Vernon Barford Grade 9 Farewell – Reach for the Stars (1999)

This is a quick dump of a graduation ceremony booklet that I have from my Junior High here in Edmonton, Vernon Barford Junior High. Our family migrated here to Canada at the start of 1999, and I had already completed Grade 8 in Singapore under the GEP, so I joined Vernon Barford‘s Academic Challenge program halfway through their Grade 9 year in late January or so, and only spent about 5 months or so at this school.

Due to that, I don’t have a ton of memories compared to other schools that I’ve been in, and due to culture shock most of those memories weren’t great ones, but I still did have some good memories and it was still an important part of my development and history, eventually. I didn’t exactly attend graduation or anything, that just wasn’t a thing I ever did or wanted to do, but I did end up with this booklet that I recently unearthed anyway, which was basically a graduation day schedule and awards booklet. I don’t know if the school actually had a yearbook, but this is the closest thing that I have to it, since it lists all the graduate names as well.

This was a major source for me in my writeup of Vernon Barford classmate names that you can find in this blog entry. It’s my only surviving source for several of the student names in my class, as well as some of the teachers, whom I would have (and did) entirely forgotten about otherwise. It also raised at least a couple interesting questions, particularly around class 9-6. I was in class 9-3 and recognize nearly everyone from there, but for whatever reason I recognize (and remember the faces of) several people from 9-6 as well, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps they were in some AC classes too or something. I recognize no one else from any other class besides 9-3 and 9-6 though. It’s really peculiar!

Anyway, this is what the Vernon Barford 1999 graduation/awards booklet, entitled Reach for the Stars, looks like!

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Document dated: June 1999.

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