My Diary #086

Dear Tigey,

Just another normal week in my world!

Entry #086 (Feb 26 2023)


I got back my midterm results from that Classical Japanese class I was taking. I apparently topped the class with a 90 or so:

I wasn’t happy with this at first because I thought I needed a 91-93 for an A-, but upon reviewing the syllabus, 88-91 is an A- in this class, and 92-95 is an A, so I guess it’s already an A- and nearly an A. I definitely lost marks because the test was so long and I had no time to review my answers, though. Oh well.

I also got back my reply from Sophia University this week regarding my eligibility to apply again, and there was positive news along that front. They re-accepted my eligibility after reviewing my transcripts and after we explained again what happened with my transcripts (a variation of what happened in this very early blog post). This is still not Sophia University themselves admitting me — in fact, applications to Sophia University don’t even open until March 1st anyway, but it’s them saying that my transcript is fine grade-wise and I am eligible to apply. So that’s still the biggest rock out of the way for now.


I only worked Tuesday to Thursday this week, but it was so busy that it felt like a full-length week, since I was pretty much monitoring the queue for key fob activations and any related urgent requests the entire week. There’s a certain slice of people that don’t seem to be able to read emails and then complain at us and blame the Service Desk when they follow the wrong procedure and those sorts of people are infuriating, but oddly enough I managed to end the week with no lingering bad blood from that, everyone I talked to got sorted out one way or another and any tempers were defused after an email or two to clarify things. Good thing I guess. It was mentally exhausting though.

This week, I also submitted my reimbursement request for my Personal Spending Account for last year with SunLife, our benefits provider. It’s worth $1250 and can be claimed against a variety of things, so I just used the laptop that I bought last year. It’s not a very good laptop, by the way. At least I haven’t become fond of it yet. The quality of the graphics card is not good (very noisy, freezes my browser and spins up the fan a lot due to some weird hardware acceleration I can’t seem to disable, and comes with bloatware), and Windows 11 is still very annoying to use so far.


Satinel made another Shiara Day game for me! Last year it was a game based on Skeal, called Shiara Day, and this year it was a game based on Vampire Survivors, called Tigey Survivor!

It features Tigey as an emoji upgrading a number of inside joke skills that reference different things we’ve done or talked about together in the past, and fighting against a horde of other significant emoji from our Discord server and our personal chats, trying to annex them to join his army of things, since he (wants to) owns everything in the world. And it’s pretty amazing. I feel like Satinel should definitely be making and releasing (more) games on and maybe even might be able to start eyeing Steam now or soon, and that’s pretty amazing that she’s come this far in about two years. They’re no The Witcher or Mass Effect, but they’re logically solid games in their own right. The link to download Tigey Survivor is here.

The only problem with this is she’s setting a precedent now, having done this two years in a row, and I joked with her that I’d almost be anticipating something new every year at this rate! Satinel‘s spoiling me rotten. Oh well I won’t really be around next year anyway if my study abroad plans come to fruition!

Talking about going abroad, after a followup to the Canadian Transportation Agency, Air Canada came through this week for me, giving me not a $400 coupon like the rep had suggested last week, but a $500 one. It can only be used if purchasing directly through them or a certified travel agent though, I think, but that’s fine.

Your eCoupon is valid for three years from the date you received this e-mail.

eCoupons can be used to purchase air travel and a variety of ancillary services (such as seat selection, unaccompanied minor service, and pet handling) offered by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express.

Simply provide your eCoupon number at time of payment on (Canadian and U.S. editions only), through the Air Canada Call Centre at 1-888-247-2262 or with a travel agent at

Cool. I think that’s in addition to the $100 coupon I initially got from them too, so I got back $600 in return for them sending me to another continent.

Also in significant news this week, and relating to how the failure message for Satinel‘s Tigey Survivor game is that Tigey needs a bath if he reaches 0 health, the apartment sent some handymen by to replace my toilet bowl and shower head:

The new showerhead leaks a little around the top of the showerhead, creating a little spray of water that squirts back toward the wall, but no harm done I guess. The new toilet is a little bit higher, and it has a flush button right in the middle instead of a pull lever on the side, which I don’t really like as that’s where I usually put the little toilet bin. Oh well. So that’s what a toilet bowl hole looks like.

This was done on Wednesday, Feb 22, and they replaced both the toilet bowl and the shower head really quickly, under half an hour all in all, and then sent an attendant by later with a sanitizing spray before I could use it. It also came with a Toilet Seat Installation and Maintenance guide… and I guess it’s not only here because I want to scan and archive everything, but also I’m not sure why a toilet seat maintenance guide exists, or how I am supposed to get direct sunlight on it even if I wanted to, or why that matters.

Someone had come by to replace the counter tops and wall tiles a couple of years ago, the floor tiles at another point, my kitchen fridge at yet another point, and it’s overall neat that the management replaces old parts of the apartment every other year or so.

