Postcards and Greeting Cards

This page catalogues a bunch of greeting cards, postcards, and similar things that I’ve received over the years. Not everything here is strictly a card of some sort, as I’ve lumped together “birthday wishes” and “Christmas wishes” types of letters into here as well, since they’re thematically the same thing. My collection stretches from around 1997 all the way to present day, though I only have a rough date for many of them, and not even that for several of them.

As I’m striving to avoid posting pictures that include addresses, faces, and full names, many of these scans have redacted sections in some way.

Postcards and Greeting Cards

#Date AddedPicture DateAlso found inBrief Description
#0012024-02-102001-02My Diary #131Birthday card from Huihan
#0022024-02-102001-12My Diary #131Christmas card from Huihan

001. A birthday card sent to me from Huihan, postdated Feb 23 2001.

002. A Christmas card sent to me from Huihan, dated to December 2001.