Where The Wind Takes Me – Day 26

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EntryNotable Places/EventsStart of DayEnd of Day
Day 0 - Apr 21-22 2024Plane (Edmonton > Calgary > Tokyo)Edmonton, CanadaTokyo, Japan
Day 1 - Tue Apr 23 2024Akihabara, Sensoji, Tokyo Sky Arena, Taiwan Food FestivalTokyo, JapanTokyo, Japan
Day 2 - Wed Apr 24 2024Nezu Shrine, Tokyo National MuseumTokyo, JapanTokyo, Japan
Day 3 - Thu Apr 25 2024Akihabara, Ginza, Yurakucho, Bocchi the Rock! Exhibition (with Quintopia)Tokyo, JapanTokyo, Japan
Day 4 - Fri Apr 26 2024Craft Gyoza Fes, Niku Fes, Odaiba, Kameido Tenjin ShrineTokyo, JapanTokyo, Japan
Day 5 - Sat Apr 27 2024Niconico Chokaigi 2024Tokyo, JapanTokyo, Japan
Day 6 - Sun Apr 28 2024M3-53Tokyo, JapanTokyo, Japan
Day 7 - Mon Apr 29 2024Train (Tokyo > Osaka)Tokyo, JapanOsaka, Japan
Day 8 - Tue Apr 30 2024Tsurumibashi, Expo Commemorative Park, Osaka Station (with Miyu)Osaka, JapanOsaka, Japan
Day 9 - Wed May 01 2024Kyoto, Takenobu Inari Shrine, SaiinOsaka, JapanOsaka, Japan
Day 10 - Thu, May 02 2024Train (Osaka > Tokyo)Osaka, JapanTokyo, Japan
Day 11 - Fri May 03 2024Reitaisai 21Tokyo, JapanTokyo, Japan
Day 12 - Sat May 04 2024Japan Jam 2024 (with Quintopia)Tokyo, JapanTokyo, Japan
Day 13 - Sun May 05 2024National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (with Quintopia)Tokyo, JapanTokyo, Japan
Day 14 - Mon May 06 2024Plane (Tokyo > Taipei), Liaoning Night MarketTokyo, JapanTaipei, Taiwan
Day 15 - Tue May 07 2024Taipei Main Station Underground Mall, Ximending Night MarketTaipei, TaiwanTaipei, Taiwan
Day 16 - Wed May 08 2024Shilin Night MarketTaipei, TaiwanTaipei, Taiwan
Day 17 - Thu May 09 2024Raohe Street Night MarketTaipei, TaiwanTaipei, Taiwan
Day 18 - Fri May 10 2024Songjiang Market, Guang Hua Digital Plaza, Shida Night MarketTaipei, TaiwanTaipei, Taiwan
Day 19 - Sat May 11 2024Dihua Street, Huaxi Street Night Market, Guangzhou Street Night MarketTaipei, TaiwanTaipei, Taiwan
Day 20 - Sun May 12 2024Gongguan Night MarketTaipei, TaiwanTaipei, Taiwan
Day 21 - Mon May 13 2024Plane (Taipei > HK), Train (HK > Guangzhou), Stayed with KelTaipei, TaiwanGuangzhou, China
Day 22 - Tue May 14 2024Zhongfu Square, Alpaca Sighting (with Kel), Dinner with Kel, Stayed with KelGuangzhou, ChinaGuangzhou, China
Day 23 - Wed May 15 2024Panyu Square, Dinner with Kel, Stayed with KelGuangzhou, ChinaGuangzhou, China
Day 24 - Thu May 16 2024Nancun Wanbo (with Kel), Stayed with KelGuangzhou, ChinaGuangzhou, China
Day 25 - Fri May 17 2024Train (Guangzhou > Xiamen), Zhongshan RoadGuangzhou, ChinaXiamen, China
Day 26 - Sat May 18 2024Xiamen Railway StationXiamen, ChinaXiamen, China
Day 27 - Sun May 19 2024Mingfa Shopping MallXiamen, ChinaXiamen, China
Day 28 - Mon May 20 2024Train (Xiamen > Guangzhou), Stayed with KelXiamen, ChinaGuangzhou, China
Day 29 - Tue May 21 2024Stayed with KelGuangzhou, ChinaGuangzhou, China
Day 30 - Wed May 22 2024Tianhe Computer Town, Dinner with Kel, Stayed with KelGuangzhou, ChinaGuangzhou, China
Day 31 - Thu May 23 2024Comic City, Shangxiajiu Square, Dinner with Kel, Stayed with KelGuangzhou, ChinaGuangzhou, China
Day 32 - Fri May 24 2024Train (Guangzhou > Hong Kong)Guangzhou, ChinaHong Kong, China
Day 33 - Sat May 25 2024Wan Chai, Temple StreetHong Kong, ChinaHong Kong, China
Day 34 - Sun May 26 2024Chungking Mansions, Nathan Road, Ladies' MarketHong Kong, ChinaHong Kong, China
Day 35 - Mon May 27 2024Central Market, Sino CentreHong Kong, ChinaHong Kong, China
Day 36 - Tue May 28 2024Tea at Minimal (with WingBenny), Dragon CentreHong Kong, ChinaHong Kong, China
Day 37 - Wed May 29 2024Plane (HK > Singapore), Tampines N2 Shopping StreetHong Kong, ChinaSimei, Singapore
Day 38 - Thu May 30 2024Tampines Regional CentreSimei, SingaporeSimei, Singapore
Day 39 - Fri May 31 2024Lunch (with Debbie and Zixiang), Bras Basah Complex, I Light SingaporeSimei, SingaporeSimei, Singapore
Day 40 - Sat Jun 01 2024People's Park Complex, People's Park CentreSimei, SingaporeSimei, Singapore
Day 41 - Sun Jun 02 2024BishanSimei, SingaporeSimei, Singapore
Day 42 - Mon Jun 03 2024Dunman High School, Katong Shopping Centre, Parkway ParadeSimei, SingaporeSimei, Singapore
Day 43 - Tue Jun 04 2024Hell's MuseumSimei, SingaporeSimei, Singapore
Day 44 - Wed Jun 05 2024Flight (Singapore > San Francisco > Vancouver > Edmonton)Simei, SingaporeEdmonton, Canada
Final ThoughtsFinal Thoughts!Edmonton, CanadaWe'll see

