The Slightly Longer Way – Day 14

The Slightly Longer Way Series - Table of Contents

EntryNotable Places/EventsRSJP
Day 0 – Friday, May 05 2023 to Sunday, May 07 2023Flight from Edmonton to Tokyo-
Day 1 – Monday, May 08 2023Train from Tokyo to Kyoto-
Day 2 – Tuesday, May 09 2023RSJP Orientation DayW1D1
Day 3 – Wednesday, May 10 2023Placement test, Kinkakuji/Golden PavilionW1D2
Day 4 – Thursday, May 11 2023Kyo-Yuzen Dyeing WorkshopW1D3
Day 5 – Friday, May 12 2023Mori Touki-ken Pottery WorkshopW1D4
Day 6 – Saturday, May 13 2023Ichihime Shrine, Nishiki Market-
Day 7 – Sunday, May 14 2023Nara, Todaiji Temple-
Day 8 – Monday, May 15 2023UrasenkeW2D1
Day 9 – Tuesday, May 16 2023Nijojo CastleW2D2
Day 10 – Wednesday, May 17 2023Tojiin TempleW2D3
Day 11 – Thursday, May 18 2023Ryoanji Temple, Kyoto Sanjo Shopping Street, TsubomiW2D4
Day 12 – Friday, May 19 2023Kyoto StationW2D5
Day 13 – Saturday, May 20 2023Kamogawa River, Shimogoryo Shrine Kankosai-
Day 14 – Sunday, May 21 2023Shimogoryo Shrine Kankosai-
Day 15 – Monday, May 22 2023Kimono-ProW3D1
Day 16 – Tuesday, May 23 2023Ritsumeikan Library, Hama SushiW3D2
Day 17 – Wednesday, May 24 2023Domoto Insho House, Kamogawa, IchijojiW3D3
Day 18 – Thursday, May 25 2023Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, Hama Sushi (with Kel)W3D4
Day 19 – Friday, May 26 2023Super KaraokeW3D5
Day 20 – Saturday, May 27 2023Nothing special-
Day 21 – Sunday, May 28 2023Demachi Masugata Shopping Street, a long walk home-
Day 22 – Monday, May 29 2023Nothing specialW4D1
Day 23 – Tuesday, May 30 2023Kyoto International Manga MuseumW4D2
Day 24 – Wednesday, May 31 2023Ritsumeikan LibraryW4D3
Day 25 – Thursday, Jun 01 2023Maiko/Geiko demonstrationW4D4
Day 26 – Friday, Jun 02 2023Final Presentation, Taiko LabW4D5
Day 27 – Saturday, Jun 03 2023Kusatsu-Juku Honjin, Lake Biwa Museum, Omi Hachiman (with Zian)-
Day 28 – Sunday, Jun 04 2023Omi Hachiman City Museum, Omi Jingu (with Zian)-
Day 29 – Monday, Jun 05 2023ArashiyamaW5D1
Day 30 – Tuesday, Jun 06 2023Nothing specialW5D2
Day 31 – Wednesday, Jun 07 2023Final exam, Osaka, Manga Cafe (with Zian)W5D3
Day 32 – Thursday, Jun 08 2023Osaka, Namba (with Zian)W5D4
Day 33 – Friday, Jun 09 2023RSJP Graduation DayW5D5
Day 34 – Saturday, Jun 10 2023Leaving Zian, Train from Kyoto to Tokyo, Ikebukuro-
Day 35 – Sunday, Jun 11 2023Shibuya, duo MUSIC EXCHANGE-
Day 36 – Monday, Jun 12 2023Shinjuku, Sakura House, Sophia University-
Day 37 – Tuesday, Jun 13 2023Akihabara-
Day 38 – Wednesday, Jun 14 2023Flight from Tokyo to Edmonton-
Final Thoughts--

Sunday, May 21 2023 (Day 14)

Random Notes

Here’s more stuff about Kyoto buses that has piqued my interest over time. Firstly, these things located at many if not all bus stops within Kyoto:

It’s a device that updates in real time as buses approach within 5 stops, 3 stops and 1 stop of the current stop. And has a special signal to mark buses that are no longer in operation that day.. And there’s a speaker built into it, though it generally seems to be quite soft, that announces when buses get into the “1 bus stop away” state. No idea how it works, but it’s very neat.

