002: Uchuu Patrol Luluco

AKA: Space Patrol Luluco
Aired: Spring 2016
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Space
Date watched: Nov 24 2018 – Nov 24 2018
Series watched: Uchuu Patrol Luluco (13 ep x 7 min)
Links: MAL

Why I started watching: I was talking to a friend about Demi-chan and how I really enjoyed Hikari’s energy and enthusiasm. He started listing off shows that he would recommend to new anime watchers, and this was near the top of the list, and it was short to boot. I watched it with Satinel.

Watching this was definitely a mistake. As Demi-chan was my gateway drug in, this was so unenjoyed that it almost sent me right back out again. It probably would have if I were watching it alone. One thing I very quickly learnt from watching this is that anime and shorts don’t mix well for me. I’m sure it works for some people, but things have to be sacrificed when a story is presented in such a format, and the sacrifices that this one made broke it for me and turned me off watching animes in short format for a long time.

The show did nail its comedy in places, however due to the rushed nature of the show, world-building was nonexistent, the romantic plot that they tried to build made no sense, and it apparently had references to so many other shows that it was like watching a bunch of 5-minute Cartoon Network shorts between other, better, cartoons. I appreciate that maybe they were trying to do some sort of parody of other shows, but for where I was in my viewing career, it was a bad recommendation. Or rather, perhaps it was a recommendation that people who liked explosions and battle scenes would like more, which was definitely not me and definitely not what I was asking for.

Character-wise, the main cast was fun, and Midori sort of reminded me of Underling from Neptunia 2, which I had completed not so long ago, as they had similar hairstyles (flipping hair and skin colours) and similar quasi-evil backstories. I strongly disliked the brash, yelling sort of personality that both the chief and the father had, and I felt the minor characters each episode came in and then left too quickly. Without references to fall back onto to help me understand them, they all just seemed really weak. Still, music-wise, I really enjoyed the ED, Pipo Password by Teddyloid ft. Bonjour Suzuki. Both the music video and the song itself were great, and that helped redeem the anime a little in my eyes.

  • Base: 9
  • Mood: -3
  • Plot: -2
  • Music: +0
  • Misc: +0

Final Score: 4/10