I got to add a picture to the Photo of the Week section of My Diary #025 this week, as the conversation in the Dunman Whatsapp group that I was in, with my former classmates from Secondary 1-2, turned to topics of old memories and Rachel snapped a photo of the shirt that she still had, and hers was in much better condition than mine.

I also noticed that one of the two teas that I had tried and had ranked as Bad in the chart last week, Lupicia’s Momo Vert, actually came with instructions to only steep it for 60-90 seconds, whereas I had not read that initially and had most likely left it steeped for about 5 minutes or so, which produced a terrible-tasting tea. Actually following the instructions this time upgraded it to an average tea, so that was a nice lesson to learn since I still have half a bag of those tea leaves. My sister also alerted me of a Davids Tea sale on a sample box and lowered free shipping promotion that they were having, which is very tempting…

I’ve also started to make really easy side dishes for my rice and leftover soup dinner, largely consisting of some pre-cooked sweet and sour pork from the supermarket that I throw into a microwave and then onto the rice and soup, and some supermarket-brand pre-roasted frozen vegetables packaged in a sealed bag that I fry for a couple minutes in a pan before tossing it on top of the pork and topping with an egg. Simple, but my regular dinner meals before usually just consisted of plain rice and soup (though the soup usually had meat and vegetables in it) when I wasn’t making anything else special or eating out, and I never really got around to spicing it up with “side dishes” because they all seemed really time-consuming to prepare.

These meals have been really satisfying to my palate though, I apparently get an RPG-style mood bonus for the rest of the evening after eating them. I don’t want to forget that feeling, so here it is written down in the journal. I currently alternate between one soup day (where I only have half a pot of soup over four or five helpings) and three rice/soup leftover days (where I have rice, soup, and the abovementioned side dish/es) or so for dinner, and have completely moved away from any sort of delivery and for the moment even microwaved meals. Yummy.

Tying in with my birthday this week and the Memory Snippet of the Week blurb for Geeyong two weeks ago, I found this in my stash (and promptly scanned it): a birthday card that he sent to me in either 1997 or 1998.

I don’t know why I still have this, but I do. He used coloured printer ink for me! That was kind of expensive back then!

I finished ordering my second and probably last (before my upcoming trips) batch of CDs from Japan, now they’re just awaiting delivery to the Remambo (the proxy company I am using) warehouse before I have them sent over here to Canadialand. I think this will be more expensive than the other method, but they do have more stores, and I need to do some research and look at all the costs associated with these services anyway, so that’s okay. And then I can rip and scan and slowly archive them all in my collection over time.

What else happened this week? I had a headache of varying sizes from Thursday onwards through Saturday, though it was more of an.. earache than anything. Not sure why. My bed is also slowly dying, and it’s sad because I think I’ve had this bed since we moved to Canada. However I can definitely feel the springs beneath me now when I sleep and there’s even one part where the end of a spring has burst through the bed fabric itself and occasionally pokes against the bedsheet, threatening to make a tiny hole in that. I’m pretty sure that if I jump onto the bed and my weight happens to fall on that specific part of the bed at a wrong angle, I’d hurt myself. Thankfully only Tigey still jumps onto my bed these days, I’m now too old. One more year until the big 4-0. Is it even possible for humans to live that long? Should I even be going overseas to study at this age? Anyway hopefully my bed lasts until I leave because I’m sure not getting a new mattress for 4-5 months.

I am thinking of getting a scanner though to help with my scanning, particularly the Plustek OpticBook 4800, but it costs just under 800 CAD. I am eyeing it primarily because its scanning glass area goes right up against the scanner, to allow for “proper” scanning of books without breaking them apart. Supposedly. That was one problem I encountered with my current scanner when trying to scan those Dunman yearbooks. But the price, compared with how I’m going overseas soon… on one hand, it would let me scan a whole bunch more things before I go in case I lose access to them (it’s much faster than my current all-in-one, I believe), but on the other hand, it might not survive so long in storage, or I might hypothetically not even end up back in Edmonton when I do eventually settle down again, or at least not for a couple years.


In games this week, Satinel and I played our new V Rising map several times, though it wasn’t until our 4th session, about maybe 45-50 ingame days or so in, before we finally left the first zone and properly went into the second one and “properly” discovered horses. A much more comfortable game pace for learning than the other game, where we were rushing so much that we were escorted and sent into the second zone to get horses before our first evening playing the game was over.

Outside of that, I played a couple of other random games, Book of Yog, which bills itself as an idle RPG but is really a phone-style gacha game first and an RPG second. In particular, it borrows heavily from AFK Arena, another idle gacha phone game that I played a couple of years ago pre-blog, which I actually found really interesting and challenging. Not sure if that game was itself based on other games, but it had character upgrading mechanics in particular where over-upgrading a character would actually severely hurt your party, and I’m not sure if it’s the same in this one or not, because the game is very, very vague and the English translation is kind of poor (but in this case, the mechanics are just vague).