Saturday, May 18 2024 (Day 26)

Breakfast was a bowl of instant porridge and a bowl of instant noodles — the latter was sauerkraut and nice though I didn’t take a picture of it, but instant noodle bowls all look identical anyway. The former was decent, though not as nice as that Korean convenience store porridge that I had 9 and 10 years ago and that I can still find in an overpriced fashion in the H-Mart Korean supermarket back in Edmonton.

I stayed back at the hotel between breakfast and lunch, finishing my work for the week, then being very frustrated at the laptop for and its charger for not being able to hold a charge. I think it’s the battery and not a charger, but Kel ordered me a battery charger brick from Taobao, the Chinese online marketplace app, anyway, and it will arrive sometime on Monday or maybe Tuesday once I return to her apartment in Guangzhou, where I left half my luggage behind while on this trip.

Sometime around noon, room service came and knocked on the door, and a lady then proceeded to change my towels, toothbrush, and added two more free bottles of water even though I had not used the first two yet. That was really quick, I hadn’t even been in the room for 24 hours yet. I wonder if they do that lately or if they just do that on specific days of the week.

I believe that all the power in the room goes off when I remove the card from the card reader from the door and head out for the day, as I came back in the evening to a laptop that was on low power, as well as a Steam Deck, which I had plugged in just before going out, that still wasn’t fully charged either. This was very annoying, and I spent half an hour in the evening moving and twisting and nudging the power cord until it found a specific angle where it could actually charge the laptop again. And then it eventually stopped charging for some reason so I had to spend another hour doing that again.

I went out and got lunch at another of the endless number of little restaurants around my hotel, this time having seafood shacha noodles and some nice fried oyster:

And here’s a shot of the shop and the proprietress.

My goal for the day was to head back toward Xiamen Railway Station, where I had arrived yesterday, as there was a labyrinth of shopping centers around there to explore and that also came up on a list of interesting shopping districts to walk around in in Xiamen. I took a different route this time though, which didn’t involve a train transfer, and instead left me at a different station on my primary train subway line, which was a 10 to 15 minutes walk away from Xiamen Railway Station. The weather was cool and windy and it was a pleasant walk past another mall that I did not enter, and a bunch of little roadside shops, on the way to the shopping district.

I love these highrise buildings set behind the shorter buildings, that sort of layering elicits so much in my imagination.

I then finally reached my destination, the Xiamen Railway Station area, where there were about maybe four malls or so and an underground shopping arcade that connected a couple of them as well as a nearby subway station. The underground mall was busy, as were the first couple levels of most of the malls, but a couple of the malls had some rather deserted corners that I wandered into, like this food area on top of one of the malls:

And whatever this somewhat pretty set up was for:

I also saw a ball pit where parents brought their children to and then sat down to rest and watch them in a really awkward fashion:

And there were several play areas in the malls that looked similar to this, which I’ve also seen elsewhere in China:

Many of the malls have children-focused areas like that, which is interesting. A lot of the malls I’ve seen are also fashion-and phone-related though, a lot more than western malls tend to be, and neither of those industries interest me at all.

A gallery of general mall and mall-adjacent pictures follow.

Many of the shops in the underground mall were having a sale this weekend, from May 18-May 20, as part of some sort of couples event that was going on. One shop selling toys and games caught my eye in particular with stuff like this Rubik’s Cube made out of mahjong pieces:

I didn’t buy that, but I did end up purchasing a DIY scene blind box thing from the shop:

Instead of the sticker price of 36 RMB (about $7 CAD), it cost $24.84 RMB (about $4.75 CAD), which was nice. I might go back and purchase a couple more tomorrow, now that I’ve opened one to see what was in it, and maybe I will even get some of the nicer Asian-themed ones too. If I do do this, I’ll foist any duplicates I get on Kel. Muahaha.

The hours disappeared while I was here, and about 13k or 14k steps later, I took the train back to the area around my hotel and found a weird indoor food plaza place called No. 1 Street to have dinner in.

Dinner was Xiamen Nori Seaweed Rice:

And there wasn’t a ton for its price (though it also only cost 30 RMB), but it was surprisingly good.

I then walked around Zhongshan Road at night a little bit more, making a larger loop around the outer roads than I had made yesterday, before heading home to watch that variety music show and wrestle with laptop woes for the rest of the evening. Despite those woes, by the time I publish this post I finally will have more or less caught up with my daily blog posting again. Until the next mishap!

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