Naveras, Drama Queen

What is this?

This is a companion piece to My Diary #115’s Memory Snippet/Writing Prompt of the Week segment. But it’s too long to actually put in that post, so it’s here instead.

This is basically a chat log that I had with a lady named Naveras. For full context, one should click on that above link, but I was basically contacting her on some messenger program or other to let her know that I, and a bunch of my friends (my DoMH crew), were leaving her FFXIV free company (guild) to form our own one, over drama.

It was probably the most mean anyone had ever tried to be to me, except that I held most of the chips in this situation anyway since I did not want to be there, had nothing left tying me to the guild, knew a lot more context about the actual situation than she did (I just could not tell her, due to prior promises), and actually saved a million gil (the FFXIV currency) by having this conversation anyway because I was going to send that to her as a parting gift before this exploded. Instead, I got an interesting story to post on my blog years later, and probably look pretty good doing so since I think I took the high road out.

Can you just taste the malice and venom in her words and how they’re oozing with self-righteousness? And then imagine being wrong about the assumptions on top of that in the first place. I never talked to her again after that and have no love lost for her, wherever she is now.

But again, to understand why that in-game marriage thing was such a mess, the context would be in the link above. She also underestimated the bonds I had with my DoMH friends, since they all straight up left with me as well. Also the power of blogging and leaving things up on the Internet permanently to be archived for future generations.

Conversation Log

3:34 PM – Naveras: sorry I only use skype on my phone/ipad
3:34 PM – Shiara: Oho
3:35 PM – Shiara: I wanted to touch base with you cause our vent people were thinking of breaking off to make our own guild (with all the respective perks and responsibilities and such) and I wanted to know if you would mind still remaining friends and allies and doing stuff together via the linkshell if we did!
3:36 PM – Naveras: Sounds logical. But I know this has been a thought for a while, you never brought it up to me then, only now when it is happening, and I also know, despite how logical this appears, you are fueled by another reason.
3:37 PM – Shiara: Yeah it has, and we’ve gone back and forth on it a lot but decided that this was the best for everyone heh.
3:37 PM – Naveras: Who?
3:37 PM – Naveras: Seems to me you couldn’t be a normal human being. If you could, then nothing would really be ‘sorted out’ or have to be the ‘best for everyone’
3:37 PM – Shiara: Hmm?
3:38 PM – Naveras: If you really wanted the best for everyone, you probably should have gotten over yourself.
3:38 PM – Naveras: Steffy getitng in-gamed married to stephen causing you to leave, because you can’t handle it, is pyschotic.
3:38 PM – Naveras: And if you’re friends want to know why I have qualms with you, I’ll tell them straight.
3:39 PM – Shiara: It’s more complex than just that. I don’t mind being made out to be the villain here but there are reasons behind it all that I don’t think you know about.
3:39 PM – Naveras: I told you from the start, how things would be between and you. And I asked for you to be straight up, whether you thought I would like what you had to say, or not
3:39 PM – Naveras: And you weren’t.
3:39 PM – Naveras: Don’t put on a persona like oh, everything is fine.
3:39 PM – Shiara: Between who and me?
3:40 PM – Naveras: Whatever your hang up is, with stephen and steffy being together. Whatever that is, Whatever you LET it be, is what is causing all of your turmoil and problems. You can say, oh its more complex
3:40 PM – Naveras: But really.
3:40 PM – Naveras: She isn’t your girlfriend, and you expect her to do the duties of such.
3:41 PM – Naveras: So now, you’re leaving.
3:41 PM – Naveras: If it was all for your friends, honestly
3:41 PM – Shiara: Hrm. I don’t think that’s true. I certainly don’t think of our friendship that way.
3:41 PM – Naveras: I would be happy and understanding
3:41 PM – Naveras: But the fact that this is tacted on, messed up.
3:41 PM – Shiara: You don’t know the half of it.
3:41 PM – Naveras: Oh right… I’m just talking out of my ass, sure.
3:41 PM – Naveras: I know the truth. You know the truth.
3:41 PM – Naveras: You just won’t admit it. Sure, save face.
3:42 PM – Naveras: I only put up with you for Steffy. I knew you were a ticking time bomb.
3:43 PM – Shiara: It’s really not that way you’re putting it. There really are extenuating circumstances all over the place. But alright then, if that’s the case then it’s even better if I just up and leave, cause perhaps in a sense I was a ticking time bomb as you say.
3:43 PM – Naveras: You’re so amusing to me in some ways.
3:43 PM – Naveras: Just can’t be honest.
3:44 PM – Naveras: A shame eralain has to follow you.
3:44 PM – Naveras: But for friends, I understand that
3:44 PM – Shiara: Feel free to talk to them too if you like.
3:44 PM – Naveras: I dont’ need your permission
3:44 PM – Naveras: But, thanks?
3:45 PM – Naveras: You get in Steffy‘s ear and demand time with her, again. I will ruin you. I have more than enough ammo, convo’s and other things needed to ensure that your friends wont’ think you’re such the.. normal person you present yourself as.
3:45 PM – Naveras: Have fun!

Document dated: Mar 24 2015.