But the translations are really poor. These are not the worst ones, but the worst ones are difficult to capture because they don’t even fit on one line and just end abruptly.

I like hunting for poor translations in games, though, so it has that going for it.

Another game I tried was the demo for Wormhole Adventurer, which I saw recommended on some subreddit or other, but at least so far in the demo, the game is really barebones and really, really repetitive and boring and did not catch my interest at all. Every (early on) wormhole is just blasting up a pirate or two with repetitive turn around and shoot combat, picking up scrap and fuel, standing on iron ore asteroids until you mine it all, and going to stations to process it. I’m sure there’s more to the game but even though I love roguelikes and have no issue with the graphics and turn-based gameplay, that didn’t feel like a roguelike, or more importantly fun, at all.

And then for Shiara Day, I visited a couple old games, like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain:

That game has a special cutscene when you log on during your birthday. I’ve seen it once before, about five years ago, so it was time for a refresher. I had definitely forgotten what all happens through the cutscene sequence. I wonder if having more characters and things unlocked would extend it further as well, either with more characters in the existing cutscenes or brand new parts slotted in to the sequence.

Genshin Impact also has a good birthday event, whereby I get a cake in the mail, and birthday voice lines get activated for characters that I own (and generally picked up over the last year, since I think once they unlock from a previous year they stay unlocked forever). So anyway I logged in to do that too.

Plushie of the Week #84 – Gigi

Gigi the Giraffe was a Secret Santa gift from a Reddit user named /u/tellmewhatishurt, back when I took part in the 2016 Christmas Secret Santa on Reddit. She’s apparently from Singapore, though the plushie is from a Korean company called Aurora World (local), who apparently haven’t figured out https yet and also inexplicably have both a link to “Shop” and a link to “Store” on their page. Anyway, she arrived on Dec 15 2016, and so that is her “birthday”.

Gigi is the name of the giraffe as per one of the tags that she came with, so I kept the name. There isn’t much else to say besides that, and that she’s one of several giraffe plushies that I have, but the only one with a name currently. I don’t think I have a firm origin on the other giraffe plushies, but I will feature them soon as well. Some pictures of Gigi follow.



One side:

Other side:


Tag 2:

Tag 3:

It also came a little secondary plushie tag. Front:


Song of the Week #61

Title: Se a vida é (That’s the Way Life Is)
Artist: Pet Shop Boys
Album: Bilingual (1996)

If there ever was a song that was the theme song or anthem of our Dunman High class, especially when we were in Secondary 1 in 1997, this was it. It was generally liked by everyone in class, and even hearing the song today sends a nostalgic chill through me — this song brings back tons of school memories to me, of the classrooms, the school, the people, Kallang McDonalds, the Sentosa Chalet incident, spending the evenings around the Tampines station/bus interchange malls, and even a few weird outings that I can’t quite place — a Chinese cultural trip near a river where we ate tea-boiled eggs or something from little egg cups, and some sort of a class camping trip where I somehow associated the song with a mental image of the outside of a public toilet in a park, for example.

The song itself, without the memories, is okay… I don’t particularly love or hate it, though I like it more than I dislike it, especially how “distant” it feels in places. Like how a comfortable, windy, overcast afternoon in the late 90s in Singapore feels to me now, sitting in my chair in Edmonton in 2023 and typing this out. The memories though are precious.

As an addendum, and a bonus Memory Snippet of the Week, here are some scans of two parody/rewrite versions of the song that our Secondary 1/Grade 7 class apparently wrote and did of the song back there. The first one was apparently for an inter-GEP school history play that we did and apparently came in second (out of four schools) for, and the second one (both the second and third scans are of this second version) was apparently for some Teachers’ Day thing. The first one basically consisted of a rewrite of just the chorus and a couple other lines, the actual stanzas are almost identical to the real song’s lyrics (local). The second one is a more substantial rewrite of the entire thing. The written copy is in Debbie‘s handwriting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she wrote the lyrics, though she thinks she did do at least some of it.

First one (history play):

Second one (Teachers’ Day):

The reason all this even came into focus this week is because our Dunman Whatsapp chat group started talking and reminiscing about the history play, and Arlena mentioned the history behind the song, and then started actually singing (typing) the song itself, and that rang a bell. I had no idea before then that the lyrics I had related to this history play, but I do now!

I remember nothing about the music video though. But life sure was much more simpler when we were young.

Writing Prompt of the Week #4

This week’s writing prompt reads:

How and where did your grandparents meet? (If you don’t know, this is a great opportunity to find out.)

I asked my mom a couple of weeks ago about this and she said she likely didn’t remember too many details but was still trying to put together an answer. So, this might sound off, but this will just be a placeholder for now, so that when I get an answer in the future, I can edit this in.

