Rosyth Chinese Enrichment Camp Booklet (1995)

This was a joint Chinese Enrichment Camp held on Mar 13-14 1995, when I was a grade 5 student in Rosyth School. It took place in Nanyang Primary School, according to the thank you section on the second page below. To find out more about it, read my blog post here.

The scan contains all 20 pages of the booklet, plus the front and back covers and their inlay pages, plus a combined scan of the front and back pages together. Finally, it contains the nametag with (one of) my (former) name(s) on it, which was pinned into the hole on page 2/3. You can even see the safety pin on page 2 near the top of the page because I scanned that before removing the nametag, whereas the page 3 just has two little holes where the nametag was affixed.

Most of this page was written on Apr 03 2022. As always, if you want to download a copy of this, try my Mega links below to save bandwidth instead. And let me know if they’re down. (jesskitten at gmail) folder link to JPG files folder link to TIF files

Document dated: March 13 1995.

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