unfamiliar environment. So why not have them all here at once!

May 03 2024
  • I dreamt that I was on a large cruise ship as part of a study abroad program. Every student on board had an aquatic or arctic animal that they predicted that the cruise ship would see at some point, mine was a blue whale. Someone else picked another species of whale and noted that it was unlikely that we would see a blue whale as the other type of whale was obviously already visible and they were never seen together with blue whales. I just knew however that we would eventually see a blue whale at some point during the trip, too.
  • Other popular animal picks included fish and wolves, as we travelled past a lot of land as well. There was a large aquarium-like window set into the side of the boat that we could see through, although many people still just went above deck to peer over the edges. There was always the danger of falling overboard as the boat rocked though, so people had to be careful.
  • At one point, I was alone above deck while the ship was next to a large flat chunk of ice. Two or three white wolves were trying to move in to the ice sheet, one a mother wolf and the other/s wolf cubs. I had a large pile of flat black rocks by me and took a couple to toss at the wolves to try to chase them away as I was waiting for something else to arrive. The mother wolf taught the cub/s to pick up the stones and toss them back at me, however. I decided that the best course of action was to retreat for now and let them get bored of the ice and leave.
  • At another point, we passed a shoutengai, or shopping street, that many of the foreign students lived near. One of them, a tall Caucasian male, had fluent Japanese and was invested enough in the community that the shopping street planning committee, a group of five old Japanese men and women, invited him to join their committee to help make decisions about the shopping street.
May 06 2024
  • A girl character that was holding Tigey, and that was being controlled by me as a player, was being harassed by a bunch of younger kids who wanted to play many rounds of a Scissors Paper Stone variant with her. These games started normally but ramped up with far more than the usual 3 options as the round went on. The girl had a manager person who couldn’t understand why the kids knew about Tigey and her and the game and were following her around.
  • Later, he saw her go into a Familymart convenience store and saw the kids follow along behind her soon after, and finally realized that his boss, a radio producer, had been broadcasting her location to his listeners. He went in to save her, as she was trying to climb a ladder but her sleeves were being tugged on by one of the young kids. The manager said that the convenience store had Tigeys all around the shelves, and this distracted the kids so that the girl could escape.
  • He also made a convenience store worker read out a Japanese announcement about the issue to the kids, basically asking them not to follow her anymore. I couldn’t understand the actual Japanese sentence though and neither did the worker, though he could read it out loud and very quickly. He did see the English word Tigey in there and tried to confirm with the manager that he wasn’t going to read out anything weird that might get him in trouble.
  • Editor: I was sleeping on a plane run by an airline named Tigerair when I had this dream.
May 10 2024
  • I led a very frail-looking Dad past a few quiet shops and buildings and into a small apartment where the rest of the family was waiting. The apartment was basically a single darkened room with containers and chairs on one wall that made it seem like we were on the back seat of a taxi or a car and facing the front driver and passenger seats.
  • While Mom and Dad rested and looked on, Jon, Kel, and I looked through the boxes and tried to figure out what we were going to do for food. I had some dried mashed potatoes with me and demonstrated that we could pour the powder into a bowl and add water and it would turn into something very much edible. Jon saked if you could add more water to it and then eat that still and I said yes, but if he added too much then it would turn soupy and that was probably terrible.
  • The three of us went out after a bit, looking to find food and other things to bring home. We apparently had another home or shop not that far away, and Jon brought a vacuum cleaner from there to our current apartment. I thought at first he had taken it from a shop across the street, which was represented by a narrow chasm, but that was evidently not the case since I could still see their vacuum parked across the chasm.
  • I also went out with Kel to a small open-air food court and we wanted to buy and bring home some food from there. A lot of the popular fast food restaurants had outlets there, but were overlaid with giant X’s and slightly greyed out in a local area around their storefront because either Mom or Dad had tried their food recently and not liked it, or else they had wronged our family somehow and we no longer wanted to give them our business. About half the stores in the food court were marked this way, including McDonalds, KFC, and at least one pizza chain.
  • Kel got in the queue for some store whose name started with Independent, and that was selling local food from some South East Asian country. She asked if I wanted some stuff from there, but I looked at the store prices and most of the dishes cost over $10, so I said no.
  • A little later on, I was still in the same area but my family had retreated into the dream background. There had been a school festival in the background that had now come into the foreground, but even though my class was participating in it, I couldn’t really participate myself as I had no time due to taking care of my family, and didn’t really want to in general anyway.
  • I did see some school friends and helped them a bit though, like I briefly helped Harvey tend an outdoor stall, and helped two other girls do something to their stall as well. I also was looking for some items and eventually found them, though I do not remember the details around what they were, perhaps some sort of paper.
  • There was a news reporter and cameraman going around and interviewing random students about the fair, and I secretly wished that they’d interview me but they did not do so. I hung out near them though, wearing a hooded cloak that covered up the left side of my face and hugging something similar to a bolster as I watched a whole host of students and visitors and even the odd policeman go by in the large, open courtyard area in front of me and a bunch of arches that looked like a bus terminal on the other end of the courtyard.