I’ve briefly mentioned this in the past, but both my paternal and maternal sides of the families are interesting when it comes to the grandparents level, because on the paternal side, my grandparents had nine kids, of which my Dad was the second oldest, but the oldest one that they actually kept, as the actual oldest child was given away for adoption by another further branch of the family. On the maternal side, I never knew my maternal grandparents as they had both passed away when my Mom was young. There was a significant age gap between my mom and her elder sister, who ended up taking care of her and who we basically treated as our maternal grandmother even though she was technically an aunt. See the family tree in My Diary #022 for more details.

In addition, this seems like a good place to share a quick anecdote that Dad passed down at one point. Apparently, during the Japanese invasion of Malaya in World War 2, my grandfather was captured but escaped from his Japanese captors through a bathroom window and earned his freedom that way. Who knows if anyone on the paternal side of our family would have been here today if not for that. Like a thread winding its way through fate and time, life is absolutely made up of small coincidences, lucky occurrances, and little miracles though. On the flip side, consider the people that would have born in an alternate universe to my grandma, or even my grandpa if he had survived and ended up elsewhere, that were otherwise not born because he escaped through said window.

Memory Snippet of the Week #68

This week, I wanted to talk about someone named Nyari, or Nyari Cil, because he appeared in my dream section below, but I don’t yet have a hover text entry or listed history for him. Still, he is probably one of the more prominent gaming partners I’ve had in my life, probably the most significant gaming partner outside of Jahandar (and coincidentally enough, both Jah, Nyari, as well as Ronnie from work share the same birthday. Jah and Nyari even share the same birth year. Something about people born on that day playing a large role in my life I guess…)

I first met him in Guild Wars 2, but we only knew each other passingly then from the Realm vs Realm (3-way server PvP) zone there. Later on, some of us from the Tarnished Coast server in GW2 made plans to move to ArcheAge when that launched in July 2014, and both he and I provisionally joined a GW2 guild named PiNK which was going to go over to the new game. That itself is a stage of my (gaming) life which came with my fourth muse (Steffy) as well as a lot of drama that requires its own long, long MSotW entry some other time. Before all that happened though, between January and July of 2014, Nyari and I became friends with each other, and broke off from the main group to go play a couple of other games by ourselves.

We were fortunate that a couple of high profile MMOs were launching right around then, so we played both the beta and launch of Elder Scrolls Online between about February and April 2014 or so, and then the beta and launch of Wildstar between May and June 2014, and we sprinkled some co-op games in there as well — I believe we played Sanctum 2 for a bit, Divinity: Original Sin, and he also really liked Blood Bowl and tried to get me to play that a few times. We also played, and watched each other play, Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup (local) online. Here’s my account and stats (local).

We then headed off to ArcheAge with the rest of PiNK once the ArcheAge beta launched in July 2014. Fast forward a couple months more and he had drifted on from ArcheAge and left for some other place, while I was knee-deep in both guild drama as well as my transition, since July 2014 was when I had my first trip to Korea for voice surgery (this got cancelled) and October 2015 was my second trip there (this was successful). Yes, this also requires a future MSotW. Anyway, we did level up our first characters to max level in ArcheAge together, I believe, and even ran a few early endgame dungeons together, before I think he left to do real life stuff, and between all those things and a spate of depression that kept me away from work, there was no time or energy for me to maintain this relationship, and we haven’t really spoken since.

From a personal point of view, he was a very friendly person, and kind of had a bit of a high charisma womanizing bard sort of feel to him, to put it in Dungeons and Dragons terms. He gave me a lot of his time though, and was a good and fun player who liked to theorycraft and try weird and slightly crazy things too, which meshed well with my playstyle. We chatted a lot, and I even told him about my transition early on, and he was fine with that. I learnt a lot about him too, he was an Australian who was now living in the States, but visited his Dad back home now and then, and he’d send lots of videos and pictures of both his apartments here in the States and his Dad and the neighbourhood he practically owned (after buying out neighbours) back home. A couple of the photos he shared follow:

He’s the person in the middle in the second picture. He seemed to travel a fair amount too, and I liked him — I don’t know if it was a friendship sort of like, a platonic kind of friendship, or whether it’s a romantic sort of like, as I wanted to go travelling the world with him. I’ve never had the urge to have sex or have children, pre- or post- surgery, and while I have felt physically and mentally attracted to people before, all that’s changed post-surgery too (I no longer feel much in the way of urges) so what does it mean to like someone? Where’s the line between platonic and romance? Who knows.

He did say something while we were playing either ESO or Wildstar though, a line that deflated me and has mostly stuck with me to this day. He said, offhandedly and without any hint of malice whatsoever, that if I was already post-surgery at the time he would have tried to woo me. Three and a half years too early I guess. What a rude thing to say though. We still were friends and played games for several more months thereafter before he left, but I definitely stopped feeling that drawn to someone who could say such a thing after that. Last I heard he had another Asian girlfriend and they had moved in together somewhere or other in the States.