Also, there’s this seat that a lot of buses, though not all, have:

Just behind the front door of the bus (which is the bus exit in Kyoto — and only Kyoto I believe — buses), there’s sometimes a seat squeezed in at a high enough level that they’re pretty much at the eye level of people standing up. I wonder what the original goal of the seat was? Was it to give a place for VIPs to sit if they should happen to take the bus? Which seems to be a theme that happens a lot here (not having someone “more honourable” be forced to look up at someone else). Or were they just trying to maximise space?

I also had a 10/10 dream yesterday, although I couldn’t fully remember all the details, just the feelings behind it. I still did remember a chunk though, and it will go into the Dreams section of the first weekly blog post I make once I return home.

Anyway, after yesterday’s little adventures, I told myself I’d just be staying home all day today. It was too hot and I was tired and there are actually a bunch of homework and presentation and test prep work coming up for next week, and I think pretty much every week from now on, that I wanted to get a bit ahead of.

I went out in the morning anyway to get breakfast and some snacks from the nearby 7-Eleven. I ended up getting a few random instant noodle bowls for standby. I had the one on the left today.

I figured I would go out again and get dinner at some point and that would be it. However, people on the group Instagram chat started to send a couple of messages about the Shimogyoro Jinja festival, as it was basically right next to their hotel, and I was reminded at some point in there that I never did pick up the goshuin from that temple because I had arrived there after the office that dispensed them had closed (which happens at 5 pm). I did kind of want that. I also was tired of drafting my presentation at that point, since I was about a third through it. And the buses were “free” thanks to my bus pass…

So the next thing I knew, I found myself on a bus headed back to the Shimogoryo Temple anyway. The parade had one or two new stalls, but was otherwise pretty much exactly the same, except that the road next to the festival stalls, which the childrens’ floats had travelled upon last night, were open to traffic, and there were a lot less people at the festival overall. It would probably have gotten a lot busier for the finale though, but I didn’t stay for that.

I did collect my goshuin, except they weren’t doing handdrawn ones today due to the festival and so I had to settle for a pasted one. It cost 500 yen instead of the usual 300 yen but also came with two pieces of some sort of lucky sugar-based confectionery that I looked quizzically at once I got home, and then ate anyway after deciding that they, indeed, were edible.

I walked through the festival street the same way I did yesterday, north to south, and then caught the bus home from a bus stop near the southern point of the street. While heading west on the way home, the bus itself passed by a procession that was likely the adults’ float from yesterday, out by a bunch of festival extra stalls by the Mibudera Temple bus stop along Shijo Street. I had noticed a couple of festival stalls along this route yesterday on the way to Gion to the east, but there were only something like three stalls set up at the time — now there were 20 or so. Modest, but not huge, and they were likely the same sort of stalls as on the other street, so I didn’t stop.

I did take a couple pictures as the bus approached, and then passed, the small procession. There were about 20 children or so in front of the procession, as though helping pull it along in the sweltering heat, although my camera only caught the front couple of them.

I took the bus back to my usual stop, and then one more stop, before walking south from there to the Aeon Mall near my and Zian‘s place, Aeon Mall Kyoto Gojo. I walked around the mall from top to bottom while cooling down from the heat, peering at, among other things, a store that specifically catered to cooking classes.

Interesting. I went into several other stores but didn’t buy anything, until I went into the supermarket in the basement. There, I bought some things for tonight’s dinner and future dinners and a couple of snacks as well, before heading on home uneventfully.

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