  • I then returned to the classroom and sat at a desk in a row right in front of a number of other girls in my class, including both Paulene and Huihan. They were a bit aloof since I hadn’t been helping out with the class fair though.
  • Editor: The $10 policy is a guideline that I tend to follow when I am on holiday in Asian countries.
May 14 2024
  • Snippet: I dreamt that I spoke to Mom, who had been talking with Jon and Kel about a new mobile game that they were playing, which was a single-player RPG which they levelled up in and which also had a mechanic where you could donate or trade gear with other players in order to level up faster. They liked the game and invited me to play it, and I accepted, even though I’d be about 60 levels behind them already. That apparently took less than a week to get though.
  • Snippet: I also remember running along a set of roads and noticing that I wasn’t getting tired while doing so, so I picked up my pace and continued running harder as it was a healthy thing to do. I overtook a couple of people on the road, who then increased their speed to try to keep pace with me. I ignored them though as I was confident that I would still be able to outpace them in no time.
May 22 2024
  • Snippet: I remember the hard bed I was sleeping on becoming a representation of a large FFXIV zone, and a streamer I watch, Inochifantasy, walking around the bed/zone with a character of hers. The bed/zone was divided into squares of varying sizes and colours, with each square representing a challenge or a lore point. She was showcasing various examples of the squares with her high level character to viewers.
  • Snippet: I also remember another streaming-related snippet where someone got angry with a viewer and participant named Lana. I don’t think it was related to the above snippet though.
  • Editor: I don’t know anyone actually named Lana, but I was watching Inochifantasy play FFXIV just before bedtime (on the hard bed in Kel‘s room in Guangzhou) so that part bled into the dream.
May 23 2024
  • Snippet: I was walking down a a passage in a building while chatting to my work colleagues virtually about some new spreadsheet that Ronnie finally agreed that we needed to create. He asked for name suggestions but said that it needed to be really simple because the spreadsheet would be a list of accounts that we’d need another team to create for us and that that other team was really stupid and would lose the spreadsheet link in a heartbeat if it had a complex name. I said that Johannes had created s similar list of accounts in the past when we first noticed the issue, and had named the list “Database” then, so how about that. Ronnie liked it.
  • Snippet: Later, it was the first day of class but there were many new students in class this semester. I was a returning student and was helping some of the new students settle down. For example, the guy behind me needed help to solve a math problem that was on the board, and I said that the teacher had given three interpretations of an algebraic formula on the blackboard, like A = B = C where each letter was a fraction that contained a numerator and denominator part, and the second and third ones were what he needed to concentrate on and reduce against each other as they had similar parts, whereas the first one was just part of the original question. Another student was preparing to go into some sort of test in another room with a female teacher, and I told him that he could earn brownie points by helping the teacher reset the power breaker in the room first since that seemed to be what she was trying to do. She said the breaker was on the side of a refrigerator, and he initially went into the fridge itself and got stuck inside somehow, but managed to extricate himself, before finding the correct switch and flipping in.
May 26 2024
  • I dreamt that I participated in a school competition that involved getting 6 slips of paper with a different city name on each one, and then sitting through some sort of elimination competition to get to a point where a judge would pull city names out of a hat and whoever was still around and had a matching slip of paper could come up and point at the city on a map for the judges. There was a bingo element to it too, in addition to the elimination element, and when my final winning word came up I had only three other competitors left and all of them had one word left as well.
  • My final winning word was Lisbon which was in Iceland in my dream. To show that I knew the answer when it came up, I picked up a map from another contestant’s table as I went up toward the judges’ table in stage, and showed them the star over Iceland with the word Lisbon on it. I won first place for all 6 of my words and received a large certificate proclaiming this. I noticed someone else that had many of my words too and who finished 2nd in all 6 of his words, whatever that meant. He was 17th overall in the competition, which was still quite high.
Jun 05 2024
  • I dreamt that Kel and I were at a large and heavily guarded bus interchange on the northern side of Singapore, near Yishun. It was drizzling and we had just gotten down from a cheese-themed bus and were heading across an open courtyard and then down through tunnels to head to a connecting bus. I had my eyes open hoping to find some clothing, particularly school uniforms, that might be lying discarded on the ground somehow. We passed an open jail cell area with a Malay man standing inside of it, he had been detained by the police and was being patted down. Just outside the open cell door were two young children, laughing and playing around.
  • Editor: I was on a flight home from Singapore to Canada for this dream.
Jun 09 2024
  • I dreamt that Amy, who was leading another team at work in my dream, had become pregnant, and a lot of people at work knew about it. I didn’t, but I knew that something was up, and correctly guessed what had happened from some hints that Ronnie had dropped while we were chatting online. Yet he refused to confirm it and was playing coy with me, with the idea that if I were really a friend of hers then I should already know without him telling me. I said that I just didn’t talk to her much these days since I never met her anymore, but that that didn’t mean that I didn’t want to know important things about her and others at work, and that it was rude to assume so. I added that I guessed that Ronnie thought it didn’t matter since I was leaving work to go overseas soon anyway, which was also rude.

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