Still, there is definitely a part of me that often wonders “What if”. There isn’t a whole lot of regret attached to it, because it isn’t the type of “What if” that I could have done things differently to change the end result of in the first place, but more with a wistful sort of feeling, because I have always wanted a good friend or partner or co-conspirator to travel around the world with, and he would have been ideal for that in a different version of this world. He was a free spirit, and he taught me what it meant to be a free spirit. I took some lessons from him and his personality and incorporated that into part of myself, when I was still figuring out what I wanted to be and what I dreamt of doing after my transition.

Anyway, that’s Nyari, and now there is context for his one-off appearance in a dream. It’s actually the third time he’s appeared in my dream diary, but the first two were from before I started my blog. Someday I will finish my dream diary.

Also, see Song of the Week #6.

Last Year’s Entry #37

My corresponding diary entry from last year is My Diary #042. This was published on Feb 27 2022.

I wasn’t impressed with having to do 13 (local) links for backup on this one. But otherwise I don’t have much to say about last year’s entry, except that lots of things sure have happened in the ensuing year. I wonder if I’m ever going to get back to Singapore again, never mind to study there.

Feb 20 2023
  • Snippet: Dad and I were watching a poker game where two participants were going all in against each other, the first person with a 10 and an 8 of different suits and the other person with a 2 and 3 of diamonds. They used a different deck for each of the three community cards, so repeated identical cards were possible, and the deck they used for the flop and turn both had a white backing, whereas the deck for the final river card had a black backing. The person with the 10 and 8 eventually won with a double pair. There were TV ads in between us watching this game as well.
  • Snippet: I remember a specific scene where I was in a really small vehicle and a large truck who did not see me backed up over top of the vehicle I was in. I was fine though as there was ample space under the truck for my vehicle to fit under.
  • Snippet: One last snippet involved being at the University at 3 am, and pulling out a gun-like weapon against a creep that tried to hit on my friend. Shooting him with it turned part of him translucent and he struggled futilely against me to try to get my gun before it fully consumed him. He had some sort of power too but couldn’t use it against me. This was apparently part of a game with a name and top-down world map style similar to V Rising, but not quite identical.
Feb 21 2023

Dream 1

  • Previously, I had a dream where I was in Chinese class, and had homework to hand in as well as a small test to do on the day itself. However, I hadn’t done the homework at all, so I spent the test time trying to finish it, as the test was partially based on the homework, but I couldn’t understand what was written down. I ended up bundling everything under my desk, planning to pretend that I had done the homework and test on time but somehow forgot to turn either one in, and plead for forgiveness from the female teacher tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow arrived, and I pulled out the worksheet, although I believe this was still within the actual class time again, as the teacher was present. This time, I could understand more or less what the worksheet said, as the teacher had also written and read out the question on a board. I finished it up, and then found that the quiz was pretty easy as well.
  • The final page of the quiz resembled a crossword puzzle, but involved a 5×5 grid, with a couple of black squares but mostly empty white squares with lines and circles in them. Each white square in the 5×5 grid was itself meant to contain a 5 letter word which was hinted at by a lineup of clues going down the side of the page. One letter in each word was circled, and those letters isolated on their own also formed words going down and across the 5×5 grid.
  • Anyway I finally finished the quiz as well and turned them in without incident.
  • Editor: I’m not sure but I think I actually had the prequel dream to this one yesterday, on the 20th, I just didn’t remember it to write it down at the time.

