Yahho~ Welcome to my silly blog! My plan here is to provide short opinions of each anime I finish. In this way, this site will act as a sort of personal diary as I go through my anime journey, a shrine where I can leave my memories and come back to read them eventually. Also, you will find out personal things about me here and there by reading. It is a diary after all.

As of writing I’ve completed 40ish anime series already, so those entries will be me “looking back” at them. The ones going forward will be done shortly after I finish each show. I have striven to avoid specific spoilers in my writing, though there are definitely light spoilers around. It would be impossible to write proper reviews or diary entries otherwise! But due to that, there often isn’t much analysis, instead the idea here is that I will give my unqualified opinion of each show, and that’s it. My intended audience is a few of my friends, and my future self, though anyone is welcome to read them.

My anime diary entries are sorted in chronological order of when I finished a series. In cases where I binged several seasons of a series, I will treat them all as one entry. I lump OVAs, specials, movies etc into the associated series as well. If I stopped a series halfway through, I will just review those, and do a follow-up entry down the road when I get back to the rest. If I dropped a series, I won’t enter it here. Also, it’s worth mentioning here that I watch and judge Japanese-voiced/English-subbed versions of shows only.

Genres I generally enjoy include slice of life/iyashikei, school, romance, platonic yuri, cyberpunk, supernatural, and female protagonists. I tend to dislike fighting action, angular character faces, fanservice and crude jokes. I plan to eventually try everything though. I’ve loved Japanese mythology and legends since young, with things like Legend of the Five Rings and Fabled Lands having strongly influenced me.


This is my rough scoring system. Every show starts at 9 points. Then..

Mood (pick one)


If I loved the show and would watch a followup 12x25m season right away.
If I like/love the show and am satisfied with what I have watched.
If I feel neutral about the show.
If I feel uncomfortable about or slightly dislike the show.
If I think the show is stretching on or I really dislike the show.



If I strongly dislike the presence of at least 1 main or 2 side characters.
If I feel like the plot lost its way, the pacing felt off, or there was a major missed opportunity to do so much more with the premise.
If I feel that the anime is an incomplete story, or ends on a cliffhanger, or too many plot points are left unresolved. Alternatively, if I strongly disagree with the ending (or shipped couple).



If I decided to add at least two songs from the show to my music stash.
If I decided to add zero or one song from the show to my music stash.



If I didn’t like the art style.
If I feel it missed the mark on one of its core themes.

My anime scores are very high because I am fairly easy to captivate. My most important scoring category is Mood, and how the anime made me feel while watching. I open my heart to each anime and listen to the story it wishes to tell, and that’s the sentiment that I am trying to capture with this category. I don’t start needing to be convinced of a show’s worth; I start by trusting the show, and offering it my hand to pull me along. I only penalize it if I fall off. This ultimately gives me a better overall anime-watching experience, as I end up with a lot more happy memories than cynicism. Plus that’s just the sort of person I am.

The reason Plot does not have a +1 option, is that I don’t think it is my place to judge whether a show has a “good” plot or not – especially not whether it’s unique or tropeful or not, because that will slant my score in favour of shows that I watched earlier on in my journey. I don’t have a problem with unoriginal plots, so long as it’s not also bad. If I outright dislike something, though, I won’t hesitate in penalizing it.

Music is also personally very important to me, I have a pretty big collection of songs that I like, and one of my goals from watching all these shows is to find nice songs to add to my permanent collection. I form very strong associative bonds with my music, and that is why music is worth points in the scoring system below. I generally only look at the OP and ED, though sometimes a random mid-show song will capture me too.

While I realise my scoring system looks weird, because you can score a maximum of 11 points and one could say that by capping it at 10/10 I’m actually “robbing” an 11/10 show, I did not do that because the two + criteria are bonus points that different shows have different chances of obtaining. For example, for Mood, I may not want a sequel to a completed story even if it was done really well, and for Music, a 4-season show has 8 chances to try to score the bonus point. I’m not in the business of gatekeeping 10/10s, I have an idea of how good a show needs to be to get that score, and I will award it if I feel it reaches that benchmark, regardless of how many other shows already have 10’s.