Dream 2

  • It was late in the evening, and Huihan and I were in our Dunman High Secondary 1 classroom, on the ground floor of the main building, preparing for a classroom exhibition for a school festival the following day. There was possibly another nameless boy in the corner of the classroom as well, but if so he didn’t play any role in the dream.
  • Our classroom was decorated with photos and posters relating to the school and previous events like Sports Day, that other students in our class had brought in. Huihan and I had put them up on the wall and decorated the walls with streamers as well. There were classroom desks pushed together to form a big table, and ribbons, string, rolls of tape, and a holographic machine comparing and designing bloomer shorts and posters, were scattered across the desks.
  • I was preparing to leave for Queenstown to visit Yi Yi, several train stops to the west, although my intention was that I would eventually return as well. Huihan was planning to stay here in the classroom for the night.
  • Before I left, however, Huihan stumbled back into the room carrying two posters and two pictures in picture frames. She had apparently stole/torn it down from the 1D class several classrooms over, and she put them up on our class wall — together they formed a 4-panel meme in a 2×2 grid format, with the two pictures on the upper row featuring some sort of contrasting scene, then below that a poster on the bottom left with several lines explaining the difference in the panels, and a poster on the bottom right with one line comparing it to the LGBTQ community in a derogatory manner. Due to the ad making fun of marginalized communities, she had torn it down in a huff and then brought it back to the classroom, unsure of what to do with it.
  • I told her not to put up the pictures, and that we’d stuff it in the brown metal cupboard in our classroom instead. She agreed, and took down the two posters, tying it up with a piece of yellow ribbon on the table. The two pictures were in thick picture frames, so she was going to put them into the cupboard separately, but I asked her if she could tie all of them together instead so we wouldn’t accidentally leave one piece behind if we had to move them. She nodded and cut the ribbon apart.
  • Before she tied them all together again, I had a better idea, and I pulled out a large, clear plastic file that I had. I said that we could put them in that file and then put the file in the cupboard instead. She was also a fan of the idea, so I put the picture frames and posters in that, and they all fit perfectly inside half of the file. I then folded the file in half to obscure what was inside of it.
  • Huihan left the room to tend to something else in the school, and I prepared to leave the classroom to head off to Queenstown, gathering up my bag and other stuff with me. I had a sudden premonition that leaving the file in the cupboard would be a bad idea as the 1D class would discover the missing decorations the next day and that would trigger a thorough search of every classroom, and we would be in trouble once the teachers found it in the class cupboard, good intentions or not. I decided to take the file with me so that I could dispose of its contents while I was out.
  • Before leaving the room, the principal walked by and poked his head in, asking if everything was going okay with our preparations. I nodded an innocent yes, and pointed to the table next to the holographic machine, where a roll of yellow arcade tickets lay. Apparently the judging for the best classroom contest was done by seeing how many tickets each class collected, and one of our classmates had somehow acquired and brought in tickets from last year, together with photos of last year’s school festival, even though this was our class’s first year in the school. The principal laughed and said not to use those for our classroom scoring.
Feb 22 2023
  • The first part of the dream was a long series of mini-plotlines where a guy with a smug persona, possibly Nyari, was following me around and dropping random plotlines on me like an evil DM. I don’t remember the exact plotlines, but they involved me as a superhero, and he gave me puzzles to complete, enemies to avoid, random people to help out, and all this while I was following a long black line with arrows on the ground, from the foyer of a building and through a glass-covered secret passage, then across a road, and into a neighbouring shopping mall, up two escalators and past an old woman reading a book onto the third floor of the mall, then back down to the ground floor again and out into a bus interchange area.
  • At one point in the shopping mall, I think I actually managed to shake him off as I had had enough of his antics, and I sat down on a bench underneath an escalator. I heard him join Johannes at a food court table below and Johannes talked about how he really liked the difficulty level of one of the solutions to his puzzles that he had published somewhere else. I also saw Nyari produce a handheld device at that point with a comically large mouse scroll wheel, where each notch in the wheel had a different character that he played. He could transform between those characters at will by rolling the scroll wheel up or down.
  • The final part of the dream involved aliens landing outside and preparing to terrorize the locals waiting at the bus interchange. The event was recruiting heroes to take part to defend the citizens but I refused, saying that it was probably another one of Nyari‘s stupid plots. Nyari came up to me at this point and said that this wasn’t him, and he showed me the recruitment panel on the event, which said that the city consisted of a certain number of superhero bosses, superhero managers, and then superheroes themselves, all of the numbers being two digits large, but that they were all busy or had declined the event as well. Even though I had declined it, I was still the closest one and if I were to accept it he would help me out this time as my superhero manager.
  • I agreed, and went out to confront them. It turned out that there were about 80 or so aliens to fight one after the other, and each one was a small alien held up by the game show announcer as it then asked me a random trivia question. Nyari fed me the answers through an earpiece, and I called out the answers one by one, and each alien disappeared back to its own world with a rather happy trill. The onlookers watching on were suitably impressed.
  • With under 10 of them to go, Nyari made a mistake when feeding me an answer to a question, the answer to which was “the alcohol percentage content in toothpaste”. Instead of alcohol, he said oral, and I blurted it out verbatim as well, which confused the onlookers and caused the host to declare that it was wrong and that I must have been cheating by being fed answers. I said that it wasn’t cheating, since there was no rule against it that I had been told about before the trivia fights had abruptly started.
  • The host resummoned all 80 or so aliens again, and I backed up into a shallow pool of water to give myself time. The camera view switched to an overhead view from here, and I saw my figure had changed from a superhero to a robot-like figure with a bazooka on each arm, and I looked like Maple from the Bofuri anime. Instead of shooting the aliens trudging through the water to get at me though, I started rattling off all their true names from memory again, while using my long bazooka arms to keep them at distance and start pushing them around me in a circle if they got too close before I finished naming them, since they were all physically really small.
  • Once I had re-banished all the aliens whom I knew the true names of, there were still the original 8 of them to go, but they stopped, and instead paired up into four pairs of two. All four pairs then declared that they’d like to join me as friends instead of continue to fight, and I accepted.
Feb 24 2023
  • Our entire family of five was waiting for a taxi by a roadside taxi stand with another large family of about five or six. Both of us had a bunch of luggage bags, and we had a square piece of paper with the number 4 and our destination written on it and were at the front of the line, whereas they had one with the number 5 and their destination on it and were standing next to us. Basically queue tickets. We were in no hurry so we offered to let them go first, though they politely declined. We said that it was the same thing to us.
  • Two taxis arrived simultaneously for us anyway, so we got onto the front one, loading our luggage into the large interior of the vehicle, where the seats faced each other like a limousine. Similarly, the other group started loading their luggage into their taxi as well. They had more luggage than us, so they also tied some of the luggage to the roof of their taxi, and then to ours as well.
  • We were a bit confused by that, before I realized why they were doing that. No, I said, when we said that it was the same thing to us as to who went first, we didn’t mean that we were going to the same location as them. One of the women let out an Oh. and began to untie the two bags that they had put on the roof of our taxi already. She moved them to inside their own taxi instead.
  • We drove off and Dad thanked me as this meant we saved the cost of having to mail them their luggage as parcels afterwards.
  • On the way home, I pondered stopping off at my own home to get some of the banana and strawberry milk from Japan that I really liked, which I apparently had ten thin sachets of in the fridge. I decided not to in the end though. Dad was looking forward to a nice long shower when we got home but I reminded him that we always used the shower pretty much from youngest to oldest, and that all of us needed to wash our hair after the trip, so it could be two hours before he got his turn.
  • We turned on the television when we got home. The Edmonton Oilers had just won 6-1 against Toronto, and some commentator from another team in the division was raving over our team in a review and said that he’d love to have Connor McDavid join his team. We then tried to start watching another match but the remote control was confusing and had many layers of menus.
  • Snippet: There was a scene in a school canteen where I had just gotten my tray of food from one of the stalls. The tables and chairs were sparsely occupied, and just before I sat down, there was an announcement that the cleaning ladies standing nearby needed us to all stand up for a moment so that they could sanitize the seats. Most people stood up, but I saw Angela from McNally at one of the tables, lying down on her folded arms and dozing off, so I called out her name and she woke up.
  • Snippet: At some point there was also a Heroes 3 game where someone else and I tried to take over an empty castle on the enemy side of the land past a little valley choke point. The someone else even built a dragon lair in the castle and bought all the troops there to reinforce it, but the enemy hero came by and slaughtered the troops, retaking the castle about two days before the start of the week when new troops would be available for purchase.
  • Snippet: There was also something about being stuck in a train station-like area with a bunch of people thanks to a crazed overlrod that was magically preventing people from leaving the area, and I was trying to solve some mystery involving the people there. I interviewed James and a bunch of people at fancy dinner tables in a restaurant after James gave me the idea, while lying slumped in a half-drunk manner next to his food, that someone there likely had a clue as to what had happened. He was the first person I interviewed and I tapped on the side of the fancy metal dome cover over one of his plates to get his attention.
  • Snippet: Elsewhere in that same dream location, a guy and a girl were taking shots with their weapons at each other, although neither one seemed to be in any serious danger. The guy chased the girl into the room, but the girl hid behind a long wall that was half the height of the room, with a vertical metal pole rising above it. She had hair like Nijika from Bocchi the Rock!, so a little bit was sticking out above the wall next to the pole and the man could tell where she was from that. Eventually she got into a prone position, and slithered along the half-wall to the actual wall of the room, where there was a small vent that led into a passage behind the wall and around to another hole where she could see the man and fire at him from. She was wearing a pink sweater, very much like Bocchi from Bocchi the Rock!, and as an omnipresent spectator to the events here, I could see her form and pink sweater through the wall as she squeezed through the vent and moved with surprising speed.
  • Snippet: Not sure if this was the same dream or a separate one, but Dad and I were on a sloping hill, and got involved with helping out a man with a truck and a woman with a car do something. I don’t remember the exact events, but I do remember that the outcome of this snippet was that the truck was rolling down the hill and the man ran to the car and drove it around and in front of the truck, which promptly hit the car with a crunch, denting the passenger side left front door. Both vehicles did come to a stop though. Eventually I got in to that front passenger seat with the dented door too.
  • Snippet: Lastly, there was a scene where I had forgotten to do my homework, and I was eating lunch with Kel near the University about two hours before my class was scheduled to start, as she was pondering some sort of a birthday present for me or something. I told her I needed to get to school to do some stuff and was so vague about it that she rolled her eyes and said that she’d just give me the leftovers on her dish, which was spaghetti wrapped up around a fork and drenched in some red sauce. We both laughed.
Feb 25 2023
  • I was standing by an intersection near a townhouse that I lived in late at night, watching a couple cars go by. It was very serene and tranquil. I stood there watching the sparse traffic for a few minutes before returning to the house.
  • The house was located right up against the curb and very close to the edge of the road, and was small, dimly-lit, sparsely-furnished, and felt dangerous to be in, as though it could be invaded and robbed at any time. Just outside the house I met Lee from McNally, who was standing outside and watching it intently, as though he was going to break in to the house, but I greeted him and he greeted me back and walked away.
  • As I was entering the front door, I saw Patrick from McNally jogging by along with a girl next to him. He saw me and the half-opened door and also headed my way threateningly, as though wanting to use the opportunity to force his way in, but I recognized him as he approached and called out to him, at which point he stopped, recognizing me as well, and we chatted amiably for a bit. It turned out he was my neighbour, and I asked him how he had been since graduation. Apparently he had been doing pretty well since he had a house and girlfriend now.
  • Once they left, I shut the door and locked it tightly, and then curled up in the bed in my tiny bedroom. My pillow was right next to a street-adjacent window, and that made me wonder if someone would steal my pillow in the middle of the night.
  • While I had been talking to Patrick, Tigey and Doggy had been both standing upright in the kitchen, audibly arguing with each other like plushies do. They were now both tucked into my bed as well, but I heard a faint voice crying for help, and then noticed that Doggy had Purple‘s face, and when I examined closer, I noticed that even though I originally only had Tigey and Doggy, other plushies were appearing seemingly out of Doggy himself, and I could pull them apart like picking loose threads off of a piece of cloth. Purple appeared this way, then George, a Santa Claus, Ally, Clara, and one other weird plushie who had 7 letters in his name, including the letter Z in the middle somewhere. Something close to Tizilla but not quite.
  • Snippet: There was a tournament where each African country picked animal gods and they duked it out in some sort of arena. I was watching from the stands, and one of the underdog teams that my friend was cheering on were the Egyptian team of sheep, which finished 5th overall, the highest position for an animal that wasn’t a predator. The bipedal sheep ultimately got intimidated by their opponents and curled up, refusing to reproduce any longer, which was apparently an integral part of their survival. A little sign appeared above each of their heads, slowly fading into origin and spinning around to show the audience a big red X notched on the sign, and once it had fully appeared and spun around, the team was eliminated.
  • Snippet: Much later on, there was a scene where it was compulsory for people to attend court cases as audience witnesses, and Kel had gone to one recently and come back with a paper handout and a picture of a sign on the wall to alert me that the court was looking for info on transgendered individuals and specifically thought that I (and a couple other people) hadn’t done my duty and attended because I had changed my name and gender since I had done so. I had done so, and even had an attendance receipt from it, although it had my old name on it. I planned to argue with the court clerk over the telephone about this.
  • However, I didn’t actually mind going as well because it meant a day off of work. The way it worked was that you arrived at some point between 8am and 12pm, and the earlier you arrived the earlier you got slotted into a court case to hear the arguments and proceedings between the lawyers and the judge. I decided to attend one anyway and arrived early enough to be put into one of the early court cases, which was going to be shortened because one of the lawyers was also a teacher and had classes to attend to later on. The other lawyer hadn’t arrived yet, so the lawyer and the judge started talking about random things, and the lawyer mentioned something about Star Wars figurines that he was into. One of the other watching students piped up and asked if he knew why a certain figurine set had been delayed a long time, but no one could understand him until he repeated it a few times and then they realized he was naming some of the characters from the show using a different pronunciation. I myself didn’t know any of the characters anyway.
  • Snippet: Finally, there was a class scene regarding everyone seated individually at long desks and each person having a poem that the teacher had printed out, but either two or five of the poems were identical or very close to it. I pointed this out to someone who then reported it to the teacher and said that I was the one who had found that, which somehow got me into a little bit of trouble, even though they were basically trying to give me credit for it. The dream also somehow involved washing a couple of shirts and hanging them up to dry near the window at the back left side of the class, and then the teacher came by and left his poetry book on the table, and I noticed it was a 2nd edition book whereas ours were all 3rd edition ones. I swapped my book with his and he picked mine up and left without noticing, leaving his actual book behind, and I took the opportunity to study it and look at the notes he had in the book to see if the similar/identical poems were that way in there as well.
Feb 26 2023
  • Snippet: All I remember is that at the very end of the dream, I was playing AMQ with Satinel, Nak, and Heg, and this version of AMQ had some weird talking drama tracks that none of us could identify, as well as a lot of toggle options down the side. The very top toggle option was “Compute Score”, and with it turned off, the place which normally showed our score would instead show all our submitted answers for each song concatenated together without spaces into one long string, and with the option checked it would show the total number of points that all four of us had gotten altogether for each song, where points were calculated by how quickly we typed in our answers. I wondered why that option existed as both sets of statistics it offered were completely useless for the game.

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